Shemale Babe Enjoying A Blowjob And Handjob By A Chick

Shemale Babe Enjoying A Blowjob And Handjob By A Chick
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I'm a 19 year old white male from Rumford Maine who now lives in Maryland. I'm enrolled at the University of Columbia and have three years left before I get my degree.

I'm not use to the big city live since Rumford is a very small, back woods town unlike Maryland which is huge and connected for the most part. I've been here almost a year now and for the last seven months I have been a victim of sorts with some of Baltimore's more violent residents. I live in a single apartment right out side Baltimore and the beltway in a town called Columbia. The violent residents I referred to come over to my house two or three times a week and take what they want, which is me.

The main guy is a big black man named Tyrone and the others are his fellow gang members. Most of the time there are three of them, usually the same three, but sometimes they bring somebody new and there are four of them. They all seem to be around my age or a couple of years older. So far, everyone guy who has come over has the gang tattoo's and is very aggressive. When they come over, they treat me like a prison bitch, talking racial trash to me as they take turns fucking my butthole and making me suck their dicks.

But so far, as long as I agree to be their sex toy, they haven't hurt me. It all started seven months ago on a Saturday. I was driving around different parts of Baltimore learning the town.

I didn't know what part of town was the black part or the hood as they call it, but I was in it and didn't realize it. We don't have that in Rumford. Anyways, I saw a yard sale and pulled over to take a look. I had only been living here for about three months and so when I saw the table and lamp in the yard I inquired on how much it cost. The person I talked to was and old black lady who came out of the house when I approached the porch.

I said, "How much for the table and lamp?" "Their not for sale. Now you better leave." She replied in a serious tone. I didn't know why she was so rude but I respected her wishes since it was her property. I was walking back to my truck when two black gang members stop me in my tracks.

One of them was Tyrone and the other was one of his home boys. Tyrone got up in my face and said, "What are you doing here white boy?" "I was wanting that table and lamp." I replied. "That's my grandma and she don't sell her stuff to punk ass white boys, but I tell you what.

You get on your knees and suck my dick and let me fuck that tight little white asshole of yours, and I'll talk to her and see what I can do for you." He said. "I don't do that." I replied. I tried to walk away when he stopped me and lifted his shirt exposing a gun.

He said, "You do now bitch! Now move." He pushed me down the sidewalk and into a house.

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Once inside the living room, as Tyrone and his home boy began to get undressed, Tyrone said, "Your in the wrong side of town white boy and now you have to pay to get out safe." That's when he took out the gun and set it on the table with his hand still on it. He then said, "Take off your clothes bitch and drop to your knees and open your mouth." Tyrone still had his pants on but his home boy was already naked.

I could see his huge circumcised dick hanging in a half hard state. He was pretty well hung and fairly thick as well. The thought of having that dick in my mouth was unpleasant but I knew I was going to have to do what they wanted since I can't say no to a gun. That prospect and the fact that there was also going to be a big black dick inside my tight virgin butthole made me scared. But all I could do was to submit to them so I got naked and got on my knees.

Tyrone then left the gun on the table and got naked himself. The two of them walk up to me putting their dicks in my face. Tyrone's cock was circumcised as well but was bigger and thicker than his home boy's dick was and he was already hard. After the two of them slapped their dicks against my face, Tyrone said, "From now on white boy, your going to act like a bitch who loves the dick and will do anything to pleasure the dick.

You know what I'm saying?" I knew what he meant. He was telling me that I better suck their dicks good and show love for it even if I didn't have it. "Yes." I replied. Then I took my left hand and gently grabbed Tyrone balls and put his dick in my mouth while I took my right hand and began to stroke his home boy's cock. I could taste Tyrone's pre-cum and although I didn't want to be in that situation, his pre-cum tasted sweet.

I didn't realize it tasted like that. I started sucking his dick using my tongue and caressing his balls as I stroked the other dick. Then I started licking and kissing around the mushroom head and up and down the shaft switching from dick to dick trying to show as much love as I could.

I was trying to show them that I was enjoying it as much as they were.

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As I was doing this, they were saying things like, "Suck that dick white boy, show me how much you love it." and "Ya bitch! That's it." Among a few other statements. I took turns switching back and forth sucking their dicks for a good long while when Tyrone grabbed my head, held it in place, and started to fuck my face hard. As he did this, he said, "You ready to give up your tight ass white boy? Huh bitch? All you have to do baby is tell me that you want this big fat black cock in your tight little white ass and I'll bend you over the couch and fuck the shit out of that asshole." He then stopped fucking my face but he left his dick in my mouth as he jerked my head up so that I could look him in the eyes.

He then said, "What do you say chump? You want me to rip open your asshole?" I knew he was going to do it anyway, but he wanted me to want it. I didn't but I didn't want to piss him off so I shook my head "Yes". He pulled his dick out of my mouth and walked over to the couch and pulled it out from the wall. He then told me to go bend over the back of it with my legs spread open.

Then he grabbed the gun from the table and went into the next room. His home boy walked over to the front of the couch and said, "Get over here honky." I walked over to the back of the couch and facing him, I bent over and he grabbed my head and stuck his dick in my mouth and started fucking my face. A few seconds later, Tyrone came back into the room and started putting some kind of lube on his dick. Then he stepped up behind me and put the head of his dick against my butthole and said, "Don't move white boy, I'm going to give you what you want." With that statement, he then began to push his dick up my ass.

I screamed as loud as I could with a dick in my mouth from the pain that was shooting through my anus.


He kept pushing farther inside and the pressure and the pain got more intense. "Damn girlfriend! You got a tight fucking ass." With that, he pushed his dick all the way inside of me. It felt like my asshole was being ripped apart.

He began to deep fuck my butthole at a steady pace while his home boy was fucking my mouth.

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I was moaning intensely with every thrust as the two of them enjoyed themselves. Tyrone kept saying, "You like that don't you? You like the way this big cock feels in your tight ass don't you bitch?" Tyrone kept talking to me as he fucked my ass hard and deep. By this time my asshole was numb but it still hurt some and I could still feel the pressure of my butthole being stretched that wide open. His home boy was still fucking my face when he began to moan, that's when I felt his dick swell up and hot cum started to hit the back of my throat.

He said, "Swallow it bitch!" It somewhat tasted bitter and kind of salty but surprisingly enough, it actually tasted pretty good.

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Now I know why my girlfriend back home loved to suck my dick and swallow all the time. Squirt after squirt shot into my mouth as I swallowed as best as I could.

I managed to swallow most of it. When he was done cuming, he pulled his dick out of my mouth which allowed me to let out the moaning I was doing due to the intense ass-fucking I was receiving from Tyrone. He said, "That's it white boy!


Show me how much you want it." He started to pound me even harder and faster until I was screaming. He said, "Ya bitch! That's it! Scream for me baby!" He kept that speed and aggression going steady for a few minutes until I thought I was going to pass out, but just then he exploded his cum up my ass.

It was very hot, I could feel all that liquid filling up my asshole, but it soothed the pain some. He kept pounding for a couple of minutes before he slowed down and slowly continued to fuck my butthole. He said, "You liked that white boy didn't you?" I knew what he wanted me to say even though I didn't like it and it hurt like hell.

"Yes." I replied. He then pulled his dick out of my ass which hurt even more then that last little slow fuck he gave me. He said, "Get your clothes on bitch and get out." I put my clothes and on with cum oozing out of my ass, I was almost out the door when Tyrone said to me, "Me and the home boys will gang bang you anytime you want baby. Just come back here when your horny." I was never going back there. I didn't enjoy it at all.

I never wanted to have sex with men. It took awhile for my asshole to heal up but it did. I never went back to that side of town again, but a month later I was a club down by the harbor called, "The Bahah Beach Club" when Tyrone and two of his home boys walked up to me.

Tyrone said, "Where you been baby? Why haven't you come back?" I was trembling. I didn't think I was going to see him again. "I've been busy." I said. One of his home boys, neither was the one from before, said, "Who's the cracker? "This is my bitch." Tyrone said. "And she really loves to play." Tyrone turned to me and said, " You love big black dick don't you baby?" I knew the shit was going to happen again, but I remembered Tyrone packing a gun so I said, "Yes." Tyrone turned to his home boys and said, "You niggers horny?" One of them replied, "Hell ya!

I can tap that white ass." Tyrone looked at me and said, "What do you say white boy? You want the three of us to takes turns fucking that tight asshole of yours?" I didn't want to, I remembered the last time and it was only one dick up my ass and it hurt. What would three guys do to my butthole? However I knew I couldn't say no if I wanted to stay healthy. So I said, "Ya Tyrone.

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You know you can have my butthole anytime you want it." I didn't mean that but I was just telling Tyrone what he wanted to hear. But I should have never said that because like I said earlier, he and his friends come over anytime they want and fuck me in the ass.


One of the other guys who calls himself, "Shorty" said, "DAMN G! This white boy really is your bitch. Does he like to suck dick?" "This bitch loves to suck dick." He said. Shorty walks up to me, grabs my hand and puts in his crotch so that I could feel his huge cock. He then says in my ear, "Hey white boy. You feel that? I have a really big dick and I love to fuck tight assholes.

When my home boys are done with you, you and I are going to spend a few hours together, but before I tap your tight little white ass, I want you to suck my dick and swallow. This way I can spend a couple of hours giving your asshole the proper fucking it deserves." I could feel the power he craved by sexually dominating a little white boy like me.

I didn't want to go through that again but I knew I had no choice. I said, "Ok. Whatever you want." He moved his head to my other ear and said, "I want you to think about this why your waiting for me. My dick is so big that you'll be calling me "Daddy" as soon as I split that hole wide open and I promise you, by the time I'm done playing with your asshole, you won't be able to walk or even sit down." I didn't like the sound of that. I looked at Tyrone and he just smiled at me and said, "Home boy loves to break in little white boys.

Try not to fall in love girlfriend. Remember, your still my bitch. now lets go." The four of us walked outside and Tyrone told me we were going back to my apartment.

He said he was riding with me and he told his homies to follow.

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After we got to my apartment, Shorty said to Tyrone, "Hey home boy. Let me break this little whit boy's asshole while its nice and tight. I want him to feel the full affect." "Word!" He replied. He and the other guy took their pants off and sat on the couch side by side and Tyrone said to me, "Come over here and suck these dicks bitch." Shorty kept his clothes on and just sat in the chair and watched as I spent the next 45 minutes sucking those two cocks.

After I swallowed their cum, they put their pants back on and shook shorty's hand and said that they would be back in about three hours to pick him up. After the two of them left, Shorty told me to take off all my clothes. He still just sat in the chair and watched as I got naked. After all my clothes were off, he told me to turn around and show him my ass. When I did, he said, "Oh Ya!

You got a nice little white ass. I'm going to have a lot of fun with it tonight." He then told me to bend over and spread my butt cheats. When I did, he got up and came up behind me and stuck his finger up my ass.

He said, "Damn! This is tight. I hope you got some kind of lube because I'm going to love splitting this hole open. Now come with "Daddy", its time for you to meet "Shorty"." We went into the bedroom where he took his clothes off.

That's when I saw his huge cock. It was the biggest dick I have ever seen, Way bigger than Tyrone's. It scared me. He lay down on the bed and told me to lay across it sideways so that I could suck his dick while he played with my ass. Once in position, he stuck his finger back into my ass and played with my butthole. His dick was circumcised but because of the size, it was hard to get it into my mouth. It felt like the sides of my mouth were ripping.

Once I got his dick into my mouth, I started sucking it. I spent about a half hour giving him a really good blow job while he fingered my asshole before I made him cum. He was a very heavy cummer, I couldn't swallow all of it. What I could swallow ran out the sides of my mouth.

He pulled out and wiped up the cum from my face and had me lick it off the tip of his dick. He didn't want me to waste any of it. He grabbed the baby oil I had on the side table and said, "Come here girl. Put your knees together, put your face in that pillow and stick your sweet ass all the way in the air.? I didn't want to but I did like I was told. I then felt the cold baby oil over my asshole. He took his finger and lubed it up inside and out, Then he started pushing his cock up my ass.

I screamed as I felt my asshole rip open. I knew he tore it. It was burning. He said, "Relax and enjoy it baby." My whole body was paralyzed. He began to slowly fuck me really deep and with long strokes. He just kept saying over and over, "there you go, there you go." For the next two hours, he fucked my butthole in many different positions, but I ended up laying on my side with him behind me and holding me while he fucked me. I was totally exhausted, I couldn't move, I was dripping with sweat, and I could hardly breath.

I was just laying there with a massive hard on due from the continued bumping of his dick against my prostrate. It didn't hurt anymore and I was almost ready to pass out when he began to cum. As soon as his hot cum hit my prostrate, I myself began cumming. It was a very intense orgasm. I passed out. When I woke, he was gone.

I had a very hard time walking to the shower to clean up. He really did a number on my butthole. But ever since that night, it doesn't hurt anymore when they come over and fuck me up the butt. It actually feels good even though I still don't want to do it. I just deal with it because they haven't beat me or hurt me.

I'm actually pretty good now at sucking dick and the cum taste good, so until I graduate, I'll deal with it. It probably saved my life doing so.