Dude drills in milfs bawdy cleft gap

Dude drills in milfs bawdy cleft gap
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Joe's parents were divorced. They divorced when Joe was two.

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The mother had gotten remarried to an older guy whom Joe didn't like. John, the step-dad thought he could do anything. He told Joe what to do and gave him lectures. But Joe fought right back and said no and was really rude.

But that is not what the story is about. The story is about Kevin, Joe's father. Kevin was 6'1 220lbs. He was 50. But for 50 he was very muscular and very in shape. Kevin had just broken up with Michelle, his girlfriend.

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Joe went over to his father's house since it was a weekend and the divorce said the kid could see his father on the weekends. Oh yeah, Joe is 14 5'7 140 and in the middle of puberty.

But his legs had hair already, his dick had reached 6inches not erect and worked out and had definition. Joe was still kind of shy. He had many friends in school but never hung out with them.

Joe was the type of kid who played PC games and hung out at home. Anyway, Kevin had just moved into a new home so everything wasn't set up yet. The kitchen was, and so was study. To the left of the kitchen was a den that temporarily had Joe's bed. In the den was a door that led through a study, that Kevin was staying in till the master bedroom was finished. Joe got to his dads house and walked in. It was hot, despite being winter outside. So Joe smelled soup and went to the den.

He was no getting hotter.

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He took of his pants and shirt and socks. But left his beater and briefs on. He figured his dad didn't hear him since he didn't say hi, so he looked into the study. He saw his dad, nude, in his recliner. It didn't bother Joe though. He actually got turned on. He saw his fathers thighs were very hairy and his dick was huge! Joe had to guess at 10 inches. Joe started to get hard. Suddenly he smelt the soup burning and he guessed so did his dad, because he jumped up grabbed pants and ran into the kitchen.

"Joe?" said Kevin. " Yeah Dad?" answered Joe. " I hope you don't mind minor burnt soup. We can go out later if you don't like it or if your still hungry." Kevin suggested " Yeah that's fine, I don't care." replied Joe.


So Kevin proceeded to put the soup into bowls. Joe had an itch on his leg where the underwear leg was, so he itched it and pulled up the leg far enough to where his big balls popped out. Kevin came over and set the soup down and noticed Joe's balls. Now Kevin thought imagine fucking the brains out of my son. But then he though that was sick and walked away.

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Later he came back in and noticed Joes balls were out still. "Joe,&hellip. You know I have a full view of your balls right?" Kevin said. " Oh, sorry&hellip. I didn't notice." Joe replied. Joe thought, he must have been staring out me to now my balls were out. Before when I saw him I was getting kind of hot looking at him naked.

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I wonder what its like to have a big cock in you. I have to get him to say something. Joe now purposely pulled up his leg to where his balls hung out even more and spread his legs to where his dad could have a look. Finally 15minutes later he came out of his room and saw Joe looking at him with a smirk.

"Joe why are you doing this?" Kevin asked. "What do you mean, this?" replied Joe Kevin went over and sat down. Joe saw a bugle in his dads tight underwear. " I mean, why are you showing me your balls." " Well dad. Do you want the honest truth?" "Yes I do." " Well dad, I don't know how to say this but, I want to know what it is like to fuck another guy." Kevin didn't speak for a second and just stared at Joe.

But Joe was staring at something else. Kevin now had a hard on that looked like it was going to break through the underwear. So while Kevin thought Joe made his move. Kevin stopped him before he did anything. " Joseph James Coffi, I have to say, In honesty, I've always wanted to fuck you." Kevin stood.

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Joe pulled down his underwear, got on his knees and gave him a blowjob. Joe sucked hard and fast. Most of the time deep throated it. He kept sucking and then felt his dads body tense and got ready to swallow. Kevin moaned, " I'm gonna cum I'm gonna,…UGHH Soon Kevin released 6 hot streams of cum down his sons throat. Kevin looked down and said my turn. He took Joe and put Joe to the couch and got down on his knees and sucked on his sons cock. It didn't take long before Joe climaxed.

Kevin stopped sucking and jerked Joe's cock until Joe came all over Kevin's face. Joe quietly whispered, "Dad I want you inside me.


Lube no condom." But Kevin stopped for a second before he went to get the lube. " Are you sure you want your father to be your first time?" " Yes of course. I always wanted to know what it would be like to have a big cock in me.

And for it to be my father's&hellip. well that's even better. "Ok" replied Kevin. Kevin got off his knees went to the TV stand and opened a draw grabbed a bottle He lubbed up his cock and prodded around Joe's tight little hole. " Now this might be painful for your first anal experience. I'm going to shove it in very quickly, since that seems to work with my dates that want to try anal with a big cock. Ready? If it hurts, just say whale.

Ok here we go" And with that Kevin thrusted his cock inside Joe. Joe screamed and moaned. Kevin was ready to pull it out, but Joe kept moaning and said, " don't stop.

It feels so good." So with that Kevin went to the next level and pounded Joe until Joe was screaming of ecstasy. But soon Kevin heard a bang at the door and it open.

Melissa, the ex wife and Joe's Mother was here. " Joe? Kevin? Where are you guys. Hello? Kevin I hear moaning and I see Joe's briefs. Your not fucking him like Mike are you. I swear to god." By now she reached the den and saw Kevin pounding Joe and Joe moaning like crazy. But she did something they both thought she wouldn't do. She stripped down and pulled a dildo out of her bag. " Kevin, I'm staying tonight. Maybe we can have a threesome?" At the thought of this, Kevin busted a nut and filled Joe's ass with hot cum and even had some for Melissa.

Joe kept jerkin until he unloaded over his stomach. After, they all washed up and grabbed take out and came back home.

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The doorbell rang and Kevin answered. "Mike, how are you?


Come in we have take out. How's college. Your mother and I missed you.

I missed you the most though."