Lunch break pussy rubbing chronicles

Lunch break pussy rubbing chronicles
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You never know where things will lead in life. That sounds all grown-up and I'm only sixteen but that is sixteen years of life, too.


So here are the facts: My name in Madigan (Maddie, to just about everybody), five foot, three and a half inches tall, "dirty" blond, brown eyes, considered "cute" by most and "hot" by my boyfriend, I weigh-in at one hundred and seven pounds, my boyfriend's name is Jordan and we've been together for seven months now, my Mom is Rebecca (Becca, to friends) and she is an account broker for a financial company, my brother is stupid (Ha, ha, no, really his name is Matthew or Matt to all) and he's just turned thirteen, Dad is gone and that's about it.

Oh, for you guy's out there, yes, Jordan and I are "doing it" and for any moms reading this, yes, I'm on the pill. My mom is one of those that thinks that its better to have little daughter on the pill than it is to become a young grandmother by surprise.

Oh, also for you guys, I'm a 36 C cup; more than a mouthful. Happy now? OK, they also stand straight out, no droop, and have reddish-brown nipples (very sensitive to licking and sucking) and they get very hard very quickly. You guys happy now?

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You'll probably also want to know that I shave down there and have a very pretty little "kitty-box." I think so and so does Jordan. You would too.

(If I let you see it.) Well, what I want to tell you is about my stupid brother.

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To be honest, he was a great pain the butt when younger but recently he's becoming a little more tolerable. Especially after the incident I'm about to tell you.

It was a Tuesday afternoon and I'd been home from school for about a half hour. I'd changed into comfy clothes (after running to take a pee, its the second thing I do when I get home) and had come downstairs. I was passing by the dining room, when I noticed Matt sitting in front of the computer (yeah, Mom has it in the dining room, don't ask me why) and his arm is moving in a way highly suggestive of jacking-off.

Now, I've never seen a guy masturbate before (Jordan and I have better things to do, like each other) but there wasn't much doubt. I quietly walked up behind him (yes, he was engrossed) and looked at the monitor. Humoungus boobs bouncing up and down on this bleached blond as she's attempting to do a strip tease.

Oh, spare me, I thought. "What are you watching, you idiot?" "Holy crap, Maddie." He lurched and tried to tuck himself back into his pants. "Goddam, Maddie, you scared the shit out of me. Get the fuck out and leave me alone!" "Not until I see what you're watching." I leaned over to see and said, "Why don't you watch real girls instead of this inflated-boob bimbo?

Real women have beautiful breasts even when they're small or a bit saggy, better that those fake watermelons. Geez." "Well, do you have any suggestions?" "Yeah, type this in: www-dot-ratemyrack-dot-com." "Rack?

What's that?" "Boobs, dummy, tits, knockers, hooters, jugs, melons, get it?" The website came up on the screen. "OK, there's some real ones for you. Nice, huh? Look at her. Really nice. Small but nice puffy nipples. Or her, big boobs and big nips, little sag but nice.

The next girl, hers look right at you but this pair look sideways. Aren't these nice? Better than 'Miss Hyper-Boobs' you were drooling over." "Yeah, thanks, sis.

This is great." "Well, at least it's real. Look at her, they're just like mine." "Really, just like those? Oh Maddie, those are the prettiest I've seen so far.

I saw you in a bikini last summer but if you look like this, you're the best." "Thanks little brother. Real ones are nice, huh? How did you get around the pornsite blockers Mom set up?" "Oh, I have friends who've figured it all out. Its not that hard to do." Pointing at the screen, he says, "So yours look like this.

I think I'll bookmark this page.

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Just like Maddie's, yeah." "You mean your sister turns you on? You're a pervert." "Maybe but those boobs are to die for and you have them right under your shirt." "You wanna see'em, don't you?" "Oh, Mads, who wouldn't? If they look like these (pointing to the screen), they're perfect. And I know you're proud of them. Right?" "What's it worth, little bro? A month of doing the dishwasher? And I get to see your little weenie?" "Oh come on Maddie, it's a deal with the dishwasher and its fair to see mine if I see yours.

OK." "You first, Matt." My brother stood up, pushed the chair back and pulled his shorts down. He had a big bulge in his jockeys and when he pulled them off, this rather large penis comes flopping down along with my jaw.


"Wow, for thirteen, you've got quite a dick there, buddy. Face me so I can get a good look." "You can take a good lick, if you want." "Ha, ha, you should live so long. But I'll bet you'll make a lot of girls happy with that. It used to be such a little weenie but its gone and grown up." Matt's cock was nice and long and pink with a chubby tip that would make girls feel really good going in and out. He had a lot of dark brown hair around it (Jordan shaves, if you must know.

I like it that way.) "Mind if I take a feel?" "You're not expecting 'No,' are you?" I reach over and take his cock in my hand, heft it up (this kid's no 'lightweight') and give it a gentle squeeze. "Nice, Matt.

You really get hard." I slide my grip up and down a few times and he closes his eyes and lets out a little moan. He says that I have forever to stop but I figure I'd better quit while I'm ahead here. He looks a bit disappointed but then says, "Your turn, sis." Well, I made a deal, right? So I cross my arms and pull my tee off over my head.

He stares wide-eyed at my white lacy bra. "Nice, Mad, really nice." I turn and ask him if he's ever unhooked a bra before. "No but I'll bet I can figure it out," and, presto, my bra opens and I shrug it off and turn toward him. "Beautiful, Maddie, beautiful. I knew you had great boobs but these are perfect.

Can I touch them?" Well, fair play (with the emphasis on 'play') and all that, I say, "Sure, have fun. I might just enjoy it, too." He reached out with both hands and began kneading and rubbing my breasts.

"Oh, Maddie, you're so soft and smooth. Really nice." He then begins to lightly pinch my nipples and circle them with his fingers. I looked down at his quivering cock and said, "I can tell you like them, little brother, you have a speedometer down there." I was enjoying the attention and could feel my panties getting wet. "Geez, this is my brother," I thought. "Can I kiss them?" "Just don't bite.

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Have fun, I'm enjoying it, too." He bent and lifted a breast to his mouth, kissed the nipple and began to lightly suck. Oh, the wetness began to soak me through. "Mmm, that's nice, Matt. Don't stop." As if I thought he would. He's sucking one boob and rubbing the other and my eyes are closed enjoying it. By now, I'm reaching down rubbing his cock with both hands. He's naked from the waist down and I'm naked from the waist up.

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Together, we're one naked and one clothed. Weird thought. "Let's turn off the computer and go upstairs," he says and, almost without thinking, I agree.

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"My room, I've got a queen-size bed," I add and we go up. I'm thinking, 'this is going to end in us fucking, I'm sure of it.' By the time we're in my room, he's got his shirt off and I've dropped my shorts and and panties, the ones that said "Kiss the Kitty." "Oh, Maddie, just let me look at you. You are beautiful, perfect.


I didn't know you shaved there," pointing to my pussy. "I did that when I was about your age. I like it bare there. I don't want to scratch any guy's lips or cheeks." "I'd give anything to kiss you there, Maddie." So, I laid down on the edge of my bed and spread my legs.

"I'm all yours, little brother. I'll bet you'll enjoy this. I will." As I lay there, I was wondering if I really wanted to start fucking my brother. I know that if it happened, it would be a beginning and not just a one-time thing. I had to be prepared for us to be in each other's pants often and not just once in a while. Did I really want that? He was making it hard for me to think clearly as his tongue flitted in and out of my wet lips.

On the other hand, boyfriends may not last forever and they're not always handy. He did have one great looking cock and he was giving me a very nice oral job. Oh, yes, very nice.

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Well, except for one thing. She leaned forward and said, "Matt, you know about a girl's clit? Where it is?" "I know the word but not where. Is it inside?" "No, right here," as I spread the top of my pussy lips for him.

"See this? Right there? Lick and suck that. But be gentle." Oh, yeah, he went right for it. I moaned as he sucked my little love knob. Oh, what the hell, I thought, I'm fucking him and I'm fucking him this afternoon. Right now. "Matt, this has to be just between us. Nobody else. You can never tell anybody." "Don't worry, sis, I'd never do that to you. You're my sister and I love you. Boy, I've seen parts of you that I love more than ever." "Well, if you can keep this secret, then I want you to fuck me.

Have you ever done it before?" "No, I've hardly had any dates, you know that. I mean I know where to put it and all that but, no, I haven't done it before." "Oh, we've got a lot to cover then.

You are right, though, it goes right in here," as I pointed to my pussy. I scooted up into the middle of the bed, put my knees upspread my legs, and said, "Let's get started, Matt, lesson number one, missionary position, it's basic but hard to beat." He climbed between my legs and started to put his cocktip on my slit.

"What about protection? I don't have a rubber." "It's OK, I've been on the pill for a while, not to worry. Just rub your dick around on me before you put it in. Get it wet on the tip first. Mmm, yeah, that's nice." Soon, he had it well inside and was doing what guys always do, sliding it in and out. And I was doing what girls always do, moving my hips around and around. "Oh, Maddie, this feels sooo good.

You're so warm and smooth inside. I knew it would be great but this is feels better than I ever thought. I want to do this forever. And I want to do it with you forever. I think.ooooh, ooooh, ooooh." Well, my little brother was cumming into his big sister's love box. I used to hate this kid and now he's got his dick in me and he's unloading his cum load. How life changes. "Oh, I'm sorry, Mads, I didn't mean to cum so quick. You didn't get yours did you?" I told him that, no, I didn't but he could do me with his tongue if he couldn't get hard again.

"You don't mind tasting a little of your own cum with my love juices do you?" He didn't even answer, he was down licking me as I swung my legs up over his shoulders. I was leaning on my elbows as he started licking my clit and running his tongue around it. "Mmmm, right there and suck there." He proved great at following my suggestions (well, truth be told, not all guys do) and I was getting wound pretty tight.

He kept licking and sucking me as he put a finger in my pussy and massaged around and around. For a beginner, he was pretty good. "Put two fingers in, Matt. Yeah, like that. Oooo, good, good. Mmmm, just keep doing that. I'm almost ready.Ooooh, ooooh, ungh, oooh, Matt, OOOh." As my orgasm hit, an electric feeling shot through me, the tension in my body relaxed and I flopped back and felt engulfed with bliss.

My whole pelvic area was flooded with this wonderful warm feeling. He brought me off faster than Jordan does; maybe its the fact that its my brother that seems extra exciting. "Did you like what I was doing, Maddie?" "Oh, Matt, keep that up and you'll make a lot of girls very happy.

I sure am; it was a great orgasm," "Yeah, I thought you were in pain for a minute but it was great, huh?" "Yes, Matt, great." "I wasn't sure if I'd like licking you down there but it was great and you sure seemed to like it." "Here's a tip from your big sister, Matt, if you want girls to go crazy for you, giving them great oral orgasms like you did me will make you a star.

Every girl I know loves a guy's tongue in her pussy." "I'm glad you caught me looking at porn, sis, you've taught me a lot and you've been my first lover. I'm getting hard again, can I put it in you again?" All of a sudden, my little brother is looking like he's nice to have him around. I open my legs and tell him, "You know where to put it. We still have time before Mom gets home."