Vintage Rasieren und Fisting

Vintage Rasieren und Fisting
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Fbailey story number 328 A Punch In The Tit As a little kid I learned to punch my sister in her tits. As her tits started to develop I found out that they were very sensitive and that it hurt her even more. So of course I did it more often.

When she was thirteen and I was fourteen she was already into a 30-B bra and growing every day. Our mother wore a 36-DD bra. I know because I keep track of things like that. I liked tits but the bigger the better.

Then Dad left us for a chick that only wore a 34-A bra and she had to pad that. Well at that time life changed for us and we were all angry.


My sister studied more and stayed to herself, Mom cleaned the house constantly, and I became more violent. Soon I was punching my sister's tits every chance that I got. Then I started in on Mom's tits.

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At first she was shocked and then she was upset. She tried to reason with me but I punched her tits anyway. Mom started to accept it as a way of life like my sister had all those years. Well she really didn't accept it, she more or less tolerated it and tried to reason with me.

I started telling her what I wanted and she would do it. At first I would ask her to fix something for dinner and she would. Then I told her to stop wearing a bra.

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I would punch Mom's tits whenever she wore a bra and it worked. I still punched my sister's tits no matter what, just because I always had. The next step was for both of them to be topless around me and let me fondle their tits whenever I wanted too.


That worked too and I really enjoyed it. Of course I didn't stop there and insisted on full nudity and no doors to be closed on their bedrooms or their bathrooms either. I wanted to see them at any time, getting dressed to go out, taking a bath, or even peeing.

I still found excuses to punch Mom's tits but I didn't need any excuse to punch my sister's tits. Then one day Mom was bent over in the kitchen looking for something in a lower cabinet.

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I came up behind her and stuck my cock in her pussy from behind. She jumped up and turned around dislodging my cock from her. I punched her right in one tit and then in the other one.

She hollered at me for raping her and I punched her tits again. Mom then tried to protect her tits from me with her hands.

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I spun her around and stuck my cock back in her pussy. That time she tolerated it and just as soon as I cum in her and pulled out she ran to her bedroom, closed and locked her door.

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I took it out on my sister. I punched her tits and fucked her pussy. I just pushed her on her bed, opened her legs, and stuck it in her. She cried but she knew better than to resist me when I was in a bad mood like that.

When I finished cumming in her I told her to expect it every day. She didn't do anything to upset me for the rest of the day. I got a screwdriver and proceeded to remove the bedroom doors from our bedrooms and our bathroom. Mom never came out of her bedroom until she thought that I was asleep. While she was downstairs I removed her bedroom and bathroom doors too. When she came back up I was in her room sitting on her bed. Mom said, "That was not fair, fucking me like that I the kitchen.

Your father used to do that to me and it brought back certain feelings and emotions. Besides I enjoyed it way too much and its incest. We cannot do it anymore." I said, "Oh yes we can and we will, every day or else.


I already fucked Jenny and she is okay with the new rule." Mom started to protest when I got up and punched her rather hard in one tit.

When she grabbed it with both hands I punched her in the other tit. In her state of shock and discomfort I pushed her face down on her bed and entered her pussy from behind. Mom didn't fight it at all and soon she was moaning and actually encouraging me to fuck her harder and deeper. I cum before she did and she told me that she would have to teach me how to fuck her better. I couldn't figure out why I needed to fuck her better, I had cum and that was all that was important to me.

Then Mom asked me to sleep with her that night. In the morning I woke up with Mom sucking my cock. When I was awake she sat on my cock and started fucking away doing all of the work for me.

My sister came in during that time and got on the bed with us. Mom told her that I was going to fuck her every day and my sister told Mom that I was going to fuck her every day too. Mom then told my sister that the two of them needed to teach me what to do to make it better for them. She also told me that if they enjoyed it more, that I would enjoy it more too.

It quickly got to where they were coming to me to get fucked two and three times a day.

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The more I got laid the less angry I was and the less I punched them in their tits. Surprisingly both Mom and my sister asked me to punch their tits on Saturdays just for old time sake. So while I was fucking them and right during their orgasms I would punch them in both tits. I made sure to fuck them each three times on Saturdays after that. I started taking turns sleeping with them at night.

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I liked fucking Mom in the kitchen every morning before I went to school and I liked fucking her while she was on the telephone talking to her female friends too. I liked fucking my sister in the bathroom before she could pee. I liked the tight feeling when her bladder was full. Mom taught me that fucking her tits was better than punching them.

I had to admit that she was right. When my sister turned fourteen she was already into a 32-C bra and I liked it.

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I was fifteen at the time and brought home a bisexual girlfriend. I told her that she could have my sister if I could have her. When she saw my mother's huge tits she wanted her too.

Okay. Mom said, "Not so easy girly. After you fuck around with each of us we get to punch your tits. That's how we got started with him." My sister said, "Yeah and it hurts like hell too." My new girlfriend removed her bulky sweater to reveal her 34-D tits and said, "Have at it." The End A Punch In The Tit 328