Busty girlfriend pussylicked before sex big tits couples

Busty girlfriend pussylicked before sex big tits couples
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UNCLE JEFF VISITS When I was 13, Mom and I moved to an apartment, over on 38th Street, just off Main, in Kansas City. It was the early 60s, and life was poor for us, ever since a robber had killed dad, while working the night shift as a cabbie. We had not been especially close, dad and I.

He worked a lot, cabbie at night, and various odd jobs during his off hours. I longed for male companionship, as only a teenage boy could, which never seem to come. Mom and I were real close, because we spent so much time together, but it was not the same. She was my MOM and I needed a DAD. I was now 16 and not a very popular guy at school, thus spending much of my time alone. I was tall and rather effeminate. My hips and thighs were heavy and my torso on the small side.

I was the studious sort, spent much time reading and studying, and my grades reflected this. Mom worked the night shift as a nurse’s aide at St. Mary’s Hospital, and sometimes worked extra the evening shift to make ends meet, thus I was left alone much of the time.

When my longing for male companionship, overwhelmed me, I sat out on the balcony and watched men walking home from the bus stop. Wondering what it would be like to be one of their sons. Would I be waiting at home for them, to talk over the day's happenings, or would I just be off on my own, as I was now.

What would it be like to be hugged by them, or lounge about watching TV with them? Imagining them in their underwear, lounging about the house, or taking a shower with them after a workout at the local YMCA.

Seeing their maleness nestled in a nest of hairs between their legs. I did not know what a homosexual was at that time and was not too sure what the word queer meant, except, that it referred to something being different or odd. One afternoon, after school, I was sitting on the balcony reading, and doing some daydreaming as usual, when my attention was drawn to a man walking towards our building.

He was a big man with broad shoulders, muscular arms, and wearing tight blue jeans. As my eyes roamed over his body, I noticed the impression of his dick, bulging out the front of his blue jeans.

This really interested me, and I stared boldly at it, till he entered the apartment building. Who was this guy and what apartment was he coming to visit? Suddenly, I heard a knock on the door, and jumped up to answer it. Opening the door I encountered the big man standing there in front of me. “Hi, Robert “ the man said, “Is your mother home?” “No,” I hesitantly answered, and looked admiringly at him.

“Well I am your Uncle Jeff from Washington,” the big guy said, sticking out his hand. I took his hand in mine and shook it. What a thrill it was to feel a man’s hand that was big and strong.

Jeff, I knew from my mother speaking of him, but did not remember meeting him. I told Jeff to wait at the door while I called and checked with Mom at the hospital, as to whether I could let him come in and stay. He smiled at me and agreed to it and leaned against the wall behind him. I went back to the kitchen and hastily dialed the hospital. It seem like, it took forever, to get mom on the phone, but when I did, and told her about the stranger at the door.

She excitedly told me that he was indeed her brother and my uncle, and that I should invite him in to stay till she got home later that evening. I went back to the door, opened it, and once again, my eyes were drawn to the bulge in the front of his blue jeans showing the outline of his dick, and it stirred feelings and curiosity in me.

Casually I told him, “Mom said it’s ok for you to come in and stay till she gets home.” The big guy entered the apartment and followed me out onto the balcony. There we sat and sized each other up for a few minutes. Casually Uncle Jeff announced that he was hungry and since Mom hadn’t planned on him being there, maybe we could go to Denny’s, up the street, and get a hamburger, or something to eat, of course it would be his treat.

I was thrilled by this and immediately agreed. We walked out into the fresh air and up the street to Denny’s. We had hamburgers, french fries and coke and talked of many things. I discovered Uncle Jeff had been out of the country for the last 5 years, on a newspaper assignment, and that is why I did not remember him.

He was now back in the states and was looking for a job, possibly teaching at the university, or working on a newspaper.

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We went back to the apartment, watched TV and at 10 pm I went to my bedroom, undressed, and put on pajamas and crawled into the big double bed. I thought about Uncle Jeff as I drifted off to sleep and the big bulge in his blue jeans, wondering what a full-grown man’s dick and balls really looked like. Some time later, I awakened, and was vaguely aware of someone getting into bed with me, but felt safe, because it was my room and my bed.

The next morning was Saturday and I awoke, feeling a strong massive arm over and around me, hugging me to his chest. It felt good, warm and secure. I nestled into his arms and squirmed my butt instinctively into his crouch, till I felt his cock pressing into my butt. Uncle Jeff moaned a little and drew me tighter to him, his cock finding its way into the crack of my ass, and just the thin material of the pajamas protected my butt hole from his cock.

It felt good lying there feeling him pressing into me. Sleepily, I wondered if other guys did this with their dads. The next thing I remember is Uncle Jeff waking up, unwrapping his arms from around me and quietly getting out of bed and pulling on his jeans.

Just before he got them up over his hips I caught a glimpse of his BIG dick poking out the front of his shorts, and noticed how big it was, and it looked to be quite hard. It aroused in me FEELINGS! I remembered how it felt to have his arms around me, and his dick pressed into the crack of my butt. Uncle Jeff strolled out of the room and down the hall to the bathroom.

Shortly, I heard him peeing in the stool, and imagined his big dick hanging out of his jeans and a yellow stream running out of it. I rolled to the side of the bed, sat up sleepily, considered the events of the past few hours, a feeling of warmness filled me, and my dick throbbed with a massive erection.

Getting out of bed I walked to the bathroom, pulled out my dick and with great effort peed in the stool and the erection went slowly away leaving a burning sensation in the tip of my dick. I walked out to the kitchen, found Uncle Jeff making coffee; pulled out a chair, I sat down at the table and rubbed my eyes sleepily. Jeff finished making coffee, came over, ruffled my hair with his fingers and asked if I wanted breakfast.

I said yes and he asked if milk and cereal would be ok. I agreed.


He found the cereal and got out the milk, a bowl and spoon and sat them before me. I prepared myself a bowl of cereal. Uncle Jeff put the things away and by that time the coffee was done and he poured himself a cup and sat down opposite me.

This is the way, Mom found us when she got up a few minutes later and joined us with her coffee. We sat at the table, making small talk and finally came around to what we planned to do that day.

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I planned on going to the library to do some research for a history paper I was writing, Mom planned on doing the wash and clean the apartment and Jeff, well, mom had quite a surprise for me there. She informed me that Uncle Jeff was coming to stay with us for a while and suggested he share my bedroom since it was a very large room, for it had once been the living room of the apartment. I readily agreed. Uncle Jeff and I shortly left the apartment, he going to his hotel room to pack and bring his things over and I to the library.

We all gathered back at the apartment that evening and I found Uncle Jeff had put his suitcases in my room. We had a special dinner that night because of the arrival of Uncle Jeff.

Later after the dishes were done we sat and watched TV. Uncle Jeff expressed that he hoped he was not invading my space and I reassured him he was not, since I had always hoped for an older brother to share my room.

He suggested we might later, get twin beds, or he might find a place of his own, after getting a job. Secretly, I hoped we would never get twin beds, remembering the events, that had occurred earlier that morning, and my dick grew large and hard in my jeans, which caused an embarrassing bulge. I sat up straight, grabbed the pillow next to me on the couch, and held it over my front, but not before I noticed Uncle Jeff looking at the bulge in my jeans. At 11 pm I got up, stretched and headed off to my bedroom, but Uncle Jeff stayed with Mom and they continued to catch each other up on the events of the last 5 years.

Changing into pajamas I crawled into bed and scooted over to the far side, and waited for Uncle Jeff to come to bed. Slowly I drifted off to sleep thinking of Uncle Jeff and the feeling of his body, close to mine. Awakening with a start, later, I felt Uncle Jeff sit down on the side of the bed and remove his socks, in the dim light from the street I could see that he had already removed the rest of his clothes and had on only a white tee shirt and jockey shorts. He than pulled his tee shirt up over his head; I could see his massive hairy chest, as he tossed his shirt onto the floor.

Embarrassed I turned onto my side and felt him slide underneath the light cover with me. Uncle Jeff slipped out of his shorts and pulled me to him as he had done the morning before, but this time he pulled down my pajama bottoms, I scooted my butt into the cradle of his legs and felt his bare dick against my butt, and his hairy legs intertwining mine. Uncle Jeff adjusted and scooted down a little so that his dick slid between my thighs, just under my balls.

When it was comfortably in place, he began to slowly move in and out. After a few thrusts, he picked up the pace, and reached around and grabbed my tits and started to twist and tease them. I could feel his dick press upward, forcing my balls up against my dick, and as he went in and out, my balls massaged my dick.

After a few minutes of these strokes his breathing became heavy and excited, his body tense and his dick head seem to grow larger, and it was leaking something sticky out of it. All of sudden Uncle Jeff let out a long sigh, a moan, jerked a few times and slowly stopped the in and out motion and I felt squirts of liquid stickiness shooting between my thighs, and the feeling of it caused my dick to spill out the same also.

A great feeling of relief and satisfaction engulfed me. Uncle Jeff pulled his dick from between my thighs, reached behind him to the floor, grabbed a towel and, wiped himself off than tenderly wiped me off. Tossing the towel back onto the floor, He reached out, drew me to him once again, engulfed me in his massive arms and we both fell peacefully asleep, completely satisfied.

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Mom was up early the next morning and headed out to Mass, but Uncle Jeff and I continued to sleep till late in the morning.

Than we got up, dressed and headed to noon mass at Our Lady of Good Council. During Mass I had guilt feelings, of what had occurred between Uncle Jeff and I, but that did not stop me from praying and participating in the mass. It quickly passed as we left the church. We stopped at Denny’s for coffee and breakfast and arrived back at the apartment to read the newspaper and watch the football game.

Mom was already in bed asleep. The Chiefs were playing and Uncle Jeff knew all about football, the plays and the players. I listened, as he explained the game to me, and we watched the players in their tight pants. The sight of their tight butts, roused me some, but this time I did not grab the crouch pillow to cover myself.

I noticed Uncle Jeff looking at my crouch several times, and this did even more to harden my dick. A couple of times I caused it to flick up in my tight pants. Uncle Jeff, seem to have the same problem, because he reached down and rubbed his own crouch.

Mom, continued to sleep on, in her bedroom, since she had to go to work that night. Evening came, and dinnertime drew near. Uncle Jeff went into the kitchen and checked the frig for something to fix for supper. We ended up having an omelet. He fixed one big one and together we shared it.

It gave me a warm and comforting feeling, a closeness to share food with this man who had just came into my life and was quickly acting like a DAD that I never had known. Mom got up later on in the evening and we chatted about what I would wear to school the next day and got out my clothes for that day.

- a sport shirt and slacks, and of course clean underwear and socks. She had a thing about clean underwear. Shortly after Mom had left for the hospital, bedtime came, and Uncle Jeff and I went to bed at the same time.

As I undressed, Uncle Jeff suggested that since it was just us guys, why not sleep in the buff. I was thrilled by this idea, and readily agreed. We both crawled into bed, but before we did I got a good look at his maleness. It was huge! Must have been about 6 inches soft and very thick around, nestled in a heavy bush of black hairs, with a big sack that hung down containing the outline of two large balls. We lay side by side for a while, allowing our eyes to adjust to the semi darkness of the room and listened to the night traffic on Main.

Uncle Jeff’s hand soon found my dick and he began to slowly stroke it as it grew into full hardness. I thrilled at the feeling of his hand there, and wanted to give him the same feeling, so I reached over, and for the first time in my life, felt the maleness of an adult male. His dick was big and rock hard, but the skin slid smoothly over the head of it, as I stroked it, and something gooey leaked out of the end of it. We laid their for a while just stroking and feeling each other’s dick and balls.

His balls were so big and full and hairy.

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It was a good feeling that caused my dick to get even bigger and harder. After a while, Uncle Jeff threw back the covers to expose both of us, turned himself, and engulfed by dick in his mouth.

Taking it all the way into his mouth, burying his nose in my pubic hairs. I let out a loud moan as he started to go up and down on my cock. Taking it all the way in to his mouth each time and out again, flicking his tongue across the top of my dick and in and out of the slit in the top. I went wild with delight, Moaning and groaning and bucking my hips to force my dick back into his mouth each time he pulled back on it. Shortly, I could no longer contain myself and let loose a big load of jism squirting it right into Uncle Jeff’s mouth and down his throat.

Letting out a loud OHHHHHHH. I was alarmed at what I had done, but only for a short time, as I felt him suck harder on my dick to get the rest of the jism out of it, greedily swallowing, realizing that this was what he wanted, to drink my jism.

Slowly, Uncle Jeff pulled off of my dick, got up and went to the bathroom, where I heard him rinsing out his mouth.

Shortly, Uncle came back and laid down on the bed, not bothering to cover himself, and exposing a large fat erection waving in the semidarkness of the room. Suddenly I had the intense desire to please him as he had pleased me. I rolled over on my belly, turned side ways in the bed, and took his dick and licked it up and down and his balls too, taking them one by one in my mouth and feeling their large fullness.

Realizing that there was not an unpleasant taste to these body parts, I took his dick in my mouth and slowly began to raise and lower my head over his dick. Feeling his dick grow larger and harder in my mouth especially the head of it. Uncle Jeff grabbed my head and forcibly began to ram his cock in and out of my mouth harder and deeper. The force of the onslaught cased me to massage my hard dick pinned under me. Soon Uncle Dick let out a howl and I felt streams of jism shoot into my mouth and down my throat.

It tasted sweet, gooey and delicious; I gulped it down as fast as I could, sucking fast and hard so as not to waste any of it. I felt my dick underneath me jerk and shoot a second load of jism right onto the sheets beneath me. Exhausted and satisfied we laid there, me with his dick still in my mouth feeling it grow softer.

I slowly with drew my mouth from his dick and turned around in the bed. Uncle Jeff reach over and laid a towel across the wet spot on our sheet, drew the covers up over us and pulled me into him and held me there with his massive arms around me. Kissing me tenderly on the back of my neck and telling me how much he enjoyed our acts together, I mumbled my love for him and fell into an exhausted sleep.

The next day in school, I really had problems keeping my mind on my schoolwork, for thinking about Uncle Jeff, and the last three nights together. I hurried home right after school and found Uncle Jeff waiting for me. He was dressed in tight shorts and a t-shirt.

I changed into some old clothes and together we went to the park and tossed around a football that Uncle had purchased that day while out for a job interview. He taught me how to throw it, how to catch it and how to go out for a running pass. I was not very good but he did not seem to mind. Mom was up by the time we got back home and dinner was ready.

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Sitting at the table talking with the two of them gave me a feeling of family, which I had not felt for a long time. After dinner Uncle and I did the dishes while Mom relaxed before going in to work. We watched TV for a while than Mom headed out for work. Uncle Jeff and I went into our bedroom and proceeded to get undressed.

Again, he suggested we sleep in the buff, and of course I agreed. We slid into bed together, and Uncle Jeff took me in his arms and kissed me tenderly on the mouth and our maleness met and rubbed against each other causing them to become engorged.

Uncle reached down and stroked my dick and I did the same with his. His fingers began playing with my balls and moved down to my butt hole. There he massaged the entrance to my butt hole with one finger and than two. It felt good. Than he inserted two fingers spreading my hole open wide, telling me to relax. I tried to but the sensations that were electrifying my body, was almost too much. Soon I felt some sort of goo being applied to my butt hole and Uncle was kneeling between my legs.

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He raised them up to and over his shoulders, telling me to relax all the time and to trust him. Oh, I trusted him alright, he had me body and soul.

Than he put his dick to the entrance of my butt hole, and I felt the head of his cock pop open even wider my butt hole. The pain was intense, and I cried out, as I felt his dick open me up and fill my butt finally burying itself deep in my butt. Uncle allowed me to get use to his dick deep inside me, than began the in and out motion. The pain subsided somewhat, and I came to enjoy the feeling his dick gave me as it entered me buried balls deep in my butt and pulled back out till just the head of it was in me.

First the in and out motion was pretty regular and slow, than it picked up and he began to fiercely go in and out of my ass hole with his big dick. It seemed that his dick went deeper and deeper into my butt, and grew bigger each time he entered me, stretching me open, wider and wider, with each entry.

I felt his big sack of balls bounce against my ass, as his dick rammed harder and harder and deeper and deeper into my butt. By this time my cock was so hard that it was leaking cum and Uncle reached down and started stroking it as he fucked me. All of a sudden Uncle gave one last thrust into my butt, cried out in ecstasy, and moaned, shoving his dick deeper than before into my butt and I felt his cum shoot deep inside of me.

The warmth and gooeyness of it yielded relief to my poor assaulted butt hole and shit tube. It felt sooo good that I shot my load into Uncle’s hand and he raised his fingers to his lips and licked the jism off savoring every drop of it. Gradually his dick softened and I felt it pull out of my butt hole, leaving me with a feeling of raw, empty, soreness. Uncle got up, got a warm wet washrag and tenderly washed my ass hole, all the while telling me he hoped he had not hurt me too much.

He reassured me that the first time was always the hardest, and most painful, but the next time would be easier. I knew, at that moment, that there would be other times, for the feeling of satisfaction, welding up in me, was like none other I had ever felt. The feeling of a man’s dick filling my butt and giving up its juices to fill me Uncle went back to the bathroom and I heard him running a bath.


Shortly, he returned took me by the hand and led me to the bathroom and assisted me to sit down in the tub of warm bubble bath. Seated in the warm water, yielded a soothing ease to my sore ass hole.

Uncle than leaned over and began to tenderly bathe me, as I played with the bubbles of the bath, and pretended to be a little boy again. After the bath, I got out of the tub and he lovingly toweled me dry. Gently drying my ass. The rest of the night was spent in his arms. He held me close and kissed me fervently from time to time. We talked of many things and I learned what fuck, queer, gay, homosexual and many more essential sexual terms meant.

He told me that the first evening, he saw me; he knew I was like him, that I loved men. He could tell by the longing I had in my eyes for him. How I had looked at his crouch. How I had nestled my ass up to his cock that first night in bed with him. He explained that their would be many men in my life, and that someday I would find that one special guy, but it would not be him, for he was my Uncle. Uncle Jeff went on to find another job and moved out on his own.

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I still see him occasionally and we sometimes have sex together, but it is never the same as the first week we were together. The years have passed and I have found that one special person to spend time with, but I still LOVE my Uncle Jeff.

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