Naked fun in public park

Naked fun in public park
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Heres a chat I had on omegle. Also, my names is actually Sarah, I use Ashley on omegle and that I'm 17.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stranger: hi You: hey asl Stranger: 23 male UK, you? You: 17 f uk Stranger: how're you?

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You: good, you Stranger: i'm good Stranger: mind if ask what you look like? You: brown long hair, brown eyes, 5.6" and 34 c cups, you? Stranger: long dark hair, blue eyes, glasses, 6', 7 inch length :P You: cool Stranger: what're you upto atm?

You: not much, wbu Stranger: not a lot You: do u roleplay? Stranger: sure You: what kind do u like? Stranger: any really, I don't mind :) You: do u like sexual roleplay?

:) Stranger: ;) sure You: what one? ;) Stranger: why don't you start, we'll see how it goes?

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:P You: Ok but what roleplay are we doing, school, doctor, incest or another one? Stranger: do you have a particular favourite? You: incest dad/daughter Stranger: ok You: my names Ashley btw Stranger: Tom You: Nice to meet you Stranger: you too You: Lets start You: 'Dad, I'm home!' Stranger: 'Welcome home sweetheart, how was your day?' You: 'Its was good dad!

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I got dared to do something though.' Stranger: 'Oh? What was that?' *looks at you curiously* You: *looks down* 'I need to get you to fuck me.' Stranger: *coughs* 'You.What?

You need to what?' You: 'I need to get you to fuck me.' Stranger: 'Ashley.That.I.' *sits on the couch, looking shocked* You: 'Dad, if you don't want to, its fine.' Stranger: 'Ashley, you're my daughter. I'd do anything for you, but this.' *looks at you* You: 'I'll take the consequence if you want?' Stranger: 'What's the consequence?' You: 'Give all the guys in my year a blowjob.' Stranger: 'No.

Honey, I can't let you do that.

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But.I.What would happen if your mother found out? If anyone found out?' You: 'I'd take the blame. Anyway, mum won't find out. She doesn't get home until 2am on Fridays.' Stranger: 'I still don't know Ashley.

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I mean, you're a beautiful young woman, and I love you, but you're my daughter. It just.' *looks you up and down slowly* You: 'Please?' Stranger: *sighs, smiling* 'If it'll help you in any way, ok.' You: 'Thanks dad!' *gives you a quick hug* Stranger: *holds you close* You: *kisses you* Stranger: *kisses back, still a little reluctant* You: 'Come on dad.

Remember, I'm a beautiful young women and this is the only chance you'll ever get' Stranger: *kisses you again, a little more forcefully, placing my hands low on your hips* You: *unbuttons my shirt still kissing you* Stranger: *pulls your hips against mine, letting you feel my excitement starting to grow* You: *breaks off the kiss, gets up, lets my shirt drop and slides down my skirt* Stranger: *I stare longingly as you undress, my eyes slowly dragging over your curves* You: 'Dad?' Stranger: *I start undoing my trousers* 'You sure you want to do this?' You: 'I am' *unclips my red bra from behind and lets it drop then slides my thumbs inside my red thong* Stranger: *I pull down my trousers and boxers* 'Show me how much you want it.' You: * slides thong down * 'My friends said you have to do something before you fuck me, I don't know what' Stranger: *raises an eyebrow, a little puzzled* You: *walks over and sits beside you* Stranger: *kisses you, cupping your breasts gently* You: *continues kissing u whilst moving on to your lap grinding against your cock* Stranger: *I move my hips with yours, my fingers tugging on your nipples* You: *gives a quiet moan* Stranger: 'Do you like that Ashley?' You: 'Yes, Yes I do.' Stranger: *tugs a little harder, moving my hips so that the head of my cock is almost entering you* You: *slides onto your cock and moans* 'God, dad' Stranger: 'Oh that's it baby, that's it' You: *grinds harder and moans louder* Stranger: *I start sucking your nipples, moving my hands to grip your arse* You: 'Oh dad!


I want this to last forever! Fuck me dad, fuck your daughter!' Stranger: *I roll us over, lifting your legs and pushing in deep, fucking you hard and fast* You: 'Daaaaaaaaaaddy!' *continues to moan* Stranger: 'Ashley, you are so fucking sexy!' *fucks faster* You: *moans even louder* Stranger: *takes cock out pussy and pushes it up arse* You: 'DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADDDY!!!!!' Stranger: *rams arse rapidly* 'Baby, I'm gonna cum!' You: 'Cum in me daddy!' Stranger: 'I will tell you this now Ashley.

Our life will never be the same again' You: 'Daddy please?' Stranger: 'Ok baby' *fucks arse faster then takes out then put cock back in pussy* 'You ready?' You: 'Yes dad' Stranger: *shoots alot of cum into pussy* You: 'thanks daddy' *kisses cheek* Stranger: 'It isn't over yet' *puts you on floor and lifts your legs up and starts finger fucking you cunt whilst playing with your clit* You: 'Faster daddy!' Something had happened and it disconnected there, sorry.


If you want, I could make a whole story about a 17 year old called Ashley? Tell me what you think!

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-Sarah xox