Hot sexy nice tits brunette babe plays

Hot sexy nice tits brunette babe plays
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"You wore a skirt? I knew you where a slut and you just proved it." "No, I was concerned about changing in the locker room for gym. With a skirt I can slide on and off my shorts so no one could see me not wearing panties." Mikey digs his two fingers even deeper into her pussy.

"Four, in the shed. Remember?" "Yes, Master." Mikey then removes himself from her, washes his hands briefly in the sink, and carefully walks out of the school's girl's washroom to return to his lunch hour. The hallways in the academic wing are deserted at this time; a perfect place to pay his little cunt a visit.

Too bad he forgot the condoms.

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Later that day, Matty finds herself traveling through the grass of Mikey's back yard again. With the memory of the day before in her mind, she is afraid of what might happen next. After she walks into the shed, she searches for her cruel Master, but he is no where to be found.

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Matty is unsure of what to do. She notices the paddle is gone, but the rope from the ceiling is still there. To save herself some pain, she figures undressing would be a wise choice. She is careful to fold her clothes up, so they wont get dirty. It was extremely difficult to sneak into her house the day before without having her mom see the cum stain all over her shirt. She stood and waited wearing nothing but the collar of her master, the choke chain.

As the time pasted, at least ten minutes, she sweats, not just because the heat but because of her concern of her doing wrong.

Matty is now thinking as a slave. She doesn't want to disobey her Master. WACKSMACK Matty didn't even hear the door open. "Oww" "In the center of the shed. Face that way. Arms strait up." Mikey ties the rope from the ceiling around her arms securely. After the the knot is tight, he pulls the rope so that she is suspended, only toes touching the floor.

WACKSLAP WACKSMACK WACKSMACK "What a good slave you are. Already naked." WACKSMACK WACKSMACK WACKSLAP WACKSMACK "Ow, ow owwy, no, please stop, ow." After each stroke with the paddle, she is swinging back and forth. Mikey waits until she is swinging his direction before his next rip, in order to create more pain.

"Ow, nooo, please." "Oh, don't worry. This is not what I intended for you now.


The paddle is more for bending over." WACKSMACK "Ryan said he was gonna name it 'Patience.' Get it? When you are naughty, he is going to use patience with you." WACKSMACK SLAPWACKCRACK "Owwww" "Don't think that's funny? Well, I did. That's the differents between you and me, cunt.

I am able to laugh. When was that last time you laughed?" WACKSMACK SLAPCRACK ", ah." "Well, anyways, on with what we are going to do first today." Mike produces a three foot long piece of orange plastic, very flexible. "Do you know what this is?" "No, sir, Master." Matty is mumbling through her sobs. "It's a track piece, from my Matchbox Cars Racing set. Very painful when slapped with. The problem is I don't know if its painful when its whipped with.

Maybe you can tell me." "Yes, Master." She is fully crying now. Her body is trembling with fear. Her body and spirit have taken enough the last few days, but today is only the middle of the week. WISH-SHH "!" WHOSH WISH-SHH The first few beatings land on Matty's soar backside, making a star like shape. The third strike, the hardest of the three create an open wound.

"Please, stop, please." Matty's voice is barely heard. WISH-SHH WHOOSH WISHSWISH Red marks cover Matty same as before, lower back to mid-thigh. a few are bleeding, but not gushing, so Mikey continues. It only takes a few minutes for the Master to grow some heart and give up on the bitch's backside. Matty's head is dangling, and her toes don't even support any of her weight anymore.

Her hands are starting to turn purple from the lack of circulation. Mikey, to finish the job, ties another piece of rope from the ceiling to an ankle, so her legs are spread wide. WISH-SHH WISHSWISH WHOOSH SWISHWHOOSH CRACK Only a few minutes of whipping are used on the slave's pussy and inter thighs. It was a glorious site for Mikey to see the home made whip wrap itself around Matty's legs. Master untied the wench carefully, and laid her out on the work table, stomach down.

He washed the wounds quickly with a wet rag. He was sure to get her thighs and underside. Mikey continues to humiliate her be finger-fucking her. She is too week to do anything about it, but she does feel it. Madison is then left alone for a while, so she can recuperate. WACK "Rise and shine, sweetheart." She really did hate the ruler.

When Matty looks up at her Master, she sees him attaching the leather leash again, something she dreads. "It's almost five now. Lets make the most of the time left." WACK "Up we go." Matty struggled to do so. Her body ached all over. Being lead out of the tool shed, she noticed her clothes being gone.

Mikey was right a few days back when he said that was just the beginning. Every moment he seems to be meaner. Matty, with all her strength, tries to keep up with her Master. Once inside, Mikey starts barking orders to her.

She is to crawl to the corner, stand there same as the day before, and wait. Matty's crawl to the corner is the most humiliating yet. Mikey is right behind, walking her with the leash, slowing her down, swinging the daily paper on her ass, while scolding her all the way. Once she is in the corner, same as she was the day before, another ritual began. Mikey ran his hands all over her body. He first caress her tits, but then he starts squeezing.

He pinches her still sore nipples, twisting them as he feels. Master's hands lower and stroke the welts on her stomach and thighs. Soon he is fingering her again, something she's always hated, not just by Mikey.

Matty could feel the building bulge in Master's pants. SMACK "What a good slave you are turning out to be." "Thank you, sir." "Maybe I should keep you around a little longer, say another week?" "Please no." Matty breaks down in tears. She is afraid because she knows he has control over her.

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SMACK "We'll see." Mikey moves to the couch, where Matty's slavery first began. He unzips himself to release what powers him. "Crawl to me, slut. Lets see you beg for it." Matty gets down on all fours, and starts to crawl towards Mikey. She keeps her head down in shame. "Keep you legs spread, cunt. You should be exposed. That's it. Stay on all fours. Hope you hungry." Mikey leads her, with his hand pulling her hair.

It only takes a short while for Master to cum. He makes her swallow it all down. "Up here. Lay pussy down on the couch.

Head right here. Do a little more sucking. You need practice." Matty is now stomach down on the couch next to Mikey so she could still blow him.

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The slave was in enough reaching distance for Master to either spank her with his open hand, or use the ruler when he wants to. Mikey watches TV for a bit, enjoying Matty's warm mouth and her warm ass. During one commercial, he leans in on her, to jam his fingers deep in her pussy.


"I cant wait to bang this wet cunt again." SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK Her back side was warmed up again. "Ok, I think you excited yourself enough. What do you think?" "Yes, Sir." "And.?" "Thank-you?" "For what, cunt?" SMACK SMACK SMACK Mikey loves the feeling of her hot jiggling flesh under his hand. "Thank you, Master, for letting me suck you and thank you for exciting me.

Thank you, Sir." SMACK SMACK SMACK "That's better. Now, Go around and bend over the back of this couch.

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I want you to be ready." Matty does as she is told, even crawling there. "Are you ready?" SLAP SLAP Matty hates his hand more than the ruler, because it feels more personal.

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"Yes, Master." That is the signal for Mikey to test the paddle. WACKCRACK SWHOOSHWACK POPWACK WACKSLAP CRACKPOP "No, please don't, ow. It hurts. No, please. owwy." Matty dances around as much as she can, trying to avoid every stroke with the paddle. "Ow, no, please." "It cant be that bad.

Jane McGillian liked it." CRACKPOP WACKCRACK "WHAT? Ow, ooow, ah, no." "She saw me make it during wood shop and wanted to see what it felt like, so in the bathroom we tested it.

She bent over the sink. She let me raise her little skirt. I was sure she would want me to lower her panties too, but to my surprise, she wasn't wearing any." CRACJWOOSH POPCEACK WACKPOP WACKSLAP "Ow, no, ah, oow.

You paddled her?" "She liked it. So do you. Now get down, legs spread. Stop stalling me." WACKWHOSH CRACKPOP WACKSLAP CRACKSLAP POP "Please. I've had enough." SLAP The soft tap of Masters hand was to assure Matty the paddling was over, for today.

"I wanted you ass to be aching, so when I pork you, it hurts you more. Are you aching?" "Yes, Sir, very much." "Good." SLAP Mikey spread her legs apart, and takes aim carefully. He thrusts into her with all his might. Matty can feel her Master inside. His grind is great and powerful, lifting her off of her feet. Mikey retreats from her wet pussy, and plows into her asshole. The Slave can now feel Mikey's sweaty balls swinging against her pussy.

Her paddled ass feels every hump with more intensity. Soon he was cumming inside of her, something very uncomfortable for the cunt. The warm liquid pushes itself deep, and some comes exploding out.


After a rest, Mikey retreats from behind Matty for today. He backs away a little. "Clean me off, slut." Matty crawls to him as he wishes to take his half limp cock into her mouth. She is sure to get every bit of the salty liquid off of him. In just a short time, Master is ready to shoot again, and so he does. "Lick my balls too." Matty complies but Mikey makes it a challenge to her. He moves around a bit, making her reach.

Its a struggle not to lose balance but Matty survives.

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Any two more days left, as much as Matty knows.