Eu comendo o cu da lid de coromandel

Eu comendo o cu da lid de coromandel
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Triston barged through the door and shook heather up from her peaceful nap. "Let's go princess time for you to go back to the bed, I have to go out for a while come on, come on." He helped her out of the tub and grabbed her up over his brute shoulders once more carrying her off to the bed. He laid her gently and untied her wrists from the zip tie and replaced it with the soft rope that bounded her back to the bed. "Now you behave while I'm out" he winked at her knowing damn well she was tied taped and not going anywhere.

She gave no reaction while watching him gather his things and left out of the door. What seemed to be hour's later heather heard a noise at the door. But she hadn't heard the truck come back. She felt a shiver down her spine. She stared sharply at the door as she saw the door knob jiggle.

Then suddenly she heard it click and the knob turned its full rotation allowing the door to open fully exposing there a young boy about 17.


He walked in and closed the door behind him. "I knew it, I knew he was up to something…don't worry I won't hurt you. I was just curious why he was acting so funny lately. Now I see, with a hot girl like you I would be crazy too." The boy snickered and walked closer to Heather admiring her naked wet body. He noticed her tied feet and bounded hands and the blue tape over her mouth.

This boy looked to be 6 feet and well built but slightly skinny. He went over to the bed and put his hand on her foot. "I bet this zip tie hurt your ankles huh?" he asked cutting it with the scissors. Heather felt a ounce of hope that maybe she were finally going to be freed "And I bet your cold huh?" He asked taking his shirt off, he laid it on the bed. "Do you want my clothes?" He asked rhetorically taking his pants off followed by his boxers. "How about I warm you up the natural way?" Heathers hope shattered by what she heard and broke out into a small tear.

With testosterone running through this young boy's body he stood looking at her innocent body admiring her breasts his eyes traced every inch of her still moist skin. Heather just closed her eyes and drifted away to another world.

The boy crawled up heathers body from the foot of the bed admiring her silky legs and smelling her body freshly cleaned from her bath, instantly his manhood stood straight up for her. He was more in tuned to her body then her as a person. He kissed her stomach and up to her first perky breast laying tender kisses to each mound. He licked her nipples taking them in as a treat he never tried before caressing them with his tongue.

The warmth of his moist mouth made heathers nipples erect further and further turning the boy on more and more. He opened heathers legs with his knee, laying himself between her sweet body.

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He grabbed his manhood stroking it to really get it to its full potential. He looked down at her pussy noticing its wetness and how inviting it looked. She had a shaved smooth vagina.

He moved his manhood just to the entrance to her vagina and gave out a moan as he made skin contact just on the lips of her sweet wet pussy.

She turned her head to the side and didn't move a muscle. "Trust me babe you will like this dick I promise." He said confidently while playing with her entrance with the tip of his large penis. He just entered the head of his penis and she gave out a groan.

He went a little more in noticing how warm and wet her pussy felt. So he poked it in more each stroke. He noticed something as he just got half way up.

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Something had been blocking him from entering fully this was when he knew she was a virgin since her hymen had yet been broken. "Damn girl what have you been waiting for, I am going to give it to you good" he said proudly .He forced his penis hard forward breaking her innocents making her a woman.

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A small trickle of blood just offered that much more lubrication to the young boys penis. She groaned in pain behind her tape and then her body instantly relaxed. He laid his body over hers caressing her breast and kissing her cleavage, mean while stroking his penis against her soft vagina walls. Feeling the moist warmth, the untouched and pure insides of her pussy, his strokes were long and slow.

He kissed her neck and ran his hand through her hair reassuring her that he would be gentle and give it to her good for her first time. She lay not giving the slightest peep. But that couldn't stop her body from telling the truth, her pussy tightened every stroke and just got wetter the more he kissed her body. Her body shivered in excitement and she knew she could do nothing to stop it. His strokes got a little faster and a little shorter and he grabbed both her ass cheeks in the palm of his hands burying his head in her tits.

He clenched her cheeks every stroke and both of their breathing were in sync. Heather couldn't help but to feel good to feel excited and truly liked the feel of this boys cock in her wet pussy. She wrapped her legs around the boy's waist offering her pussy to his cock, not denying this invitation the cock found just one more inch to go and he thrust his manhood further into her precious womanhood.

She gave out a small moan as he went up into her vagina giving her all 7 inches. Her body started to have small twitches and she knew that her body was about to do something big something new and something so nice.

The boy sat up holding her ankles pounding her pussy looking down at her breasts as they flopped to the beat of his thrusts. He felt so empowered so big as he fucked this girl against her will yet feeling her give him just enough back to make this feel so heavenly for the both of them. Heathers body started tensing starting shivering, the boy leaned in one hand on the bed one hand holding her right thigh giving it to her hard and deep.

Heathers pussy exploded in ecstasy providing the tightest, wettest feeling the boys cock ever did feel.


She moaned behind her tape long and hard, her eyes closing hard as she arched up releasing all the pressure built up in her ex-virgin body. The boy drilled her with his cock until her body went limp lying lifelessly beneath him.

He laid her legs back down and made heather lay sideways.

He lay behind her lifting her left leg and re entering his manhood in her freshly cum spilled pussy. He fucked heather soft and slow rubbing her leg.

He grew nearer and nearer to cuming himself, he went a little faster and a little deeper moaning and breathing heavily. She clenched her pussy walls and that made his penis exploded hard and far up into her tight pussy he let out a groan and came so hard she could feel his cum in her sensitive vagina.

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He took his manhood out and lay next to her exhausted. "Girl you were the best lay I have ever had." He told her and smacked her ass then got up. He just started getting dressed when he looked up and saw the last thing her would ever remember, the bullet to a 9mm right to the head.

Heather screamed under her tape and filled with fear. Triston had seen what been done and protected his princess.

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"Sleep we will deal with this tomorrow." Triston grabbed up the dead body and left leaving Heather all through the night, alone.