Deep down anal whacking in the garage with horny muscled hunks

Deep down anal whacking in the garage with horny muscled hunks
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The Futa Fairy Futa Fairies' Naughty Game Chapter Four: Becca & Kimmie's Bondage Fun By mypenname3000 Copyright 2017 Becca Brittany My heart hammered in fear while pleasure still buzzed from my body.

My cock dripped with the last drops of cum, drenched in the pussy juices of Dryad. But that damned fey had melted into her tree after her tree grabbed my arms. She left me bound, vulnerable. And one of Summer's futas had found me. Kimmie, a youthful beauty with brown hair framing a round face, stood before me. Her youthful breasts were firm and perky, her futa-dick nudging my slick shaft.

She had such a naughty look on her eyes as she caressed my face. "Ooh, yes, I am such a fan of the futa-reporter," Kimmie breathed. "Please," I whimpered as she grabbed her girl-dick and slid its tip down my wet shaft to nudge at the folds of my pussy. It shocked me how nice that felt. Despite the threat it represented—if she came in me, I would be out of the game and Winter would be down a futa—my snatch drank in the sensation, wanting to be filled by her clit-dick.

"You don't have to do this." "Do what?" the girl asked. She looked to be my daughter's age, eighteen or nineteen. "Fuck your cunt?" I whimpered as her dick pushed into my snatch. My big breasts jiggled before me, my blonde hair sweeping about my shoulders and face. My silky sheath drank in the delight of her cock sliding half-way into my depths.

My own futa-dick rubbed into her belly, my tip throbbing, drinking in the sensations. Such joy burned in her brown eyes. She could tell how much I loved being filled by her. I shuddered, my arms pulling at the branches holding me tight, binding me in place. The tree rustled, almost like a giggling laugh.

Fucking Dryad! "Ooh, yes, you want to feel my big, throbbing futa-dick in your hot snatch, don't you, Becca Brittany?" "Yes!" I snarled, hating to admit it. "Just fuck me! Make me cum and get this over with." "But where's the fun in that?" she asked, pulling her dick out of my snatch.

She looked around. "I wished we had more of an audience. It would be so hot to have this filmed, broadcast on live TV.

Imagine all those women cheering me own, enthralled by my naughty antics." I groaned, my dick quivering, my pussy clenching, missing her dick. I wanted that, too.

I loved being filmed. It was so hot when my daughter sucked my girl-cock on live TV. Or when I fucked another woman while the cameras rolled, pumping my cum into ass, cunt, or mouth. "Just fuck me!" I moaned, pulling harder on the branches.

I wanted to escape. But the helplessness made my pussy so wet. Juices trickled out of my snatch. I couldn't believe it. What was wrong with me? But Kimmie was so cute. If I was going to lose, at least I would explode on her dick. "What are you waiting on?" "This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me," she purred. "I have the Becca Brittany at my mercy.

Every girl at my college wants to suck your futa-dick." Her hand grasped my shaft, stroking up and down it. "I can't pass up the opportunity." A sudden hope blossomed in my mind. Maybe she didn't understand how this worked. Maybe she just thought she had to make me cum. But if my girl-jizz spurted into her mouth, she'd be vanquished.

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I'd win one for Winter and bring us one step closer to keeping our futa-dicks. "Yes, yes, do it!" I purred. "I love having my fans fluff my dick.

I bet you're just as good as my daughter." "Mmm, let's find out." She fell to her knees, breasts and cock bouncing before her. She licked her pink lips hovering right before my girl-cock. She kissed the tip, not sucking on it at first, but moving her lips about it, moaning. Then her tongue brushed the crown, gathering my precum leaking out. I shuddered as, slowly, her lips spread over the tip, her mouth enveloping my cock.

I groaned, feet shifting on the dried leaves, the tree rustling above. I felt Dryad's eyes on me, watching us from inside her oak tree. As the wind blew through the branches above, they sounded like they were sighing. Making the same noises I did. Kimmie's hot mouth sucked on my dick. My big tits bounced before me as I whimpered. My pussy clenched, more of my juices running down my thighs.

Her tongue danced about my cock, shooting pleasure to my pussy. I didn't fight it. I embraced the rapture. "Oh, Kimmie, yes, fluff my big futa-dick," I purred. "Mmm, you are just as good as my daughter." That wasn't a lie. She sucked as good as my nineteen-year-old daughter Jenna. She had the same passion, that same desire to drink my futa-cum. I shuddered, beaming at the stupid futa-slut worshiping my dick. I would fill her mouth with all my jizz.

And win. "Yes, yes, suck my cock," I groaned, shifting my hips, my breasts bouncing. "Ooh, you're so good at it. Start bobbing your mouth, too. Oh, yes, just like that.

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I love that. And.fuck yes! You're so good. Damn, Kimmie! Just the best!" Kimmie stared up at me, her brown eyes glossy with lust. She bobbed her mouth, sucking and slurping. Saliva ran down her chin as she worshiped me, her brown hair dancing about her shoulders. She stroked my thighs. Her fingers climbed higher and higher, tingles racing ahead of them to my snatch. Her digits reached the shaved folds of my pussy, stroking my juicy labia.

She thrust three fingers into me. "Fuck, yes!" I howled, bucking in the branches embrace. My big tits heaved before me, slapping together. "Oh, Kimmie, that's it! Such a good cock-sucker!" She moaned her delight, loving my praise. She pumped her fingers faster and faster in my snatch, stirring up my pussy.

My cunt clenched down on her, the delight racing to the tip of my futa-dick buried in her mouth. My toes curled into the leaves, the pleasure rippling through my body. She wiggled them in me, every thrust of her digits bringing me closer and closer to cumming.

My dick throbbed in her mouth. I whimpered as she swirled her tongue around my spongy crown. My tip drank in such sweet delight, the pleasure racing through my body. I swayed, half-supported by the branches binding my wrist together. My knees grew weaker as the pleasure built and built in the depths of my cunt. My eyes rolled back into my head, stars dancing in my eyes. I was so close. But I didn't say it. No, no, I didn't want to spook her. "Such a good cock-sucker," I whimpered.

"Oh, Kimmie, yes." She sucked harder, pumping her fingers in and out of my pussy. She stirred my cunt to a hot froth. Her left hand grabbed the base of my girl-cock, stroking it. New delight rippled down my shaft and into my pussy.

My ovaries boiled. My face tensed as my orgasm swelled. I stared down at her as she looked up. Such hungry eagerness flashed in her eyes. She craved my futa-cum spilling into her mouth.

She wanted to please the famous Becca Brittany. "Yes!" I gasped, my ovaries tightening.

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I trembled, on the verge of my orgasm. I needed only a little more. A few more sucks, a few more pumps of her fingers, then I would have her.

I would fill her mouth with my futa-cum and defeat her! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Keily Reddings I left behind the statues made of ice, situated on rolling, snow-covered hills. Each statue was more beautiful than the last, capturing women in all manner of poses, some sleeping, some thrashing in orgasmic delight, others posing to show off their naked body. Each was sculpted to translucent beauty, capturing such minute details from individual pubic hairs to fine eyelashes. It was almost like they were real and turned into ice.

I shuddered at the thought. So it was such a relief to leave them behind and enter the Land of Transition. I stared down the valley at the river dividing it. On my side was autumn, the grasses dull and withered, on the other side was spring, everything so vibrant and green.

Even the ponds, dotting both sides, appeared cleaner and fresher on the other side. I took a deep breath.


I didn't know what to do. I wanted to find my sister so badly. But what would we do? Which one of us would get to keep her futa-dick? I rubbed my pregnant belly. I had my sister's daughter growing in me. And she carried my child. At least we had that. No matter what. I took a deep breath and descended the slope. I moved from bush to bush, looking around. I was terrified of finding anyone.

If I found a Summer futa, should I try to fuck her and win? Or should I just let her enjoy my body and lose? I didn't want to give up my futa-dick.

But.I didn't want to take Deidre's away. I was so happy for the last month, the both of us enjoying each other's throbbing cocks. And now B and Leanan Sidhe were ruining it all with their dumb game.

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I reached the bottom, passing the ponds. Reeds grew along the edges, ending in lush cattails. Mature frogs croaked as they sat on lily pads, dead leaves floating in the water. I bit my lip, coming closer and closer to the river bank. Pale skin moved on the other side. I gasped, falling on my belly behind the reeds and stared across the river at the Summer futa descending the slope.

I trembled on the ground, not sure what to do. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Becca Brittany I whimpered, standing on the cusp of my orgasm, ready to feel Kimmie's mouth with all my yummy futa-cum.

She sucked so hard, so eager for my cum. Her three fingers reamed my juicy cunt, sending delight surging through me.

I was about to defeat her! Just one more suck and— And then her mouth popped off my dick. Her left hand fisted my girl-cock, aiming it at her tits. "Yes, yes, cum on my breasts, Becca Brittany!" "What!" I howled, trembling, my pussy clenching on her plunging fingers.

Her hand flew up an down my shaft, brushing the crown. "I thought you wanted to swallow my cum!" "And lose the game?" she grinned. "Sorry!" "No!" I howled as my orgasm exploded through me. The branches holding my wrists creaked as I bucked. My cum fired out of my cock. White jizz splattered across her young titties. I painted her barely legal breasts with ropy jizz. Pearly lines crisscrossed her heaving, perky mounds.

She groaned in delight, aiming my cock low, making sure my cum didn't splatter her tits. Her fingers wiggled in my spasming cunt. Dual pleasure raced through my body. Waves washed out of my pussy while pulses fired from my dick. My eyes rolled back into my head, my mind drinking in my orgasm "Oh, that's so good," she panted, fisting my dick and squeezing out the last drops of my cum onto her tits. "Becca Brittany came on my tits!" "Yes!" I groaned, pleasure racing through me along with frustration.

I thought I had her. She let go of my cock and pulled her fingers out of my pussy. I panted as she rose, my cum spilling down her round tits. I took a deep breath, the pleasure buzzing through my body. This was it. Now she would end it. I lost. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Kimberly "Kimmie" Miller "Ooh, that was so much cum," I purred, my pussy on fire from the risk I took.

I ran my hands up my belly to my jizz-coated tits and massaged Becca Brittany's futa-cum into my breasts. My fingers brushed my nipples, making my futa-dick tingle. "You are amazing." Resignation filled Becca Brittany's face. "And now you're going to fuck me." "Yep!" I grinned, savoring this moment. "I was a big fan before you became a futa." "You mentioned that," Becca muttered, her eyes flicking down to my futa-dick.

She licked her lips, eager to fuck it. My own pussy clenched, that same itch burning through me. It was so hot taking the chance of her cumming in my mouth. It made me so wet. And I just knew that such a risk would make me cum so hard again. "But since you became a futa, I've wanted to feel you in my snatch so badly. And since Summer's going to win, this is my last chance." "What?" she gasped as I did a high-kick. Cheerleading since I was eleven had made me limber. I rested my left ankle on her shoulder, doing a wide split that pulled apart my pussy lips.

My futa-dick throbbed against her stomach while the tip of her girl-cock rubbed on my juicy snatch. "You're insane," groaned the futa-reporter as I pressed my cunt down her shaft.

"I'm just horny," I groaned, her big clit-dick spreading wide my pussy lips. "And if I can't get the thrill of public exhibitionism, then this is the next best rush." I bottomed out on her futa-dick, feeling her all the way in me.

I balanced on my right foot, my girl-cock throbbing as it rubbed against her belly. I undulated my hips and stirred her shaft around inside my cunt, stimulating my silky flesh. Delight rushed through me. "Let's see if I can bring you to the edge," I purred, "or if I make you explode in rapture in my cunt." "Oh, god, you're dumb," Becca groaned. "I love it." "Me being dumb or my pussy on your dick?" "Both!" I shrugged. "It's fun being young." I pumped my cunt up and down her futa-dick, my snatch drinking in the friction of her huge shaft reaming me.

I groaned, my cock rubbing against her belly as I fucked her hard. My firm tits jiggled and her big boobs quivered, her right tit rubbing against my left leg. My toes curled, my left ones brushing her blonde hair, the right digging into the leaves on the ground. Such delight surged through me. This wicked thrill that had me shivering and shuddering in delight.

My eyes widened at the pleasure building inside of me as I worked my cunt up and down her futa-dick, feeling her girth stab over and over into me. "Oh, Becca Brittany," I moaned. "That's such a good cock. Mmm, this is so hot. I love it. I'm fucking the Becca Brittany." "Yes, you are," the blonde MILF moaned, her arms swaying overhead, gripped by the tree.

I had no idea how that happened, but I was so glad it did. It let me have so much fun. "I'm going to cum so hard into that barely legal cunt, slut," she hissed. "Ooh, yes," I hissed. "I bet you love cumming in barely legal twats! Like your daughter's cunt!" "I love fucking my daughter!" "Mmm, I've seen that blonde cutie working her snatch up and down your cock," I moaned, my snatch clenching on her dick, massaging it.

She throbbed inside of me, her hips thrusting forward, fucking me. "You love fucking her!" "Yes!" she hissed, blue eyes sparkling. God, this was such a risk. My futa-dick throbbed against her belly, twitching and bouncing on her skin as we fucked each other. I kept pumping my snatch up and down her shaft, my pussy so hot.

Juices ran down my right thigh, making me feel so wicked, so naughty. If I messed up, I'd lose. I was taking such a risk, but it made the sex incredible. My orgasm built so fast. It swelled in my ovaries. I could feel a massive load of girl-cum building and building inside of me, just so eager to explode out and coat her in my cum. I shivered, staring at her big breasts, my dick aimed up her flat belly at them.

I whimpered, picturing them coated in my cum. My pussy clenched down so hard on her dick as I slammed down her shaft, a groan bursting from her lips. Her face twisted in rapture.


She came closer and closer to cumming. But my orgasm built swiftly. I should stop this. I should pull off of her, let her calm down. Then just fuck my dick in her and cum.

I could end this and score another victory for Summer. But I couldn't. My cunt was on fire. My orgasms brewed inside my depths, growing so fast. Instead of stopping, I fucked my pussy up and down her girl-cock as fast as I could. I drank in the sensations. And so did she. "Fuck," she moaned, swaying in the embrace of the tree, the branches rustling overhead. They almost sounded like a woman groaning in rapture. "That's so good. I'm going to cum so hard in that snatch." "I bet you are," I whimpered, loving the risk, knowing at any moment she could erupt into me.

I slammed down her cock. My dick twitched on her belly. My pussy drank in the friction of her shaft sliding so deep into me. Heat surged to my ovaries. My eyes widened. A violent shudder wracked my body. I came. "Yes, yes, yes!" I howled, beating her to the punch.

My futa-dick erupted. She clamped her mouth shut and looked up as my cream splattered the bottoms of her heaving tits. Jizz splashed off her mounds, drops spraying across my own breasts and face. I tasted my salty futa-cream as the pleasure surged through me. My pussy convulsed. It writhed about her dick as I trembled in orgasmic delight.

Becca kept thrusting her hips, fucking her dick in and out of my convulsing snatch. She gasped, panted. I could tell my spasming sheath brought her closer and closer to cumming. I had to move. I had to pull my cunt off of her dick. But she felt so good pistoning in and out of my spasming pussy. My futa-cock erupted again.

More girl-cum splattered her tits, painting my stomach. I whimpered, moaned, my spunk mixing with hers on my body. My cunt convulsed so hard about her girth, milking her clit-dick, eager for her cum to be in me. But I would lose. "Yes!" Becca howled, thrusting forward.

I could hear it. Her orgasm was about to erupt. I threw myself back, cartwheeling off her dick. She popped out of me. Hot cum splattered my back and hair. I squeezed my mouth shut as I came upright, her jizz splashing across the side of my face and then adding more pearly delight to drip down my tits. "No, no, no!" she howled in frustration, her body quivering as her orgasm surged through her again. I threw up my arms in the air like I would on the field, a cheerleader showing off her stuff.

"Yes! Pussycats always win!" I did a high-kick, flashing my pussy at her as she spurted her cum. It splattered my upper thigh, almost getting me. "Woot!" She groaned, swaying, her hair plastered about her sweaty face. I bounced towards her, full of such zesty energy. I couldn't help myself. I grabbed her big boobs, licking my own salty jizz off her tits. I sucked on her nipple, making her squirm and moan. "Almost had you!" she panted, the tree rustling overhead." "Yes, you did," I groaned after popping my mouth off her nipple.

Then I turned around, shaking my ass at her. I grabbed her cock. "I have one more hole to enjoy your dick in." "Oh, fuck, yes," she gasped as I guided her big, throbbing clit-dick between my tight ass, nudging my sphincter. "Uh-huh," I panted and backed my asshole down her dick.

This was so dumb. And made me so wet. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Deidre Redding My legs should be sore after trudging over the strange plains I just crossed. Everything was cantered, the surfaces flat and smooth but meeting at strange angles. It was like the grass had grown over some strange, geometric pattern that lasted for miles and miles.

I traversed up slopes and down others. I walked more today than I had since the summer when my family went hiking up on Mount Rainier. And that had left my legs feeling like wet noodles. Not only did I not have any burning pain in my thighs, I still had plenty of energy as I reached the end of the planes. The unnatural land gave way to what look like proper terrain.

Slopes that were curved and round, not sharp angles. A valley that descended to a river, marshy ponds scattered about it on mine side. More ponds were on the other side. It looked subdued on the other side of the river, the grass brown, snow covering the top of the slope, the sky as dark as night.

Above, the Moon and Sun hovered, almost eclipsing each other. "The Lands of Transition," I said, taking a deep breath. There had to be a way out of this. My sister and I didn't both have to lose our futa-cocks. She must be so scared. I looked around the valley, hoping to spot her auburn hair and the glint of her glasses perched on her nose. I didn't. I descended the hills.

The ground grew spongy beneath my feet. The pools bustled with life. Dragonflies buzzed around the ponds, flashing emeralds and sapphires. Tadpoles wriggled in the water, dark, their tails fluttering as they swam around lily pads.

I skirted around the ponds, moving closer and closer to the river. The flash of color caught my attention. I frowned, staring across the wide river.

Did I just see someone? I stared across the strange twilight that wreathed the lands, almost like noon and midnight coexisted at the same time here, everything somehow lit and yet shrouded. I spotted another person.

The top of a head, hair that familiar color. Hope surged through me. "Keily?" The head popped up, glasses perched on my little sister's face.

She then bounced to her feet, shrieking for joy. She waved with such enthusiasm, racing towards the bank of the Year's Divide. I found myself running to, breast and futa-cock bouncing before me. My incestuous lover. I found her. Together, we would figure this out. "It's really you!" Keily called, her small breasts jiggling.

She grabbed her futa-dick, stroking it as she stared at me. "Yeah, it's really me," I breathed, my own dick twitching. Just seeing my sister hardened my shaft.

I wanted to go over to her, to make love to her. But if I came in her, I would vanquish her from the field. And if she came in me. God, what we were supposed to do? Why did these two fairies have to have this dumb argument? Who cared about it? They were fucking with our lives.

"What do we do?" Keily asked as I reached the sandy bank of the river. I bit my lip. I really didn't know. Keily approached the river. She stuck her toe into it. "It's not cold. I can swim it." "You're a terrible swimmer," I said.' "Stay there! I'll cross!" I dove into the water. The water was neither cool nor hot. I almost didn't feel it as I swam with all my might. I just wanted to hold her. To kiss my baby sister. No matter what happened, we would be together.

I stared at her every time I lifted my head above the water to take a breath. I came closer and closer to her. Nothing would keep us apart.

"Deidre!" Keily said, crouching low at the other bank, her eyes so excited. "I love you so much! We're going to figure this out!" "Yes!" I panted as I reached the other side. I crawled out of it, water dripping off my body.

I stared up at Keily. I found her. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Becca Brittany It was such torture. Kimmie worked her asshole up and down my dick, backing up to me like she was giving me a lap dance.

Only I was standing up. Her tight ass slammed into my crotch, her cheeks jiggling as her bowels pleasured my dick. Rapture surged through me, feeding my orgasm brewing in the depths of my snatch. Maybe this time she'd fuck up and I'd cum in her. It would be my last chance. I just knew it. I had to flood her asshole this time and win.

She couldn't be dumb enough to give me another chance to defeat her. "Ooh, yes, I got Becca Brittany's dick lodged up my asshole!" Kimmie howled. "And it's amazing! The best damned cock I've ever enjoyed!" "Yes, yes, yes!" I groaned.

"You love it, you little slut. Mmm, you just want to fuck my cock twenty-four seven." "While the cameras roll?" she gasped, her bowels squeezing down on my dick. "Ooh, that's the dream. The entire world watching us fuck!" "I can give you that," I groaned, my futa-dick throbbing in her asshole. "I can fuck you on national television.

Imagine the ratings. You and my daughter pleasing me. Mmm, two hot sluts eager to enjoy my big cock. Thanks to B's gift, it'll be a goldmine. We'll make money. You'll be famous." "And I just have to let you cum in my asshole?" she asked, still pumping her bowels up and down my cock.

"Just loose my futa-cock?" "Isn't it worth it to flaunt your body before the world?" She groaned, her back arching. She clenched her bowels hard on my dick as she slammed down my shaft. Pleasure surged through me. Another orgasm brewing in the depths of my pussy. Juices poured down my thighs. My cunt boiled with excitement. I was so close to winning.

If I could just convince this girl to give up her dick. "Ooh, fuck that," groaned Kimmie. "I get enough people watching me when I cheer lead at my college's games. "But I'll still let you cum one last time with your futa-dick. All over my body. Mmm, yes, just let me get off. I love your dick in my asshole." I let out a frustrated snarl. I pulled at the branches binding my wrist.

I let my weight drag at the tree. It rustled.

The branches bent, but I couldn't rip my hands free. I wanted to seize her hips, hold her in place, and sodomize her so hard. I wanted to make her pay for her teasing. Maybe I would. My orgasm swelled so fast. I fought making any sounds to announce it. Kimmie was so into fucking my ass right now. Her brown hair danced about her supple back as she pumped her bowels up and down my dick.

That tight, barely legal asshole made my futa-cock throb. My pussy clenched. The pleasure swelled and swelled. I felt a massive orgasm brewing inside of me. The type of cum that would defeat this bratty girl. "Oh, yes!" Kimmie moaned. "Becca Brittany's cock is in my asshole. Ooh, yes, I love it!

I'm going to cum so hard on this dick!" "Uh-huh," I whimpered, my voice so throaty, my big tits heaving before me. My toes curled into the leaves.

Just so close. Kimmie's back arched. She let out a howling moan. Her bowels squeezed down hard on my dick. Then they rippled. Over her shoulder, I saw white cum splattering the leaves. The futa-cheerleader moaned out her rapture as she came so hard on my dick. My hips pumped, thrusting my cock in and out of her bowels. Such a frantic need burned in me.

I had to cum. I was just so close. Kimmie moaned, lost to her orgasmic pleasure, her wordless euphoria bursting out of her mouth. Just a few more strokes through her barely legal asshole and— "No!" I howled as she ripped her asshole off my dick.

"You fucking brat! I was so close!" "I know!" Kimmie whirled around, a mocking grin on her lips. Her futa-cock smacked mine. A tingle raced up my dick. I erupted. My hot cum spurted uselessly onto her belly. The thick, ropy cum painted across her flesh. Stars flashed across my vision as the pleasure surged through me. I jerked so hard against the branches holding my wrists as my pearly spunk ran down her stomach to her cock and her pussy lips.

"Goddamn you, Dryad!" I howled. "I made you cum! And this is how you thank me?" "Is that who tied you up?" Kimmie asked. She moved closer to me, our bodies almost touching.

"Did a naughty fey trick you?" "Yes!" I hissed, her dick nudging against my pussy lips, my cock against her twat. "Well, that sucks for you." Kimmie stretched her arms over head, letting out a long groan. "It's time to—" The tree rustled overhead. Kimmie gasped, her wrists seized by leafy branches just like mine. The futa-cheerleader arms were yanked above her head, her barely legal tits bouncing before her.

She glared up at the tree. "What the fuck?" "Becca Brittany is right," the tree said, making the feminine sound by rustling her leaves. "This is a better game. You're both in position. First one to get in the other's pussy wins my prize!" "Oh, fuck," Kimmie groaned. "Yes!" I snarled. And then our hips began thrusting. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Kimberly "Kimmie" Miller This was totally not fair.

I had her. "Fucking fey!" The tree giggled as I dueled with Becca. Both our hips were thrusting at each other, our clit-dicks nudging hot pussies or smacking into each other's thick shafts. Our breasts heaved as we each strained to ram our cocks into the other's dripping pussy.

Each time the crown of my dick brushed Becca's hot pussy lips, hope shot through me. I felt her thick folds sliding around the tip, sending delight down my futa-cock. I groaned and whimpered, twisting and twerking to try to get my dick into her twat But she'd always move, denying me that rapture. When her futa-dick rubbed across my youthful cunt, I tensed. As much as I wanted to feel her dick in me again, I couldn't afford to lose. I'd already taken out Ms.

Marcie. That meant our side was probably up. If I lost here, we'd be even again. And I wouldn't lose here. I wasn't giving up my futa-dick. I loved cheering before the crowd, fucking with my clit-dick. They loved it. Our college hadn't lost a game since I started cheering a futa.

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I wouldn't lose now. So I jerked my hips back, denying her the pleasure of defeating me. Her blue eyes flashed and blonde hair danced about her face as our dicks smacked together again. Pleasure surged through me each time. My pussy grew juicier and juicier. I sucked in my breasts as we both gasped and moaned. "I'm going to fuck you so hard," panted Becca as she struggled to get in me. "Ooh, you're going to pay for teasing me, slut." "Only if you can get that dick in me," I grinned, twisting my hips and knocking her cock away.

Then I ducked low and thrust upward. My cock struck her thick pussy lips. I felt her plump, hot folds slide around me. The tip pressed against her hole. The entrance to her cunt sucked at my dick. The crown popped into her an inch. A victorious smile crossed my lips. My feet braced on the ground to thrust hard. Becca heaved back. Her big tits bouncing before her as my dick popped out of her pussy. She gave me a triumphant grin, her girl-cock smacking down hard on mine. I groaned, another tremble of delight racing up my shaft.

The tree giggled, holding us both tight as we dueled. I tugged at my wrists, wanting to get free. Wanting to fuck Becca Brittany so hard. Our breasts slapped together as we both thrust together, our faces swimming about each other. I could almost just cum from our dicks touching. From caressing each other's pussies. Maybe that was how I'd win. Just from humping against her folds.

If I just came while my dick was pressed into her cunt, perhaps it would count if my jizz fired into her snatch. I shuddered, shifting my tactics, sliding my cock up and down her cunt. "Oh, yes, you have such a juicy pussy," I moaned, the pleasure swelling through me.

"Mmm, yes, I'm going to cum so hard." "Oh, you are such a brat," she groaned, her pussy juices coating the tip of my cock, her flesh so hot and hungry for my cum.

Then she leaned in and kissed me. I gasped in shock, feeling Becca Brittany's mouth on mine. She kissed with such passion. My futa-dick twitched against her pussy lips. Our hips kept moving. I moaned into her mouth, her dick slipping down past mine, her hips moving. She thrust up. The stars must have aligned because her futa-cock didn't glance off my pussy and slide past, merely stimulating my folds. She found just the right angle to slip into my cunt. My eyes widened.

I broke the kiss as her thick shaft filled me to the brim. "Oh, no," I groaned, my pussy clenching down on her dick, my futa-cock throbbing against her stomach, pinned between us. "Oh, yes, you little brat," Becca Brittany hissed, drawing back her hips and thrusting her futa-cock back to the hilt in me.

Pleasure rippled through me. A dizzy wave of excitement that drowned out my fear. I had to get off her futa-dick but she felt so good in me. She stirred me up, making me whimper and groan. My tits jiggled against her big, soft breasts. My feet shifted on the ground as I struggled to pull myself off of her. But I couldn't get the leverage to.

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I only fucked my pussy up and down her shaft faster. Such pleasure shot through me. Such a wonderful delight. I groaned, panting. My eyes widened as she thrust so hard, almost bouncing me in her embrace. The tree laughed.

"Ooh, fuck her so hard, Becca Brittany. Fuck the little brat's pussy." "She's got such a tight cunt," I moaned. "And she loves my cock, don't you, futa-slut?" "Yes!" I cried out, unable to help myself. Her dick felt so good in me. My eyes rolled back into my head as she humped away.

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She rammed her futa-dick over and over into my cunt. My girl-cock throbbed between us, trapped by our flat stomachs. The tip drank in the sensations, massaged by our heaving bodies. Every thrust of her dick into me brought me closer and closer to exploding. Closer and closer to losing.

Stars danced before me. My back arched. My pussy clenched down on her dick. Her fat nipples kissed mine, adding one more delight to the pressure brewing in my cunt. "Oh, fuck!" I howled, came. My dick spurted between us. The cum splattered our tits, making them so slippery as they slid together. Rapture shot through my body, reaching my mind.

My pussy convulsed about her clit-dick, massaging her thick shaft. Gentler waves of ecstasy traveled through my body, the two different delights making me tremble.

I felt her dick pumping away in me, stimulating my spasming flesh. My pussy milked her cock, so hungry for her cum. And she knew it. I could see the triumph burning in the futa-reporter's blue eyes. I lost. "Cum in me!" I howled anyways, my body burning with rapture. "I've always wanted you to cum in me, Becca Brittany!" "You bratty slut!" she grinned and kissed me.

I moaned into her lips as she rammed her futa-dick into me. She filled me to the hilt. And then it happened. I felt her girl-cum splatter against my cervix.

Her hot cream pumped over and over into me as I heaved in rapture. She defeated me. She won. And I came so hard. Green light danced around me. I kept kissing her, my pussy milking her futa-dick dry. The light intensified. And then my entire world became emerald before I plunged into the dark void of sleep. I drifted through ecstasy. I opened my eyes to find Leanan Sidhe's sad smile looking down on me. "Oh, my dear Miss Kimmie," she said, cupping my face with her delicate fingers, her green hair falling about her young face.

"You did your utmost to ensure our victory. You defeated one of their champions. Do not grieve. We have not lost the fight yet." "Yeah," I groaned, trembling. I felt my futa-dick against my belly. I still had it. There was still hope.

"And if I was thinking with my brain, I would have just fucked her from the beginning instead of being such a teasing cunt." "But if you were not a teasing cunt, my dear Miss Kimmie," smiled Leanan Sidhe, "then you wouldn't be that wonderful futa-cheerleader who goes out before the effulgent crowd and shows off your wanton and wicked desires." Then she kissed me. And though I lost, I didn't feel like a loser. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Becca Brittany I panted as Kimmie vanished into green motes.

My dick suddenly flopped before me, no longer buried in her barely legal cunt. My breasts heaved. My body buzzed from the rapture of my orgasm. I swayed, only held up by my arms. Then the tree let me go. With a grunt, I fell to my knees on the dried leaves. I shuddered, rubbing my wrists, flexing my fingers. I was free. I'd won. I'd beat one of Summer's futas. I grinned at that, my body shivering as the pleasure died in me.

"Well, that was a most fun game," Dryad said, sounding like a normal person instead of the tree speaking. I rose to my feet and turned. The golden-skin fey sauntered to me, her round breasts jiggling. She threw her arms around my neck, pressing herself against my cum-stained breasts.

She kissed me hard, her tongue dancing through my mouth. I shuddered as more than her tongue filled my mouth. Energy. I swallowed it, my body trembling. The trees groaned around me as my dick throbbed against her belly. The world spun for a moment, my entire body electrified. Then Dryad broke the kiss. "What was that?" I panted, stumbling away from her. My foot slipped on a root. Off-balanced, I windmilled my arms to keep from falling.

The tree caught me before I fell. A leafy branch cradled me from behind. I blinked and realized that I did that. That I caused the tree to move and grab me. I shook my head at that as the branch pulled away.

"I gave you some of my power," beamed Dryad. "That was so much fun. The best entertainment I've had in centuries. You have earned it, Becca Brittany.

May you use it well in your struggle against Summer." "And if that brat had cum in me?" I demanded. "Would you have given the same thing to her?" "Of course." Dryad gave me an innocent smile, her hands clapping before her. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ms. Ji-Woo Kim I surveyed the river running through the valley crouched behind a rock near it. I bit my lip, Summer was on the other side. Where the enemies I needed to defeat were.

I bit my lip, squirming. I felt so exposed. If I swam across it, people would find me and— I heard splashing upstream. I ducked lower, my heart pounding. A female voice spoke, the words indistinct. I peeked out of my hiding spot to see a girl stepping out of the river on my side, her body pale and dripping. She stared ahead of her at something then spoke.

Someone just out of sight, hidden by an outcropping of rocks, answered her. Another futa. My stomach tensed. Frost swirled around my hand. I focused on the girl. The fey Alp Luachra gave me power after I dominated her and spanked her. Now it was time to use it. Time to get in the game and win this for my side. I could feel the cold in the air, the tendrils of Winter leaking into the Lands of Transition.

I imagined freezing the futa, immobilizing her while I took care of the second. I popped out of my hiding spot and threw the frigid energy. To be continued.