Two jock hunks fuck each other anal on the floor

Two jock hunks fuck each other anal on the floor
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Author's note: My stories contain more story than sex because I like to build up the situation before the actual sex. This chapter has lesser sex than the previous one. Please don't complain if you can't get off. The story contains incest so if this bothers you please don't read any further. Positive comments are welcome and also this story is longer than the previous one.

Chapter 3: I had a good night's sleep and was feeling much better than yesterday. Then it all came back to me. I couldn't believe that I masturbated while watching my own son and daughter have sex. Eddy's second option came to my mind, but I just shook those thoughts away. I went downstairs into the living room. Carol was making breakfast and Kevin was supposedly at the bathroom.

For a few seconds I just stood there looking at my little girl. She had grown so much; I still remember she was the shy girl who couldn't even dare talk to strangers without my permission. She was the little girl who would cry even at the simple things and used to get into simple fights with her brother. I scanned her from top to bottom while I was having these thoughts while suddenly my eyes fell on her ass and the picture of her asshole contracting came to my mind.

I had to cough to get those thoughts out again while Carol turned and smiled and said, "Good morning daddy" in her usual tone. I felt really odd after watching her tease and fuck her brother last night and it made me mad that they could be feel normal while doing the deed while I was feeling this awkward. I had to yell at her. I had to tell her something. I wanted to tell her, 'Go FUCK your brother you little slut' but instead I said, "Yeah good morning to you too" while maintaining eye contact with her.

How could she keep such a big secret from me? She was so young, she wasn't even 15 yet. "Something wrong? Is there something on my face?" Carol asked. Her words made me realize that I was staring at her all this time.

"No, nothing honey. What's for breakfast?" "Eggs and sandwiches." "Where's your BROTHER?" "He is taking a bath. We have to go to school early today.

We have to prepare for the school fest." "Right.

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Best of luck for your work." "Thanks dad. What about you, when will you be back from office tonight?" Carol's words got me thinking. For almost a year I have been working without taking even a single day off so I thought I would take the day off, I am sure my boss would accept my leave.

"Actually honey, my boss has given me a day off because he said I was overworking myself. So I have the day off." As I said this Carol's expression changed. She appeared to be thinking. Her smile was gone. They must have planned to fuck after coming from school. "Great dad!! Finally you have a day off.


Now you can relax all day." "Yeah honey, I think I will do just that" I planned on searching Kevin's room. There had to be something that would give me all the answers.

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I just knew it. "Good morning dad." Kevin said. "Morning Kevin." Kevin's hair was a mess. He was wearing a white shirt which had two buttons open and was showing his flat chest and some of his abs.


He sure was going to be a lady killer. He used to play football with me while he was young and now he regularly practiced.

He really had an attractive body now. His rough hair along with his muscular body gave him a macho look. I looked at Carol and then at Kevin, no wonder they found each other, they were both hot and equally attractive. I sighed. "Dad is everything OK?

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You look a bit down." Kevin asked. "No son, nothings wrong. Actually you see I have a day off and I have no idea what I am going to do all day" "Wow, you have a day off, I have some great movies you can watch, it's near the T.V." "Thanks, Kevin." Breakfast was served. We had a few small talks and then the kid's left for school.

After a long time the house was all mine and so I decided to explore it starting from Kevin's room. I went to his room which looked decent for a teenager, a little too decent.

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When I was a teenager my room was never this clean. This has to be the work of Carol. She was a great homemaker.

I had to be careful with the things in this room, even a small change would be noticed by Carol. I looked through his drawers and found nothing important. I looked through his clothes drawer and even through his pockets; nothing there. I checked the entire room and found nothing suspicious, not even a porn magazine. This was too weird for a teenager. Then I looked at Kevin's bed. This was the bed in which he had fucked with his sister.

I checked the bed cover for some stains from last night; nothing. It was a new bed cover not the one from last night. I almost gave up when something struck me. I checked under the mattress and there was my answer. That asshole had stolen most of my porn dvds.

He was not only a sister fucker but also a thief. There were some condoms and two panties. I was now even more confused. He had condoms but never wore them and what was he doing with someone's panties.

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They had to be Carol's, who else could it be. May be Carol had kept them there. But those panties were used and Carol would never keep used panties under the bed. I had to confront them today but I can't confront both of them at the same time. I had to pick one of them, it has to be either Kevin or Carol. I called up Eddy. He gave me some advice. Finally I settled on Kevin. Since it was his room in which I found the panties, dvds and condoms, I decided he is going to feel my wrath first.

I spent the rest of the day practicing 'the speech'. Soon enough Carol was home. She started doing household works while Kevin was practicing football. I just tried to show Carol that I was busy and didn't come out of the room. In the evening when Kevin came home I asked Carol to get some supplies from the market. Now was the time to talk to Kevin alone. Kevin was busy playing games on his ps3. I simply sat on the sofa and said, "Kevin, I have something important to discuss with you." "Yeah dad, what is it?" he said not bothering looking at me.

"It's about what I found in your room." He stopped playing. The game wasn't paused it was running but his hands were not moving. He didn't look at me; he was just thinking what to do. After a few seconds he realized he cannot deny the inevitable and he looked at me. I could see terror in his eyes. He looked up to me and asked, "What did you find out dad?" "You look like you have seen a ghost my son." I chuckled. "What do you think I found in your room?" Now I was the calm one.

I could feel how he felt.

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He was scared shit. The situation was totally under my control and I knew what to do. "Well I am not sure what are you talking about." Kevin said. "Well you know just some panties and stuff." His eyes went big. I was clearly enjoying the situation. "Really, they must be Carol's. You know how she is, she probably left it somewhere." "I know EXACTLY how she is and I know that she doesn't keep used panties under your bed, doesn't use condoms neither she steals my dvds." After a moment of silence Kevin replied, "I was just borrowing them, dad" "And what were you borrowing exactly, my dvds or your sister's panties?" He was now totally miserable, he didn't know how to respond to that.

"I am sorry dad." "What are you sorry about son?" "For taking your dvds." "I understand son that you were curious but what about your sister's USED panties?" He kept silent. "Have you used some of those condoms Kevin?" "Yeah dad. I am so sorry." He was crying now. "Who did you have sex with?" "A friend from school." "Ok, that means that she is in the same class as you." Not sure what I was implying he said,"Yes" He had a glass of water in his hand now.

He was just about to drink the water when I said, "That means it can also be your sister" with a smirk. He stopped mid-way and didn't even have a single gulp. "What do you mean dad?" "You know exactly what I mean Kevin" "How long have you been sleeping with your sister?" I asked. His throat was totally dry. I advised him to drink the water, which he drank in one motion. "It started about a month ago dad." "Good, that explains why your sister's panties were under your bed." "Come on son tell me everything.

You know you have no other choice right." After a minute of silence Kevin finally agreed to tell me the truth.

"Actually dad, I am usually very horny so I took some of your dvds. That usually did the trick but one day I was very horny and no one was home. I found out one of my sister's panties and masturbated while sniffing it." He felt weird saying that out loud nut I motioned him to continue.

"It became a daily routine then, I used to take her panties to masturbate. One day she found out and then…" He suddenly went silent unsure whether to continue or not. "Then what Kevin?" "Then she seduced me." "Say what?" "She seduced you? Are you sure?" "Yeah dad. The next day when I was masturbating with her panties she came into my room and said, 'Why don't you sniff where it usually sticks to?' with a smile. I was a bit confused but then she took of her panties from under her skirt and threw it towards me.

She then said 'Come on big boy, I am waiting' and then we…" "Fucked" I completed his sentence. "Yeah." In the meantime Carol burst through the door.

She said "Good evening dad." I said, "Yeah good evening" and went upstairs to my room. "What's wrong with dad?" she asked her brother while I was climbing up the stairs. I just went to my room and lay down on the bed. After an hour I heard a knock on the door. "Who is it?" I asked. "It's me." Carol replied. Kevin must have explained everything to Carol. But she had no fear in her eyes. I was taken aback at her confidence. She just sat on the edge of the bed and looked at me.

I had a 'what' expression. "Kevin told me everything. So now you know everything." "Baby how could you do this? He is your twin brother damn it. Brother and sisters don't fuck. Then don't even start at each other's privates. How could you fuck him?" "Tell me something dad, why were you staring at my ass all day then?" she asked with a smirk.

I had no answer. I felt what Kevin felt an hour ago. Her eyes dug into me. But that wasn't enough to criminalize me. I was just starting to say when she cut me off," So did you enjoy last night's show dad? You did cum a lot." My eyes grew big. I felt like a deer caught in headlights, I felt like Kevin. My heart started beating faster. I thought I was in control but what went wrong. How did she know I was watching them last night?

She gave me a kiss on the cheek and gave me sly look, "Its ok dad. I saw your shadow last night then I saw you cleaning up your cum from under the door.

Don't worry I haven't said anything to Kevin. You really scared him dad, he is worried shit. He said he needed to take a long walk." I was speechless. My daughter had caught me jerking off while watching her and her brother fuck. I am no better than Kevin. She just stood up with a seductive look and turned around. "Tell me dad, what do you like about my butt so much?" After a few seconds I gave up, "Well it reminds you so much of your mother." "And what did you do with my mother's butt?" I had to blush now but she encouraged me to go on, "Well I liked squeezing them." She put my hands on her ass and said, "And".

I had to squeeze her but. It looked so firm in her jeans.

"I liked to smack them." I said. "And" she said after I squeezed and smacked her ass. "Sweetie I liked to fuck her while playing with her asshole." I was now seriously turned on by my daughter.

The tent was visible in my pants. She reached over and grabbed my cock through my trousers and I had to let out a moan. It had been such a long time since someone other than my right hand gripped my cock. I was slowly humping her hand. She just simply removed my trousers and gave me a seductive look. She started playing with my cock. It wasn't enough for me to cum. She just toyed with it and was rubbing the areas near my cock. She was teasing me. She wasn't giving me a hand job; she was just making me over excited.

I was now seriously trying to hum her hand but she wouldn't let me. She just gave my cock small kisses and kissed around my pubic region and began playing with my cock again. I was totally lost in lust now. I had to fuck something; it didn't matter to me if it was my daughter or a key hole. "Baby pleaseeeee" I groaned unable to control myself.

"Take my cock in your mouth." I pleaded.


"What I couldn't hear you?" She asked now totally in control. "Baby, take my cock in your mouth." I said, this time louder. "Dad, if you make a request, you should say please." "Baby, take my cock in your mouth pleaseeeeeee." She just gave my cock a lick and kissed it and said, "Beg me dad; beg me to take you in my mouth" "I beg you Carol; please take my cock in your mouth." As soon as she heard what she wanted to hear she gave the best blowjob I ever had.

She gave my cock head a few licks and then bit the sides of my cock, teasing me even further.

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She just licked from the base to the top and took my cock in her mouth and gave my piss hole a lick. My cock was never this hard. It was throbbing like crazy. I was going crazy. She gave me a slow blow job, she began sucking while she bobbed her head up and down; and then suddenly she stopped. I looked at her. Look dad you made me so wet. She was now standing half naked from the waist below. I didn't even notice her removing her pants.

She then went down on her hands and knees and presented her ass to me. Come on dad, you know what to do. Like a man possessed, I stood on my knees behind her, positioned my cock at the entrance of her pussy and pushed it in. Her hole was too tight. Kevin's 6 inch cock was no match for my 8 inch one. My cock had a much bigger girth than Kevin. Thanks to the wetness in Carol's pussy I could push my cock in slowly.

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Finally I managed to get to the bottom of her hole. It felt like she had a death grip on me. I started ramming her, moving slowly in and out of her. She also was humping me back and we were fucking in doggy position. Her asshole was presented to me. I squeezed her ass cheeks and fucked her hard and fast. I desperately needed to cum; nothing else mattered to me now.

By her grunts I could feel that she was close to an orgasm. I pushed my thumb inside her ass and her pussy got tighter. I started butt fucking her using my thumb while I continued to ram my cock in her. Her pussy tightened and she screamed in ecstasy and began to cum. I also couldn't hold any longer and emptied my balls in her. Drained and satisfied I pulled out of her and fell on my bed.

She snuggled up to me and smiled at me. I couldn't believe that I fucked my daughter and committed incest. I had nothing to say. I felt sorry for Kevin. I just looked at Carol and said, "Well that wasn't so bad."