Tio comeu a novinha outra vez

Tio comeu a novinha outra vez
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The Stranger I had just come through a messy divorce; she had the house on the agreement that she could not claim maintenance or any money off me.

All my savings had gone on lawyers' fees; I was homeless with no prospects of being able to buy another place of my own. I had retired at 57 years of age from the merchant navy and was looking forward to a peaceful retirement.

We started arguing and it got steadily worse until the divorce. To cut a long story short, I was lucky to get a room in a hostel, half of which was a halfway house for newly released criminals, I was there for 4 years before I managed to get a pensioners bungalow from the local council.

However, the divorce and living in that hostel had taken its toll, I would never get too involved with a woman and if I did, it would only be for my satisfaction, if she didn't like it then so what. Yes, I am bitter and no woman will use me again. I furnished and decorated my new home, only a small one-bedroom place with a garden, which I enjoy. I thought I would be all right here and build a new life for myself. The neighbours made me feel very welcome but did not intrude, at 62 years of age I was the young kid on the block, the nearest to my age is about 84.

I get on well with them and do odd jobs that they are no longer able to do themselves.

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I had gone to the local village for some shopping and went to a café for some breakfast. As in most villages, everyone knew each other so I was the stranger. Everyone in the café said hello and I was included in conversation.


Really, they were pumping me for information about me. I gave them some but not too much. I was sitting with two men about my age when two women came and sat near us. I could tell that one of the men (John) was married to the younger woman. We all chatted for a while, I stood to leave at the same time as the two women, and we walked through the village together until we reached my car. I said goodbye and drove off the car park, I was passing the two women and they waved for me to stop.

The younger one leaned in the window and said, "I hope you don't mind me saying this but I fancy you". "Oh" I said jokingly, "What do you fancy doing to me"?

"Sucking your cock," she replied.

Talk about being flabbergasted. My flabber has never been so gasted. She passed me a note saying that was her phone number and to call her when I was ready. All the while, the other woman was watching and smiling. "By the way my name is Sue," she said then left. I went home, all sorts going through my mind; was she real, did she really say that, what problems will it lead to, does she charge. I thought about it all day and night, the next day I thought what do I have to lose by just talking to her.

I rang and arranged to meet that afternoon. I picked her up at two o'clock and went for a drive looking for somewhere with some privacy. She directed me to a place in the country saying not many people use the place and we could talk on the way and not be disturbed. When we were into the countryside properly, she asked if I minded if she wanked while we drove and talked.

Of course, I said no, she asked me to stop then got out, reached into her bag and got a towel, which she folded and put on her seat before getting back in. She leaned against the door put one leg on the seat and her other leg on the floor, lifted her skirt and showed me her shaved knicker less cunt.

She spread it wide with her fingers showing me it was streaming with juice. I was sat there opened mouthed not quite believing what I was seeing. She told me to drive and that we would be where we were going in a few minutes.

I asked why the towel and she told me she didn't want to mark my seats. She held herself wide and rubbed her clit, dipped her fingers in and out of her hole, the juice was running freely between her fingers and onto the towel. We reached our destination; I parked up and turned to her. I reached out but she stopped me, "please let me finish myself first" she said, "then you can do whatever you want". I sat back and watched, she had four fingers ramming in and out of her cunt and rubbing her clit the juices were running out, she was starting to pant.

Between breaths, she asked me to get a glass out of her bag. She held it beneath her and it soon filled up with her juice, she lifted it to her lips and drank it while still wanking furiously, she did this three times. When she had calmed down, she licked her fingers clean, rubbed her thighs and cunt clean then licked her fingers clean again.

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She looked me in the eye and said, "I love doing that". She straightened herself up, removed the towel and sat up, looked at me and said, "Will you please recline your seat, lie back and relax and let me suck your cock"? As she was undoing my trousers, she told me to enjoy it as she intended to and that we could talk after.

I was already hard; she cupped my balls and lifted my cock upright with one finger, licked around the head then opened her mouth and took me in. I went all the way in her nose was in my pubes, I could feel her throat massaging the head of my throat, she fondled my balls and probed my anus, it wasn't long and I was shooting cum down her throat, as I was climaxing she was massaging the head of my cock with her throat and gently squeezing my balls, milking every drop out of me, only when I had finished did she lift off my cock.

She didn't take it all the way out of her mouth; she gently sucked and licked it until I was hard again. She asked if I was ok, saying she would answer any questions I might have, only if she could continue playing with my cock. I asked if she did this often, after laughing she told me it was her first time with a stranger. She had tried it with her husband but he thought she was disgusting. She had an affair and he only did it reluctantly. There was something irresistible about me, and didn't want to take the chance of me not asking.

She decided to deal with the problem directly and go all out for it. What did she have to lose; at least she would be able to have a wank in front of a stranger.

She then asked if I was ok with what she had done. OK with it, I fucking loved it the kinkier the better. She asked if I would be able to cum again because she wanted to wank me into the glass and me wank her into the glass so she could drink it.

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That is what we did, her cunt was hot wet and as tight as could be, yet she could relax it enough for me to get my hand up. I told her I was cumming and she made sure I spurted into the glass; she then filled it up with her juice running through my fingers.

She licked my fingers clean then lit a cigarette, she sat there smoking and sipping on her drink savouring every mouthful. Driving back, she told me that I was the first local man other than her husband she had been with, she also hoped that if I didn't want to see her again that I would be discreet and not talk about it. However, if I did want to see her again, she could promise more than I can handle.

I told her I didn't want commitment, we were both free to do as we please if she was happy with that we could have a lot of fun together.

She was more than happy, and was looking forward to our next time together and she would send me a text, then I could phone when I was ready to make arrangements, it may be tomorrow or next week, she just could not say yet. It was over a week before I got a text from her, it is hard to believe how excited I was.

Truth be told; she was no beauty about five feet four, robust is a polite way of describing her body shape. Her tits looked massive but I realized I hadn't seen them yet, I hadn't even tried to feel them, I hoped they were natural I hate silicone tits. Short blonde hair, dyed I am sure. She didn't wear much makeup, which was a good thing.

However, as I said I didn't want commitment or a trophy woman, just good sex. I phoned the next day and arranged for the Thursday afternoon.


She told me she could only manage afternoons, as her husband wanted her at home at night. Thursday she directed me to a place where, she said we would have plenty of fun. We parked in a clearing in the woods amongst half a dozen other cars. There were men gathered by a couple of the cars, but we couldn't see what was going on as they were on the other side to us.

She asked if I had ever been dogging before, got out of the car and said, "Follow me". At the first car, a woman was laying back in the front seat, passenger door wide open three men watching her frig herself with a huge vibrator. The men were wanking themselves slowly. Sue made her way between the men and asked the woman if it was ok to help. She knelt and started sucking the men's cocks, trying her best to get two dicks in her mouth at once.

When they started to cum Sue directed it towards the woman's cunt, she was a good shot, most of it landed on the woman's lower belly, cunt and vibrator. Sue didn't hesitate, she leant forward and cleaned the woman's stomach with her tongue, and Sue pulled the vibrator out of the woman's cunt, licked and sucked it clean, all the time looking the woman in the eyes. Sue then lifted the woman's legs as far back and as wide as she could. Smiled at the woman then licked her cunt clean, she didn't stop at that, she licked and sucked and fingered her to orgasm.

The woman was a squirter; Sue leaned back and let her squirt on to her face and into her mouth, as the squirting slowed Sue leaned in and licked and sucked the rest up. Smiled at the woman, stood and said to me, "I wonder what's at the next car". There was a young girl, mid-twenties bent over the passenger seat sucking a cock while being fucked doggy style.

She bent and whispered something to the girl who smiled and nodded her head. Sue stood and pulled me away to another car, she just smiled at me. At the third car, a woman had her legs behind her ears and she was trying her best to get her fist up her cunt. Three men were playing with their cocks and fondling her.

One of the men had two fingers up the woman's arse and frigging her roughly. Sue made her way to the woman, smiled and started playing with her cunt, it wasn't long before she had her whole hand inside the woman and was frigging her roughly. The woman seemed to be in heaven and was screaming for more. Sue obliged by working her other hand up the other woman's arse. Sue took cum from the three men into her mouth then licked and sucked the woman clean.

We went back to the second car; the young girl was still being fucked doggy style but all the other men had gone. Sue lay on the ground between their legs and fondled the man's balls. When he had cum deep inside the young girl and left, the girl crouched over Sue's face and let cum drip from her cunt into Sue's mouth.

Sue put her fingers up her to get the rest, and licked and sucked her fingers and the girl's cunt clean. We left and she asked if she could come back to my place so that she could make sure I had as much fun as her.

She then sent a text to someone, when we reached our village that someone was waiting at the side of the road, I stopped for her to get in then we went back to my place.

That someone was the woman Sue was with the first time I saw her, turned out they were the best of friends to say the least.

Her name is Michelle but preferred 'Chelle, not as tall or robust as Sue, auburn hair and big tits like Sue. As soon as we were indoors, they attacked stripping my clothes and were sucking and kissing me all over. Chelle could deep throat just as well as Sue, I didn't cum down her throat but in her mouth so that she could share it with Sue. While I recovered they put on a show for me, Chelle had brought an assortment of toys with her, dildos, vibrators, butt plugs and a strap on.

Chelle liked to have her cunt eaten while being fucked up the arse, Sue was more than willing to oblige with the help of a dildo.


They fisted each other's cunts tried their hardest to fist their arses, and sucked their cunts dry. They started to suck my cock, fondle my balls and stroke me all over; between them it didn't take long before I was as hard as rock and ready to fuck. The girls got in the 69 position with Chelle on top, Sue was licking Chelle's arse and called me over, grabbed my cock and guided it towards Chelle's arse hole. I slid in quite easily she was tight though but she seemed to suck me in.

I fucked her as hard as I could while Sue was eating her cunt. It didn't take long and we were both cumming, I filled her arse with four or five long spurts and her muscles milked the rest out of me. Chelle squirted into Sue's mouth and face she was soaked; her hair looked like she had just had a shower. When I pulled out of Chelle's arse Sue pulled me into her mouth and cleaned me off, then she sucked all my cum out of Chelle's arse; that girl really did love to eat cum.

The girls showered dressed and left, Sue promised to text me soon. They had been gone an hour when I realized that I had still not fucked Sue. I heard nothing for a couple of weeks; I was beginning to think it was all over. Oh well I had insisted on no commitment. I went in to the local village for some shopping and to the little cafe for some breakfast, I think the same people were there as the last time, most said good morning and asked how I was doing. I ordered a coffee and sat in the corner with the newspaper, however I was soon engaged in conversation.

Shows how friendly the locals are, the way people behave seems as though the place is stuck in a time bubble, it feels as though we are back in the 1960's, I am sure you could go out and safely leave your door unlocked.

Even the bus drivers go out of the way to get you where you want to go, I have even seen them doing a bit of shopping for the old dears who can't get about so well.

I digress and should get on with my story. Sue and Chelle came in and said hello to everyone, got a drink and sat at a table the other side of the room.

They chatted with everyone, including me but no indication of what had happened between us. I ordered some breakfast and while it was cooking went outside for a smoke. I had been outside for a couple of minutes when I had a text, "Can we visit at your house at 2pm?" it said, I replied with yes.

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As I was eating my breakfast I received another text, which said, "Be naked when you answer the door". I finished my breakfast said goodbye to everyone and went home.

Time stopped, or at least slowed to a crawl, 2 o'clock took forever to arrive, and finally there was a knock at the door. Through the spyhole I could see Sue and Chelle I opened the door standing behind it, as I didn't want the neighbours to see me naked. The girls walked in and held the door open, they just smiled checked to make sure I was naked and ushered someone else in. A 20 odd year old girl entered; she was beautiful with long dark hair and slim.

Sue shut the door; the girl looked at me, at my cock smiled and stripped. Chelle fondled her breasts roughly, pulling and twisting her nipples, Sue was fingering her cunt just as roughly. The girl had a look of pain and pleasure on her face, her nipples stood out about an inch and juice was pouring out of her pussy.

They left her alone and she dropped to her knees and took me in her mouth, the other two stripped and started making out. I erupted in the girls mouth, she didn't swallow she kissed Sue and gave her my spunk, Sue then kissed Chelle and gave her some. All this happened while we were still in the hall behind the front door. Shall we go into the living room I suggested, the girl dropped to her hands and knees, Sue grabbed her hair and walked into the living room the girl crawling behind like a pet dog.

Sue and Chelle sat on the settee I sat in the armchair and the girl knelt on the floor head bowed hands behind her. Sue asked the girl her name "Slut Mistress" she replied. Chelle asked her what she was supposed to do when first introduced to someone. Before she could reply Chelle said "Slut meet your Master", slut got up and took a butt plug out of her bag then lay on the floor in front of me. She lifted her legs and put them behind her head, inserted the butt plug in her arse and spread her cunt wide saying, "Is this satisfactory Master"?

When I had looked at her for a couple of minutes she said, "If Master is not satisfied there is a whip in my bag for my punishment", The juice was bubbling out of her cunt she must have been thoroughly enjoying it, I leaned forward and inserted my fingers into her and frigged her, she was close to cumming when Sue forbade her to orgasm, it was plain to see on the girls face the fight she was having to obey.

I took pity and left her alone, "Suck my cunt slut" Sue said. The girl was on her knees and between Sue's legs in no time. "Use your fingers as well slut" Chelle produced a glass and gave it to the girl who collected Sue's juices in it, she then got between Chelle's legs and in no time was collecting her cunt juice in the glass. She then came to me sucking and fondling my cock and collecting my spunk in the same glass, she crouched on the floor frigging her cunt and caught her own juice in the glass.

It was brimming; she placed it on the floor then knelt beside it with her head bowed hands behind her. Sue ordered slut to make a cup of tea, something I really needed, she brought them in one at a time kneeling in turn in front of us head bowed and using both hands to offer our drinks, not once looking us in the eye, reminded me of Geisha girls.

Slut lay on her back legs behind her ears and spread her cunt open, it was only then I realised she still had the butt plug in. Sue handed her a dildo that was about two inches thick and eight long, slut removed the plug and shoved this dildo up instead. The pain and enjoyment was plain to see on her face as she forced it in, eventually every bit disappeared and her arse hole closed over it. She then got onto her knees head bowed hands behind her back. Sue ordered slut to drink; she picked up the glass with mixture of pussy juice and spunk, stirred it with her fingers and started sipping it.

She really seemed to be enjoying it and drank it all even scooping out the dregs with her fingers and licking them clean. "Slut come and service me and Chelle" Sue ordered, with that slut crawled over and started sucking and fingering both women. She was paying more attention to Chelle's arse and Sue's cunt; soon she had a hand up Sue's cunt and the other up Chelle's arse frigging them furiously. They were both soon squirting and slut tried her best to drink it all, she licked both women clean then came and took me in her mouth.

I was soon hard and down the back of her throat, she then turned away from me bent forward and pushed the dildo out of her arse. It was strangely erotic and disgusting to watch, together looking like she was shitting a large coloured stool and wonder at how she could get all that up there. She sat on my lap guiding my cock up her arse; she lifted and lowered taking me in and out to my full length, all the while using her arse muscles to massage my cock.

It didn't take long and I was shooting my load deep into her arse, when I had finished she turned and licked me clean. She then went to her bag got a whip handed it to me and got on all fours arse in the air.

"Would Master please whip my unworthy arse, in punishment for me thinking I am good enough to service you," she whimpered, I looked at Sue and Chelle; they both nodded and mouthed the word "Hard". I lay the whip across sluts arse and she said, "Harder please Master as I am more unworthy than that". I laid into her hard; raising wheals across her buttocks, tops of her legs and even her cunt, she never uttered a sound. After about ten hard strokes, she screamed and a jet of fluid squirted out of her cunt right across the room.

She shook her legs were shaking as if she was having spasms, she was breathing heavily and saying repeatedly, "Thank you Master, Thank you Mistresses". The girls showered with slut washing both of them, they dressed and Sue said to me, "When we meet in public we are just casual acquaintances.

I hope you understand, also you have never seen slut before". They then left. I was totally knackered, I had cum three times today and for a sixty five year old bloke that is a bloody miracle, I hoped it would be a couple of weeks at least before I got another text. I still hadn't fucked Sue, in fact; I never touched her or Chelle at all today, and the girl I only knew her as "Slut". I had often fantasized about meeting a submissive, but no way did I fantasize someone as submissive as slut. It was over a week later as I was sitting in the café when slut walked in with a young man, both said hello, got their drinks and sat at a table looking completely engrossed in each other.

I watched them from behind my newspaper; she seemed to be in control. He would jump to get whatever she wanted; he tended to her every need. They went and sat outside, he lit a cigarette for her and stood with head bowed as she spoke to him, he then walked off. A few minutes later, he returned with a shopping bag. She looked inside and with a stern expression on her face said something to him. He actually bowed took the bag off her and ran back towards the shop.

I was beginning to wonder if this was the same girl/slut when Sue and Chelle appeared; the girl jumped up put her hands around each and hugged them in greeting, then sat with her head bowed.

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Sue and Chelle entered the café just as sluts young man returned. It was as if a switch had turned on; she lifted her head and looked full of confidence, he handed her the bag she looked inside and nodded and said something to him, he bowed held her chair back, she stood and they left.

I did notice that he walked slightly behind her. The girls said hello when they entered the café, got their drinks and sat at a table together. I finished my drink and left, my hand in my pocket holding my phone hoping for a text. It was over a week later when I got a text, I phoned Sue and she asked if she could come to my home, an hour later she was there. I was a bit disappointed that she was alone however she said she needed to talk. Being a good host, I made a brew and we sat in the living room talking.

She asked what I thought about what had happened between us, stupid question really, I loved it. I loved seeing her with other women; it was every man's dream to watch two uninhibited women together. She told me to hold that thought, as women, well at least she did, loved to watch two men as well. She had done just about everything but had never seen that except in porn movies.

Would I be willing to help her live her fantasy? Fuck me I thought, and then realized that was exactly what she wanted. I had never even thought about it before, but I said I wasn't sure and needed time to think about it. She assured me it would be discreet and she would help me prepare, I asked what she meant by that, with a smile on her face she offered to help me take things up my arse, share spunk so I could get used to the taste.

I thought, why the fuck not; at the age of sixty five she had shown and shared things with me that I hadn't even imagined and I had thoroughly enjoyed it. Why not help her live out her fantasy. I asked about the last time we were together, but she wouldn't tell me the girls/sluts name, only saying that her husband and parents were total wimps and jumped to grant her every wish, but what she craved was to be the slave and disciplined. I would most probably find out her name in the café.

That was all Sue would tell me except for we all had to be discreet and never tell or even hint at what happened. I also asked why we had never fucked, she told me not to worry as we were going to put that right now.

We went to bed and started with the sixty-nine position, she was soon flooding my mouth with juice and it was running down my face onto the bed, I was down the back of her throat and her throat was working its magic on the head of my cock. I was in heaven, and then I felt her finger probing my arsehole it slid in quite easily and didn't feel too bad. She started frigging my arse and was going deeper and deeper, she curled her finger and I felt an extra thrill shoot up my cock as she stroked in and out.

She climbed off me keeping her finger up my arse, Sue got between my legs and dribbled saliva onto her hand for lubrication. She asked me to open and raise my legs so she could get at my arse better; she licked and frigged my arsehole then tried to insert another finger, but that was too much. She carried on with one finger and took my cock in her mouth. She fucked her face with my cock, it was going in and out of her mouth like a piston, and she was using her tongue to massage my cock.

I was close to exploding; just as I gave her my first squirt she shoved a second finger up my arse; I spurted and squeezed her fingers as I shot my load in to her mouth. It was my strongest and best orgasm ever I was drained. Sue kept her two fingers up my arse, and continued wanking and sucking my cock. She kept asking if I was enjoying it and how my arse felt.

Strangely enough, I was getting used to it, the burning stretching feeling had eased and I was enjoying it. She kept on frigging me and mounted me with her back towards my face, with a bit of difficulty she managed to get my cock up her cunt. It wasn't just warm it was hot and wet, very slippy, her muscles were magnificent, and when I was all the way in, she started squeezing and relaxing.

The squeeze would start at the base and work all the way up to the head a rippling effect, she was milking me with her muscles her body wasn't moving, she put a third finger in my arse and frigged me, it was no problem, sheer enjoyment in fact. After a while, she removed her fingers and spun around so she was facing me, she started lifting and falling all the while keeping the milking action of her muscle going. She then started massaging and squeezing her tits, soon milk was spurting all over my chest and face, it tasted great.

We were both soon on the verge of cumming; I began squirting, Sue leaned back and squirted cunt juice up my body and face, I was soaked. There was cum running all over my balls and thighs I was absolutely soaking wet. Sue leaned forward and offered her tit to my mouth, I sucked her nipple and was rewarded with a mouthful of milk, and she gave me the other the milk was gorgeous I could live on a diet of it.

Sue turned and sat on my face, started licking and sucking my cock and balls clean, and filled my mouth with cum, I tried to drink it all but there was far too much. I was totally knackered and drained, no matter what Sue did, I couldn't get it up again, I apologised but she assured me it was no problem she had thoroughly enjoyed herself. After we showered and dressed Sue helped me change the bedding and we had a brew, she asked how my arse was feeling, she offered to put some cream on it.

I had a strange feeling of emptiness otherwise it felt ok. She asked; if I was willing, could I handle a cock up there I said with a grin that I thought I needed some more practice first. She replied that next time if I didn't mind she would bring Chelle and the slut with her to help me get ready for a cock up my arse. Did I mind? I was looking forward to it; I will have to get some Viagra. Sue said she would text me in a week or so to arrange, But that is another story.