Black year old teen nami fucks lucky older guy

Black year old teen nami fucks lucky older guy
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Yukio's Adventures Part 5 ** This is the fifth story in this series. To really understand what she is doing I suggest you read the other four chapter's first, but it is not essential.

This chapter has some kinky sex and some genuine love making. The character development having occurred in previous chapters.

along with lots of nasty sex. Comments are very much appreciated. I have tried to be careful with my use of the English language, however I am not a professional writer and it is my second language.

Please enjoy. and thank you for reading it!!! ** Character Refresher: Yukio: The main Character. Has just started at a new high school in America. Sex is like a drug to her. Despite her best intentions to be a good girl she has been very naughty. She is Japanese, and a Senior in high school, 5' tall, and weigh 105 lbs. Her hair is long, to the small of her back, and it is a deep black colour.

Her eyes are brown and large. She has a very cute ass. She thinks her best feature are her full B cup breasts that look very big on her. She has long nipples, they are one centimetre long and she is fit from swimming.


People have also told her she has a lovely voice. Other characters as described by Yukio in the first part of the series: Hillary: Really pretty girl, cheerleader, slim figure with large C cup breasts she clearly liked to show off. She is 5'7" tall and had a really beautiful face and bright green eyes.

She had expensive clothes and seemed nice. She had become my closest friend and occasional lover. Marcus: Slender guy, 5'10",swimmers body, light brown hair, blue eyes and the most perfect teeth I have ever seen.

He was dressed normally by I noticed he had an Omega watch. You could tell by his tight shirt that he had a serious body. I liked his smile. Tonya: Tall, blonde, built, with a sparkling smile and large firm breasts. She was wearing shorts a bikini top. Her legs were toned and tanned.

Her blue eyes were welcoming and her makeup and hair were flawless. Also a cheerleader which made sense. Greg: 6'1", 220lbs, really fit based on the tight shirt and muscular. He played football and a "Running Back" and seemed friendly. His blonde hair and blue eyes gave him a look like he belonged at the beach. Michael: 6'4" tall, he looked like a cross between a football player and a cowboy.

He was the biggest of the group and had tanned skin and large muscles. His legs were like tree trunks and I thought he must be a football player. It turned out later I was wrong, his parents were ranchers and he worked for his muscles as he put it.

He had short dark brown hair, soft green eyes, and a really gentle smile. His hands were huge and they were working hands. It turned out he had a very nice big thick 10" cock. Best I had ever seen in my life to that point. Christine: A fiery redhead. She was 5'5", had long curly red hair in a ponytail and could only be described as perky. She had a trim body and more energy than anyone should, like she chases coffee with Redbull.

You may recall at the end of Part 4 the welcoming party had wrapped up. Michael had gone home and Yukio went to take a shower.

When I emerged from the shower I dried myself and wrapped my body in a towel. Walking to Hillary's room I opened the door and was a bit shocked to see it was kind of dark. "Hillary? Tonya?" I said as I slowly walked in. They jumped out from behind the door and ripped my towel off.

I turned to face them and saw that they were both naked, except for the big strapon cocks they were wearing. "Now what do we do with this hot little nympho slut Tonya?" Hillary said in a serious tone. "I say we fuck the shit out of her!" Tonya replied. As I back slowly away from them, a naughty smile spreading across my face, I knew that I was going to love Texas. They began advancing toward me. I thought about playfully fighting back, but one look at their hot naked bodies and those amazing big black strapon cocks changed my mind.

My pussy was already starting to juice up and I could see the naughty lust in their eyes. "Please." I said as I backed up, Hillary's large bed soon hitting the back of my legs. ". I will be good. I promise." assuming a demure pose with my hands at my sides and my head and eyes lowered to the floor. "You're going to be good?" Tonya said as she reached me and brought a hand up. She gripped my long black hair in her hand and abruptly jerked my head back forcing me to look into her beautiful blue eyes.

"Yes. Please don't hurt me." I said in a soft and submissive voice. "We won't hurt you Yukio." Hillary said softly as she gently cupped one of my breasts in her warm soft hand. "But we are going to fuck the shit out of your little Japanese ass." she said more firmly with a hunger in her voice. "You are such a sexy little slut Yukio." Tonya said as we stared into each others eyes. "So fucking beautiful." she concluded as she leaned down and kissed my mouth softly and then with growing hunger.

Our tongues soon battling for supremacy. Hillary said "Fuck yeah" and with one hand she began firmly twisting one of my nipples causing a delicious blend of pain and pleasure to flood through me. Her mouth soon sucked in my other tit hard, gradually releasing it. As that nipple was about to slip from her mouth she locked onto it with her teeth. She began biting me as her attack on my other nipple intensified. Tonya pulled back from the kiss and put one of her hands around my throat, gripping it firmly and exerting just the right amount of pressure on me.

Our faces were very close, and she knew my body was shaking from the pain and pleasure Hillary was giving as she claimed my tits as her own personal play things. "You're going to be our little fuck toy tonight." Tonya said in a husky voice. "I can't wait to hear that sexy little whimpering you do when your getting fucked." Abruptly Hillary let go of my tits and I felt her lifting my legs.

Tonya meanwhile kept her hold on my throat and reached down grasping my cunt firmly, her palm over it. They lifted me off the floor and threw me onto the bed. I landed on my side and bounced onto my stomach, facing down. Tonya jumped on my pinning me down and grabbed my hair again. He jerked my head back to look her in the eyes as she leaned down and began to lick and bite the back of my neck.

I knew Hillary was by my legs and felt them being spread by her. I was still caught off guard when a tongue was suddenly driven into my ass. The idea of that sexy brunette princess tonguing my ass drove me wild. Tonya's hot licking and biting of my neck was making me crazy.

I was soon whimpering and moaning. They apparently were not satisfied and pulled away flipping me onto my back. Tonya straddled my head and lowered her hot little shaved cheerleader pussy down to my very eager mouth. She did not just want to be eaten, and began grinding her pussy on my face, moving her hips back and forth, smearing her cunt all over my face.

She was soaking me in her juices and I could hear the sexy blonde moaning out to me. "Oh yeah. I love seeing that pretty face of yours covered in my cunt juice. Be a good little fuck toy and suck my pussy." she ordered. I began feasting on her, shoving my tongue up inside her as my hands moved to her firm tanned ass cheeks. It was a little weird to look up and see that big black phallus emerging from her.

It was also really fucking hot. I felt Hillary spread my legs wide and begin pushing them upwards. Tonya spread her arms for Hillary and soon my ankles were trapped under Tonya's arms as she firmly gripped them there.

Hillary began what can only be described as a epic oral assault on my ass and cunt. It did not take her long to drive me insane. Her tongue, lips, and teeth rained down pleasure on both my holes.

It made me scream into Tonya's pussy as I felt the pleasure building. Her efforts caused me to devour Tonya's sweet pink pussy with more hunger than I imagined possible. When Hillary's lips locked onto my clit as she drove two fingers into my ass and two into my pussy I went insane. The explosion of raw sexual passion sent me to heaven. My entire body arched and went rigid. I was soon oblivious to everything except the orgasmic energy exploding through me.

I think I might have blacked out, because when I returned to Earth, Tonya was no longer straddling my face. I was literally soaked in her pussy nectar and realized she must have squirted all over my face, hair and tits. Panting for air I glanced at my two sexy friends.

They were kneeling on either side of me and Hillary was rubbing lube onto her big fake cock. "You loved that didn't you?" Tonya asked as she reached down and caressed my face. Looking into her eyes I saw passion but also a gentle caring that was at odds with the huge fake cock she was about to fuck me with. "Yes I did.

Classy beauty doublepenetrated after sucking

Thank you." I said sincerely to them. "Oh my God. you are polite even when we are about to fucking wreck you. Do you even realize what these two big cocks are going to do to your pretty little holes?" Hillary asked in an amused tone. I nodded to her and waited to see what would happen next. The wait was over quickly. Tonya laid down beside me and they took hold of me positioning me over the fat huge phallus she clearly wanted to impale my poor little pussy on.

I knew it would hurt a bit, but nothing was going to stop me. I wanted this. All thought of controlling myself and not falling back into being a wanton little slut flew from my mind in that moment.


I remembered all the things I had done in Japan. My pussy throbbed as I remembered being a sex toy for one of my Sensei (Teacher). How he had made me visit him at his home. I recalled how I had been passed around one night during a drunken party. Many older men I did not know had fucked me that night.

Horny Doctor Bareback At Clinic

They all came inside me and my Sensei had been greatly pleased with me. He had taught me so many things, except how to say no to him. Now in America here I was straddling one of my girl friends. My pussy dripping juices onto the head of the massive black strapon cock she was planning to fuck me senseless with.

I wanted this surrender to Tonya and Hillary so much. I lowered myself down, feeling that big cock spread my lips and begin sliding inside. I could only get the first couple of inches as my pussy stretched in protest and painful pleasure. Raising up, I forced myself down again, sinking more into me as I screamed and shook nearing orgasm.

Hillary and Tonya together took hold of me and raised me up that third and final time before pulling me down hard onto it. When it bashed against my cervix I flew into a screwing and convulsing orgasm, soaking it and Tonya. The force of my ejaculation of girl cum somehow managing to squeeze out. Shaking from it I fell forward and Tonya caught me, her hands on my tits, holding my limp body up as my hair cascaded down over my downcast face.

"Hmmm. I think the little whore likes it." Tonya said laughing lightly. "Do you think it's too much?" Hillary asked. I detected a note of concern in her voice. Weakly I mumbled out "Please. use me. I want you both to fuck my slutty holes. please." "Holy shit." Hillary said in surprise.

Tonya held me up as my hands gently came to rest of her full firm tits. I looked at my hands on her and realized how much bigger both these hot young women were than me. I looked like a doll compared to Tonya as I sat still, impaled on her cock. Hillary had done a great job of warming up my ass and lubing her cock.

However, nothing prepared me for the size of the big cock she was forcing into my tight little Japanese ass. I began trembling as I willed myself to relax and accept the invader as it began to conquer me. Inch by inch she fed that phallus deep into my ass. By the time I felt her come to rest against my ass cheeks I was shaking and near orgasm. I had never felt so full in my entire life. Hillary reached forward and gripped my shoulders in her hands as Tonya moved a hand to my waist, her other twisting a nipple.

I was sandwiched between these two hot cheerleaders, and they clearly had a plan. Withing moments they both began moving inside me. My soaking cunt and lubed ass making it easier for them as they began fucking me slowly at first and then gaining momentum.

My first orgasm from this double penetration came quickly and I was soon whimpering and crying out incoherently as they hammered away at my poor abused little holes. My ass was on fire with a delicious pain and with Tonya battering at the gate of my womb I was lost to a sea of orgasms as I began floating into the heavens.

"Oh fuck!" Hillary screamed as she began slapping my ass pounding me harder. When she suddenly screamed in orgasm I was caught of guard.

Tonya was also panting and thrusting, my tiny body no burden to the tall blonde goddess as she fucked upwards into my cunt. Tonya soon joined her in orgasm. Through it all they never stopped thrusting, spanking me, or abusing my sensitive tits.

I realized from their cries that the strapon cocks must be stimulating them as well. At the time I did not know that they had a vibrating base that was hitting their clits.

At what point I went unconscious I don't know. When I opened my eyes I saw daylight streaming in through the bedroom window. I realized I was alone in the bed.

I was laying there on my side, completely nude and covered in dried pussy juice. My ass hurt and my pussy ached. My mouth felt parched and I slowly lifted my head and looked around. The covers were on the floor and I was laying on just the bottom sheet.

There was no sign of either of the girls and the house was silent. I laid still for a few minutes and just took inventory of my feelings. My whole body hurt. It was not a horrid pain, but one I recognized as being the ache of a well fucked body. Slowly I got up and made my way to Hillary's bathroom.

My reflection told the tale. My hair was matted with girl cum and I saw scratches and light bruising on my tits. My back also had nail scratches on it and I saw my ass cheeks were still red and felt tender from all the spanking. I was simply a fucking mess. Moving over to the bathtub I turn on the water and filled it. I noticed some strawberry scented bath bubbles and poured it in. Soon I was immersed in hot water and bubbles as I stretched out and willed my body to relax.

It was very soothing to me. "Yukio?" I heard Hillary call out. I heard her moving quickly to the bathroom and she came inside looking worried. When her eyes fell on me I could see she was worried about me. "Yukio, are you. okay?" She asked as she knelt down beside the tub. Smiling at her I said "I'm fine. Please do not worry." "Oh my God when I saw you when I first woke up I almost panicked.

I woke up Tonya right away and she said to let you sleep. She will be back shortly. she went to Walgreen's to get you some muscle pills. I am so sorry. you must hate me. it was all my stupid idea!" Hillary said as she began to get more emotional and tears began to form in her eyes. "Please forgive me. we got carried away." I sat up in the bath and took both her hands and brought them to my lips and kissed each of them.

"Hillary. There is no reason for tears! The party and everything that happened there and last night was wonderful. I am not fragile and I loved what you both did for me. Please, there is no reason for tears between friends." I said and smiled at her. Hillary smiled back, but still seemed a bit unconvinced. She told me there was food in the bedroom for me and left me to take care of cleaning myself up.

When I returned to the bedroom I discovered breakfast was waiting for me. Hillary and I chatted and laughed while I ate and dressed. I knew I had to had home soon or my parents were going to be upset with me. With school being the next day I knew I had to be home by 4pm. Tonya had still not come back yet from the store. We both found that strange.

Hillary called her and we discovered that she had been called home by her parents. Hillary could not resist making some jokes about that. Personally, I knew I would be in the same boat if we did not leave soon. Hillary was happy to drive me home. When we arrived I gave her a quick hug and said I would see her at school the next day.

My parents greeted me as I came inside. Things settled down to normal quickly as I did some chores, helped my mother prepare supper, and ate with them. They were very happy that Hillary and I had become friends and I could not help but smile.

If only they knew. After supper my father retired to his office, but not before asking me to cut the back lawn. Considering the freedom they had given me this weekend I did not hesitate to get ready to do the work. I went to my room and put on my favourite black dance shorts, and an athletic bra and cropped tank top over it. I put my hair in a pony tail. When I got downstairs I found my mother had already cleaned the kitchen and had disappeared somewhere.

Most likely she was taking a bath. I headed out into the sunshine and quickly got to work. As I was cutting the lawn my eyes were drawn to the neighbours yard.

Through the chain link fence I could see Mr. Reynolds was setting up his lawn sprinkler. He is an older than my father. I guessed about 50 years old but seemed to be in reasonable shape. His shorts showed that he had muscular legs and his broad back and shoulders did not have any sign of age. His greying salt and pepper hair were the biggest indicator of his age. He must of sensed my scrutiny and he turned his head my way and saw me.

I waved and greeting and he waved back and began gesturing for me to come to the fence as he stood up and began walking toward it. I shut my mower down and walked over to the fence, He was already standing there with a smile on his face as he saw me approaching him. "Hello Mr. Reynolds." I said smiling at him. "How are you today?" "I'm doing just fine darlin'.

Looks like you are working up a proper little sweat working in this heat." he said in a friendly manner. "I was wondering if you could do an Old Man a favour." he asked. "If I can help I will. What can I do for you?" I replied. His smile grew and he said "You are a seriously polite little thing.

That's very kind of you to say so when you don't even know what I am going to ask." He said with a wink. That wink made me think for a second. Not being totally familiar with American manners I was not sure what the intent was. Was it simply to put me at ease? Or was it a flirtation combined with a vague innuendo or perhaps a joke? I could not be sure, but decided he seemed friendly and probably did not mean anything by it. "I am sure Mr. Reynolds that my parents would want me to help." I said simply.

"What do you need help with?" He nodded and got an expression of regret on his face and said "I was honestly wondering if you would cut my back lawn for me. Of course I would want to give you something for your time. I hate to ask but my lower back is killing me and I know cutting the lawn would about do me in." He concluded. "I can do it for you as soon as I finish my in my yard Mr. Reyonold's. Please, do not do something that will hurt your back more." "Well Yukio you are just an angel.

I will make sure the gate is unlocked and you head on over and start anytime. I'm going to get the sprinkler away. I'm glad I didn't turn it on." he finished with a wink. "Okay Mr. Reynolds". I said and turned and went back to finishing my yard. My mother came outside with juice for me and saw I was putting gas in the lawnmower. "Are you not done Yukio?" she asked as she handed me the drink. "Thank you Mother." I said "Mr. Reynolds has a sore lower back and asked me if I could cut his back lawn for him.

I agreed as he is an older neighbour." "Okay. That is very nice of you. Do a good job." She said as she watched me finish the juice. I handed the the glass back. After thanking her again she turned and headed to the house and I made my way around to Mr.

Reynolds' gate with the mower. I quickly went to work and noticed Mr. Reynolds would watch me through his patio door and then kitchen window. At that point was when my brain kicked into full gear. I realized his lawn was not in very bad shape. He seemed to be watching me closely and I knew that he was enjoying the view. My naughty side began kicking into gear and I could feel my pussy beginning to get wet imagining what he was doing as he stood at that window.

I thought he must really like seeing me in my tight shorts with my bared stomach. I glanced over to my house and there was no sign of my parents at all. Knowing that Mr. Reynolds lived alone, but not sure why, I also realized he must be starving for female attention. It is not healthy for a man to go without sexual release and I wondered if he was getting some of that now as he watched me.

The dirty idea of it was turning me on. That this much older man would stroke his cock while watching my tight teen body had me almost trembling. I was shocked when I realized that my pleasant day dreams had prevented me from realizing I was practically finished. As soon as the last cut was made I shut off the mower and stood up. It was a hot summer evening and I was dripping with sweat. "Yukio, come on over here darlin'." Mr Reynolds called out to me.

I turned to see him standing at his back door holding it open. I walked over to him and he said "Come on inside. Have a cold drink and a cool towel." When I reached the door I slipped off my running shoes and bent down removing my socks. There were grass clippings on them. I did not wish to track them into his home. When I stood up he was still holding the door open for me and I stepped in past him into his kitchen.

He was a lot taller than me, maybe six feet tall, and had changed from his shorts to a pair of track pants. The effects of his air conditioning hit me quickly. I could feel the cool air washing over me and my nipples, already aroused from my earlier naughty thoughts, got hard as diamonds. I knew without having to check that he would be able to see them pressing against my shirt. "Come on over to the table." he gestured and I walked ahead of him there and he invited me to sit.

I sat down and folded my hands on my lap. He smiled at that and said "Here you go, this should refresh you." and set down an iced tea in front of me. He walked out of the room and I decided to wait for his return before taking a sip. When he came in he was carrying a damp wash cloths and small towel with him.

"May I see you hands please?" He asked. I smiled at him and held them up. He took each one inside the damp cloth and gently used his own hands to wipe mine down. He seemed to enjoy doing this and was almost massaging them as he stood above me.

I kept my head down watching his hands on mine. Part of me wondered just how much this old man wanted me. Was it simply loneliness?

What was he thinking? Even I knew that his actions were not exactly normal at this point. He finished refreshing my hands and said "Look up please Yukio." I turned my face up towards him. Sitting there with my hands folded delicately in my lap. We made eye contact and He gently brought another cloth up and delicately began to pat and wipe the sweat from my forehead and cheeks.

I kept eye contact with him for a moment and then slowly closed my eyes and simply allowed him to do this. When I had looked into his eyes I saw admiration mixed with loneliness. When he finished caring for me face I felt his finger gently touch me cheek. I opened my eyes then and looked right into his. The sudden action of opening my eyes seemed to have snapped him out of whatever trance he was in. "Sorry. I. I thought I missed a clipping" he said hurriedly stepping back and handing me the dry towel.

I accepted it from him with a smile and said s soft "Thank you." As I was gently drying my hands I watched him as he brought over some sliced mango and he set a small plate in front of me as well. I gently folded the towel and set it down and lifted my drink with both hands and took a slow and savouring sip of the sweet tea he had prepared for me.

As I set it down I noticed he was simply standing and watching me. My reaction was to simply smile at him and said "This is very good, and made in the old way. the old fashioned way. Is that how I should say that?" He smiled widely and said "You're right there.

It's the way my Momma made it. I don't care for the store bought kind." He sat down with me as I lifted it to take another sip. "You're just a proper little lady aren't you. You really are a graceful little thing." He said smiling at me.

"Thank you. The tea is very good." I said smiling back at him. He was watching me and I saw that far away look creeping into his eyes again. "What are you thinking about Mr. Reynolds?" I asked in a gentle tone. He blinked and shook his head saying "Ah it's nothing darlin, just an old man remembering." "Do I remind you of someone?" I asked.

He looked at me and swallowed and said "Yes". I could see his eyes were becoming moist. "Oh I am sorry Mr. Reynolds. I do not mean to make you upset, sometimes I am thoughtless and ask questions I should not.

Please forgive, I am sorry." I said and lowered my head staring at my hands. He seemed like a very nice man and for whatever reason I was reminding him of a bad time. Despite my earlier naughty thoughts I realized I had blundered into causing him pain. I did not want to look at him.

I wanted to allow him time to compose himself and not shame him by having me see his emotional pain. "Yukio you don't have to apologize. It's not you that is to blame for anything. As time passes and being alone an old man can spend too much time thinking about the past." He said in sort of a distant voice.

"Watching you and sitting here with you just reminded me so vividly of one of the best times of my life. long ago, during the war. It was 1971 and I was on leave from Vietnam. I didn't really have any reason to fly home, so I went to Japan instead. That's where I met her." He said and just fell silent. I looked up and could tell he was lost in his memory, a small smile tugging at the corners of his mouth.

He was not looking at me as he spoke, just staring off into a distant past. "Her name was Mariko. I met her at a bar, she worked there as a Hostess. I had never seen anything or met anyone like her before.

She was so small and so damn beautiful. When I spoke to her and heard her soft voice and discovered her gentle soul that was all it took.

This big Texan just fell head over heels for her. We spent a month together, laughing and loving and just being so alive together. Every little thing Mariko did was magical and special and so perfect." Mr. Reynolds said and fell silent again. He pulled himself back into the present and looked at me and cleared his throat. "But the war was on you see." he continued "My time was not my own. At the end of that month I was so in love with her that I knew I had to do something to try and keep us together, I did not want her to disappear from my life.

So like any guy in love I did the only thing I could think of. I asked her to marry me." He stopped and took a sip of his tea. "When she said no I just about died.

She said she couldn't marry me, that it would not work. Turned out she was supporting her parents and there was no way she could leave them. She loved me and she cried as she said no, but I knew she was right. It was not like she could just up and leave them. My tour in Vietnam was not over yet. So she made me promise to see her again. that I would visit again. It was 1971, it's not like today, and I knew the shit storm that waited if I came back to Small Town USA with a pretty little Asian wife.

Her parents would have had a fit too if she married a big ole white boy." He fell silent again. "Mr. Reynolds. What happened? Did you see Mariko again?" I asked after a minute of silence. He turned and smiled at me in the most gentle way and said "You know what.

I did. I went back to Japan to see her and I was so damn determined I would not allow us to be separated again. See, this Texan boy had some money and I had a great job waiting for me back in the States, an oil job. Well I just went and tracked her down right at her home.


She was home and her parents were out. The second she saw me she had this light in her eyes like it was the 4th of July and we just held each other and kissed and we were so happy. Her parents came home and I'll tell you what. they were a hard nut to crack!" He said as he started laughing. I smiled brightly and nodded.

I was completely wrapped up in his words and emotion. "They were tough, but when I was done talking with them, they agreed to allow me to marry their daughter!" he said with a big smile on his face. "Well we married and eventually I got her to the States to live with me.

That wasn't all though, I managed to convince her parents to come as well. They were older and retired, but they had no one else and it just made it perfect.

They were wonderful people." His eyes were filled with warmth. I actually clapped with happiness and said "So you married!!! Ah that is wonderful." Nodding, Mr. Reynolds said "We did and she gave me the best 35 years any man could ever ask for." Realizing that his wife had passed away I simply sat there for a moment and said "You know, none of us a guaranteed a time. we simply have to make the most of what we have. It sounds like you both did.

I wish I could have met her." "You know, you sound just like her. She got sick and it all happened fast. That was almost 6 year ago, but I still remember her gentle smile as she said something similar to me." He said. I sat in silence with him for a time. Words do not always need to be said. "I'm just about the most depressing host on the planet huh darlin?" he said abruptly. "Oh No! Mr. Reynolds you are wonderful host and thank you for sharing so much with me. I enjoyed myself very much." I said smiling at him.

"The Mango was delicious also." He smiled and said "Mariko loved Mango, I thought you might too." He stood up and held out a hand to me and helped me rise from my chair.

He stood there looking at my hand. I slowly rotated it and entwined our fingers just holding it there. We were both looking at that and turned to look at each others eyes at the same time. We simply looked into each other through the windows to our souls.

In his eyes I could see the happiness of memories, the sorrow of loss, and the caring he clearly had for his wife. I knew what mine were showing. A deep respect and admiration for a man who surmounted obstacles for love. I decided that I really liked Mr. Reynolds and was very happy we had met. Slowly I moved forward and slid my free hand around his waist to his back as embraced him.

I felt him slowly wrap his strong arm around me and he hugged me to him. We just stood there and I found I really enjoyed being held by him. When I leaned my head back and looked up into his eyes I just went with a feeling I was having and gently went onto my tip toes and gave him a very soft closed mouth kiss on the lips. I held the kiss for a few seconds and gently ended it. Looking at his closed eyes I could see he had clearly liked it, so I did it again.

This time he let go of my hand and brought his hand to my cheek as he kissed me longer, hugging me tight, and when I let my mouth open and flicked my tongue on his lips he open his mouth and our kiss deepened. I felt his hand move from my cheek to the back of my head, caressing my hair for a moment an holding me there.

I moved my own hand to the back of his head and wrapped the other around him stroking his back softly. This man could kiss! When I felt his erection beginning to grow and pressing into me I loved knowing I was making him aroused and gently pressed my body firmly into it. This seemed to snap him back to what was happening and he abruptly pulled back from the kiss, looking into my eyes.

"Oh my God, I'm sorry. I should not have done that." He said with a look of apology on his face. "Mr. Reynolds, I am very happy you did that. I have never been kissed that deeply before." I said. "Yukio, darlin, you're just a girl.

I feel like some kind of dirty ole man doing this. We have to stop." he said, but made no move to pull further away. "Please. I am very happy you share such a kiss with me. It is a treasure to me. Please. kiss me again." I said softly. He looked at me for a moment and leaned back in and soon we were kissing with growing passion. This was so different though.

I had never been kissed by someone who conveyed so much love with their lips. I melted into his arms, softly whimpering as we kissed and simply gave myself over to this warm feeling from him. One of his hands slid down and cupped mys ass and lifted me. I felt so tiny in his strong arms, so happy and trusting of whatever this kind man wanted.

His other hand had just slid to my breast when my cell phone rang. Snapping back to reality he set me down and stood back looking sheepish as I answered it. When I answered it and he heard me start speaking Japanese his eyebrows went up and when he heard me say "Mother" in Japanese he looked panicked and began looking out his windows.

I ended the call. I set the phone on the counter and said "My Mother wants me to come home. I told her I would be there shortly. I told her I was visiting with you and enjoying myself and had lost track of time." He nodded looking like a boy who was caught stealing a cookie. I smiled thinking I wanted him to have my cookie causing my smile to grow.

"Please" I stepped up to him and put a finger on his lips "Do not worry about anything. I adore the feelings you gave me and the kisses. I am very sorry we did not get to spend more time. I will find a way." "Yukio, I. don't get in trouble please." he said. "I don't want something bad to happen to you." "I am very smart girl Mr. Reynolds.

Do not worry about things that will not happen." I said. Stepping forward I gave him a hug and he returned it warmly. Stepping out of the embrace I walked to the door and said "I am very much looking forward to seeing you again soon Mr. Reynolds. Thank you." I made my way home quickly, a plan forming in my mind. When I got home my mother was curious about our neighbour. I told her all about what he had told me. I was careful to phrase everything in a way that would not make her uncomfortable with the conversation.

Particularly I left out the kissing. Sometimes ignorance is bliss. After a bath I said goodnight to my parents and retired to my room. It was not long after that my parents went to bed. I waited an hour and slowly emerged from by bed. I dressed in my black yoga pants and a black long sleeve workout shirt. After that I arranged my pillows and cover on my bed to make it look as if I was sleeping.

Fixing my hair in a ponytail, I looked in the mirror and smiled before slowly opening my bedroom window. I peaked out and confirmed there was no one about. The street and other houses were dark. I moved out of the window onto the window sill and took a final look around before dropping soundlessly to the grass below. As I came out of my roll I froze and looked back up toward my parents window. No movement and nothing but the sounds of the night. Quickly I moved to the side of Mr.

Reynolds home and assessed it.

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"Fortune Favour The Bold" I thought as I saw one of his second floor windows was open. I moved between the house and garage and leapt at the side of the house. Landing of the sheer flat surface soundlessly I pushed off upwards and rotated to face the roof of the garage. Catching it with my hands I pulled myself onto the roof and crouched there.

I was very careful. It would not have done well to be seen and have someone calling the Police. The distance between the garage and his house was shirt so the leap between the two was easily done. I slowly padded across the roof until I was above the open window. I peaked over the edge and saw that it had a screen on it. That was annoying but a minor issue. Using my fingers I silently lifted the screen loose from its track and set it on the roof.

Looking back inside I could see it was his bedroom. It suddenly dawned on my I was in Texas and that he probably had a firearm. I would have to be very careful now not to startle him. I stood above the window and leaping, spun myself around, gripping the roof and swinging my body through the gap. Luck was with me and I landed softly and silently on his plush bedroom carpet.

I froze there and waited for my eyes to adjust to the deeper darkness of his bedroom. Mr. Reynolds was laying on his back, under just a sheet, on his large bed. I spotted a handgun on the bedside table and silently wondered if that was common.

It also dawned on me what a big chance I had taken sneaking into a combat veteran's bedroom this way. I slowly rose to my feet and pulled off my top and then slowly slid of my yoga pants, me eyes never leaving him. By his breathing I could tell he was deeply sleeping. I reached up and took the elastic out of my hair, allowing my hair to flow freely down my back. With great care I crept to the opposite side of the bed and slowly slipped back the sheet.

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I slid into the bed with him and slowly cuddled up to him. He must have been reacting on instinct, because his arm came around my shoulder and pulled me against him. He was still asleep, but I wanted him to wake up and not in an unpleasant way.

Gently I began running my hand over him as I gently began kissing his chest and giving it small little licks as I moved my mouth to his nipple. When I caught it between my lips I slowly dragged my tongue across it. My hand meanwhile had slid down seeking his manhood. When my hand touched it I could not help but be amazed. He was already getting hard and Mr. Reynolds had a nice cock. It felt thick and long.

Delicately I began to tease his shaft with my fingertips as I slowly rubbed my body against him. This has the desired effect. He hugged me to him and in a sleepy way he kissed the top of my head. I continued slowly running my fingertips along his hard shaft and gently curled my hand around it, beginning a slow stroking motion. My kisses and gentle licks never stopped and when I felt him come slowly awake he went rigid for a second and then kissed my head again.

He must not have been fully awake because he suddenly reached over and turned the light on. I looked up at him as he turned his head to look down at me and saw the complete surprise on his face. "Yukio? How. is this real?" he asked in a stunned voice. "Yes. it is real." I said softly as I rolled on top of him and locked my mouth to his.

There is no way he could miss the fact my naked body was against him, and my wet pussy was pressing down on the length of his shaft. My hand were gently resting on his chest as I kissed him, flicking my tongue out to his lips. His hands came up and he gripped my shoulders and pushed my chest upwards so my face was about a foot from his.

He stared into my eyes and said softly "How the hell did you get in here?" "I came through the window. Please do not be angry, I wanted to see you." I said softly in reply. "The window? How the." he said clearly wondering. "I have many talents Mr. Reynolds and one of them is sneaking into the bedrooms of men." I said softly with a smile.

He laughed lightly despite himself and said "So. you do this a lot?" he said as he gently brought a hand to my cheek. "Actually no, first time I do this so I can pillow. make love." I said. He eyes searched my face and he said quietly "What the hell are you doing? I'm an old man. you're a gorgeous girl. a gorgeous young girl.

why the hell would you want me?" "Because you have a beautiful soul." I said and leaned down and kissed him. He seemed unsure for a moment, but soon was returning my kisses with passion, holding me tight to him.

Slowly, and with care he rolled us over so he was on top, his lips never leaving mine. I wrapped my legs around him, grinding my hips upward and wrapping my arms around his neck. I could feel his cock throbbing with anticipation as the tip was rubbing against my silky wet pussy lips.

Releasing me from the kiss he lifted himself up, supporting himself on his arms as he looked down at me. I brought a hand to his cheek and slowly slid it along his face, eventually tracing my fingertips over his full lips.

As I did this I slowly rubbed my thighs on his side and tilted my head, giving him a smile that was shining in my eyes as well. "So beautiful" he said softly as he moved down a bit and lowered his head to on of my nipples.

Capturing it in his mouth he gently teased it with his tongue and lightly bit it. I moaned in appreciation and thrust my chest upwards. His worship of my body had just began and he spent a delicious and agonizing amount of time treating my breasts like no one ever had.

His skilled mouth and hands kept bringing me to the edge of orgasm as he conveyed his adoration of them to me. By the time he began slowly licking and kissing his way down my body I was floating in a sea of bliss. Using his hands he slowly slid my legs apart, exerting gentle pressure on my thighs. With wanton pleasure I reached down and took hold of my ankles and spread myself fully, holding my legs completely open for him.

This offered up my shaved pussy at the best angle for him and he smiled at me upon seeing what I had done. "Limber little minx" he said as he chuckled a little. I smiled at him. I could not help but think that I was being made love to by a man who was a genuinely kind and gifted lover. He was different from any older man I had ever been with and I felt a caring I had not, up until that point in my life, ever experienced with a lover.

He moved his face close to my pussy and gently blew his warm breath onto it, causing me to writhe and whimper softly. Looking up at me he gently whispered "Thank you" before slowly covering my pussy with gentle licks and kisses.

His slow and sensual oral loving to my pussy was pure magic. His technique flawless as he alternated between long licks, gentle kisses, quick flicks of his tongue and finally burying it deep inside me. He was lapping away at my juices and I was boiling with pleasure. Mr. Reynolds' skill was amazing. His passion for oral sex clear to me. His gifted and torturous technique however was to deny me orgasm. As it built up and the wave was about to break across me he would prevent it with gentle changes to tempo.

Never in my life had anyone denied me orgasm for as long as he did. It was a delicious and frustrating experience. Part of me wanted to cum so badly, but the masochistic side wondered how long he could torment me for. After what seemed like an eternity he slowly began kissing his way up my body. By the time he reached my face I was clawing at him, whimpering and begging in Japanese for him to fuck me.

He knew exactly what I was saying and kissed me deeply and passionately as his cock again touched my dripping hot pussy. Slowly and steadily he slid his beautiful cock into me, spreading my pussy wide and making me shake with arousal. The tip of his cock came to rest against my cervix and he just held himself there, our bodies completely joined. I was a hair's width from what was one of the most intense orgasms of my life. My body was covered in a sheen of sweat and I wrapped myself tightly against him.

Still kissing me he slowly pulled his cock back, my pussy grasping at it hungrily. He motion to slow to trigger my orgasm and I knew that he was going to torture me with his cock now. He continued his agonizingly, yet tantalizingly, slow pace fucking me deeply and deliberately while at the same time denying me my release. I felt like a great tsunami of pleasure was waiting to crash against me.

I was going insane with passion but could not force the issue as he had me pinned under him and was completely in control. Near tears I began begging "Please.

please. I can't. please" He pulled back from our kiss and stared at my face. I knew he could see the absolutely lewd expression I was wearing, but any embarrassment I felt at that was secondary to my need to orgasm. I could see the need reflected in his own face and locking eyes with him I said one last time "Please." Mr Reynolds began to increase the momentum of his fucking into me. He did not stop penetrating me deeply and soon I felt it coming, a great and unimaginable surge of pure pleasure.

It was so intense I began to cry and felt a brief stab of fear as it slammed into me. My body was completely consumed by it as I screamed silently and went completely rigid.

My vision was full of stars as I felt my pussy convulsing and every muscle in my body seemed to pulse and contract. In a distant way I could feel my pussy squirting like it had never done before. All through this Mr Reynolds never stopped thrusting and never slowed down. I had barely began to come down when another wave crashed into me, and another.

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It was the most intense multiple orgasm I had ever had. When he began slowing his thrusts it allowed me to return from heaven. I could feel the tears coursing down my cheeks and felt the lingering effects of the that pleasure resonating through my entire body. I opened my eyes and looked up into his face and was hit hard by what I saw there.

Pure love. That was another first for me and I had no idea what to do with it. He was still thrusting in me and watching me. Finally he leaned down and began gently licking my salty tears from my cheeks and then kissing me again.

When I felt the next series of orgasms building I thought I was going to die, that all of this pleasure was going to kill me. I had no idea where this man was finding such stamina.

I was powerless under him. He had taken my body and shown and already shown me such pleasure as I never imagined existed. But he was not done yet. Surrendering to it I simply moaned and felt the orgasms again pouring over me.

They were nearly as intense as the first set, which is to say better than the best anyone else had given me. Over what seemed like a lifetime he brought me to orgasm again and again. His cock stirring my pussy in a way I never imagined. When I realized he was starting to drive his cock into me faster and faster I knew he was going to cum.

He laid down fully on me, his head above mine. I leaned upwards and began licking his neck. "Please. give me your cum. please fill me with cum. please" I repeated over and over. With a mighty shove he buried his cock inside me and I felt it pulsing as he came deep into my womb and I came with him. We laid there, sharing our joining and shivering with the bliss of our shared orgasm.

When his body relaxed on top of me my pussy was still having mini orgasms. I laid there and gently wrapped my arm around him and kissed the side of his neck as I felt him slowly return his breathing to normal.

Slowly he lifted himself and looked down at me with a smile on his face. "Yukio. I can't even find the words." He said softly. "Please do not try." I replied "Your love making has said a thousand upon thousand words." and I gently pulled him down into a kiss. It was a slow and loving kiss and one that conveyed my appreciation to him, as well as a gentle goodbye.

I knew he understood and agreed. I could not stay with him and it was not realistic to even imagine that I could. When the kiss ended I slowly rose from the bed and went to my clothes and began dressing again. He laid there watching me with a smile on his face that made me feel so much happiness in return.

Once my hair was fixed in the pony tail I walked back over to the bedside and leaned over and kissed him again. When I started walking back toward the window he laughed lightly and said "You know, the door is an option sweetie." I stopped and had to laugh. He got up out of the bed and walked with my downstairs. I gave him one more kiss before I left through the back door.

Getting back to my home and inside was easy. Undressing and climbing into bed I thought about Mr. Reynolds and felt myself smiling with contentment.

When I started to giggle suddenly it was for one simple reason. I realized I had left his screen on the roof.