Free naked teen boy gay porn xxx Elder Xanders woke up and got

Free naked teen boy gay porn xxx Elder Xanders woke up and got
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Well, it all started off when I went to work at a retirement home when I was 38. I was working the night shift as a guard. The people at the retirement home are people that doesn't really have a family, can fend for themselves but has people like me to cater to them.

After working there a few months, I became friends with a lady by the name of Mrs.

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Rose who was 74 years old. Mrs. Rose was very nice and would always want me to go to her room and have coffee. One night while I was making my rounds, I saw Mrs. Rose at her door. She asked me if I wanted some Coffee. It was about 3:00am and I was tired as hell so I decided to take her up on her offer. I really liked talking to Mrs.


Rose because she always had good conversation. This night, she started talking about her husband. She surprised me because she started saying how she use to love to make love to him.

Said he was the only man she has ever been with. Mrs. Rose said her husband passed away 15 years ago and she hasn't been with a man since then and she really missed it. Since she was being so free with her conversation, I asked her how old she was when she stopped having the urge for sex.

She blew me away when she said "When I get there, I will let you know". I guess I turned red in the face because she just started laughing. She started telling me she use to like to go parking with him on the river front and make love to him. The next thing she told me made me choke on my coffee. She said she use to like to have oral sex with him and loved the taste of it.

She said her husband always told her she was very good at it. She kept telling me about how they acted out their fantasies and would go into detail. Man I must have been beat red. I then stood up to go pick up my cup and she pointed at my pants and said did I cause that. I guess I didn't realize it but I had a hard on.

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I didn't know how the hell I didn't realize I had a hard on. I guess I was so blown away from what she was telling me.

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I was standing next to her and she reached up and grabbed my dick. I was shocked and didn't move a muscle.

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She started squeezing my dick and looked up at me and said she wanted to suck it. I told her that I could get fired. She said no one would ever know. I couldn't believe I was thinking about letting this 74 year old woman suck my dick.

I just stood there for a while and she unzipped my pants. She reached in my pants and pulled my dick out with me just standing there in shock. She started stroking my dick real slow and told me to lie down on the sofa in which I did. She sat my me and started stroking my dick a little faster. She said she liked the way it felt in her hand and couldn't believe how hard and hot it was. I couldn't believe it either.

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She then bent over and started licking all around the head of it. She then started going down on it little by little. It felt really good. Her tongue was moving back and forth under it while she was going down.

All of a sudden she just went down and took it all. I couldn't believe this old lady could deep throat. My dick is about 7 inches long and kind of big around. Man, i just layed there and moaned because it felt so good.

She started pumping faster and faster and sucking harder and harder. I could feel the rumbling in my balls, I knew I was fixing to blow up. I told her I was cumming and she just deep throated it and sucked so hard I thought my balls were going to come through my dick.

She was squeezing my balls and sucking my dick until I started cumming. I have never cummed so much in my life. She swallowed every drop. I could hear her moaning while swalling my cum. After she was finished, she licked my balls and all around my dick to may sure it was cleaned off.

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She then looked at me and said Thank You. I really missed that taste. I couldn't believe that old lady just made me cum more than anyone has ever done. She then went back down on my dick until it was rock hard again. She got up from it and layed on the sofa and pulled her nightie up.


She didn't have any panties on. Her old pussy was rinkled but didn't look that bad.

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It was already wet and wanting some dick. I thought what the hell and got on top of her. I put my dick in her and started pumping. She was pushing back on me. Man, her pussy was so tight. She still had them muscles going on to. I thought her pussy was sucking my dick. At first I was going slow but the more she would push the more I would push.

I started pounding her and she would just moan and push back. That pussy would clamp down on my dick wow it felt good. Hell her pussy felt better than that 18 year old I fucked about a month ago (another story there).

She then stopped me and told me to fuck her mouth. I didn't want to upset her so I climbed up on her and started fucking her mouth. I was fucking her mouth just like a pussy. I felt my nuts start to tighten and knew I was fixing to blow them. She reached around and grabbed my ass and pulled me in her mouth until I came down her throat.

After I finished, she licked me clean again and said will I see you tomorrow for another round. You bet your sweet ass you will. This went on for a long time after.