Cum auf Wifes Jeans

Cum auf Wifes Jeans
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It was my 18th birthday and I had had been hoping for a big surprise. Unfortunately I woke up that morning and my house was empty, my Mom, my Dad still not back from there trip, and by the looks of the snow outside, the weather was the reason why.

And my Brother Mark and even my dog Jeb were nowhere to be seen. "Great." I moaned slumping down the hallway.

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"Just another day." Before I could even was my face the telephone rang and to be honest it startled me but I answered it fast. "Hello?" I cleared my throat hoping I didn't sound like morning.


"Jessie?" It was my mother "Yes." I replied "Honey; I know that today is you're birthday and I am sorry we can't be there but the flight was delayed due to the snow storm and we are stuck at the airport. I talk to Mark last night but you were sleeping. If he's doing what I asked then he should be back any minute with Jeb. Tell him I love him and try to have a good day. I love you." "I love you to mom." I replied a little disappointed but at least I knew she remembered.

"Oh and Jess?


Happy Birthday sweetie." "Well." I sighed hanging up the phone "It's going to be a lonely birthday." I headed back to bathroom feeling slightly sorry for myself and turned on the shower. I was going to start my Birthday with a hot shower and take it from there. I slipped off my tank top and panties and felt examined my body in the mirror. "It's a shame I'm still a virgin," I mutter to myself "My body is hot." I smiled at my large perky breast and my neatly trimmed pussy.

"Perfect." As I climbed in to the shower, the hot water hit my body and felt like bliss. Since I was fifteen I had this obsession with hot showers and would take on like twice a day. I loved the feel of the hot water trickling down the soft lips of my pussy. Losing my sense of time I allowed my hand to make its way to my nipples where I began to pinch and twist. "So good;" I whispered loving the sensation building in me.

"So hot;" With one hand teasing my tits I trailed down my body to my pussy and spread my lips allowing myself to feel the heat. Wanting more I dropped the hand that was teasing my breast and reunited it with my left hand and my cunt. I began to probe my clit and waves of pleasure began to run through me.

"Oh shit." My body began to shudder.

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"Fuck." "Wow. That's the hottest thing I have ever seen!" I quickly opened my eyes and saw my brother Mark had pulled across the shower curtain and was watching my play with myself. "Mark!" I screamed covering my breast "You fucking creep." "What?" Mark grinned "I had to piss." "You should have gone to the bathroom in the basement!" I snapped "But then I would have missed you playing with you cunt!" "Shut up!" I screamed my face turning red. "You're a pervert!" "I'm a pervert.

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You're the one with fingers in you're cunt. Did you cum?" "GET OUT!" I blurted angrier then ever "GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE I HATE YOU!" "Whatever!" he kept smiling "Have an orgasm for me!" he added and walked out. "He's such an asshole." I whispered to myself stepping out of the shower. I headed back to my room wrapped in my towel and slammed my bedroom door. "This is my day!" I whined "My birthday!" ** After getting dressed I made my way to the kitchen where Mark was eating a bowl of cereal.

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"You still hungry or did you fill up on pussy juice?" "Why are you such a pig?" "Why are you such a whore?" "Bastard!" I jumped at him and pushed him into the couch.

"I'm a fucking virgin, you know that!" "Well then why do you get so upset?" "Cause my ex called me that and I hate it." "Alright." He looked sincere "I won't say it." He paused "So are you hungry?" "Not really" I sighed putting the box of cereal back in the cupboard.

"So what do you want to do today since were pretty much snowed in." "It's up to you." Mark replied staring at me "Why are you looking at me like that?" "I can't believe you're still a virgin." "What?" "Well all my guy friends think you're hot." he stepped forward pushing my back to the fridge "So? Hot has nothing to do with it." "Well.

I think you're pretty hot too." "Ummm.Mark?" "Hang on." He cut me off "Just relax" "I know that you're my little sister, and I was there for you to beat up the boys that bugged you and I know I was an ass to you but that's what big brothers do.


So I've decided I want to keep helping you." "Help me?" I watched him as his hand went up my skirt "I interrupted you. I just want to help you finish." Before I could reply I felt his strong hand pushing my panties aside and his finger began probing my clit.

"Mark… I.I… "I tried to talk but my breath was taken away "Oh…Oh…yes." I whispered "What?" Mark kissed my neck "Say that again?" Mark continued to kiss and suck my neck as he increased the speed on the finger flicking my clit. "Mark" I clamped my eyes shut "It feels so good. Don't stop." "I won't." he smiled lifting me onto the counter and getting on his knees in front of me.

Before I could even react his tongue began lapping at me slowly. "Faster." I begged "Please." "Be patient." He whispered as his tongue began darting in and out of my hole. "Oh fuck!" "Fuck&hellip.fuck what?" "Fuck…" I repeated "I think I'm gonna…" "You're gonna cum?" he copied me replacing his tongue with his finger. "Oh shit!" I gasped as his finger slid into me. "You're so fucking tight." "Another one." "Can you handle it?" "Another finger please." I begged Mark was obedient and a second finger slid into my slick pussy.

"Faster." I leaned forward and grabbed his hand and helped him pump his digits inside of me. "Yes. Yes." I let go of his hand "Like that." "You like that don't you?" "Yes." I shrieked as an orgasm ripped through my body "I'm cumming" I screamed as my body began to shake.

"Cum on my hand Jess…" As the orgasm continued to rip through me I threw my head back and my eyes rolled into the back of my head. Mark pulled his fingers from my wet cunt and brought them to his mouth. "You taste as hot as you look Jessie." I slid off the counter and instantly fell to the floor my knees weak.


Mark smiled stood over me "I have a big day in store for you." He pulled me up and helped me to the living room. He instantly pulled my tank top over my head and pulled my tits out of my bra. "I would always look at your tits." He said in between nibbles and sucks on my nipples. " I always thought you're tits were amazing." Mark's hands squeezed and groped my breast until my nipples were hard to the touch.

"You want me to make you cum again?" he asked seductively "you want you're big brother to eat you're pussy some more?" Mark didn't wait for my reply and his hand was pushing my skirt up over my hips and he was cupping my dripping sex. "You're so fucking wet." I moaned as I saw my own juices glistening on my thighs. "I bet mom and dad will be able to smell you're pussy on the couch when they get home." Mark smirked and got on his feet "I'll be right back." "What?" I sat up and opened my eyes.

I couldn't believe he was going to just leave me here, But before I could get up mark retuned with a small bottle of lube and a towel. "What are you doing?" Mark just smiled, pushed me back onto the couch and spread my legs as far as they could go. "You're going to have the time of you're life today." I watched as he poured the lube on my exposed pussy and on his hands. "Relax." He smiled as he inserted two fingers inside of me.

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As his fingers pummeled my box my breath began to increase and I began to rock my hips in rhythm of his thrusts. "Faster." I begged but Mark ignored me, instead he slid not one but two more fingers inside of me.

"Yes." I moaned with a small amount of pain and a large amount of pleasure "You're stretching my pussy." With that Mark took his free hand and pressed down on my clit allowing intense waves of pleasure to pour through me. "You ready?" Mark grinned I raised my ass of the couch and pushed toward Mark "OH FUCK!" I screamed as I felt his hand push all the way into my pussy.

I couldn't believe it. My brother was in front of me with his whole hand in my pussy and it felt amazing. "Fuck it." I demanded as he began pushing his hand in and out of my "Fuck me with your fist. Fuck me." And he did. Mark's fist was fucking me, each thrust sending me closer to the edge. "Don't stop. I'm cumming again." I shrieked as my body shook against his fist that still was plowing into me.

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"YESSSSS!" I screamed not being able to control myself " FUCCCK!" I came with my ass still off the couch his hand still in my pussy. "It's looks so hot when you cum." Mark smiled sliding his hand out of me. "Fuck me Mark." I pleaded almost breathless. "I want your cock inside of me." "I want to fuck you too, I have for a long time, but right now I have another birthday surprise for my little sister. You better go get cleaned up." With that I ran up stairs excited about what was to come ……Second installment to come&hellip.

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