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Gay daddies twink naked In fact  he is a real manmeat hound  once he
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As the carriages pulled up to the castle, Harry looked out the window. The castle looked a little dark; perhaps the fact Dumbledore was not there anymore was the reason.


They stopped at the front gates and journeyed into the great hall. Harry took his seat next to Ginny with Ron and Hermione sat across from them.

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Harry looked up at the front table and Professor McGonagall sitting in Dumbledore's chair and Slughorn was still here. Harry noticed a beautiful woman sitting where Snape used to sit, she was -Harry guessed- a tall woman with light blonde hair, blue eyes, and her robe stuck out quite a bit which suggested a nice rack. It looked as if Slughorn was leaning over flirting with her.

She looked un interested as she scanned the crowd and stopped on Harry. Harry looked back straight into her eyes and was mesmerized.

Harry saw something in her, but he could not explain it. She looked away and so did Harry, Ginny smacked him in the back of the head. "Are you even listening to me?' she questioned him. Harry just looked dumbstruck and said he was just thinking.

"Well I said I am going to miss you when you leave." Ginny repeated with a little sadness in her voice. "Well I'm going to miss you to. I'll write you every chance I get and send Hedwig so I don't have to carry her around to." Harry told her while holding her hand.


Just then Hagrid came in and sat down. A few seconds later, the front doors opened and prof. Sprout came in followed by the first years.

Harry figured she became deputy headmistress when McGonagall became headmistress. She led them up to the front of the room and told them to wait, while she went and got the stool and hat.

Harry was now in a deep conversation with Hermione, he explained that they would come back to Hogsmeade whenever they could; giving Ginny had her visit at the same time. Before Harry knew it, the sorting ceremony was over and there was an ample amount of food sitting in front of him.

Harry and the others ate as much as they could because they would be traveling a lot and would not have great meals like this. As he ate, he remembered Dobby and Kreacher and was thinking if he could use them at all.

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Harry heard everyone get up so he snapped back to reality, got up, and followed Ginny into the halls. Ginny started guiding Harry but it was not to the Gryffindor tower. She led him toward the prefects' bathroom, since Harry was still Quidditch captain so he received the pass with his letter. The bathroom had not changed much since the last time he used it for the Tri-Wizard competition.

Ginny walked over to the taps, filled the tub with water, and added small white bubbles. Harry got undressed as quickly as he could so he could watch Ginny remove her clothes. Harry had seen her naked but he had never seen her get naked.

Ginny turned to look at Harry and grabbed the bottom of her shirt and slowly lifted it. He could see her flat stomach, and then came her ribcage, which tightened as she lifted her shirt. Harry then saw the bottom of her breasts peaking out from beneath her shirt.

Ginny lifted her shirt the rest of the way off. She was now standing there with her tits staring Harry in the face. She then turned her back to Harry and grabbed the him of her pants. She grabbed both her underwear and pants at the same time. She pushed her pants down past her ass and as she bent over Harry could see the pinkness in her pussy. Her pussy lips opened up as she lifted her legs out of pants.

Both Harry and Ginny were standing naked, Ginny grabbed his hand and guided him into the tub. They both dived under water and swam together. Harry rolled underneath Ginny so he was face to face with her. He then kissed her deeply as they reached the surface. Their heads reached the surface and Ginny put her legs around Harry's waist and pulled him as close as she could. Harry reached in between them, grabbed his dick, and slid it into Ginny's wet pussy.

Ginny gave a low moan and lay back against the bathtub wall.

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Ginny's head was lying on the floor and she stretched along the top of the water with Harry at her pussy. His cock was buried to the hilt, pulled it most of the way out and plunged it all the way in.

Harry heard Ginny scream and he thought that was a little weird until he heard, "Oh that looks fun. I wish some one loved me like that before I died." Harry looked above his head and saw moaning Myrtle hovering above them. "Get out of her Myrtle!" Harry yelled at her but she just lingered there and smiled. Harry just grabbed Ginny, pulled her close, and whispered, "Just ignore her." Then he kissed her deeply while shoving his cock all the way in.

As Harry drove it home, he heard Ginny moaning more than Myrtle. He looked up just as Myrtle dove into Ginny's body. Ginny then turned into Myrtle, "Get out of her Myrtle!" Harry yelled at her. She just begged and pleaded that she just wanted to try it once. Harry thought about it and figured it was ok since it was Ginny's body she was using.

Harry grabbed her hip and pounded away into her. Even though it was still Ginny's body, it seemed that her pussy was tighter and fresher. Harry only enjoyed it that much more, grabbed her hips, and came inside of her. He hear Myrtle moan and then leave Ginny's body which left Ginny looking confused as Myrtle slithered up one of the facet heads. Harry could swear he heard, "thanks" come from Myrtle.

Harry had explained what had happened to Ginny. She said, "Well I still need pleasured." Ginny jumped out of the tub and put her ass right to the edge of the tub.

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Harry came over and buried his head in between her legs and tasted her sweet pussy juices. He then buried three fingers as far as he could into her.

She then laid on her back across the bathroom floor and lifter her hips to every thrust of Harry's fingers. Harry just got hard watching Ginny's reaction and climbed out of the tub right on top of her. Harry guided his penis into her awaiting pussy.

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Ginny closed her eyes to enjoy every moment Harry's cock was buried into her. Harry put most of his weight onto her as he grabbed her shoulders and pulled her into him as much as he could. Harry was really getting good at knowing what Ginny liked and took her left tit into his mouth and stuck the nipple in between his teeth.

He playfully bit down on the nipple, which just drove Ginny wild. Harry got onto his feet and said, "I'll be right back, I want to try something." and he went over and picked up his wand.

"Wingardium Leviosa" he said pointing his wand at Ginny. She rose into the air, Harry walked over to her, pulled her to his waist and stuck his dick into her. He then grabbed her waist and pulled out until the head could just be seen then he pulled her into him as fast and hard as he could. It was an amazing feeling as he continued the same thing repeatedly.


Harry then grabbed her hips for another plunge when Ginny stiffened up and Harry felt a hot liquid all over his dick. That was too much for Harry to stand and he came into her. Harry lowered Ginny softly onto the floor so she could get up and they both got dressed. Harry reached over and lifted the drain lever on the tub. They were dressed and headed back to the dorm room.

Harry sat in his favorite chair and Ginny climbed into his lap and put her arms around his neck as they both fell asleep. Harry dreamed that he and Ginny were sitting next to the lake with Ginny sitting in between his legs.

Harry had just put his arms around her waist when. To Be Continued.