Gay do sex He takes his time teasing Mitchell listening to him squeal

Gay do sex He takes his time teasing Mitchell listening to him squeal
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It started rather innocently. By accident actually. I was 16 I was staying at my best friends April's house for a sleep over slumber party.

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Sometime that night my friends mom Janet who was out drinking and partying at the local bar came home really drunk. I mean smashed .She went to the kitchen and tried to make her self something to eat. It was a disaster. When I think back to her in that kitchen I still make myself laugh.

While she was tearing up the kitchen she talked with us girls for a few and let us know she was going to bed an was calling it night. It was obvious to all of us she was beyond drunk and probably shouldn't have drove herself home that night. Janet made it very clear we are not to bother her or keep her awake and we all agreed. We all said our good night's to her and she went down hallway to her room and closed her door. Later that night as my friends were crashing out like fly's I started to crave a cigarette.

I ran out earlier of the few I stole from my mom. None of my friends smoked so I couldn't bum one off of them. I knew Janet was a smoker ,and I knew she kept them on the nightstand next to her bed. I figured I could sneak into her room and take one from her. I figured she has to have passed out by now it was 2:30 am or so.

I opened Janet's door and saw she was passed out on her bed right away. I could tell from the light in the room that she fell asleep with the TV on. I couldn't see what was on it yet because of how her room was layed out.

After I entered her rm I saw the tv and just froze. My friends mom janet had fallen asleep watching lesbian porn. I have never seen porn before this.


I never thought about girl on girl before this. At first I was shocked. I just stood there. I couldn't stop watching.

I looked over to see if Janet had moved at all since I entered her room. Thankfully she hadn't. I looked back at the tv and just kept watching the girls have sex with each other. The way they were kissing and touching licking and sucking each other just made me watch more.

I layed down on the floor in front of janet's bed and just kept watching. I got so turned on and excited I reached down to my panty's and started rubbing my pussy god I was so wet. The more I watched the wetter I got. I kept looking up to Janet's bed to make sure I wasn't waking her up with my moans and other sounds I was making while I was getting myself off.

I stayed down there on the floor watching this girl on girl porn and rubbing my pussy for about an hour. I must have got myself off 3 times. My body felt done and I was out of breath. I remembered why I went in there in the first place. I got up and stole my cigarette from Janet's pack and walked out of the room and closed the door behind me. As I stood there on the porch smoking my cig I thought about all of what I just saw .What those girls were doing to each other.

Licking each others pussy.

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Sucking on there tits. Using vibrators and fucking each other with strap-ons. I knew that night that's how I want to have sex. With another girl. After I finished my cigarette I went to the room where all us girls were sleeping.

I crawled in to my sleeping bag and rubbed my self one more time and got off dam it felt so good . . I fell asleep wondering when I will taste my first pussy. I never told April about that night .The next morning when we were all awake for breakfast and Janet came out of her room I kept it to myself. Pretended nothing ever happened but I found my self looking at April's mom a little different.

I noticed her curves and her tits. For the first time I looked at a woman in a sexual way. After that weekend I was a changed girl. When ever I went to April's after that I would check out her mom. When she was bending over and stuff like that. I would ask her to play wii fit with me so I could get a better look at her tits.

When I was alone I would rub my pussy and fantasize about having sex with Janet often. I wanted her tits in my mouth. I wanted to taste her pussy so bad. I wanted her to taste my pussy.

I imagined her having things like vibrators and strap-ons she could use on me. I thought of her often that way. When I was taking a bath or when I was in bed alone I would rub my pussy till I came thinking of Janet. During the next few months I started to notice that Janet was looking at me as well. Especially during summer when I would go over to April's to swim in her pool.

I would notice Janet checking me out. Giving me the up down ( a girl knows when were being looked at). I could tell she liked me in my bikini. I would do extra stretches and bends so she would get a eyeful. It was such a turn on when I caught her checking me out. I want too but I cant describe the feelings I got.

I know she made my vag tingle and that's all that matters. I have to admit I liked the way she looked in hers too. She offered to rub my back a lot with lotion and I would lay there just enjoying her touching me. Inside I was torn though. My bff April had no idea about her mom. Had no idea she was lesbian or into girls. I knew it wasn't my place to say anything.

there would be all of " how do you know " and drama like that. Im not into all that bitch shit. Also I found myself more and more sexually attracted to her mom. I knew it was wrong but that's how I felt at the time. It was some months later.

The summer of my 17th April had gone off to volleyball camp for a week. I wanted to go swimming so I went over to her house.

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I knew Janet wouldn't mind me coming by. I knocked on the door an Janet was excited to let me in. It was clear that she was probably on her second bottle of wine :).

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I told her why was there to go swimming. She told me that she was about to change into her suit and it would be great to get into the pool with me. She went to her room and I went to the bathroom and we both changed into our bikinis. When we met back at the pool I know my mouth dropped. There was Janet in a new suit that barely covered her up at all. I just stared at her beautiful body. Her top barely covered her nipples at all. i thought to my self her tits are hot and I wanted them. I could tell her bottom was shaved and bare.

Or so I thought. We enjoyed the pool together for about an hour. We got out together when Janet wanted another drink. We were sitting under her canape talking.

Just b.s really for the most part nothing remarkable I guess I was acting nervous or fidgety. She noticed something was off with me. Janet asked if something was wrong. I couldn't keep it in anymore. At that moment it all came flooding back to me. The night in her bedroom. All the times I fantasized about her. All the times I looked at her and how she turned me on so much. I was looking at her now in her new bikini and I found myself speechless not knowing what to say.

I had to say something. Before I could stop myself (weather I wanted to or not) I said to her " my boyfriend likes it shaved down there and im afraid to do itI don't want to cut myself. Would you help me". It was a lie I didn't even have a boyfriend at the time. At first Janet didn't say anything. I guess I surprised her. Then she just snapped back and said "of course go to my room and get ready". I don't know why she said her room but after what I just said to her I went with it.

I walked to her room so nervous and shaking. I knew what I was doing. I was about to be naked in front of my best friends mom. I wanted her to have my pussy so bad. I went to her room and stood at the front of her bed. I slipped off my bikini bottoms and layed back on her bed waiting for her to come in. She walked in with a warm rag some shaving cream and a razor. There I was 17 and naked with my legs spread ,my pussy wide ready for her on her bed.

She stood there checking out my body for a second. I don't know what she was thinking but I knew what I was. I just wanted her to startto touch me. She got down on her knees between my legs. She started talking I wasnt really paying attention to what she was saying. Things like how men hewr age like some muff down there. She just don't understand about full shave. I didn't care I was just happy to finally having her where I wanted her.


She started with a warm wet rag. When she pressed it on to my pussy I felt like I wanted to explode all ready. She rubbed the warm wet rag up n down my pussy .I might have let out a soft moan.

It felt so good .She just kept working me. Next came the shaving cream. My god I was heaven having her hand on my pussy rubbing me like she was.

Im sure by then she could tell I was getting wet. She just kept talking to me. Maby because she was uncomfortable I dont know I just remember her talking a lot while she shaved me. Finally the razor. I could tell she knew what she was doing right away. Janet would shave me a bit then rinse the razor in aa bowl of water she had. It took about 10 minutes but she shaved my pussy completely bald. I was so wet and turned on by then.

After Janet finished shaving me she was still on her knees and she gave me this look I will never forget. I just nodded my head as if to say yes. There was no "dont tell april or anybody" kind of talk at all.

She lowered her mouth to my pussy and just started to lick me. Omg I was in heaven. she ran her toung up and down my slit. She was teasing my clit. I started to let out loud moans of pleasure as Janet ate me out She took my hand and placed it on the back of her head. I pushed her face hard into felt so good having her finally down me.

She would open my lips and suck on them. She did this thing I could only describe as being toung fucked My pussy was quivering and shaking. While Janet was eating my pussy she reached up with her hands and started to play and squeeze my tits. Pinching my nipples making them hard.oh god the way she was making my body feel was amazing.

then she took a hand and slid a finger inside me. She was finger fucking me while she ate me out. Then two fingers. Oh my god Janet was amazing. I couldn't take it much more. I was moaning an breathing hard. Then it happened I had my first orgasm of the day. On her fingers and her face. She just kept at it licking me clean. Janet asked me if I enjoyd that my only answer for her was " Hell ya" while I was taking a moment to relax and catching my breath. I moved up on her bed and Janet took off her bikini.

It was the first time I saw a naked woman in a sexual way and I def liked what I saw. Janet is tall. Like me shes also into running so she has a fit body tanned with long blonde hair.

Her tits are nice too maby a d cup. I don't know or care I just wanted to suck on them for her. her pussy wasn't completely shaved like mine was now. It had some muff down there shaved into a land strip. All I could think was how sexy she was right then. Janet crawled into bed with me and right away we started kissing. Our arms were wraped around each other tightly.

We kissed each other with passion and lust. I nervously took my hand and started to play with her ass working up the nerv to touch her pussy for the first time. As we kissed she reached down and started to rub my pussy again. That's when I first touched another girl vag. I started to rub her in circles up and down. I loved knowing how good I was making her feel. I just kept rubbing her pussy for her then she moved a little and I took my chance.

I got one of her tits into my mouth n just kept sucking on her tit as I rubbed her pussy. while I was busy sucking on her tits she asked me if I was ready?.

I knew what she ment. I smiled at her and said yes. I moved on top of her body. I started with soft kiss on the lips.

Then I lived out my fantasy with her. I gave her a quick kiss an a lil bite on her neck. Then I kissed my way down her body.

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Taking time to suck on and please both of her tits. I kept kissing my way down her belly. Then I got down to Janets pussy. The smell of it was hypnotic to me. I loved the smell of her vag, then I started moving my toung up and down her lips.

I must have been doing it right because she started grinding on my face. I ran my toung up and down wanting to taste everything. i couldn't stop licking her pussy. I found her clit with my toung and just started to tease it and lick it. She was so wet from me eating her out . I remembered earlier how I had my hand on her head so I did the same. I put her hand on my head and she pressed me in deep into her. I loved the taste of her pussy. I knew right then I was addicted.

then she did something I wasn't expecting. She pulled me by my hair up to her and started kissing more, more harder n deeply then any guy ever kissed me. Then she rooled off the bed telling me how wonderful I was and how I made her orgasm. I was feeling really good. She already knew I wasn't a virgin by how deep she had her fingers inside my pussy earlier. I may be 17 but im no angel. She then asked if I ever used a toy before.

I told her I used a hair brush before but no toy's. Janet reached over and opened her night stand and brought out a vibrator. Now I knew she was going to fuck me. She turned the vibrator on .She layed down next to me and started kissing me again as she teased my pussy rubbing the vibrator up and down my pussy.

It felt so good I just spread my legs wider for her. As I started to suck on her tits again she pushed the vibe into me. She pushed it all the way into me. My pussy hadn't been stretched so much.

Dam my body was going wild. It was Turned up all the way .she just started to fuck me with it. Back n forth while she was sucking on my tits. harder and harder she was pushing this toy inside me.

My pussy was wrapped so tight around this vibrator. I could feel every inch of it. Faster and faster harder and harder she was pounding my pussy. Every so often she would stop and lick my juices off of it. My god that was wild to watch then she would put it back inside my pussy and fuck me even more with it. By now I lost track of how many orgasms I had. I just know my body felt like it never has before.

When I was done with my last orgasm she finally stopped with the vibe and put it away. We just layed there in her bed hugging and kissing each other for what felt like forever.

I was in love with another woman. I ended up staying with janet for the weekend. We didnt even bother wearing cloths by the second day. We had a 3 year relationship. Before you ask no we never got cought by my friend April. She went to normal high school and I went to continuation.

That left us about 4 hrs alone every day. We did almost get caught kissing once but thats for another time :) Well that's it. That was my first lesbian experience. Im glad I shared and I hoped you enjoyed .Stacie xoxo