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Him - Chapter 3 We are encouraged into the barn, the great dane licking his face clean of your juices bounding in alongside us. My heart is racing, this had to be some kind of dream. The barn is large inside, the stalls are well maintained and the central area is filled with benches. Professional lighting equipment and cameras are everywhere, capturing the scenes of debauchery. As we approach, the brown horse withdraws from the small blonde girl on the table with an audible wet pop, and her pussy flows with a river of cum, more cum than I have ever seen in real life.

The blonde lay there, panting, exhausted, a look of pure bliss on her face.

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She caught my eye as I stared, and winked, easily fisting herself and licking her hand clean of the animal's seed. Your face is flushed as we approach the center of the barn, the older man beckoning for the dog to heel to him.

Your eyes dance around the barn, taking in all of the sights in front of you, things you had dreamed about, masterbated to, but never thought you would see in person.

Huge toys littered the benches and ground, tubs of lube everywhere. Every stall of the barn contained a horse, and big dogs were running around everywhere. The entire group of people were naked, and appeared comfortable that way. The older man looked at us and smiled "Welcome to the farm, what brings you two all the way out here?" I explained our predicament, without enough gas or GPS to get much further beyond the farm. "We just need to use your phone and then we can be picked up, and on our way".

The man looked us over, pausing especially on you, still panting and flushed from my fist in your ass. "I don't think we can let you do that, at least without earning it first. I can see your girl is hot for what we have here, if you do what we tell you, then maybe you can use the phone, and leave. If you want to, that is" I glance at you, and can see the surge of fear in your eyes. You look at me, biting your lip, your mind racing with the potential laid out in front of us.

The trip had been set out as our wildest kinks come to life, but this hadn't even made the list of possibility. Now though, it was reality, and you nod slowly, smiling at me.

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"Right" said the man, grinning at his family "well I am Ned, this buxom lady here is my lovely wife Stacey, and these are our kids".

The family waved in turn at us, casually without any hint of embarrassment at the situation. The girl on the table even gave a wave as cum continued to ooze from her pussy.

"As you can see" Ned continued, "we go by a no-clothes-in-the-barn policy, so if you wouldn't mind." I am a little surprised at the request, but have no shame in my body. I know you would rather be naked 100% of the time if you could, and we both quickly undress. My cock is throbbing with arousal, and I can see your wetness between your legs dripping down your thighs, as your ass struggles to close after my fist fucking.

Your body is amazing, eve though I see it regularly, it never ceases to get me as hard as humanly possible. I slap your ass playfully as we stand naked, side by side, waiting for the next commands.

You tug teasingly on my cock, flicking my tip with your forefinger and licking it clean of my precum, loving the taste as you always do. "Right, now we need to take your measurements. Matt, my daughters Allie and Sara will take care of that for you, and Olivia, my wife, son and I will deal with you. Ruby is a little indisposed on the table, as you can see!" Two of the blondes skipped over to me, dropping to their knees instantly.

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Both were college age I would guess, busty like their mom, with pretty features. "Oh oops, nearly forgot the guy-log" said one, jumping up and running to the other side of the barn, returning with a leather-bound note-book and pen.

My brain was having a hard time processing everything going on in front of me still, as you were lead to a nearby bench and encouraged to get into a doggy style pose, your favorite. Behind you, the son and mom held extremely large toys, while Ned positioned a camera up close.

Their eyes went wide seeing the state of your pussy and ass, well abused by me for a long time now. Stacey nodded at her son after whispering something in his ear, and he ditched a few of the toys, running back for the bigger versions.

In front of me, the girls were discussing my body, particularly my cock. "What do you think Allie? 7 inches or so?" The blonde with the short styled lob grasped my length gently, tracing her fingertips along my shaft "maybe more like 7 and a half sis?

Maybe even 8 on a good day" she winked at me, licking my tip. "and holy hell, he is a thick one isn't he? Definitely up there with Jeff and Tom". My numbers were noted, deep in the back of the book. I wondered how many names and numbers were in there, and just how they had got there. I turned to watch you, bent over and exposed, as the family examined you closely.

Her - Chapter 4 Laying down on the bench, bent over, slightly shaking still, I take in the atmosphere around me. Not wanting to take my eyes off of you as you are led away by two beautiful blondes, I start to think about what is going to happen to us.

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With just a little pang of jealousy, I watch one blonde bend over and lick the wetness running out of your cock. It never ceases to amaze me watching you with other people, girls or guys.


You are so erotic looking, the perfect look of pleasure as you throw your head back, suck in your breath, bite your lip and let a tiny moan escape as her tongue touches you. I almost cum watching you, then I remember there is a team of people measuring my gaping holes.

I can hear them whispering, but I am not sure if it is shock or gratitude. Maybe both as I look around at all the toys they have lying around.

The guy is walking off and I hear Stacey yell, "No Alex, I don't think that will be big enough. Grab the next size up please!" Alex turned around and gave me a wink. If I was able to be any redder in the face, I was now. It is one thing to stick those toys in me and get off in front of people. It is quite another to be measured by mother and son, with the father capturing photos of my body.

I was confused but extremely turned on and I could feel my excitedness running down my thighs.

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The warm air of the barn felt amazing over my exposed holes, and I moved my hands to touch myself as I heard Ned cough, "There will be plenty time for that a little later young lady.

But please don't think I am not enjoying this little show. You are quite the little slut, aren't you? I think you and your friend are going to be very happy here." "Yes sir. I am glad you are enjoying yourself, but what exactly are you doing to us?

I am a little confused as to why we are being measured and photographed." I ask shyly, trying to keep him happy waving my little ass in the air, winking my gaped ass, still with my eyes on you. Alex made his way back to me with a collection of some of the biggest toys I had ever seen. Your smile at the sight and thoughts of what was about to happen was also one of the biggest smiles on you I had ever seen.

And that is saying a lot, considering I have done pretty much everything you have ever imagined sexually. "Well you see Olivia, my family has lived on this land for generations. There is no one around for miles. At some point my family made enough money to never have to worry about working another day in our lives.

Having all that time and privacy on your hands does stuff to your mind, especially if you have a mind like ours." He said winking. "Anyway, not really wanting our farm to go into the hands of someone who is not born into this family has made us a bit close, if you know what I mean.

We don't mind playing with strangers who just happen to wander out this way, but we very rarely venture out to meet people. So when this happens, we like to keep a record of what people like to do sexually, we measure their bodies when they first get here so that we will know how to please them to the very best. We also like to kind of keep score on the best measurements as well.

The girls get competitive, and you know how guys always like to compare!" "And how am I measuring up?" I asked playfully. Ned was really attractive. Standing just a little over six feet tall, very fit, dark hair and amazing smile. His cock just begging for me to reach out and grab it, so thick and long, with just a little drop of precum oozing out the tip. He wasn't much older than you and I, and I was starting to picture you and him together going at me.

His voice so deep and demanding, telling me how to take his cock inside me, his fingers pinching my nipples as his tongue ran up my body.


A small moan escaped from my mouth as I sucked in and bit my lower lip. "I think I can speak for everyone in this building when I say that you are blowing our minds." Ned said as he adjusted himself, with a grin at his wife.

Stacey was quite gorgeous as well. I would love to get my hands on her. She was short like me, maybe five feet tall, blonde and full figured in all the right places. I could just get lost in her breasts all by myself. "Ned, behave yourself!" She teased. "He likes them young and feisty, and I think you are making him test his control Olivia." As she spoke, I felt a sudden pressure at my wet pussy, followed by an aggressive thrust and instantly I was filled, gripping the bench for support, screaming in pleasure.

I try to push back on the invading monster toy, but as soon as it comes, it is gone with a wet pop. I moan, breathless as my heart races, my sex on fire from the sudden intrusion. "10 inches of the Thor dildo Mom" called Alex from behind me, adding "without much effort at all!" I turn even redder, feeling a mix of pride and embarrassment mainly pride. Just as I was catching my breath, continuing to watch the girls measure your amazing cock, I felt the cool wetness of lube being applied to my ass.

I turned my head to see Alex applying it generously, scooping a fistful from the large, industrial sized tub nearby.

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Stacey continued to take notes, as Alex ran his fingers around my asshole. "Face the front please Olivia" he said in a mock stern voice "and hold on tight". I face the front, so aroused by everything in front of me, more than I could ever dream of. I am dying to cum, my whole body is tingling, on the edge of orgasm. "Liv, you can call me Liv. All my friends call me Livaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh" I close my eyes, letting the sensations rush through my body as Alex slams a monster plug into my waiting ass, urging more and more of the length inside me, each inch of the toy opening me wider.


Your fist in me opened me up, but the plug fills me so well again. When I open my eyes, you are in front of me watching, the two girls openly masterbating.

I lock eyes with you, and biting my lip, push back onto the plug hard, forcing it in to the hilt. My body can't take it anymore and I surrender, screaming in orgasm as my entire body shakes.

My ass clenches hard on the thick invader and I squirt, gushing all over the barn floor without even a fingertip on my pussy. You kneel beside me and kiss me deeply, our tongues dancing over one another as my orgasm continues for what feels like hours. I can hear bits of Alex calling notes out to his Mom in a whisper of amazement "big red plug…&hellip.little effort…&hellip.4 inch girth…" The blondes and Ned have moved behind me, and tug the toy out with glee, applauding at the sight of my abused holes as Ned takes pictures and films as my holes pulse with my abating orgasm.

"Well, you have trained her very well indeed" said Ned, slapping you on the back "she has a lot of potential. We may be able to take her to the next level, what do you think girls?" The blondes kneel in front of me, bending over to show off what it meant to go to the next level.

At first we don't see anything but two sets of beautiful pussies and assholes. But the girls push, groaning in pleasure as enormous mangos stretch and pop free from their wet pussies, leaving their lips hanging and gaped.

After a brief pause, they keep pushing. "What else is up there?" I whisper to you, amazed as huge matching double dildos, thicker than my wrist, snake free from their asses, dropping heavily to the barn floor. Both sets of holes, tight and closed a second before, were wide open, winking at us, teasing us with what we could have.

I can't believe my eyes, and I know you are as shocked as I am. This had to be a dream, but it wasn't. I want everything and more, my brain raced with potential, I could think of nothing else.

I didn't ever want to leave this place. "This has got to be the most amazing place I have ever seen. Please show me more!" I begged. Ned smiles and nods, as the blondes stand, high-fiving one another. The family walk to the young girl on the table, and beckon for us to follow.