A japanese group sex video with MILF Minami Kitagawa

A japanese group sex video with MILF Minami Kitagawa
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My cousin had been dating this girl for about 8 months before he started to ignore her. He would rather play pool and drink with his friends than do anything with her. He just assumed she would always be there for sex when he was ready for it. From the time I first met her there was an underlying sexual tension between us. I did not act on it because she was my cousin's girl, but it became increasingly difficult. Then one day she called me to check out a car she was thinking about buying.

I did not think much about it because I am much better with cars than my cousin is. Plus, she is a little hottie and I liked being near her. She is about 5'-3", coal black, long hair, brown eyes, 34B tits, a very small waist and a very shapely ass. She came by and picked me up - I did not know she had already bought the car, until later. I wondered if she really wanted to get my opinion of it, or was this just a clever way to get us alone and close together?

Both of us are excited, feeling the unspoken sexual tension building between us and through our conversation. The longer my "test drive" goes, the more flushed and excited we became! Just being near each other gets our blood boiling! Finally she just couldn't contain herself. She undone her seat belt and leaned into me. This "made it OK with me" because I did not make the first move on my cousin's girl. But now, it was on. Her alluring aroma filled my nostrils, pushing away the new car smell as her silky hair brushed my cheek.

She started undoing my pants. I looked down and she told me to "pay attention to the road and don't worry about me" and she suggested that we take the long way back to my place. I was so turned on that I immediately stepped on the gas, the acceleration, the power making me even more excited. She finished undoing my button and zipper and reached in and pulled out my rock hard cock.

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She instantly put it in her mouth, spits all over it and starts deep throating it. She just starts fucking me as hard as she can with her mouth.

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She reached her hand up to my shaft and started jacking me off as she feverishly sucked me. I look over and see her beautiful ass peeking out of the bottom of her skirt. I lay my hand on her smooth flesh and squeezed. My fingertips created dimples as I increased the presurre in response to her oral ministrations on my member! I suddenly realized that she didn't have any panties on. my dick got even harder.


I reached around and slid my finger between her succulent lips. It slid in so easily, I immediately put a second in. I leaned over slightly and stretched my arm a little more so that the pad of my thumb can massage her hardening clit as my fingers wiggled around inside her!

We both knew that we are not going to make it back to my place anytime soon. Luckily there was a secluded, little used farm road nearby. I used one hand to turn the wheel while keeping my other busy with her sweet pussy. Her hot lips and wet tongue made it difficult for me to watch the brush along side the narrow road. I pulled over and parked. I slowly slid my fingers out of her tight pussy, pulled her up. She reluctantly let my cock slip out of her mouth, lapping up some of my sweet precum as she did.

I embraced her passionately, her light lip gloss adding to the stimulating flavor of my cock and precum in her mouth! I sucked her lower lip into my mouth and rubbed my tongue over it as she began to pump my cock with her soft hand.

I dipped my finger into her pussy, lubricating it with her flowing nectar and rubbed it over her clit! Her breath is now coming in short, hot gasps as a little orgasm surprisingly sweept over her as I furiously worked my fingers in her pussy and on her clit!

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I bend my fingers up and put pressure on her sweet spot! It feels as if my fingertips are nudging against her tummy as they rubbed side to side.

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Precum runs down the shaft of my cock as it swells in her hand, pulsing with each beat of my heart as she squeezed it firmly and jacked it harder and faster. Her body quakes and quivers, a shudder passing through her from head to toe!

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As quickly as it came, it went, leaving her hungry for more. More turned on than before! I pulled my fingers away from her swollen, wet pussy, our embrace ended, our lips slowly parted. I moved my fingers to her mouth and coated her lips with her pussy juice, inserting my fingertip just inside her mouth, pulling her lower lip down. Her hand slid up the hard shaft of my cock, the precum lubricating it.

She stopped just below the knob and let her thumb rub over the top of it as she kept a firm grip on my cock with her hot fingers. The precum was copiously flowing, slicking my cock head, allowing her thumb to glide easily over it causing me to jerk uncontrollably with each pass of her thumb.

I ravaged her mouth with my tongue, sucking all of her pussy juice off of those beautiful lips! I pushed her back into the passenger seat, moving to the floorboard in front of her while sliding the seat all the way back.

I put her right foot on the dash next to the door, her left on the dash next to the radio. Her skirt was bunched up under her ass, fully exposing her pussy! Her swollen lips are slightly open, inviting my hard cock to penetrate them! I raised up and slid my hard, throbbing cock deep into her pussy in one firm, steady stroke, my balls coming to rest against her upturned ass cheeks! She gasped as I did this, her eyelids fluttered, her head rolled slightly to the right.

I lowered my head and kissed the side of her warm neck.


I rotated my hips, pressing the side of my hard shaft against the walls of her pussy, my pubic bone rubbing against her clit, a low, deep moan escaped her lips. I withdrew my cock from her pussy. I heard a slick, faint sucking sound as the head of it poped out of her pussy.

She opened her eyes and looked into mine, begging me to put it back in! Instead, I dropped to my knees on the floor board and began to tongue lash her pussy and clit, causing her body to shudder! She was on fire, my tongue, and now my fingers also, are driving her insane! She moved one of her hands to the back of my head, wrapping her fingers in my hair, her other hand moved to her left breast, massaged it, played with the nipple. Her body was shaking from every flick of my tounge against her clit.

Her hips bucked wildly into my face, begging to feel more of my tounge in her. I swirl it inside of her and she can't help but to let out load moans. Her grip in my hair tightened and then weakened. Her pussy was pulsating from the hard orgasm that just went through her.

She spread her legs wider and bucked her hips harder, begging for more with her moans! She continued to stare hotly into my eyes as I moved slowly up her body. I planted warm kisses on her tender flesh as I moved up.

I placed my hands on the seat, just above her shoulders, next to her soft neck. Her head rolled to the left, laying on my arm, a look of desire on her face as I moved my wet lips from one nipple to the other. I spread my lips to encompass her entire aerole and pressed down into her tit firmly as I sucked hard, making her flesh bulge into my mouth and her nipple stand even more erect.

I rapidly flicked my tongue across the tip of her nipple as I closed my mouth and pulled back, stretching het tit and sliding back. As my teeth contacted her nipple they bit down, just enough, and electric jolts went straight to her clit just as my knob bumped against it! She sucked in a sharp, excited breath!

Her hips bucked up trying to get me inside her! I wanted it so bad, wanted to feel her velevty smoothness envelope my cock! But I loved the anticipation! I teased a little more, moving my hips up and down parallel to her body as I slid my knob between her succulent lips! Just as the head of my cock slipped to her entrance for the third time her legs came off the door and dash and wrapped around me tightly and she squeezed them with all her strength and bucked her hips up and impaled herself on my hot cock!

The suddeness of this overwhelmed me and I immediately began to jerk my hips rapidly, my cock a blur going in and out of her pussy! I rested my shoulders against her chest, my upper body weight pressing her down into the seat back cushion, my hands moved down and cupped her wonderful ass and I used them to aid her wild bucking movements to match each of my hard thrusts!

Our bodies were covered in sweat, my stomach was making a loud slapping noise against her which echoed around us! Both of us were so overwhelmed we forgot to breathe!!

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The tension, the pressure, the arousal was rapidly building! Our movements became even MORE rapid and urgent! "NNgh, NNgh, NNgh" I grunted loudly with each thrust, "Ugh, Ugh, Ugh" was her response each time my cock plowed into her deepest recesses! I felt my knob bump her cervix on each thrust! Our orgasms were in tune, a rising crescendo! Unbelieveably our pace increased, driven by a need to cum and a need to breathe!

All our energy was focused on fucking, nothing else, not even breathing!! We were being guided by our deep, primal instincts! She released a very high pitched, strained squeal "IIIeeeeeeeeeeeee" as her orgasm crashed into her like a tidal wave! Herr body convulsed, her pussy clamped down on my cock causing me to erupt! "AAAAAHHHHHHH, I.I.I'm.G-G- AAHHHHHHHHH" bursts from my throat as I shot a tremendous rope of cum deep in her tight pussy which is quickly followed by three more spurts as my hips jerked convulsively, slaming my cock into her, mashing my pubic bone against her clit which furthered her orgasm!!

I collapsed onto her, my cock buried deep in her. I felt it involuntarily twitching inside her, "dry cumming". We were both sucking in huge gulps of the heated air inside the car! Her legs, weakend by her explosive orgasm, slid down off my back. I regained enough strength to place my hands on the seat back again to lift my weight from her so she can breathe easier! My body was buzzing from the orgasm, it subsided slowly, like a swarm of bees flying away from us - ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz.

I looked into her eyes and saw a warm glow of satisfaction. I leaned my head down and kissed her warmyl. As our tongues lolled around with each other I felt my heatbeat making my warm shaft pulse inside of her. I bent my arms allowing my chest to come down to hers, my face nuzzeled into the crook of her neck. I inhaled deeply, taking in her intoxicating aroma!

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My cock twitched hard, on command this time, and she jerked, surprised by this movement and the stimulation of her sensitive flesh it caused. Then we just lay there recovering. Her hand moved lightly across my body, her fingers trailed lightly across my back, tracing out lazy circles. This was very, very good! What are we going to do now? Well, she ended up marrying my cousin, but the got divorced about a year or so later.

I have not seen her since that day, but when I do, I imagine I will have another story to write.