Asian twink Keiji wears leather while dildoing himself

Asian twink Keiji wears leather while dildoing himself
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Cassi's Story As recounted by Cassi This is the sequel to Adam's Story in which a 19 year old male becomes ensnared in a dominatrix's web The day my stupid twin brother Adam became embroiled with Mistress Jasmine would dramatically change our well ordered and sheltered lives forever and turn us into the sexual playthings of a sadistic mistress and her followers. Adam was always submissive and from an early age sought out inappropriate web sites on the internet, that is where he discovered Mistress Jasmine.

He must have been flattered when she invited him to attend a personal domination session; only it wasn't personal and resulted in him being raped by three men under the direction of the mistress. To compound matters the mistress had arranged for a number of photographs to be taken and the whole session filmed, it was those photographs and the subsequent blackmail that delivered me into her clutches.

Adam and I have always been close and it was shortly after his visit to the mistress that I sensed something was seriously wrong. When he eventually broke down and told me what had happened I was furious, but my fury turned to horror when Adam revealed that the Mistress wanted to meet me and that if I did not agree she would publish the photographs and send copies to our parents.

In my naivety I thought I would be able to bluster my way into her lair, demand that she hand over the photographs and leave us alone, it's amazing how stupid you can be. I left Adam to make the arrangements with the mistress and the following Saturday found us being chauffeured to her establishment; which to say was impressive would be a dramatic understatement. The property was remote, extensive, walled and accessed via electronic gates.

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We were driven to the front doors which were opened by a girl of a similar age to us dressed in a short maid's outfit and high heeled shoes that showed off her long tanned legs as she conducted us to the mistress. Mistress Jasmine was not what I was expecting, I had envisaged her as a hard faced bitch in her 50's dressed in leather and chains, what I was confronted with was a 35 year old stunning blonde sitting behind a massive desk and wearing an expensive Armani business suite.

I thought I had power dressed, wearing my best jacket, skirt and blouse, but she made me look like a tramp. She stood revealing her perfect body and walked round the desk offering her cheek to Adam for a kiss; to my great annoyance he instantly complied, turning to me she again offered her cheek and when I refused she smiled and told me that soon I would be unable to refuse her.

Returning to her desk she indicated 2 chairs set in the middle of the room and instructed us to sit.

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I started to speak, to rant about her behaviour, but when she held up her hand to silence me I immediately complied. A long silence ensued during which time I was acutely aware that she was minutely examining my body with her eyes. Finally she spoke If I spent one night as her plaything the photographs and tape would be destroyed if I refused then they would be published. I just knew I had no choice; I silently cursed my brother as the mistress moved from her desk to stand behind me. She slipped the jacket off my shoulders and sensually rubbed the back of my neck before her hands ran down to cup my breasts through my blouse.

Adam just stared ahead as the mistress slowly unbuttoned my blouse and fondled my breasts.

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I was allowed to tidy my clothing before the mistress led us upstairs and showed us the rooms we had been allocated for our nights stay. The mistress followed me into my room closing the door behind her; I tensed as I thought she was going to touch me again.


She laughed saying later dear. Sitting herself comfortably on the large bed she instructed me to strip for her.

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I could not believe what she asked and vigorously shook my head. Her facial expression did not change, but her voice was much firmer, she told me that if I did not do as she instructed me at all times, my brother's photographs would be in my parents hand within the hour; I knew then that I had no choice but to comply.

I wanted to get the humiliating situation over and done with and so I quickly took off my jacket, but she wanted a slow sensual show, so I had to put my jacket back on and slowly strip for her to some imaginary music.

My jacket, blouse and bra were slowly removed as I danced to invented tunes; I was reaching around to unfasten my skirt when the mistress stopped me. My hopes that this was going to be the end or my torment were dashed when she asked me if I shaved my pussy hair.

I told her it was an embarrassing question but she persisted and called me an insolent bitch who needed to be punished. She repeated the question and I replied that I did shave my pubic hair. She became annoyed and told me I had to call it my pussy hair, she made me repeat the word pussy several times till she was satisfied.

I then had to continue the strip-tease until I was wearing just my stilettos. The mistress made me bend over and touch my toes, and then I had to reach up and pull my bottom cheeks open and reveal my anal opening she asked me if I liked taking cocks in my ass; I shook my head but that was not good enough for her; she repeated the question and I told her I thought it was gross; she just laughed and then told me to repeat "I want a big cock to fill my ass with cum".

Again I had to repeat it several times until she was happy. Finally I had to sit on the carpeted floor facing her and spread my legs open wide. She made me touch my vagina and rub my clitoris whilst she called me a dirty whore. Eventually she rose from the bed and opened the bedroom door, turning she told me that Lucy would collect me in 15 minutes and not to bother dressing.

I sat on the bed and wept through embarrassment and shame, I loudly cursed Adam for getting me into this predicament, hoping that he could hear me through the walls. I was still sitting on the bed when there was a knock on the door and the young maid who I assumed was Lucy stood in the doorway; she indicated that I should follow her.

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As we passed I saw that the door to Adams room was open, but the room was empty. Lucy led me down the main stairs, but we continued our descent below the ground floor at which point the staircase changed from wooden to concrete, I realised that this was the same staircase Adam was made to crawl down; the one that leads to the mistress's dungeon.


The atmosphere in the basement was oppressive, the air was colder and the stark conditions were designed to subjugate those who entered.

I followed Lucy through an open door and found myself facing a seated Mistress Jasmine. The Armani suite had been replaced by her dominatrix garb consisting of a red leather corset covering the lower half of her breasts complemented by silver clasps down the front, a red leather thong and thigh high stiletto boots.

The room door slammed shut with a loud bang that caused me to squeal. I turned and was confronted by a bull of a man who was introduced to me as Master Ivan, who had a shaved head, was bearded and very muscular. He was dressed in leather trousers, leather gloves and leather boots; he just wreaked of violence, a man who takes what he wants irrespective of others wishes. I was told to stand on a spot marked in the centre of the room and my torment commenced.

The mistress instructed Lucy to slap my face twice with the flat of her hand. I winced in pain and shock and begged the mistress not to hurt me. I gasped as Master Ivan pulled the back of my hair causing me to look towards the ceiling exposing my throat. With his free hand he reached round and handed Lucy a black leather collar with the word SLUT written on the front in large silver letters; Lucy fitted the collar, quickly fastening it in place, she had obviously completed this task many times before.

My hair was released and I found myself looking into the mistresses cruel black eyes, I felt unable to look away and felt her eyes boring into my soul finally she spoke "You are now my slut and I will use you in whatever way I please, do you understand me slut"? To avoid any further pain I meekly nodded only to receive a further slap from Lucy for not answering the mistress in the required manner; I was expected to verbally respond to all questions ensuing that the sentence ended with the word mistress.

I was instructed to kneel before Lucy who on the mistress's instruction placed a hand on each of my breasts then grasped my nipples, violently twisting them causing me to scream out in pain. Lucy released her grip on my nipples and accepted a dog leash from Master Ivan which she fitted to my collar before passing the handle to him. Master Ivan stood in front of me and with his free hand slowly unbuttoned his leather trousers and released his enormous penis which he stroked until it was fully erect.

With an evil smile he wiped his penis across my face telling me he was going to use my mouth like a cunt. I was crying but neither expected or received any mercy.

Pulling hard on the leash he slowly and unceasingly pulled my face closer to his penis, I could see the pre-cum glistening at the bulbous head and could smell his sweaty body. Eventually my lips were touching the phallus; a hard slap to my face caused me to open my mouth allowing his penis to penetrate. Once he was deep inside my mouth he released the lead and grasped each side of my head holding it still as he slowly rocked his hips back and forth.

A sharp stinging pain to my groin made me sit up higher, Lucy was slapping my vagina with a riding crop, she indicated that I should kneel up higher and open my legs wider, when she was satisfied I was in the correct position she moved behind me then laying on her back slid her head under my body and gently ran her tongue along my virginal opening.

So there I was my mouth being abused by the master whilst the maid lapped at my private parts. Mistress jasmine was obviously aroused by the sight, her voice was husky as she ordered the master not to let me back away and to push his penis deep into my mouth until his testicles touched my chin, he pinched my nose so that I could not breath, the violent twists of my head as I tried to take in a breath really excited him and the movements of my body allowed Lucy to worm her tongue deeper inside me.

The master released his grip on my nose and turned his attention to my left breast which he repeatedly slapped as he continued to use my mouth as a vagina. Even though I was crying I could feel my virginal juices flowing as Lucy demonstrated her prowess at delivering oral stimulation, then without warning they stopped. Lucy slid out from under me and the master released his grip on my head and stepped back. I was not sure if I was relieved or disappointed however any relief was short lived; the mistress had removed her thong and now stood in front of me, her smooth hairless pussy directly in line with my face.

"Tell me how much you want to eat my pussy" she demanded tell me bitch I want to hear you say it". I tried to control my tears, I hated the word she used and so responded "I want to eat your vagina mistress".

That resulted in me being struck across the back several times by a riding crop welded by Lucy. "No bitch it's not a vagina, it's a pussy; now tell me you want to eat my pussy, and every time you use a different word you will receive 5 lashes now tell me bitch" "I want to eat your pussy mistress" I blurted and so she gave me my wish, grinding her pubic bone against my face as she smeared her juices into my skin.

I then had to repeat "I am a whore use me mistress, use me as your slut" and similar abusive comments before I was forced to further demonstrate my oral skills on Lucy's pussy. Lucy was lying on her back I was kneeling between her spread legs. I was not allowed to stop licking and sucking until Lucy achieved an orgasm and by which time Master Ivan's penis was so swollen I thought it would burst.

Prior to that night I had only ever seen two other penises and they were both puny compared with this monster. I still had my head between Lucy's thighs when I felt the master bend down behind me and his monster brush my anal opening. I immediately lifted my head and begged the mistress not to let him take me there. "Tell the master you have a virgin ass" she demanded. I repeated her words and then had to say "Master I want your thick hard cock to fuck my ass and take my cherry" and when I repeated her words he granted my request.

Lucy grasped the leash dragging my head down onto her pussy as the master grasped my thighs and pulled me back against his rigid penis which slowly but determinedly forced it's way deeper and deeper inside my virgin ass, he was obviously used to anally violating people as he knew just when to pull back to allow the sphincter muscle to relax before renewing his assault.

Once he was fully inside me he started pounding me hard and fast. Laughing the mistress told me that this was the man who ripped by brothers ass with his cock and it looked like he was going to do the same to me. I felt him stiffen and with an animal like growl he forced himself even deeper into my body before blasting his seed deep into my bowels. The mistress grasped my hair and pulled me onto my knees and I was made to turn and lick and kiss the penis that has violated me as thick cum dripped from my sore anus.

I was not allowed to stop licking and sucking until every trace of semen had been removed from the master's penis. Looking beyond the master I could see Lucy strapping a harness to her body and when she turned in profile I gasped in horror at the size of the plastic phallus she was wearing.

Lucy again lay on her back and I was instructed to straddle her, the black plastic weapon immediately under my virginal lips, I had to hold that position the monster brushing my opening until the mistress instructed me to lower myself onto it.

Lucy must have lubricated it or I was becoming excited, but the dildo easily penetrated me and very soon I was being taken to a place I had seldom been before and never by someone else's efforts.

At that moment as I reached the point of no return I willingly gave my body and soul to the mistress and when Master Ivan presented his cock to me I greedily sucked him until he sprayed my face with hot cum and then begged for more and I screamed as I reached orgasm.

I was still panting and shaking as the mistress assisted me to stand, she deeply French kissed me, her hand snaking down between my thighs and her fingers sending me into yet another orgasmic frenzy.


Then she whispered into my ear "Tell me you want to be my bitch". I felt my pussy juices rush out into her hand as I begged the mistress to make me her bitch. And so my training began. Master Ivan was dismissed and the mistress led me to a large cupboard that was an Aladdin's cave of sex toys, she gently caressed my buttocks as she and Lucy selected items.

First they fitted me with nipple clamps that caused such sweet pain as the clamps bit into my already sore nipples, whilst the two nipple clamps were joined by a chain there was another long chain which hang down to which was fitted another clamp, Lucy knelt down and expertly flicked her tongue across my clitoris until it was standing proud and then fitted the hanging clamp to it, the sensation took me over the top again causing me to have my third orgasm.

Lucy selected an inflatable butt plug that she slipped into my already lubricated ass; she inflated it until I squealed in pain. Finally I was fitted with wrist and ankle cuffs and then led to the rear wall of the dungeon I faced the wall as the cuffs were secured to ring bolts, my leg stretched wide apart and my arms outstretched above my head.

The mistress showed me the riding crop she would use to beat my buttocks and after each stroke I was expected to say "Thank you for beating me mistress and for letting me be your bitch". I survived 6 strokes before I cried and begged her to stop, I received a further 3 strokes before she was satisfied that I was sufficiently broken.

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As she released me from the wall she offered me her cheek and I greedily kissed her "See" she said "I told you that you would be unable to resist me". I hope you enjoyed my story Any comments or feedback will be gratefully received The Goddess [email protected]