Deliciosa negra grita delicioso cuando se la meten

Deliciosa negra grita delicioso cuando se la meten
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The Long Fuck In the future there is a society where sex rules, where sex is revered, where it is practiced constantly, on a daily if not hourly basis. The more the better, at work, at home, in restaurants, on dance floors, it happens everywhere. People are encouraged to jump in if watching someone fucking turns them on. Orgies are frequent, often starting when two people fuck in public because they feel like it.

From this new utopia come contests, one of which has become an important national holiday, a televised event where girls compete to see who can fuck the longest. The winner gets a huge prize, the losers get eaten. Girls aspire to competing from an early age.

Amy is one of those girls. *** Amy was excited as her parents drove her up to the Sexdrome Arena. There was a lot of activity outside as car after car drove up and parents hugged their daughters then watched them walk into the arena knowing they might never see them again.

It was time for the annual winner take all contest pitting girl against girl in a massive fuck off where each girl would be fucked by thousands of men until only one was left alive to collect her million dollar prize. No one knew for sure how many never returned.

The girls who didn't make it weren't returned to their parents but they were put to good use, roasted and sold as snacks to the men waiting in long lines to fuck the contestants. The age range for contestants was 14 to 25. It was thought that very young contestants had a good chance of making it because their bodies were young and resilient. Another camp thought older was better because they were still young but had experience and they could also practice extreme fucking before the event.

Amy had turned 14 just two months prior. She and her parents thought she had as good a chance as anyone and her family really needed the money. All she had to do was lie on her back, put her legs up and maybe even enjoy it. Her mother told her she'd start liking it pretty quickly, that sex felt good, and that there was a reason sex was the national past time.

Amy had a very positive attitude as she said goodbye to her parents and went into the arena. There were a couple of hundred girls there, all lined up, signing in. When she reached the front of the line a bored looking man handed her a large number and told her to stick it on her arm, then pointed to another line where she'd be assigned and taken to her location and set up and ready for the start of the event.

She looked out through the glass windows while she waited and she could see that long lines of men had already formed.

The event grew bigger every year and the organizers expected several thousand would attend and pay an admittance fee. Just being in line and paying admittance did not guarantee a man would get to actually fuck a girl. It was first come, first served, hence the long line already. There was also stadium seating in a circle around the arena so fans could cheer on their favorites or boo their rivals. The rivalry became quite heated at times, especially whenever a girl went down and was removed. While she waited, Amy could also smell burning coals which were just being started up because they would be needed sooner rather than later.

Some girls had no stamina at all and faded fast under the hot lights and sheer number of dicks fucking them.

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The smell of roasting meat seemed to get the crowd more into the competition so management actually let in a few girls they knew wouldn't last more than a couple of hours. Management also had the right to remove any girl for any reason and that happened sometimes just to move things along. On the way to her station, Amy saw that there were three huge circles in the center of the arena where girls would be strapped into specially made fucking chairs.

The chairs were staggered for easy access as the men in line got their turn. There were 200 chairs to be precise, and there were 200 girls who had been accepted into the contest. Amy smiled with pride, knowing she was one of the lucky ones. Alternates were kept in waiting pens out of sight in the event that too many girls dropped out too early. When she arrived at her station, she was first instructed to remove all of her clothes which were then stored under her chair in case she was the winner.

She next sat in the chair which had almost no seat but a long back.

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Once in, her cunt was at the edge of the chair and a leather strap went over her waist and was fastened to the chair, holding her firmly in place. Her arms were spread out on long rests and also strapped down at the wrists and higher up, effectively keeping her upper body snug to the chair. The chair was then leaned back so that her cunt was at the right height for most men to easily get into while standing up. Amy's legs were spread wide and bent back and strapped into stirrups on either side of the chair.

Once in the chair, Amy felt quite exposed and vulnerable. She tested trying to pull on the leather straps but found she couldn't move anything, not her body or legs. The part of the chair under her ass was padded for comfort and she felt grateful for that even though her cunt and ass were right at the edge of the chair.

She looked around watching other girls be strapped in and thought about the rules. Girls would be given drug enhanced water once an hour. There would be no food for the duration but the special hourly drink contained uppers and nutritional elements. Girls had to stay in the chair for the duration of the event. If they had to piss they should try and do it in between guys and let it drip into the cum bucket that was under their chair. Complaining was not allowed. Any complaining would result in the girl being ball-gagged and any struggle against that could result in immediate default and removal from the contest.

The penalty for withdrawal for any reason was immediate roasting. There were no second chances. Pain was to be expected and to be endured silently. Each man up had five minutes with a girl whether he got off or not.

Amy watched the crowd fill the arena and saw homemade signs cheering their girl on. Men began to line up and the smell of roasting meat started wafting out around the arena. The noise level grew as the start of the event loomed. The event organizer gave a short speech and declared that the games should begin and may the best cunt win.

Before her first man walked toward her, Amy looked up at the VIP area and saw the men there drinking and laughing and then clapping as the event was opened. She saw that they were already nibbling on roasted meat. Amy's first man was young, not particularly cute, but he had a big dick which he shoved into her dry cunt and started fucking her hard and deep despite the lack of lube.

Amy winced and the guy slapped her face and a judge walked over and asked him if everything was okay. The guy said it was but he didn't want to see anything but pleasure on the face of any cunt he was fucking. Amy was reprimanded and resolved to remain stoic no matter what happened.

She hadn't gone this far to be disqualified for something so minor. The guy kept pounding into her while this went on and finally the guy came, grunting as he pushed in deep and his dick twitched filling Amy's cunt with hot cum. He pulled out right away, slapped her face again and walked away as another dick pushed into Amy's cunt. This guy was older and flabby with a medium size dick which pumped rapidly in and out of Amy until he came, groaning loudly.

When he pulled out, Amy felt cum dripping out and wished it didn't because it was a lot easier to be slippery. Music started playing, heavy metal rock which got the crowd and the men in line psyched for what was going on. Amy saw men stroking their dicks while they waited and to her dismay saw that most of the men were old and fat, or just plain unattractive.

She guessed it didn't matter as long as she could keep taking their dicks. It was also very hot and smoky in the arena. Amy was sweating in no time and was constantly thirsty. The first hour went pretty quickly and she gratefully drank the water offered her using a straw.

She had 30 seconds to drink and no more so she greedily got as much as she could while she could. Later, when she was tired, she couldn't get as much and became more and more thirsty as the event went on. The drugs kept her pumped though and energetic. Her mom had been right about the sex too, it actually felt pretty good once her cunt was wet enough.

The men fucking the girls were also allowed to hold on to their legs and thighs or knead and suck their tits if they wanted to. A lot of guys pushed down on Amy's inner thighs as they pumped in and out of her and many more held on to her tits when they rocked her body with their thrusting dicks.

Guys also liked to grip what they could of her hips and before long Amy was starting to bruise and certain spots were beginning to hurt.

The rules also stated that while all fucking was to be dick in cunt, the guys were also allowed to come in a girl's ass if they wanted to and lots of guys did want to since her ass was tighter than her cunt. She soon had cum dripping out of both holes down into the cum bucket under her ass. Amy was definitely feeling tired as the eight hour mark passed. Already a couple of girls had been taken away after they'd started crying and screaming.

One girl smothered after a ball gag was placed in her mouth and she cried so hard she couldn't breathe through her nose. She died as a guy fucked her cunt while she turned blue, then twitched in her death throes while the guy's hard dick slammed into her cunt and he came deep after she'd stilled. No one realized she'd died and several men fucked her corpse, depositing their cum loads in her dead cunt until one guy complained that she was too lifeless for his taste. She was finally taken away and roasted up nicely for the crowd at the arena.

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Witnessing theses scenes around her made Amy more determined to hang in there and never give in. She took dick after dick and load after load of cum in her now gaping cunt.

Men started fucking her harder so they could get off since she was pretty well stretched out after all the dick she'd taken. At the sixteen hour mark, Amy felt wide awake from the drugs but hazy too from being so tired.

Her cunt and her ass had started hurting, her hips were bruised and sensitive to touch and her inner thighs were slick with cum and bright red from men holding on to them while they fucked her.

Her tits were starting to get raw too from so much kneading and pulling and so many men had bit them they'd started to bleed. Some guys liked that though and made sure to bite and draw more blood. At the 24 hour mark, Amy greedily drank her special mixture while another dick fucked hard into her, punishing her cunt with his large dick pumping in over and over, rocking her body and making it difficult for her to drink.

It was so bad that she only got a portion of what she wanted and she was rapidly becoming dehydrated. Her mouth was dry and one guy took pity on her and came in her mouth which was also allowed in the rules. Amy didn't care much for the hot salty cum but swallowed every drop because at least her mouth wasn't dry. During the early morning hours of day two, the smell of roasted meat permeated the air in the arena as girls were taken away, most of them still alive but unable to keep going.

One of the older girls, well into her twenties started screaming but was quickly subdued after duct tape was placed over her mouth. They were the unlucky ones who would be roasted alive as a sort of punishment for not making it easy for the event organizers to dispose of them. These girls were tied to long metal spits, slicked up with butter and spices and placed over hot coals and turned slowly until they basically cooked to death. It took most a couple of hours to die and bets were taken on how long they'd cook before they died.

The girl's last moments were spent watching men bet on their death and enduring the cooks cutting flesh from their still live bodies to test for doneness. Occasionally, a leg or two would be cut off and sliced up while the girl was still alive since they didn't want to overcook them.

The crowd ate that up, literally and figuratively. Typically, the event could go on for as long as a week. In the last twenty years that had only happened twice, and the winners were revered for their stamina. Amy knew this but hoped she could beat the odds and that the contest would be won in a few days. One of the hardest things for Amy was not the physical pain but the knowledge that she would have to take thousands of dicks to get out of this thing, to win it, since the only way out was winning.

Second place didn't count, close didn't count, you were still headed for the spit. Only winning mattered. On day three, Amy tried to figure out how many dicks had fucked her cunt so far. She figured that after three days, about 900 dicks had been in her, maybe a few more depending on how long it took them to unload their cum. If she was about at the halfway point then there would be more than a thousand more fucks before it was over.

She wondered how the hell she could hang in there for that long, another three or four days. The smell of the meat, despite it's source, started making Amy feel very hungry. She asked for food and was given a warning and quickly shut up.

The guy with his dick in her smirked and said his meat ought to be good enough for a slut like her. He slapped her face then and fucked her into the chair, coming with a grunt and a smirk on his face. When he pulled out he wiped his dick on Amy's raw inner thighs, then rubbed hard on the reddened skin until she almost cried out. The next guy up had a huge dick which he made sure to show to Amy before lining up and slamming all the way in to her cunt, then doing it again and again laughing as he told her he knew it must hurt by now.

He noticed her raw looking inner thighs and made sure to scrape his fingernails over them several times until blood started seeping out.


The man pumped hard into Amy for his full five minutes, finally unloading his cum just before the cut off time. He stood there just for a moment after coming, dick still deep in Amy's cunt, and he bit both tits, drawing more blood, then slapped down hard on both of her thighs before pulling out and wiping his dick on her stomach, smirking all the while. Next up was an older guy who just wanted to get off as quickly as possible. He seemed nervous as he thrust into Amy's cunt, pumping in staccato-like and coming fast, his cum pouring out of Amy as the man pulled out.

Amy sipped her water ration and felt another dick start to fuck her. He bit her tits hard as she tried to drink, then sucked the blood and then dug into and held on to her tits while he fucked her, his long hard dick pulling all the way out then slamming all the way into Amy's cunt until a mixture of cum and blood seeped out making squishing sounds as he pumped into her.

When he was ready he pulled out and sank his dick deep in Amy's ass, pumping his cum in deep as he groaned in satisfaction and gave her tits one more hard squeeze, blood now dripping down to her stomach. By day four the remaining girls were a sweaty, filthy mess, smelling of cum and piss but still being gladly fucked by the long lines of men wanting to sink their dicks into their cunts, some of them for the third or fourth time.

The music was pumped up really loud and the crowd roared it's approval or booed depending and all the noise covered up the sounds of girls crying quietly hoping no one would notice. A few men complained and at least half the girls left had ball gags in their mouths which were removed only to allow for water once an hour.

Amy tried to see who was still left and she couldn't really tell except for how the lines of men seemed to be directed.

In actuality there were only 75 or so remaining and of those, many were on their last legs. The muscles in her legs ached, screamed really, and the pain was constant. Sweat kept running into her eyes along with cum that some guys shot at her face, and it stung and she had no way to wipe her eyes. Her inner thighs were red and chafed and bled and Amy was afraid they were getting infected because they hurt so much.

Her tits hurt and she prayed men would stop trying to suck them or touch them at all. Most of all though, it was her cunt that hurt the most, that now bled continuously, thinned out by all the cum being squirted into her. She dared not say a word or shed a tear lest she be taken away. So many girls were gone now, long gone, roasted and eaten. Amy watched the men in line eating and knew it was the girls who they fucked before they were roasted.

So Amy hung in there, often going in and out of consciousness, hoping she was awake when the water was offered. The drugs kept her mostly awake and aware of the dicks fucking her and the pain they caused. Her lips were dry and cracked and once in a while a man would come in her mouth then smear the cum over her lips. The men kept lining up, and by day five most girls were desperate for the ordeal to be over, willing to be roasted just to end the pain.

Amy watched them drop and be taken away. If they were awake, the girls were forced to either walk or crawl if necessary to the spits as the crowd booed and men in line spit on them and telling them they were failures as cunts.

This just meant more dick for Amy, and one after another they did her, squeezing and sucking her tits while they stood with their dicks balls deep in her cunt, moving only so slightly as they tortured her tits, enjoying their torture of her, smiling when she couldn't help but wince in pain. They made sure to dig in and grip her tits and pull hard as they thrust their dicks in faster and harder, and when they got close to coming, the men would rake their nails over Amy's raw inner thighs then squeeze as hard as they could while they pumped her hard and deep, smiling a little as they finally got off, rocking her body and slamming their cum deep into her cunt as they grunted and groaned their pleasure.

Some of them stood there after, dicks still twitching deep inside her, sucking Amy's tits one last time before they pulled out and raised their arms in victory as the crowd roared it's approval. On the sixth day an announcement was made that the contest was now down to ten girls who were still being fucked as the announcer went on. The crowd was encouraged to cheer for their favorites to keep them going.

They were also encouraged to reserve a slice of their favorite girl since it was likely she'd be roasted. For a small extra fee, men could get a certificate stating that they both fucked and ate their favorite girl. When the announcement was over, the proceedings were stopped for a few minutes while the last girls chairs were moved so that they were lined up in one row for better observation. Cameras rolled showing close up dick in cunt action as it happened. The contest was restarted immediately thereafter as the men in line chanted to be allowed to start fucking again.

Amy closed her eyes while she waited, praying for the contest to be over. She was almost willing to be roasted herself just to end it, but something in her kept her going and she opened her eyes when she felt the dick in her and stared at the old fat guy who seemed breathless as he thrust into her.

He came fast and pulled out with nary a word. Another dick was immediately pumping her cunt but this guy was more vocal. He taunted Amy, telling her he'd reserved a nice breast slice of her and couldn't wait. Meanwhile he sucked her tits while squeezing them in a pumping motion that matched the tempo of his dick fucking her cunt. Suddenly he pushed down hard on her legs and gasped as he pumped in deep then yelled out as he sunk his cum deep into Amy, then thrust in again pumping every drop into her.

When he pulled out he told her that wasn't too bad and that they'd meet again soon under different circumstances. Then he licked his lips and smiled. After a few more hours one of the ten girls started yelling while a man drilled into her hard.

A ball gag with duct tape over it was put in place while the guy continued fucking her. When he was almost there he pinched her nose and laughed as she writhed and he fucked her harder, reaming her as she fought harder and finally let go of her nose while he groaned as he slammed in hard pumping hot cum into the girl's cunt as she breathed shallowly through her nose trying to get enough air.

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The man pulled out and slapped her face telling her he'd be eating her soon. The guy in line had been watching and thought it was a great idea to cut off her air supply, so as soon as he sunk his dick into her dripping cunt, he put a large hand around her neck and squeezed hard until her body starting twitching. He fucked her at a steady clip while alternating between strangling her and letting up until he came while laughing as he watched her body twitch. He didn't realize she'd stopped breathing and neither did anyone else until it was time for a water break and the girl didn't respond.

She was carried away and spitted immediately and Amy had one less competitor. Late in day six there were just four girls left. They had been moved close together and the excitement grew even at the late hour. Since the contest was now being televised, people at home were voting for their favorites. While the contest was exciting at this point, the producers wanted a sure ending so the rules beginning on day seven changed to make things a little more interesting and pique interest which might be flagging.

The primary change was that each girl could now be surrounded and men could jack off and come on her instead of fuck her. This was a way to get more paying men into the game and to keep audience interest in watching the show.

The other change was that two or more men could now fuck a girl at the same time. This was done to add interest and because the girls gaping holes made it take longer for a guy to get off, and the object for the men was just that. A device was put on each girl that kept their mouth open at all times so the guys could easily shoot their cum down their throats. The device also added to the pain, adding to the challenge and making the contest more difficult for the girls.

No one ever said their million dollar prize would come easily. Amy was still very awake and aware of everything happening because of the drugs being constantly fed to her. She was hyper aware of her pain but after the new rules were put in place, she realized she'd had it good before. Men were around her now, jacking off and trying to aim their cum into her mouth. They mostly missed though and soon her face was thick with it.

Cum was everywhere, in her eyes, stinging them and blinding her, mixed in with sweat, great gobs of it rolling into her eyes. Her neck had been strapped down so she couldn't move when the cum did go in her perpetually open mouth and she kept swallowing as cum filled her mouth and slid down her throat making her gag.

Amy's jaws ached from being held open and any tears she might shed only mixed with cum and sweat and hurt like hell. She now had two men fucking into her cunt, two pulling on and sucking her raw tits, two pumping their cum into her, and two making her thighs bleed as they scraped at the already shredded and infected skin. Amy couldn't believe the noise in the arena. It hurt her ears and if anyone was cheering for her she couldn't tell. She tried to constantly look around her, at the men jacking off so she could see if they were going to shoot their cum in her mouth and she could try and prepare for it.

The circle around her was two deep though so it was impossible to see everything. Amy did notice that the guys in VIP were having a great time. They'd been provided fuck sluts and were using them frequently. At least those girls got to move around and get into different positions. Amy's body hurt so much from not being able to move for days. She was given uppers to force her to stay awake but nothing for pain.

The girl next to her faded out a few hours after the new rules were implemented. She had started to scream so the guys started coming in her mouth and she ended up choking.

The two guys fucking her at the time noticed this and signaled the camera guys to get some close ups. They panned in and caught the girl choking and slowly dying as the two guys pounded into her cunt while they laughed, and around her more guys added their cum to her mouth and a couple even pissed, until the mixture was running out of her mouth while her body rocked until the two guys fucking her came one after the other deep into her now dead cunt.

The crowd roared and roared again as they loaded her onto a spit right there on the stage and carried her out triumphantly while the speaker system blasted the song, "I Wanna Fuck You Like an Animal." The show went on as the remaining chairs were rearranged. Men kept lining up as the excitement built on what was most likely the final day of the competition. Amy made it through the night as did three others, and it was down to four. Amy was 14, the others were 16, 19, and one was older at 23.

They tried to look at each other and while Amy was a nice person generally, at this moment she wished the other three would just die already. Another two hours passed, and another girl stopped moving. It was the 19 year old who's cunt started bleeding heavily after two particularly large dicks had reamed her. This didn't deter the next men in line who went at her with a vengeance, each pulling hard on a tit as they pounded her cunt, coming hard and deep.

The last two guys to fuck her complained when too much blood got on their dicks. They went ahead and fucked her ass instead while blood and cum ran out of her cunt. When they were done, she was removed by several of the large event handlers who held on to her as one of them fucked her as they walked out of the arena.

The crowd loved it. Two hours more and it was down to two as the 16 year old died quietly, quite literally fucked to death by two big guys with long dicks, one fucking her cunt, one her ass. When they finished and pulled out two more dicks slammed into her cunt and did her with fast, staccato thrusts. The girl's eyes were open but she didn't blink when a guy shot his cum all over her eyes. That's when someone signaled she was gone. The two guys were allowed to finish fucking her until they came and the girls took several more cum loads in her overflowing mouth.


They put her on the spit right there and one of the handlers fucked her ass as she was taken out. Amy almost wanted to breath a sigh of relief but she knew she wasn't done yet.

She was up against a very tough 23 year old who glared at her when they moved the two chairs closer together. Day seven was very close now and Amy hoped they would make history, with her being the winner of course. Unfortunately for Amy, the pace just picked up. In an attempt to have as many men as possible serviced, the timeframe for getting off was shortened so that Amy was now taking twice as many dicks and the circle around her grew as more and more men jacked off many of them coming in her mouth.

It was now non-stop fucking and coming, two dicks in her cunt and always two men pumping cum into her mouth. She couldn't swallow it all and she kept choking and sensed the men around her knew her to be vulnerable and were going in for the kill so to speak by pushing the limits of her endurance. She was soon enduring three men coming in her mouth while two pumped their cum into her cunt.

Five cum loads at once, over and over. Many of the guys sinking their dicks in her were ready to come because they'd been encouraged to jack off while in line. One after another they walked up to Amy, sank their dicks in balls deep and thrust just a couple of times before groaning and spitting their cum into her cunt or ass.

About half the guys lasted a little longer and pounded in brutally for thirty seconds or so before starting to grunt until they came. Many raised their fists in victory as the crowd cheered it's approval. People at home were having parties and those stuck at work had tv's and computers set to watch the end game. A few more hours passed and Amy was doing pretty well except for the feeling of the cum all over her face and in her mouth.

She had become hyper sensitive to it. It itched in a sense, an itch that Amy couldn't scratch and it drove her mad. It was as if she hit a wall when one guy literally painted his cum on her eyelids, leaving thick clots of sticky cum that ran right into her eyes, blinding her. Noticing Amy's discomfort, several other guys did the same thing until her eyes were filled with cum and there was no way to get it out.

Amy complained and tried to scream but a few loads of cum shut her up for a while. Meanwhile a couple of guys thought it would be fun to leave their cum in Amy's nose, and they did just that with a coordinated effort so that they came almost simultaneously.

Cum was also being pumped into Amy's throat and for a minute she couldn't breath and started struggling. The cameras were right on it, recording every twitch, and showing every delighted, laughing face coming all over Amy.

The two men fucking her, fucked harder, sensing a shift in fortune for her and wanting to contribute to her torture. The crowd cheered, men jerking off in the stands, sent stream after stream of cum onto the arena below. When Amy's throat cleared out for a moment, she screamed, again and again as the crowd went silent waiting to see what would happen, whether it was enough to disqualify her and finally declare a winner.

The handler's went to Amy and told her to be quiet and she stilled, scared that she'd gone too far. They decided to let the crowd decide whether to leave Amy in or not and when they asked if she should stay, only a few yelled out, but when they asked if she should go they cheered loudly, on and on and Amy's fate was sealed. She couldn't believe she'd lost because some guy shot his cum in her eyes like that.

The last two guys fucking her were allowed to finish then and told what an honor it was to be the last to fuck the runner up, and they sure hoped the guys had reserved a slice of Amy for later, winking at them as they kept slamming into Amy's cunt. When they were done, the handlers started unstrapping Amy.

She started screaming and struggling in earnest then. It wasn't fair she screamed, she wasn't done yet, she could go on. The crowd booed loudly, no one likes a sore loser, so it was truly over.

One of the VIP guys had won the chance to be the last guy into Amy so he dutifully took the stage and fucked Amy senseless as she was bent over and held down while the guy reamed her and the camera caught it all for posterity. The guy was a little drunk so it took him a good ten minutes to get off, finally grunting loudly, almost growling, his body stuttering, dick thrust in deep as he pumped his cum into Amy's cunt.

Amy was held that way until another handler prepped her for roasting. Two thick wooden dildos were inserted then pounded into Amy's cunt and ass using a mallet.

Amy started screaming so the next step was a large apple wedged into her wide open mouth and kept in place with duct tape that went all around her head. She struggled some more as she was lashed firmly to a long metal spit by the arms, legs and torso. Three guys carried her on the spit to the barbeque pit where she was placed over glowing hot coals and the spit started to slowly turn.

The announcer thanked all the competitors and congratulated the winner who was give a tiara and a large check and had to be helped off the stage because she could barely walk.

She didn't even appear to know where she was, and glanced around vaguely as she was led off. She was covered in cum and cum and blood dripped down her legs as she stumbled out leaning heavily on two large men at her sides. The crowed cheered loudly for it's winner then settled in for lining up for a roasted meat snack. Amy turned around on the spit over the hot coals for a couple of hours. Her eyes were almost crusted closed with dried cum but she could see enough of what was going on around her.

She struggled from time to time as people cheered her feeble efforts and laughed at her. She was roasting up beautifully on the outside, skin crisping up nicely, an occasional fork stuck into her releasing juices that sizzled on the coals beneath her.

As time went on, the cooks took little cuts into her to gauge her doneness. One of them put a slice of her in his mouth and chewed slowly while grinning at Amy as she watched.

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Towards the end, tears rolled down Amy's face as she faced her reality, she had lost the competition despite fucking thousands of men. She was being slowly roasted and would soon be dead, and she was only fourteen, and the unfairness of it was overwhelming.

When Amy was still alive they took her down from the spit and placed her on a large wooden platform. She was trussed up tightly, her skin was nicely crisped and the cooks has declared she was a perfect rare roast.


Four large men lifted the platform and carried Amy to the VIP table where the most honored guests were to be treated to a rare treat, a beautiful roasted slut who was still alive, also known as ying yang slut after the Chinese dish where fish are eaten alive. Once Amy was presented, the VIP's sat down at the table and a toast was made.

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The men then were encouraged to slice off sections and they did so in earnest while Amy watched. She wriggled under their knives and moaned but was unable to cry out or even to move much because of the way she was tied up.

The men quickly carved out huge chunks of Amy and ate her along with a variety of side dishes. A nice cabernet was served which was a perfect match for Amy's meat. Amy's heart was still beating well into the meal. Bits and pieces of her were disappearing and soon she was lying on her back, legs mostly gone but what was left spread wide. The wooden dildo was still in place and deep inside her cunt when someone said that it was a shame to not be able to fuck a live slut.

The men were very drunk and a few decided that fucking what was left of Amy was a great idea. Someone was soon on the table pulling at the wooden dildo which had been pounded in so deep before Amy was roasted. He finally got it out and hot cum poured out, sizzling at first.

The men joked that Amy sure had a hot cunt, and after nibbling a little more, one of the men stuck a finger in Amy's cunt and proclaimed it fuckable and he pulled out his dick, lined up and thrust in, commenting that cooked cunt felt a lot like raw cunt. The man pumped fast and hard and quickly groaned as his cum shot into Amy's hot cunt.

Amy's body started trembling from pain and shock as the man pulled out saying that apparently she liked it. The men at the table roared with laughter and a few more very drunk men fucked Amy while others kept carving away and eating her.

The trembling became more pronounced and they all realized that she was finally in her death throes, the end of the road in clear sight. They decided a circle jerk was in order to say goodbye to a pretty good slut, and so after cutting off a few more large chunks of Amy, the men stood and jerked off, shooting their cum over what was left of her.

One man removed the apple from her mouth so he could shoot his cum there. Amy knew what was happening, saw the strings of cum landing on her, felt her mouth flood with hot cum and felt someone shoot his cum in her cunt.

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