Les Hotties Valentina Nappi And Dani Daniels

Les Hotties Valentina Nappi And Dani Daniels
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Chapter one. I was naked on the bed my nine inch cock fully erect has I watched Angie remove her tight black dress revealing the most beautiful body I'd ever seen, her flame red shoulder length hair swaying has she moved, her 36DD size breasts being confined by a black lacy bra, and her completely shaved pussy hidden behind a matching thong, we kept eye contact the entire time our love for each other clear for all to see. Angie unclasped her bra and allowed it to drop to the floor exposing a huge breasts to me for the first time her thong quickly followed showing her hairless pussy to my hungry eyes, I have to say nothing about Angie's body gave away that she was a forty year old divorced mother of one, her daughter Samantha at twenty three was a year younger than myself, and she has got a really good job working has a stewardess for a big airline company keeping her away from home a lot.

How do I know so much about Samantha you might ask and the answer is simple you see Samantha is not only Angie's daughter but she is also my wife and has been for two years now but we have been together five years in total, yes Angie who had by now joined me on the bed is my mother in-law. Chapter two.

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Our lips met with a passion that neither of us had experienced before an urgency that over whelmed us both, knowing that we had both waited five years for this moment and now finally we got to explore each others bodies, my hands slid up her stocking clad thighs enjoying the touch of the silk but enjoying more the softness of her skin has my hands came into contact with the top of her thighs, she began to moan into my mouth and reached down and took hold of my nine inch hard cock and tenderly began to stroke it up and down, my fingers started to explore Angie's pussy which was already wet with excitement, I slid my middle finger inside her causing her to gasp with pleasure " mmmm that's it baby you finger my hot pussy" Angie said, I quickly slid in a second and third finger inside her and continued to finger fuck her " oh god baby that feels so fucking good yes yes yes" she screamed, she continued to wank my cock faster and faster, I took one of her nipples into my mouth and began to suck then I bit down slightly " oh fuck yes suck my tits baby bite my nipples god your going to make me fucking cum" she said, I wanted to taste her so bad so I pulled my fingers out of her and put them to my mouth licking her pussy juices off my fingers before putting them in my mouth and sucking them clean, Angie tasted spectacular and I needed more.

I moved down her body kissing every inch of her till I reached her gorgeous pussy and I allowed my tongue to flick across her clit, this sent Angie into a frenzy "oh fuck yes lick my cunt you horny little fucker taste me mmmmm stick your fucking tongue right inside my cunt yes do it baby yes" she yelled and grabbed my head pulling my head tight into her pussy "fucking eat me" she screamed at me, I began by licking the outer lips of her pussy then pushing my tongue all the way inside her tasty pussy " oh my god yes your making me cum" I pulled my tongue out of her pussy and started to lick downwards till I reached her tight little ass hole and I began to kick it sending Angie over the edge, I put my tongue back into her pussy but inserted my middle finger into her ass " yes baby finger my tight ass and eat my pussy yes yes I'm cumming yes yyeess" she screamed has the most powerful orgasm she had ever experienced exploded from her like a tsunami hitting the coast line, I tried my hardest to swallow all of her cum but there was just to much my face was covered from her orgasm, and eventually she let go of my head and I was able to move back up her body where once again our lips met and our tongues explored each others mouths this time Angie tasting her own juices on my lips.


Chapter three (Angie's point of view) I'd always thought of myself as a good mom to my daughter Samantha having raised her alone after my useless exhusband walked out on us when she was only five years old, that was the case till the day Sam introduced me to her then boyfriend Jay.

We got on really well together, he is 6ft4 with a fairly muscular physique and very and I do mean very handsome, if I am totally honest I fancied him from the very beginning and over the years I've had to resist temptation on more than one occasion.

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You see when Jay greets me or says goodbye to me he always gives me a little peck on the lips and I've resisted the urge to just plunge my tongue into his mouth and to drag him to bed to fuck him and I knew deep down from the way he looked at me that he had developed feelings for me also.

For five years I resisted temptation but only because when I saw Jay my daughter was also there but now I see Jay more than I see my daughter and for the past year I've found it harder to resist and today I gave in to my desires, I love him and he loves me and I am doing the one thing that no mother should do, I'm stealing my daughters husband.

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My entire body was still trembling and every nerve in my body tingled from the orgasm Jay had just given me " oh baby I want to feel you fucking me so bad" I whispered to him " but first things first" I continued, I began my descent down to his big hard cock my intentions perfectly clear for him to see, my mouth just inches away from his throbbing member, I used my tongue to tease the tip of his cock feeling him shudder has I did so, I slowly began kissing his cock before finally taking it into my mouth, I sucked Jay's cock with a hunger that took even me by surprise but I wanted to taste him like he had me, I took has much of his cock as I could feeling it hit the back of my throat causing me to gag but also sending Jay over the hedge " oh baby yes your going to make me cum, yes sexy suck my dick mmmm yes yes" he said, I felt his balls tighten and then he shot spurt after spurt of warm sticky cum down my throat, I swallowed every last drop he gave me, I continued to suck him gently keeping his cock hard for my pussy and ass.

Chapter four (Angie's point of view) I kept expecting to picture my daughter and to feel guilt at what me and Jay had just done let alone the boundary that we were still going to cross but there was no guilt just the feeling of love for my son in-law and the thought of him fucking me with that gorgeous cock, but I also needed to be sure it wasn't just going to be just a one off, I wanted him has a lover and with Sam working away a lot I knew our affair would be incredible.

I climbed on top of him and positionedp his cock at the entrance to my pussy enough that my lips held him in position then I said to him "before this goes any further I need to know this is going to be more than a one off baby" with out answering me he just pushed upwards sending his cock deep into my horny pussy "aargh fuck yes baby" I screamed with a mixture of pleasure and shock.

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His cock was stretching my pussy more than it had ever been stretched before, my entire body was shaking with feelings has I was being impaled by Jay's large cock, the muscles in my pussy gripped down on his long shaft has I began to slide up and down on him my large breasts bouncing up and down, Jay took a nipple into his mouth and began sucking and biting it then the other he reached his hands round to my ass and pushed a finger inside my tight little hole has I fucked him, my orgasm exploded from me with such force that I thought I was going to lose consciousness I felt my juices squirt out of me and all over his balls and then the bed my shoulder length red hair flurry of movement has a shook my head violently from side to side.

I was completely exhausted but I didn't want this to end and I knew Jay was going to fuck me in the ass and I couldn't wait, I got off his cock and got on all fours Jay positioning himself behind me he slipped his fingers into my extremely wet pussy and then moved them to my ass using my own juices to lubricate my tight ass, his cock still wet from our fucking, he pushed against the entrance to my tight little ass eventually causing it to open up enough that the tip of his cock slid in to me with a popping noise, and for the next ten minutes he worked his cock deeper into my ass taking his time so not to hurt me but I wanted it all so with him having about six inches all ready inside I pushed my ass back on to him the next time I felt him push forward my ass swallowing the rest of his delicious cock.

I've always enjoyed my ass being fucked and Jay's cock was the biggest that's ever fucked me up there and god did it feel fucking amazing, I knew has he fucked me harder and harder that he was very close to his own orgasm and I too felt my third quickly approaching.

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I pushed backwards each time Jay thrusted forwards our bodies mingled becoming one our love shone has I felt Jay empty spurt after spurt of his cum deep inside my ass and at the same time my own orgasm taking me to new heights, we both collapsed in the bed totally exhausted and drifted off to a blissful sleep holding each other tight, I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. Part two to follow.

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