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Philippine guys naked gay porn and tamil penis sex movieture He gives
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After a while I woke up and peered over at you. You were laying there staring at me. Your eyes, lost in thought, deeply searching for something. I leaned over and kissed your cheek. Startling you just a bit, focusing on me. Our eyes meet, a smile reaches your lips as you lean back over and kiss me fully on the lips.

A passionate kiss, your tongue darting into my mouth and mine back into yours. Your arms wrapping back around me holding me tightly. I attempted to get up, something about having to pee. Pushing me back down and straddling my waist. Pinning my arms down a devilish grin, and you telling me that you're not about let it go to waist. I start to protest, but, suddenly I find a nipple in my mouth, protest silenced.


You reach down to my now hard cock and insert it into your waiting pussy. Still wet from our earlier encounter. Moving your hips back and forth, forcing my cock in and out of your pussy. Suddenly you change tactics on me, moving your hips in various directions.

The sensation feels wonderful as I moan in approval. Not to be out done, I take my hand, making a 'V' and place it between us, forcing my knuckle underneath your clit. Responding by pressing your hips harder against my hand. After a few minutes, I can feel your pussy start to squeeze my cock, slow spasms at first. Then they start to get faster, and squeeze harder. Suddenly your hands grab hold of my wrist between us.

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Holding it there while you rub your clit against it. Your orgasm grabs hold of you, bucking your entire body against mine. With the pulsations of your pussy, and enjoying your excitement, my cock explodes within you.

You smile at me as you can feel me cumming with you, inside you. Your eyes roll back up into your head and you collapse on top of me. Out of breathe and sweaty. Panting you grab hold of me and hold tight, as your orgasm continues to ravage your body. I pick you up and carry you into the bedroom. Outside as at the snow continues to fall, and the howling wind echoes through the trees, inside we find ourselves naked and entangled. The warmth of our bodies keeping the other warm.

My hand rubs the length of your back as you press up against me.

There in bed we lay, cuddling, kissing each other lightly. Our sexual appetites are not satisfied, yet.

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Laying there, your roll me on to my back, your hands and lips exploring my chest. Your tongue and mouth plays with my nipples, as they swirl around and suck on them. As if this was commanding me, my cock starts to get hard, again, much to your satisfaction. I reach over and pull your hips over top of my face. Your already cum laden pussy, ready for me to lap up our juices. My tongue finds its way to your pussy's lips. Lapping at our combined juices, swirling around inside and out. Flicking at your clit, teasing it into my submission.

You sit up more erect on my face. Slightly leaning over so your hand can massage my cock into your submission.

You moan, in pleasure, as my tongue defiles your pussy. Faster, and harder licking your clit. You're grinding your hips and pussy into my face, to the rhythm of my tongue. I can tell you're getting close to an orgasm, I let up ever so slightly, to slow you down. I want to make you last a bit longer. You growl in frustration as I do this. I start again licking your clit, a moan of pleasure escapes from your mouth.

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Your hips in kind respond. Grinding your pussy down on me. Forcing my tongue deeper inside. Your moans are starting to get louder the more I progress. I can feel your body tensing up as my tongue continues to pleasure your pussy.

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Suddenly, you rise up straighter, then pressing more on my chest, you scream, as your pussy thrashes into another wave of orgasms. With a rush of your pussy juices flooding my mouth, me drinking in as fast as I can.

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Though it's not fast enough, feeling your juices, flowing over my bearded face. I grab a hold of your hips so you can't take that sweet tasting pussy away until I'm finished. Holding you tightly there on my face, just moving you slightly so I can breathe, as I gasp for air and your flowing nectar. Finely you have had enough and can't stand, I mean, sit, it any more. You wrestle my hands off of your hips, and plop down next to me.

Your body still shaking for your orgasms. I roll you on to your belly, then lifting your hips up, position myself behind you. Lightly rubbing my cock, against your pussy lips, you shove you ass backwards, forcing my cock into you. As a gasp, wisps from you and I moan as the tightness and warmth of your pussy encompasses me.

We thrust and push in unison, each in-tune with the needs of the other. After a few minutes of me pounding your pussy doggie style.

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You turn slightly and tell me you want it in your ass. You want me to fuck your ass, as hard as I'm fucking your pussy. You reach back and grab my cock and aim it for your butt hole. It's already wet from your pussy, you aim it right, and I comply by pushing my cock into your ass. A whimper of pain comes from you as you smile back at me, devilishly. Now fuck my ass, you tell me.

As I start to slam my cock home in your ass.

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You're going wild, your head shaking, body thrashing. You are enjoying me, and I'm you. I tell you that I am about to cum. You pull me out and swing around to capture my cum on your face.

You take over stroking my cock and it spurts all over your open mouth, face and tits. Then you suck on it some more to get the last bit of cum from my spent shaft.

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I fall on the bed sweaty, and tired. You finely wore me out, I pull you up next to me licking my cum from your tits, and face.


Kissing you deeply, tasting myself from you. Our tongues mingle. We lay there, both tired and spent for the moment.