The exorcism of Angel Rivas

The exorcism of Angel Rivas
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On a snowing cold early winter night I traveled into Syracuse, New York for a week of consulting work. I flew in early enough on a Sunday to find some time to relax and unwind at a local chain hotel I am a frequent guest of. As I was unpacking a few things to prepare for my week at the hotel the phone rang. When I answered a pleasant but nervous sounding woman responded: "Hi. I'm glad you are still here, I thought you might be out for dinner or something.

I'll be up in a couple minutes I' a surprise for you." Dumbfounded on who this could be I tried to stammer out my own reply but before I could get her attention the phone went dead. Hmmm.


I don't think anyone knows where I'm staying, not even my clients. They certainly didn't plan on meeting me here.

Must be a mistake. If and when she shows up I'll just correct the situation.

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I thought I'd toss on a t-shirt as I was going to take a shower soon after the long flight. I had just begun to think she wasn't going to show and figured out her mistake when there was a faint knock on the hotel door. I walked over and peered through the peep hole and saw what appeared to be an average looking lady in a coat outside.

As I reach for the door I heard her say, "hurry up before someone comes." As I opened the door the lady rushed by me, through the short hallway and told me to close the door. When I turned around I found a very nice surprise. She had opened her coat revealing her pale, naked flesh to me.

She was about 5'4", slightly sagging C cup breast showing no tan lines. She had jet black, curly hair and what appeared to be naturally unshaven around her pussy.

She was shapely but not too shapely. As I looked at hear soft features I heard he exclaim, "Oh my GAWD! Who are you?" and she quickly covered herself back up. I replied back that I was the guest supposed to be staying in this room and that I'm sorry that I couldn't stop her from this.

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I know my smile betrayed me when I said I had no way of knowing her intentions but thanking her for brightening up my evening. I noted that I assumed she was expecting someone else and could I help her at all.

She apologized and asked if she could use the phone. I said go ahead and went about my business. As I gathered from her calls she swapped the last two numbers of the hotel room and she called her intended room and sheepishly repeated a lower keyed version of the original call. When she hung up she turned around and thanked me. She said she met this guy before and he was in town again. She wanted to make an impression with him as she liked him but he didn't seem as interested physically.

I laughed and said I don't want to sound improper but I'd love the chance to be with someone as luscious as she was. I was more forward and said I'll probably stroke myself off tonight thinking of licking her and if he turns you down or you need more I'd love to help.

With that I backed away from the entrance way as a way to allow her to leave. She nervously giggled and mumbled something about not being so attractive and left.

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I laughed myself when she left, not realizing that I hadn't looked at her face much and while not classically beautiful, she was definitely sweet looking. I shrugged the experience off and resumed what I was doing.

After I finished myself up I setup my laptop and considered my options for dinner and found my way to my favorite porn sites. Deciding on a dinner choice I fired up our software product to do some work on it and also continue my stroking, sitting naked in the hotel chair on a towel.

In no hurry to finish either so time just lazily slipped by until there was another knock at the door. I got up and peered out the door and it was the woman from before with the same coat but it appeared as if she had put the rest of her clothes back on. I was still naked and thought, well, she did show me hers.and I opened the door. She started "Hi, sorry to bother're naked!" I laughed and said you were so nice before that I thought it was ironic that I was naked when you came by and pretended to try to hide behind the door.

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She said, "if you were serious about what you said before I'm back. Can I come in?" As she walked in she took off her coat and I could see her plump, round ass in some tight fitting pants. I regained what little of my hard-on I lost.

She was a different woman, much more aggressive and high strung. "The bastard fucked me until he came and said thanks but he had to meet someone for dinner himself. I told him great - I met a man here who really did want me, got dressed and came here." All the time she was talking she was peeling off clothes. She jumped on the bed and said "you said something about licking me???

"I certainly did!" I knelt down in front of her and saw that she probably hadn't had a razor close to her pussy ever. It wasn't very thick but definitely full and I could smell her sex and see some redness from the previous engagement. With no further encouragement needed I stuck my face in her bush and found her honey pot. She was steaming in a good way, very hot and definitely very moist.

I found each of her lips and sucked them out, pulling her juices from them. She was really starting to get into this, pushing her mound closer to me as if to get my tongue and face inside her. I reached around and grabbed both of her ass checks and held them firm then inserted my tongue around the rim of her love canal and swirled around deeper and deeper as time passed. She was moaning something fierce and thought she just might be ready to get off. I started licking from just above her asshole to her clit and she started bucking.

Finally she started speaking somewhat coherently to god about wanting to cum.

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With that I put a lip lock on her clit and started flicking it to and fro as hard and steady as I could. She gurgled some responses before yelling out, "fuck, fuck, fuck" in rapid succession followed by "FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!" Her orgasms hit her hard and she spasm-ed like few women I had known or seen in porn.

I held on and licked for as long as I could before she finally twisted away. I sat back and looked at her, knowing my face must be a glistening mess from all her juices. I was somewhat flaccid and sat back on the chair I was sitting in before and stroking myself as I looked at her huddled on the bed. I walked back over, sat on the bed and gently stroked her side and back until she finally started coming around, about 10 or so minutes later.


She looked up at me, smiled and said "that was great.I'm sorry I don't even know your name." "It's John," I replied, "and you're welcome." She looked back and said "I'm Kelly, I hope I didn't interrupt anything." I noted I was just doing a little work, thinking about what to do for dinner and stroking myself. She grinned and asked if she could watch. I didn't answer other than to go back to the chair, turn it around to face her and started stroking again.

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I got hard pretty quickly and still have some momentum from my earlier exploits. It didn't take long before I was ready to cum and told her so. She started to say something like "let me see you" but never finished her sentence as my strokes worked their magic and I shot a very high, long cumshot that hit me on my face, the next one got me in the chest before the rest came with less force and settled back on my hand.

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She smiled and said that was nice. I had some cum on my lips and I guess curiosity in front of her got the better of me and I licked the cum from my lips and made a crude comment about that not being enough for dinner. She suggested why didn't we get cleaned up and get a bite to eat then. [I am planning a follow-up on the rest of the night when I get a chance, assuming there is interest]