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Models sex boys gratis and gay hot porno Poor James Takes An
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Gwen had turned 18 last month and the best present she got was being accepted at a reputed college in the country.

Her first week in Saint's College was an exciting one and she felt she was going to settle in the new environment very quickly. But the second week began on a sour note.

Monday morning was sunny and Gwen got woke up at 7 o'clock. She had a quick breakfast, put on her uniform (she felt uneasy in it) and walked out of her dormitory to the academics building.

The reason of Gwen's uneasiness was that she hadn't worn such a uniform before. There was a white shirt with a navy blue tie, black skirt that was more like a mini-skirt, thigh high white socks and black shoes. She had put on a black set of undergarments and left her long red hair flowing freely. 5 feet 7" with average sized breasts and an athletic body, Gwen was attractive.

Her bright green eyes gave a mischievous look. The first class was Biology. The class filled in and at the first ring of the bell, Miss Janet entered carrying a leather case. Miss Janet was in her early 30s and tied her jet-black hair in a ponytail.

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She had quite a large set of breasts which seemed more prominent this morning because of her tight-fitting shirt. She took her sit behind the desk and looked at her class.

"Morning, everyone. I hope you had a refreshing weekend and made good use of it. Have you all completed my assignment?" said Miss Janet with a smile. The room filled with sounds as the pupils went through their bags and produced a set of papers on their respective desks. All the desks were occupied now except Gwen's.

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Miss Janet coughed and gave a hard stare at Gwen. In all her life, Gwen had never forgotten to do her homework.


And that fact that this was her first time numbed her mind. It took a few moments for her to realise that the teacher was looking at her. Gwen managed to shake herself off the shock and muttered a feeble apology. "No excuses!" Janet spoke in a loud voice, "You had enough time to do my work. Detention is what you deserve!" Gwen felt too weak to protest and being the obedient girl she was she just nodded, agreeing that she deserves punishment. The other classes went without any unfortunate incidents.

After they had all ended the students made way to the dormitories. Whereas Gwen walked in the opposite direction to the detention classroom on the 3rd floor. "May I come in, madam?" she asked on opening the door. "Yes, come in," came the firm voice of the person in charge of discipline.


Clara Johnson was a 40 year old blonde with a rounded set of large breasts. She had on a grey shirt with matching long skirt and black heels. She looked at Gwen through her glasses, studying the features of today's pupil.

Gwen stood nervously in front of Clara's desk, her eyes on the floor. Clara picked up a note from Miss Janet, read it again and placed it in a file. "Not done your homework, huh Gwen?" Clara asked in an accusing tone.

"Yes, ma'am. I am truly sorry for that," replied Gwen. "Apologising won't be enough. What you need is to be spanked. Lower your skirts and bend over," ordered Clara. Gwen lifted her eyes to look at the teacher. "Lower my skirts?" she asked surprised. "Yes dear, you heard right," Clara's lips moved to form half a smile, "The best spanking is done on a bare butt." Gwen turned around and lowered her skirt.


She was bending over when Clara spoke again, "Remove the panties too." "Is that necessary, Miss?" Gwen asked turning her neck to glance back. "Yes, it is. Didn't I tell you which is the best spanking?" Clara responded. Reluctantly, Gwen untied her panties and let them fall to the floor. The discipline teacher was now staring at a milky white set of buttocks. Gwen bend over embarrassed. Clara got up from her seat and stood behind the pupil, a thin cane in her hands.

"50 spanks should do it," she announced. Gwen exclaimed and was going to protest but her words turned into a yelp of pain. Her ass stung where the cane had struck. Before she could recover Clara brought down the cane again. SMACK! Gwen was yelling in pain. Hot tears ran down her cheeks.

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! After delivering 20 blows Clara stopped and stepped back and sat on her desk. Gwen's ass was now bright red and swollen.

Thin red marks lined her smooth ass. Groans were escaping her mouth. "You can stand up now," Clara said. Gwen was too glad on hearing that. She stood up straight and gently rubbed her burning ass. Clara now saw the young girl's pussy, all shaved. She felt herself tremble. "You still have 30 to go," the teacher spoke with a grin, "Or you could do me a favor instead." Gwen's face lit up at those words.

She was desperate enough to do anything to avoid the spanks so she nodded. "Then get down to your knees," Clara said pointing at the floor. "What?" exclaimed Gwen. "Kneel or we could go back to spanking," came the cold voice. Seeing no other choice, Gwen hesitantly knelt. Clara smiled and started to unbutton her skirt.

She soon lowered it and removed her panties too. Underneath was a pussy with a little bush of pubic hair at the top.

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Clara spread her legs and beckoned at Gwen who approached her. "Let's see how good at licking pussy," said Clara and pulled Gwen by her hair close to her. Gwen's mouth was pressed onto the pussy and she grimaced in disgust. But Clara held her firm. "Use your mouth!" It was an order and Gwen prodded the pussy with her tongue.

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Soon she was licking the older woman's clit and sucking onto the pussy. Gwen was a virgin and she thought she was straight.

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But she realised she was enjoying eating out this woman. Clara was moaning softly and had her eyes closed. One hand was on Gwen's head and she was squeezing her own breasts with the other. "Yesss! Keep licking, Gwen! Oh, yes! Suck my cunt!

Suck your teacher's cunt hard, dear!" Clara kept on muttering. All these was turning on Gwen too and she felt herself getting wet rapidly. While she kept licking, she moved her hands to her own pussy and was finger-fucking herself. Suddenly, Gwen felt Clara's pussy shudder.

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"Oh! I am gonna cum!" Clara moaned loudly and pressed Gwen harder onto her pussy. She gave a loud moan as her orgasm hit, her whole body shook. Cum and juices sprayed onto Gwen's face and into her hair. She managed to get some onto her tongue and swallowed with relish. Within a few seconds, her own orgasm arrived. Gwen trembled as great pleasure rushed through her body. Warm pussy juices streamed down her thighs and soaked her socks.

Clara, breathing hard, lowered her hands to Gwen's shoulders and pulled her up. She stared into the bright green eyes and kissed the student. Clara tasted her pussy in the girl's mouth while Gwen savoured the taste of her teacher's lips. "You are forgiven, dear," Clara said with a smile.

"Thank you Miss!" Gwen smiled back. "The detention's over. You can go now," Clara bend and picked up her skirt. Gwen put on her panties and skirt, picked up her bag, said good afternoon and was heading out the door when Clara called.

She turned to see Miss Clara standing at her desk. "Goodbye Gwen. Do come in to detention again soon," the teacher said with a wicked smile. Gwen grinned, "I will soon, Miss."