Tsubasa Tamaki lingerie model enjoys threesome sex

Tsubasa Tamaki lingerie model enjoys threesome sex
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"Look honey, doesn't he have bedroom eyes?" Helen and her husband were discussing the color of my eyes! I couldn't believe she described them as "bedroom eyes", that seemed a little odd, especially to a 15 year old horny guy who had only been jacked off once by the whore at Whittier High School, in California. I had to forgive Helen though.

It was her "weekend" off and she had powered down more than a few beers and she was definitely high.

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"I'd like to hug you to death", she added looking at me fondly. Her husband, Rodger just laughed. "You gotta watch out for her when she's horny", he blurted. He too had had his fill of beer when he made that totally RUDE remark about her. I knew that in a couple of hours, by 3pm they'd both be passed out and Steve and I could raid the refrigerator and drink as much beer as we wanted without them ever knowing.

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They'd simply wake up around 6 and wonder how they drank so much beer that morning…LOL! Helen was a nurse, married to Rodger for more years than she could remember (probably not more than about 18) and was bored, little used by her husband for sexual services&hellip.and looking! She was looking at ME!

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I could see the look of hunger in her eyes. She was fantasizing about crazy sex and it seemed I was the object of her lust. I found out later that Helen had started fantasizing about me more than a year earlier. She actually did make her interest known to me…overtly but I always took it as the ramblings of an old drunk. Once when she was drunk, about 9 months earlier, she dropped to her knees in front of me, wrapped her tiny arms around my ass and began to nuzzle her face between my legs.

I started to get hard from the attention and I pushed her away…very embarrassed! I definitely didn't want her to feel my hardon.

Since then, she had done similar things off and on. I tried to avoid her advances but I had to come over to get her son, Steve so we could go out hell raising around Whittier and wait for his parents to pass out so he and I could partake of enough beer to get drunk ourselves.

It was a great way to spend Spring vacation…out of school, fuckin around doing nothing…scarfing his parents beer. That's the way my life was for another 6 months until Steve graduated leaving for a 4 year stint in the Marine Corps., down in Camp Pendleton, about 2 hours south on I-5. After he had been gone for a while, he wrote letters to his mom who promptly called me up so I would come over and read them.

She missed her son intensely and I reminded her of the good times when I would come over and the three of us would have a beer or two (Helen would give me limited beer) and we would laugh our asses off about stupid stuff. Lately, she had been making passes at me when Steve was out of the room and they were getting more serious.

I found out that Helen had been setting the stage for what her fantasies were telling her to do. For sure she wanted to have sex, but I wasn't really interested in a 42 year old married woman. My girl friend at the time, Julie, was 16, gorgeous, perfect and so sexual it was ridiculous but she wouldn't have sex with me.

She was saving it! She loved using her female charms to get me hard but she wouldn't go any further. I was tired of the game and was actually looking for another girlfriend. That afternoon, several months after Steve left, Helen invited me over to read Steve's latest letter. I knew she was already high and there would probably be sexual innuendos at the least and overt assault at the worst.

I sat in the "big chair" relaxing with the letter in front of me. Helen got on her knees in front of me and touched my legs. I moved the letter aside and saw her face. I could see the sad begging look of unrequited lust. She wanted to get between my legs to do something. I didn't know what she wanted to do but I knew it had something to do with touching my 15 year old body&hellip.somewhere…in some manner.

She licked her drunk lips and mumbled, "I'll kiss that thing for you if you want". "HUH?", I replied smartly. "WHAT?". "I'll kiss your&hellip.you know&hellip.if you'll let me", she said more clearly this time. My heart jumped&hellip.she was looking at the bulge between my legs that had become more prominent because I had slid down in the chair pulling my jeans tight around my crotch. I looked down and saw the extension of my penis clearly visible in outline.

She licked her lips again and crept forward on her knees. She rested her arms on my legs and looked at me…literally pleading. She wanted to suck my cock!

There was no mistaking the sign, those eyes, licking her lips, motioning her face towards my swelling dick. My dick was swelling up right in front of her. All she said was she'd kiss "IT" if I would let her. She could see she was making my cock hard. I just sat there letting her look. FUCK! Now what was I going to do. My heart rate was huge!

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GOD…did I ever want my dick sucked…for the first time in my life—but I had wanted my girl friend to do it. I wanted her to be the first to taste my cock—my hard dick.my swollen penis—in her mouth—eager— accepting—going down—ON ME! WHEW! That was never going to happen though—not with Julie, and I knew it.

Here was Helen, ASKING to suck me off. She was right here, in front of me, right now—this was no dream. I wasn't going to wake up and say, "son of a bitch", it was only a fucking dream! SHIT! If I would say "yes", she'd have her mouth down there in a heart beat before I could change my mind. I knew her. She'd actually do it! I couldn't bring myself to stop her.

I could feel my heart pounding, my face became flushed, I actually got a bit of a tremble in my hands visualizing what it would look like, her small head bobbing up and down in my lap, her tiny hands rubbing my legs, my balls, my cock. I stammered, "you want to kiss me…down there"?

She replied, "uh huh…I'll do more than that if you'll let me", she continued. I knew how nasty cum looked after I had ejaculated. I'd seen enough of it. It was sticky goo, shot from some glands behind my cock—near my asshole, I had learned in school. The stuff was disgusting but I had heard stories about some girls who liked to suck it out of their boyfriends dicks and actually EAT it! I wasn't sure I believed the stories but I could see, sort of, how it could happen.

Julie did let me eat her cunt—and I loved it—her lubricating all over my face. What was THAT stuff anyway? So, I could sort of understand how a girl could feel the same way about semen—except there was so much more sperm, so much more cum.

She would have a real mouthful if I shot my wad in her mouth. She murmured… "I'll suck your cock and you can cum in my mouth. I know you're wondering about that", she said. "I love your body and I'll take good care of it. I have been dreaming for a long time what it would be like to suck your cock for you…make you feel REALLY good!

I want to taste your cum. Don't worry, no one will know about this. Don't you tell ANYONE either! This has to be OUR secret&hellip.RIGHT?" I gave in…I needed to feel a mouth around my now totally stiff dick. I nodded my agreement and she began. She crawled forward so she was now between my legs. She was looking at me in a daze.

She definitely was in another world. High from beer, horny for my dick and about to live out a fantasy that she had been building in her mind for over a year…sucking my cock until I ejaculate in her mouth! How could she do that?

I still couldn't see anyone actually eating cum. FUCK, if she eats it…I'll have a story for the guys on the swimming team. Finally, I can tell about someone eating MY cum&hellip.SHIT!

I was ready. Actually, I had thought about what it would be like since the first time she dropped to her knees in front of me and nuzzled my crotch feeling my cock with her nose…LOL! I wondered how nasty it would be just to cum in her mouth and let her deal with it. Could she swallow the sexual goo or would she have to spit it out? I fantasized about how she would do it. Now, I knew. She said she'd swallow. The thought made me shiver with pleasure! She bent he head forward and kissed the straining bulge between my legs.

I put one hand on her head when she kissed it. I humped up a little for her to see I was VERY horny. I had a week's worth of cum between my legs. She was going to get a soaking—I cum a lot. It gets everywhere when I jack off.

A previous girlfriend had to cover it with a towel to keep it from shooting on the walls. The first time she jacked me off, I shot all over the windshield of her mother's car and it was a bitch to clean up. It actually shoots over 5 feet with no problem.

Imagine what Helen will feel when I start spurting in her mouth. She's going to feel it…for sure! She's going to really know what I taste like.

She caressed my cock with her hands and kissed between my legs. She moved my legs more open so she could get in more easily to kiss. She undid my belt and zipper. I knew it was coming…the blowjob of the century. I was stiff and oozing nasty stuff in my pants. I knew what was coming and now I WANTED it! I stood up and she gently pulled my jeans down. My erection sprang up in her face.

She was mesmerized with the sight of a 15 year old hardon in her face, oozing semen, ready to fuck her mouth. She knew this was my first time and I would probably lose control and fuck her to death. She seemed ready for anything. She was going to take whatever I dished out…no matter how hard I fucked her, no matter how much I came in her mouth. My dick looked huge in front of her small face. Her lips were ready to go to work.

She smiled up at me, pleased with her work so far. I sat back down in the big chair with my dick pointing skyward. She was looking at me from that angle with my dick and balls right in her face. My dick was drooling cum down the shaft. It was so hard it felt like I could ejaculate without her ever touching her lips to it. "I know you're excited but try to hold off cumming for me.

Let me suck it for a while before you cum". She wanted cock in her mouth or sure! My dick was as big as I'd ever seen it. Even Julie didn't get me THAT hard. The head is sharply sculpted, flared at the circumcision ridge to create extra stimulation when fucking. The piss hole seemed large, cum freely oozing out and running down the shaft to my testicles.

She stuck out her tongue and licked up the shaft. A long sticky stringer of cum attached to her tongue as she licked making a mess on her chin.

She licked up again. She went down to my testes and licked up the entire shaft again, slurping in the sticky goo issuing from deep in my loins. I sighed deeply and she looked up laughing. "You like it Ritchie?", she asked. I nodded a dreamy "yes". I liked! She went back down to my balls and licked each one separating the firm eggs with her tongue.

They were heavy with sperm and hanging low, just for her&hellip.LOL She appreciated that I about to cum and she hadn't even gotten her mouth down on my cock yet.

"I know you're going to cum", she said. "I'm going to suck you off right now—just cum in my mouth—don't worry about it—I want you to do it!

I'll love it—don't worry—just let it go". "You're ready to spurt so just let it go. I'll suck you off a second time, THEN, we can take our time, it won't be so urgent".

She opened her mouth. Like a snake, she seemed to unhook her jaws to take in the prey that was much larger than her mouth. "She's a female, they know how to do that", I thought.

When her warm mouth, slick from my cum, went down on the shaft, I almost ejaculated spontaneously. I'd had some experience with Julie, however, and I did know how to retard an orgasm somewhat. I thought about working out for swimming. It's hard work. There's little to like about it. My thoughts of immediate orgasm diminished a bit. Hey, if I'm going to get TWO blow jobs out of this, I have nothing to worry about.

I did want my cock sucked…I wanted her mouth down on it for a while, not just a hit and run. She said she'd suck me a second time!

That would work for me&hellip.LOL! The feeling was fantastic! I thrust upward into her mouth surprising her. She gagged. I instinctively pulled back and apologized.


"Oh SHIT!.I'm sorry, I couldn't stop", I said. She pulled my dick out of her throat and said, "don't worry Ritchie, I know this is your first time so don't worry about anything…just do what you feel like doing, you won't hurt me". Like a typical male, I put on hand on her head to control her.

I felt the need to hold her head there so I could fuck her. I was losing control and began thrusting my big dick into her little mouth. I pushed her head down while thrusting up. I could hear her choking but I couldn't stop. I needed to fuck. I needed to thrust while controlling her every movement. She was going to be mine until I ejaculated. I was going great holding back.

I wanted her to feel my dick in her mouth for a while. She was right, I would last a lot longer the second time and I intended to fuck her mouth again…for a long time. I could feel the semen rising.


I could do nothing to hold it back so I gripped her head with both hands. My dick hardened even more and she knew I was ready to ejaculate my semen, sperm, testosterone and other male components into her mouth…TO EAT! I thrust in and out…in and out…just trying to hold out as long as possible.

I did better than I thought I was going to do. After about 3 minutes of her suckling my cock, I was ready. "OH SHIT…OH FUCK…OH SHIT". My heart was about ready to explode. I couldn't catch my breath. I was thrusting, grunting, swearing and I finally released my orgasm into her mouth. I thrust and spurted. I withdrew my slimy dick and thrust again spurting against her tongue and throat.

I pulled my piston back and held her head while I literally impaled her, cock in throat, and fired another copious issue of cum.

She was gagging and choking at the same time. I didn't give her a chance to swallow but I could feel her throat contract squeezing the head of my cock.

GOD…it felt good! She knew how to handle a VERY horny high school boy. She was good! Suddenly, my dick became totally sensitive and she was now sucking too hard. She wanted to keep in the sperm to swallow but it was too much. I literally shoved her back hissing, "STOP…STOP…SHIT STOP!". I couldn't take it. She lay back on the floor her legs still under her. My dick was throbbing. Her mouth was definitely full of cum…LOL!

Her lips glistened, slick with semen. Rivulets of sperm oozed out of the corners of her mouth but I saw her gulping it down! She WAS swallowing it! I loved seeing her get my baby making fluid down her throat. I was KING!

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She was my worshiper…my submissive slave eating my cum! She was ready to do ANYTHING I wanted. All she wanted in return was to be fucked…HARD…by this high school boy. She knew I would be ready again in a few minutes.

She got back up and began cleaning my dick with her tongue. She licked the sticky slime up the full length of the now semi-flaccid shaft, avoiding the super sensitive head, of course. She licked my balls. She nuzzled my full scrotum aside with her nose and licked the sweat out of my crotch.

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She literally inhaled the aroma of my sex. She tasted the flavors of my ardor. She loved it! "That was better than I even dreamt it would be", she said. She smiled and said, "it looked like you enjoyed yourself.

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Did you enjoy that Ritchie? There's plenty more where that came from… if you want it". "Give me a few minutes, lets have a beer, you can do it again". I laughed to myself thinking of Rodger, her husband, hard at work supporting his cock crazy wife who just gave me the blow job of a lifetime and was about to give me another one.LOL!

I was already planning a new disgusting act for her to perform for me in about 20 minutes.