Pretty eurobabe crystal young pounded for a few bucks

Pretty eurobabe crystal young pounded for a few bucks
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Captured in Ajikistan 3 - Sexual Servitude In the war-torn republic of Ajikistan, two captives, both former humanitarian volunteers, were now at the mercy of a scar-faced rebel soldier. Musad relished the scene before him. The two girl captives were completely naked. A slender, beautifully curved brunette with medium-sized breasts lay on a long table, tied face-up in a spread-eagled position.

This was Mira, and she had the most exquisite-looking face Musad had ever seen. Kneeling between the girl's legs, having just brought Mira to orgasm, was a busty young Latina girl, a little shorter, with slightly larger hips and dark, mesmerizing eyes. Her name was Arianna. The naked soldier's cock saluted both girls. He was hard and eager after watching the forced lesbian-love show. Earlier he had put a strap-on cock attached to a gag and stuffed it in Mira's mouth, forcing Arianna to ride her friend's face until her juices coated the shaft and trickled down its length for her girlfriend to taste.

Now he had new plans in mind. Sadistic plans. "Very good, girls. Now we get really NASTY," Musad growled. He walked over to the girls, his huge, vein-throbbing cock bobbing menacingly. "Please no more. You've already raped me," Arianna begged. Ignoring the girl's pathetic plea, Musad undid Mira's bindings.

He let the lithesome brunette sit up with a groan. Slowly blood circulation returned to her wrists and ankles. The two naked captives sat facing each other on the table now. Fear and bewilderment shone on both their cute faces.

"Wh-what are you going to do with us?" Mira whimpered. "First, you two sluts need to kiss each other. Show me how much you love each other. Mira, lick your juices off of Arianna's face." When the girl hesitated, Musad's palm landed with a loud SMACK on Mira's well-sculpted right butt cheek.

"AHH!!" "Are you hard of hearing, bitch?" "No, Master. Please, we'll do whatever you want," Mira squealed. She leaned forward, licking at her girlfriend's chin. Arianna closed her eyes and groaned as Mira slurped up the glistening fluids around her lips, smeared along her jaw. Unbidden, Arianna reciprocated. She licked at the remnants of her own fluids which had streamed down the dildo when she'd fucked Mira's face earlier.

The two girls continued to clean off each other's faces. They then proceeded to kiss. Their tongues lovingly intertwined as the two girls embraced until their breasts were pressed together - with Musad cheering them on.

"Yes, keep kissing like horny little lesbian sex slaves. That's a good show. You nasty American whores are all the same, aren't you? You have secret desires. I can see you LIKE what I am making you do, yes?" Musad had picked up a gun and now he waved it for emphasis. The tent became charged with tension as the girls froze with the pistol pointed in their faces. "That's enough. I tire of this." The Arab rebel looked down at his elongated prick.

"It is time that my cock joined the action. I know the perfect way to do it, too." He motioned for both sexy girls to slip off the table and come toward the far side of the tent with him.

He then sat on the edge of a mattress and had both girls kneel before him, sitting up with backs arched, breasts thrust forward.

So enticed, he marveled at the two pairs of tits that tempted him like mouth-watering treats… "Very good, sluts. Now, here is the next game we are going to play." He waved the gun slowly, almost like a metronome, back and forth…back and forth.

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"One of you lucky bitches gets to have her ass raped." Arianna and Mira's eyes widened with shock and horror. "Yes, little cunts.

I know. Neither of you has had the pleasure of a cock reaming your tight ass. Well, soon enough one of you will have the distinct privilege. Your sweet infidel ass will be blessed by a hard Arab dick. Which one, though?" Musad looked back and forth, enjoying the interplay of emotions on each girl's face. Fear…hope that it would not be them…that the other girl would get chosen…He saw those thoughts flit across both Mira's and Arianna's face.

"You," he said to Mira. "Come here and suck my cock. And you," he continued, pointing at the big-breasted Latina, "you come here to lick and suck on my balls while your friend takes my shaft down her worthless throat. Come, you two work like a team now. Whichever of you pleases me MORE, I'll spare her ass from being raped. There, is that not a good reward?" As the rebel fighter's awful promise sank in, both girls sprang into action.

Mira spread her hands on the soldier's thighs and leaned over, vacuuming up his penis so fast she made a loud slurping sound. She created a powerful suction with her lips, her head bobbing rapidly as she took him into her mouth. Her jaw rippled with effort as her pretty face impaled itself on his musky-scented manhood. "Ahhhh! You're a good cocksucker, bitch.

Keep up the good work." Musad kept the pistol trained on Mira's head with one hand. With the other hand he gently gathered the flowing tresses of Mira's hair away from her face, the better to help her pleasure his dick. Mira's groans and gurgles filled the tent as she smothered his cock with fervent dedication. Pre-cum began to trickle onto Mira's tongue.

The lubrication made it even easier as the brunette slurped noisily along the length of his penis. 'Oh god. He tastes awful,' Mira thought. 'Please let me just suck him off and make him cum. Maybe then he won't have enough juice left to fuck one of us in the ass,' Mira dared to hope. Meanwhile Arianna strained to twist underneath Musad's pair of cum-filled testicles. Her tongue began to flick daintily at his sac. "Is that all you can do, bitch? At this rate your friend will easily win the reward," Musad jeered at Arianna.

The busty Latina responded by taking one of Musad's testicles into her mouth. She sucked hard on it, caressing it with her tongue as it lay nestled between her lips.

Between Arianna's attentions and Mira's face pumping up and down his slickening penis, it was all Musad could do not to shoot his load of jism right then and there.

"OOoohhh FUCK. You sluts know how to please a man. You are learning to be eager fuck-slaves. This is good. Very good. The General will be impressed when he returns with your two slut friends…if they still live, anyway." That had a chilling effect on both of his young captives. Soon, the slender brunette's face was pumping so hard on Musad's shaft that she was bottoming out, her nose almost to his pubic hair as she gurgled loudly, fighting off the urge to gag.

Musad's free hand fisted in her hair, holding her face flush against his crotch as he felt her tongue cradle his shaft, her desperate choking adding fresh sensation to his manhood. "AHHH fuck. Just like that, bitch. Yes!" he groaned. Meanwhile Arianna was sucking frantically on one of his testicles, then the other, alternating as she pleasured him.

Suddenly Musad growled, "Enough. Turn away, little cunt. I will have YOUR ass. That is your reward," he jeered at Mira as the girl's face went white. "No. Please Sir! B-but you said the one who pleased you most would be spared. I've been pleasing you more than she has." Musad's scar quirked sideways with the skin on his brow as he smiled viciously. "I know, bitch.

And guess what? I'm a violent, ill-tempered soldier who likes to kidnap sexy young sluts. And guess what else? Sometimes I LIE." He forced Mira to turn around until her sexy young ass faced up as she crouched on her hands and knees. Then he grasped Arianna by the nape of the neck and dragged her over just behind her friend's buttocks. "W-w-what?" Arianna croaked. "What does Master want me to do?" The Arab soldier pointed at Mira's tiny, puckered hole.

"You can start being useful, bitch - by spitting some of your saliva into your girlfriend's tight hole and spreading it around with your tongue." Arianna blanched.

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The Latina's pretty face contorted into a look of dismay. "Y-you can't be serious." Musad pressed the barrel of his pistol against the Latina's pubic muff. "You want me to pull this trigger, cunt, and put a bullet in your pussy?" "No! Please, okay. Okay," Arianna whimpered. She spit a big globule of her saliva into Mira's tiny hole and then leaned forward. Trying to stifle the urge to retch, the gorgeous Latina twirled her tongue inside Mira's star-shaped hole.

She spread her saliva inside Mira's ass as the brunette shivered. Mira prepared for the worst. Her skin prickled with fear. Her breasts swayed as Arianna's face pressed against her bottom.

Arianna licked feverishly, her tongue prodding at Mira's anus until the sensation was almost…pleasurable. "Please Master, don't do this," Mira wailed. "My ass can't fit a cock your size. It'll tear me open." But the scar-faced captor ignored the girl's pleas. He waited until Arianna had licked for a good few minutes. He watched as she slurped, her tongue swirling inside Mira's anal crevice until she finally sat back, took a deep breath.

A thin strand of saliva hung from Arianna's lips to Mira's anus. "That'll do, bitch. Now go over and comfort your friend. I want you to suck on her nipples while I rape her ass. Give her a little relief like a good girlfriend, yes?" Arianna's saddened eyes said it all. She nodded. "Yes Master." Now came the moment of truth…or agony, at least for the female captive. Mira bit her lip as she felt the huge, bulbous-shaped crown of Musad's cock prod at her anal opening.

The girl groaned as she felt it worm its way inside - at first just the tip. Then Musad sighed, pushing his hips a little until the first two and a half inches were inside her, shoving past her anal ring. The girl stiffened as she felt him inside her. Her sphincter muscles couldn't keep him out. Mira's hands clenched on the floor. Mira's forehead beaded with sweat as Musad began thrusting - short, violent bursts of pressure that made his shaft snuggle deeper and deeper into her ass.

The girl was soon grunting with the pain of each thrust. Abruptly she felt Arianna craning her neck upward from underneath, her lips fastening around one of Mira's nipples as the girl sucked hard.

Mira moaned, the zing of pleasure in her breast more than offset by the pain of the huge cock violating her most delicate hole. The lithesome brunette let out a shriek as the last few inches of Musad's penis embedded itself in the depths of her ass. "Ohhh god! Please take it out, Master. Please stop, it hurts so much!" she squealed. Distantly, Mira was aware of Arianna sucking harder on her other nipple as graceful feminine fingers petted her clitoris.

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The sensations were like much-needed healing salves as Musad brutalized Mira's ass. The Arab fighter spread Mira's ass cheeks wider with his hands as he watched his cock spear deep into her narrow, all-too-fragile anal passage. "Damn, slut. You're so tight. How does it feel…my cock deep inside you, ready to spew my spunk in your bowels? Tell me, bitch." Mira's groans filled the tent.

Her body trembled with the attempt to accommodate the girth of his cock. She felt as if something had torn inside her, but the girl couldn't be sure. 'Will this psycho kill us both? He doesn't even care if his cock tears out my ass and hurts me. Oh god…what will we do? How will we survive this maniac? There're two of us.

Arianna has to do something. If only we could steal his gun and use it on him,' Mira thought. Sure enough, Musad had temporarily put the gun down. Now he had both hands occupied stroking Mira's sides. Occasionally he swatted Mira's beautifully sculpted ass cheeks as he raped her. "Oooohhh, please stop. It hurts Master. Please take it out!" Mira cried. "How does it FEEL, whore? Tell me again," Musad grunted. "It hurts. Please stop. It hurts so much!" Mira whimpered. Then something happened.

Like a switch going off, suddenly the awful pain dimmed to a dull ache. Meanwhile the Latina's skillful fingers rubbed Mira's clit and fondled her pussy. Arianna's mouth gently teased her nipples, licking, sucking, caressing with just the perfect amount of pressure. Suddenly the pain eased.


Mira was so grateful she almost sobbed with relief. Instead she felt herself doing the impossible. She gently ground her hips back, helping her captor fuck her own ass. Musad's eyes widened as the girl let slip a tiny moan. His hands slid around to cup her breasts. He felt the hardened nipples. He could sense her arousal as she relaxed, despite his throbbing dick thrust deep in her ass.

He gently squeezed her supple cones as she moaned louder. "UHHHH!!" "What are you moaning about, little cunt? Are you starting to actually LIKE it? My cock in your ass? Raping you where you've never been fucked? Tell me how much you like it and I'll be gentle. Hmm?" Mira sighed, saying the words before she was even conscious of it. "Please Master, I love your cock in my ass.

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Please…fuck&hellip.fuck my ass," she said, appalled at her own words, but not knowing what else to do. She felt Musad's hands tweak the sensitive tips of her breasts before they disappeared, reappearing against the smooth skin of her butt cheeks as they kneaded her flesh like dough. "Mmmm. I love watching my cock pumping inside your sexy little ass, you whore. I'm going to fill your bowels with my seed soon.

Very soon." Mira wiggled her bottom and ground it against Musad's crotch. "Fill my bowels with your seed, Master." She couldn't believe she'd said those awful words, but there it was. She had no choice. As his captive, if she didn't please him in this, what worse things might he think up? At least if she cooperated, maybe he would tire out. Maybe THEN she and Arianna could think up a way to escape.

The slender brunette continued to pump her ass backward to meet Musad's thrusting shaft. She felt him plunge into her anal crevice and the dull ache vanished, replaced by…something else. An odd mixture of discomfort and pleasure dovetailed with each of Musad's subsequent fucks. Each time his balls smacked against her butt, Mira felt a tiny thrumming of pleasure blossom in her core.


It was as if her body was acclimating to Musad's obscene shaft, despite everything. And all the while Arianna's agile fingers stroked and caressed Mira's clit until her pussy was quivering with desire. 'Oh god. This is so insane,' Mira thought. She felt herself actually building to orgasm. She knew it. Musad sensed it. Their captor grunted. "I can feel you getting excited, slut.

Your ass clenches around my shaft like you want to take a shit. Now just relax, bitch. I want my cock as deep as it can go. I want to fill your bowels with so much cum. Ahhh fuck. Ahhhhh! UHHH!!!" Musad began pumping faster, spearing his hips forward as his balls slapped against Mira's cheeks with a much harder rhythm. The girl felt his cock pierce her ass like a baseball bat. The feeling of fullness sent her reeling. Then it happened.

Musad roared as he grasped her by the shoulders. He pulled her bottom hard against his crotch as his shaft erupted. Like a geyser, his cock fountained cum, spurt after spurt which he emptied deep inside her ass. He shuddered as his hands gripped her slim shoulders with white-knuckled intensity. Mira moaned as she felt his hot, sticky fluids shoot inside her.

Her pussy convulsed with pleasure. The intense fullness inside her anus had sent the poor girl over the edge. Her chest heaved as her juices spilled onto Arianna's fingers. The surprised Latina withdrew her hand and licked the fluids until her hand was clean.

'Oh god. As painful as this is, I'd almost rather he come inside my ass than my pussy. I don't want to get pregnant,' Mira thought. Even now, in the midst of a nightmare, there was a sliver of a silver lining - assuming she wasn't already pregnant from the multiple times her pussy had been raped.

Either way, she didn't have long to be thankful. Soon Musad's penis was softening. It popped out of her ruined anus. "Come here, Latina slut. I have a new job for you." Arianna crawled over to just behind Mira's buttocks. She gasped in horror at Mira's gaping anus, which was oozing cum and a thin stream of blood.

"Look at this poor, bitch. Being ass-raped isn't easy, is it? Why don't you show her some love? Get in there and clean her up," Musad growled. With a face wrinkled in disgust, Arianna reluctantly obeyed. She tasted the coppery flavor of Mira's blood, but the overwhelming taste and scent came from Musad's cum.

She licked up the flavorful spunk. She licked around the rim of Mira's anus before flicking her tongue inside to lap up the final globs of seed. The taste made her want to gag, but she swallowed it all. She licked her chops as she closed her eyes with a groan. "Please Master, I did what you asked.

Please, may we rest?" Arianna begged. Mira had collapsed and huddled up in a fetal position on the floor. There were tears in her eyes. Arianna thought 'Hang in there, sweetie. We'll find a way out of this somehow.' The Latina's gaze surreptitiously slid over to the gun lying just behind Musad.

But just then the tent flap opened and a dark shadow fell across the naked captives as they turned to see the newcomer - hoping against hope that it was someone come to rescue them. The two girls were disappointed to see a tall, dark-skinned man enter the tent. He wore military fatigues and sunglasses. His face had a scratchy expanse of stubble. He took off the sunglasses immediately when he stepped inside.

"Uh, General Nabatu. You…were not expected," Musad said with some dismay. The foreign general smirked. "I am here to see the General Aamir.

Will he be back soon?" "In a few hours." Musad shrugged uncertainly. General Nabatu smiled. "In the meantime, perhaps I can join your festivities here? You seem to have one cunt to spare," he observed, eyeing the two girls like pieces of meat. Musad nodded quickly, not wanting to anger a potential ally of General Aamir.

"Take whichever fuck-meat you prefer." General Nabatu shrugged out of his uniform, revealing a torso rippling with muscle. A skull-and-crossbones tattoo stretched across his chest.

The African general undid his belt, pulled down his pants, and then took off his boots and socks until he stood naked in all his masculine glory. His cock sprang to life, a finely chiseled rod of elongated flesh. He walked over to Mira and knelt down, cupping the girl's chin in a deceptively loving gesture.

"I'll take this fuck-meat. In fact, your General Aamir owes me a slave girl. This one's pretty. She'll do fine as payment." Musad licked his lips, not wanting to argue. "That is for you and General Aamir to decide. I am but a humble soldier of the caliphate." Nabatu's handsome face returned to a grin as he patted Musad on the back.

"I'm glad you see it that way." He turned his attentions back to Mira. "What's wrong, girl? Don't cry. Nabatu has a nice, big cock for your pussy…and ass." He grasped Mira by the hair and tugged upward. The girl cried out as he forced her to her feet. Then he pulled the naked girl over to the mattress and sat down on the edge of it. His finger began to probe the girl's ass. "You may want to hold off on ass-fucking the slut. I just broke her in," Musad confessed.

The African general cursed. "The bitch will take at least a week to heal from this." He drew his finger away. It had a tiny trace of blood. He patted his lap, from which his obscene cock sprang up like a phallic monument.

"Come here, slut. Hop on and fuck yourself. At least if your ass is worthless, perhaps I can get better mileage out of your hot little pussy." Mira eyed the African's huge cock with fear. It was taller and thicker than any of her previous partners - by a lot. She gingerly straddled the general and moaned as his cock slid up into her sex. The sensation of a cock filling her snatch felt so good compared to her ass-rape earlier that she found herself automatically grinding her crotch against Nabatu.

The pink buds of her breasts hardened with newfound libido as she felt his cock rubbing against the walls of her cunt. "Ooohhh… Please fuck me, Sir. I love your cock. I'll worship your cock, Master," she crooned. The General smirked. "You've got her trained well, Musad.

I am impressed." He leaned down, giving Mira a passionate kiss as his hands caressed her finely shaped buttocks. The hands glided upward, stroking the soft, silky skin of the girl's back.

The brunette's hair swayed as she gyrated on his lap, her ass wiggling as she fucked herself like a sex-crazed slave. Her moans joined his grunts, forming an odd kind of symphony. The smell of sex hung thick in the air as her pussy moistened around his shaft. "Ahhh… this one's pussy is like a little treasure. I'll fuck it every day until I tire of her," the general growled. Musad stood up and watched the action. He leaned over, peering at Mira as she rode the general's cock.

He noticed the poor girl's distended anal ring. He also noticed the blood still glistening in her anal hole. "You spoke wisely, General. I messed up her ass but GOOD. She won't be shitting properly for a week. Best leave her ass be for a lengthy stretch. It will take quite a while to heal," Musad admitted.

The General drew away from Mira's lips. His arms enfolded her as he nipped at the girl's ear lobe. "I already knew that, idiot. Yes, she'll take time to heal, but I have no doubt that this slut's tight ass will be more than worth it. Now leave me in peace with my new fuck-toy." As Mira's sex continued to slide up and down Nabatu's throbbing manhood, the brunette's pleas for mercy and fawning over her captor mingled together. "Please be gentle with me, Master. I love fucking your big, manly cock.

Stretch my pussy with your dick. Please cum inside me. Fill me with your hot, sticky seed. I need it deep inside me," she implored. She licked his shoulder and then laid soft kisses along the side of his neck as he growled and thrust his pelvis upward, fully impaling the girl's quim with his mighty cock.

Arianna gaped in horrified fascination. 'Either they're finally getting to Mira or she's playing along and just hoping he'll treat her better than our previous captors. Oh god,' Arianna thought, wondering…daring to hope.

'But that won't help me,' she realized. 'Musad is a maniac. I have to get traded somehow or given to another man. I don't want him to own me. At this rate, I won't survive.' The busty Latina quailed as Musad returned his attentions to her. He yanked her over near the mattress where Nabatu and Mira were fucking like rabbits. His cock had re-grown to a semblance of rigidity. It still glistened from a mixture of pre-cum and blood from Mira's ass. "Why don't you lick me clean, slut? You can taste your girlfriend's ass on my cock.

Won't that be a treat?" Arianna wanted this nightmare to just be over. But she did as she was told. Her beautiful mouth smothered Musad's cock. She slurped lovingly, her tongue tenderly stroking the sides of Musad's penis as she tasted the odd mixture of fluids. Her heart-shaped face strained with effort as she pumped her mouth up and down, up and down, with louder and louder slurping sounds until Musad was groaning with delight.

His hands had gathered the shiny, black hair back from her face as she impaled her mouth obediently.

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Her lips pressed in a tight seal around his shaft until a new batch of pre-cum oozed in strands from her pretty lips down to the tips of her breasts. Musad abruptly slapped her across the face and pulled out his dick. "Not so fast, little whore. What are you trying to do, make me CUM prematurely? We wouldn't want that." He forced her onto her hands and knees facing the mattress and walked behind her. He knelt. He positioned his cock near the entrance to her pussy.

He teased her by gently rubbing his thick, engorged penis in the cleft of her ass. "Please fuck my pussy, Master," Arianna begged. 'Just please, not my ass!' she thought in panic.

'Anything but that, I don't want to be injured like Mira.' Fortunately, the gorgeous Latina could almost groan with relief as Musad's reinvigorated shaft nudged past her labia, seeking the heat of her sex. She felt his hands cup her breasts as he began to fuck her in earnest. The sound of Musad's balls jostling against the smoothness of her thighs joined the sound of Mira's body and Nabatu's joining as one.

Mira now impaled her wet snatch on General Nabatu's manhood with a squelchy sound that spoke of their sexual fluids mingling, intertwining, a cocktail that filled the tent with the pungent aroma of sex… "Yes!

Yes! Fuck my pussy. Fuck me! Oohhhh!!!" Mira wailed. In response General Nabatu nipped at her shoulder and cupped the smooth curves of her ass cheeks, rocking her back and forth on his dick. "Tell me how much you love getting raped, little cunt.

TELL ME." Mira could still feel the dull ache in her ass. She didn't want to think about what Musad had done to her. To be taken by this African general instead - to have this man want to OWN her body and soul - it might be her only hope. So she responded to Nabatu's touch, to his words, like the perfect sex slave. The slender brunette cupped his face with her hands, and just before bringing his lips down for a passionate kiss she moaned: "Please Master, rape my pussy.

My cunt belongs to you. Fuck me. Fuck my brains out." As their lips joined, Mira's moan reached a new apex. Nabatu's cock vanished completely inside her moist depths. One could only see her impaled cunt stretch around to accommodate his incredible girth, the tight seal of her cunt lips leaking rivulets of pre-cum which glistened in tiny white streaks whenever her pussy lifted up part-way off his towering slab of man-meat - only to come crashing back down for a jarring impalement.

Nabatu's balls churned with cum as Mira's slit continued to pump up and down, bouncing violently on his dick as if she hoped it would puncture her cervix and come out her throat. "Yes! Fuck me, Master. Destroy my pussy with your great, glorious cock. I want it inside me. Fuck me to death! Fuck my slave-pussy and make me scream!" Mira crooned. The African general ate up his captive's debasing words like candy.

He growled appreciatively. He gripped her by the chin and stared into her lust-fueled gaze as her tits bounced with the force of her impalements.

She busted her pussy with the wild abandon of a true sex-crazed girl. To General Nabatu, it was a thing of beauty words just couldn't capture. "YES, little cunt. My seed is bubbling in my balls. I'm ready to explode inside your sexy slit. Are you ready, whore? Are you?" Mira's breathless words chased his.

"Yes, Master. Cum inside me. FILL me, please. I need your cum inside me, inside my worthless fuck-hole. Please, Master. I beg you!" As the beautiful girl pumped her cunt one last time down on his shaft, as his entire cock vanished into her tight folds with only his testicles visible beneath the snug sheath of her sex - the African general came.

He spewed what seemed a gallon of hot, pungent cum straight up towards the girl's unprotected womb. Little did Mira know, but at that exact moment one of Nabatu's swimmers penetrated her defenses and impregnated her. She was now a fully conquered sex slave.

She just didn't know it yet. Mira's pretty brown eyes fluttered as she felt herself seize up on Nabatu's lap. Her pussy clenched convulsively around her rapist's cock. The orgasm took her breath away as she felt her hardened nipples rub against the general's chest. Nabatu had encircled her with his arms. His embrace now crushed her lithesome figure against his as he rode out the rest of his orgasm too. As the last spurts of cum shot with all their potency up her snatch… "Uhhhh…" she groaned, sagging against his chest.

Nabatu kissed the top of her head with surprising tenderness. "Come, little pet. Let us go down to the river. You are all nasty, your cunt filled with cum and your ass still bloody. We will go get you cleaned up, good as new.

Smelling fresh. Come." He gently lifted the dazed girl off his lap and led her towards the tent flap. Mira risked one last glance backward before her new owner thrust her into the blinding light of the desert sun. The fleeting image Mira saw stuck with her forever after; the image of Arianna's breasts swaying back and forth while Musad raped her from behind.

His thick cock slammed into her cunt as his hands gripped her by the waist. He grunted savagely with each thrust. Each time he pulled his engorged manhood out of Arianna's pussy, it glistened with not just his pre-cum but also the beautiful Latina's aroused fluids… "Uhh!

Uhh!! UHH!!" Musad growled. "Enjoy your new plaything, General Nabatu. Shall I have my General Aamir come to call upon you, or will you return after you have… UH! .refreshed yourself in the river?" Arianna's face contorted with an odd mixture of pain—or was it shame?—and reluctant pleasure. The tips of her breasts pebbled into aroused little buds as Musad slapped her ass roughly yet affectionately and continued to spear her cunt with his dick.

The loud sound of suction that came each time he pulled out of the helpless girl told Mira that Arianna's pussy was greedily clenching up around her rapist's shaft. 'She's totally lost now, just like me,' Mira realized. General Nabatu poked his head briefly back inside the tent.

"Ah, indeed. Tell your General Aamir that I will be relaxing with my new slave girl down by the river. Tell him to take his time. After all, I do so enjoy spending time with a new toy. Meanwhile, with a bizarre mixture of relief and hope, Mira could only focus on one train of thought: 'With any luck this General Nabatu is not a monster quite as bad as the others.

Perhaps if I serve him obediently, like a good sex slave, I will at least know some pleasure. Some semblance of safety.

I'm sorry, Arianna. We couldn't break out…it's hopeless. It's every girl for herself from now on. Sandy, Layla, I hope wherever you end up, you somehow find a way to stay alive.' Mira let those thoughts drift away. Mira wasn't sure what was going to happen to her other girlfriends, but that didn't matter now. Life was brutal, but survival was instinct.

Sometimes it was everything. As the alluring brunette let herself be led away by her new owner, Nabatu's fingers slipped between her labia, gently petting the inner walls of her snatch as she moaned at the unexpected sensations.

"Come, little bitch. Let's get you cleaned up. Never forget it, now—your gorgeous face, those perky tits, that sexy ass, this perfectly shaved pussy, every naked inch of you - it all belongs to me. You are MINE." "Y-yes Master," Mira groaned. As her new Master's fingers stroked her just-raped love-hole with shocking tenderness, the girl's thoughts scattered into a hundred different directions, replaced by a surge of the unthinkable.

Lust. ************* THE END.for NOW (Coming soon: Parts 4, 5, and 6, the ultimate conclusion). ************* I hope you enjoyed the story.

Remember, life is short, so indulge your fantasies, the darker and kinkier the better. Disclaimer: I do not in any way support or condone the fictitious acts depicted in this story. This is a fantasy based on countless desires.

Check out more of my stories, and I hope you like what you find… ~gaggedKitty