College babes love cunnilingus before taking an exam

College babes love cunnilingus before taking an exam
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My name is Jackie Falcone, I am 39, and live with my only son, Ricky, 16 years old. I have been divorced for 3 years, so Ricky is pretty much my life, as well as my professional career. Ricky's best friend is Zack, who lives nearby.


They study together since young kids in K-12 and now they are in high school. They usually ride their bikes to school, but when the weather is bad one of Zack's parents gives them a ride on their way to work and I pick them up.

I am an architect and also do some handicraft, both from home, and I have more free time. Many times Zack stays with us after school to eat something and to play games until early evening.


Last year, Ricky was doing badly in Chemistry and needed supplementary support after classes. I had to pick Zack up anyway, and I would return later to get Ricky.

I was a bit late, so I decided not to change, even being dressed very casually at home. Zack was already waiting for me, jumped into the car and we came back home chatting. I noticed he was looking at me out of the corner of his eye.

I consider myself an attractive woman: I work out, do Pilates and eat healthily, so I keep an elegant waist and firm ass over well shaped legs.

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I am very proud of my big boobs, which I value even more wearing generous cleavages sometimes. He was chatting, but was also staring at my leggings and my top, and I remembered I was not wearing a bra and was probably making quite a show. My nipples hardened when I thought about that young man staring at my boobs, so it became even worse. I pretended not to notice and kept talking casually. When we arrived home, I asked if he could help me bringing some new stuff to my studio in the attic before I fixed a sandwich for us.

I thought about changing first, but after all he had seen anyway I decided to leave it that way. Anyway, I was feeling that situation very exciting. When he was helping me, I saw he kept his eyes fixed on my body, even trying to disguise it.

When we both carried a big drawing board upstairs, he stared at my boobs and almost lost his balance. I smiled and he flushed when he saw I had noticed his looks. We finished what we had to do and went to the kitchen to eat something.

We had a sandwich and I was doing the dishes when he was clearing the table.

Even with my back turned to him, I felt his piercing eyes staring at my ass and legs shaped by my tight leggings. He brought the glasses to the sink and when I turned to grab them I couldn't avoid noticing an erection in his pants.

I was in good mood and enjoying that, and told him to watch TV or a movie while he waited for Ricky to play a game. So he did, and went to the living room. I finished what I had to do and went to the living room to kill some time before going back to school to pick Ricky up. Zack was watching cable, one of these silly teen movies, and when I came in a young cute blonde girl had removed her top and was showing her naked breasts.

Zack became uneasy when I came in and changed his position in the couch, but I saw his erection coming back when I sat close to him. I decided to play and laughed, saying he must have been enjoying the scene with such a pretty girl.

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He was a bit shy, but immediately replied: "Ms. Falcone, she is pretty but too skinny, I don't like women like that" and we kept watching.

I noticed when he started staring at me again, trying to disguise his look and the volume in his pants. Soon there was another girl in a sensual scene, a brunette showing somehow bigger boobs, and then showing her bare back while walking sensually away.

I kept teasing him and asked if she was his type, and he replied "She is prettier, but I prefer women with bigger boobs, like…" and he flushed and shut up. "I see I continued like me?" and I smiled, so he would not be ashamed. He became more comfortable, smiled too, and agreed, said that I was a very beautiful woman and I was very hot and sexy dressed the way I was.

When he said that, he stared at me, particularly to my bosom, and I felt my nipples hardening again and pressing against the fabric of my top. The bulge in his pants reached maximum volume, and he didn't try to hide it anymore. He sat back, looked at the TV, and simply showed his tent. I felt a heat wave inside me, an erotic sense I hadn't felt in years. I hadn't had a date for a long time.

I looked at his pants, smiled and said: "Well, I am not the only one looking hot." He smiled back and apologized, saying he couldn't avoid it.

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I told him not to worry, that it was very normal, particularly in his age. And I continued "and even in my age, why not?" He kept staring at my boobs showing that big boner, and when he looked at me in the eyes like a child in need I decided to make a move: I took his hand and slowly placed it on my breast, over my top.

He was instantly crazy: he came over me with both hands on my boobs, pressing and grabbing them, feeling their softness and volume. He came closer, pulled the back of my head with one hand, the other on my boob, and we kissed. There was no return. When we kissed and I let him play with my still dressed boob, I touched his erection over his pants, it was hard as iron and it seemed big.

He sneaked his hand under my top and touched my tit, than lifted it to release my boobs and started grabbing and kissing them. He moved from one to the other, looked marveled at their size, caressed, grabbed, pressed, licked, and sucked my hard nipples, he never stopped. I opened his pants, held his wet warm cock and took it out. I couldn't hold it anymore. I stood up in front of him, threw out my top and sensually removed my leggings.

I stood there, sexy in my small panties, looking at his hard cock for a while. I bent over and started kissing him again, my melons bouncing over him. He grabbed my ass and put a hand inside my panties, starting to touch my drenched pussy. I was so hot! I needed more!

I stood up again, staring at his hard dick drooling pre-cum, took off my panties, and sat at the couch, legs open.

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He understood and knelt between my legs, starting to lick my pussy. He was so aroused that he started too strongly, but I gave him some tips and soon it was wonderful: soft touches with the tip of the tongue in the clit, then went down along the pussy with all the tongue inside the vagina, opening the lips with his fingers, down near the asshole, then back to the clit. I told him to lick and then hold my clit with his lips, and he did it great. "Ms. Falcone he said, muffled by my thighs and pussy you taste so good, smell so good, you are so wet" and then he opened my vagina and licked me deeply, with big movements.

I totally opened my legs and offered my pussy to that horny young man. When I looked down and saw him inside my legs, I did not resist and started to come, shaking, moaning, like crazy, until I fell back in the couch.

He stayed there for a while, touching, caressing me, looking at my body and my pussy, until he stood up and removed his pants and slips. His cock was big, cut, long, but not too thick.

He approached me again, and I asked if he had a condom: I was in my fertile period. He looked like he was about to cry and said he hadn't, he was a virgin and had no idea that it could happen. I told him to sit back and enjoy. I knelt between his legs and licked the entire shaft, caressing his nut sack, pinching lightly his balls.

I licked the red cockhead, cleaned the sticky fluids, and licked all the way down and started biting his balls. I licked up and down along his hard pulsing dick for a while, until I focused on the head: licked the tip, probed the orifice, and finally put the entire knob in my mouth and sucked it deep.

First, only the head, then I started relaxing my throat and tried to accommodate as much cock as I could. I felt his hot cockhead deep inside my throat and massaged the base and about the half of his cock left outside. He became more agitated, and I knew he was close: I increased my mouth and hand movements, sucked stronger, then he started moaning and I felt the first warm gush in my mouth.

He kept coming and coming forever, I tried to swallow but it was too much, and salty cum leaked out of my mouth. I stood up and kissed him so he could taste and smell his own cum from my mouth, and I felt mine still from his mouth.

We hugged and stayed naked in the couch for a few minutes, catching our breath, until he said "Ms. Falcone, you are awesome." "You will have to call me Jackie when we are alone now, Zack. You still have my cum in your mouth and I still taste yours" I replied, smiling. "I also came a lot. So, you never had any experience?" "No, I'm too shy with girls. I've made out a couple times, boobies, you know, she touched my cock, and that's it. And they were tiny tits, nothing like yours.


Playing with a pussy, being blown, coming with a woman like you, this is my first time." "That's sweet, Zack. Let me freshen up and pick up Ricky, OK? Another time we can continue where we stopped." I kissed him again and stood up.

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"By the way I added has Ricky had any experience like that?" "No, Jackie, he is even shyer than I am."