Naked guys Aiden cannot stand against the enticing sight of nude

Naked guys Aiden cannot stand against the enticing sight of nude
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Chapter 1: The Bar It was a long day for Jonathan as he just spent half of the day at best friend Charlie's wedding. After the wedding him and Charlie spent time alone with each other at the bar, while Charlie's wife was with her friends. "You and Mary have been together for years now, does it ever get hard on you?

Things with you and Mary seem so perfect." Jonathan laughed and replied, "Well sometimes it does get a little hard but all the years me and Mary have been together we haven't had any serious problems." Charlie smiled and said, "I really hope things with me and Sara stay positive, I really love her and I wouldn't know what to do without her.

I have always dreamed about our wedding, getting married to her and spending my entire life with her and today it really happened." Jonathan looked at Charlie and told him, "Things will get tough, but you're just going to have to work it out with her. I have known you and Sara for years now and I know you both are a great pair--" Jonathan glanced at the clock and told Charlie, "Man it's already past 8 o'clock, didn't Sara want you to meet up with her around then?" Charlie got a bit nervous and said, "Already on my wedding day and I am already screwing up!

I'll get ahold of you later this week, you did a great job being my best man today." Jonathan smiled and replied, "You better get going!" Charlie fist bumped Jonathan and walked out of the bar. Jonathan had to go use the urinal, he got up and walked into the men's room. After doing his business he went to wash his hands and gazed into the mirror.

He ran cold water onto his hands and gently rubbed a little water onto his face. Jonathan was a fairly attractive man at age 32, he had dirty blond short hair and hazel eyes with a very charming smile that was always on his face.

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Just by looking at him you would know that he was that friendly family man next door that could do no harm. After drying off his hands he went back to the spot that he was sitting and send his wife a text message telling her how he loved her and that he will be home in a few hours.

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While putting on his jacket to leave the bar a very attractive young around 20 year old blonde haired blue eyed woman walked up to him and said, "Hi, this may come off a little silly but I'm new in town and I thought I would try my best to meet someone here to become friends with.

I saw you and I thought you would have been one of the best people to meet and greet in this bar. My name is Karen, what's your name? I hope you don't mind chatt--" Jonathan took out his hand and politely shook her hand and said, "My name is Jonathan and I would love to have a quick chat with you, don't worry I am always up to meeting someone new.

I wouldn't be able to imagine how hard it would be to move into town and try to make new friends. I have lived here for my entire life, so I never had to start new anywhere else." Karen sat down and Jonathan took off his coat and put it onto his chair.


Karen smiled, "I'm glad you don't mind." Karen then out loud said to the bartender, "May we please get two classic rum and coke." As Karen pulled out her money Jonathan pulled out his wallet and told her, "No need to pay, I wouldn't mind paying for you.

You are new in town, I'm sure you don't have the money to pay for my drink, let me pay." Karen noticed a photo fell out of Jonathan's wallet with a photo of his family on it, "Oh come on, I will pay. Wait, is this a photo of you? You are married and have kids?" Jonathan smiled and raised the photo that was on the table up to Karen, "Yes I have two lovely children and this is my wife Mary. The little one is 7 and his name is Bradly, the oldest one is Ryan who is 10." Karen smiled and told him, "You have one beautiful family, what are you doing at a bar alone anyway?" Jonathan smiled, "Oh I was originally here having a chat with my one friend who got married today.

We thought it would be a good place to have our alone time since it wasn't too far from where the wedding took place." The two drinks came in and Jonathan handed the money to pay for the drink.


They both chatted for a while and after finishing off the drink she ordered the next rounds and alcohol kept coming in. Jonathan didn't notice how much they were both drinking and they both started to get a little drunk. Karen was a bit giggly and asked Jonathan for his number so they could keep in contact after they left, Jonathan told her, "Yeah, you can.can have it.

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Just text me whenever you would like to chat and hangout and whatever." Karen entered it in her phone then right after she put her phone away replied, "Wow we are a bit drunk, this is a little bad for the first time meeting isn't it. I feel bad since your wife may get mad if she finds this out, but this is just a platonic chat anyway so I don't see the harm in it. Getting drunk together may be a red flag though." Jonathan felt a little bad and said, "Oh shoot, you're r-right, I need to get a little sober first then get myself back home.

I probably smell like alcohol too." Karen smiled, "Oh my apartment is only around the corner. Would you just like to shower at my place, then maybe head home after you're a bit sober?" Jonathan knew this girl was harmful and with his drunken decision he replied, "Oh sure, yeah we can-n do that." Chapter 2: Her place Jonathan left with her and entered her place in the apartment.

Karen explained where the soap is and shut the washroom door to let him shower up. As Jonathan showered, Karen laid back onto her couch and thought to her self, 'Wow, Jonathan is a pretty hot guy. he's a married father though, but if he's this drunk. I am tempted to-- mmm, noo.

He has two boys at home, and a wife he clearly loves so much from the conversation we had.

Imagine his penis though, imagine that cum that filled up his wife when he impregnated her. He's a family man and what if I took advantage of him and got him to show me that same penis his wife owns and that cum that--' Karen slid her hand down her pants and and below her panties, she began to finger her tight clit thinking of Jonathan naked and making him cheat on his wife, giving him a better time than his wife would ever give him.

Karen thought of a genius idea of peaking through the bathroom keyhole to see if she could see Jonathan naked when he got out of the shower. Karen heard the shower stop and she tipped toed to the door. She peaked through the keyhole and couldn't see anything right away, then she saw Jonathan walk up to the mirror. She slid her hand back down her pants and started fingering herself as she saw Jonathan's moderately hairy slim body, he had his pants already on which was unfortunate for her.

As she stared as he put the towel on the hook next to the sink, his pants weren't buttoned up and they fell down to his knees when he raised his arms up to put it on the hook. She stared through the keyhole in awe as she noticed his boxer briefs were a little below his waist, she didn't see his penis but she did see his unshaven hairy pubic hair which turned her on.

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Karen felt herself orgasm as she had her eyes pinned on Jon's pubes and the slight bulge in his pants. Jonathan pulled his pants back up as he chuckled quietly, he buttoned up his dress shirt as Karen took her hand out of her pants. Just as she was going to wipe her wet hands off Jonathan opened the door and walked out of the washroom and told her, "Thank you so much for letting me shower, II-I am a bit drunk still but I think it would be the-the best if I went home." Jonathan held out his hand to shake Karen's hand and Karen hesitated since her hand is still soaked from fingering herself.

Karen nervously put out her hand hoping he wouldn't comment on how her hands were wet and shook his hand. Jonathan questioned her, "Your hand is a a bit-t sticky, did you just eat icecream-m or something?" Karen nervously giggled and out of no where came up with, "Oh yeah, I was just eating an icecream cone and I knew you were getting out of the washroom and I didn't want you to get lost-- so instead of washing them I went to the washroom door, and I wasn't expecting a shake--" Jonathan laughed, "Ooh, icecream?

Why didn't-t you save some for me." He clearly was more drunk than he was before he came into her apartment. He then said, "I wonder what flavor-r it is, well. let me guess." His hand was fairly sticky from the hand shake, he then said, "Well let me guesss-s which flav-vour it is." He held out his hand and gently licked it and said, "I'm not sure what flavor it is-s, but whatever flavor it is I would definitely want more of it." Karen told him while completely turned on and blushing, "Yeah-h Jonathan, if you ever want some icecream I am sure I could give you some." She wiped the rest of her sticky hand on Jon's thigh while playfully laughing, Jonathan giggled and said, "Don't get my jeans dirty!

My-y wife wouldn't like that." She noticed Jonathan's dress shirt was buttoned up unevenly, she figured he was drunk enough to care about anything so she told him, "Your shirt was buttoned up uneven, let me fix it for you." Jonathan glanced down and laughed embarrassingly.

Karen then unbuttoned his shirt and looked at his chest completely turned on, she then put her hand all over Jon's mildly hairy chest, feeling it completely up then saying, "Wow, you have a nice chest Jonathan do you work out?" Jonathan shook his head and said, "Having kids is enough-h of a work out for me." Karen purposely brushed her hand against Jonathan's crotch while buttoning up the rest of his buttons while feeling completely devious.

"Okay, all done Jonathan. I am going to call you a cab to go home in, do you live near?" Jonathan told her, "I do and no-o!

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I can--" Karen interrupted him by touching his lip with her fingertip and shoved a twenty dollar bill down the side of his pocket, just missing his junk. Jonathan thanked her after she called the cab for him and Karen opened up the door, as he stepped out Karen smacked and grabbed the back of his ass as she saw Jonathan give a slight smirk.