Q rico trasero se mi amiga

Q rico trasero se mi amiga
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Right, so first story, please be kind. Greetings, my name is James, I like reading stories on here and thought I would give it a shot. This will be a largely unerotic story that is going to build, so let's see if you enjoy this introduction? Angel- day 1 My life is less than stellar.

When I was 15, I thought I knew everything about everything. I thought I knew what love was, what it was like to be 'large and in charge' Haha, I know it seems silly for some of you who know better. Anyway, one thing good came out of my youth. I fell in love with a girl named celica, and we did what all couples do, we went on dates, to the movies, malls, you name it we were there! But we were too young, we had a child together, and she dipped out of motherhood.

She wasnt ready for that kind of step. I couldnt back out, after laying eyes on our beautiful baby girl, I could not help it. I knew i was going to kill myself inside if I gave her up, and did what celica did. So at only 15 years old, I became a father. I went to school, graduated high school and college. By the time I got a good job as a translator for a pretty big company, my daughter was already about ready to graduate high school herself.

The company i just started working at had given me a decent start salary of 80,000 a year. All the countless hours and sleepless nights were starting to pay off, as I looked over at my daughters graduation packet. I dont recall having this when I graduated, but then again, not everyone has children so young.

I coughed internally, as I read over the stuff she highlighted she was interested in. I did not have decent parents, despite me being emancipated from them at 16, they did not help out with me or my daughter at all.

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They were devote catholic, so having a child out of wedlock had GREATLY disappointed them and I was disowned. Last I heard, they had a baby girl of their own, around the same age as my daughter. I had a sister the same age as my own child. I snickered at the thought. "Daddy!" My daughter said frustrated, "your spacing out again, this is important to me!" I smiled back as i brought myself back to reality.

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My daughter was a good girl, she inherited my knack for understanding people, and probably a good amount of my intellect, though she definitely inherited her mothers physical attributes. Smooth skin, jet black hair, and blue eyes. (Which are my genes!) I sipped on coffee as I scoured over the packet again.

"Why does all this stuff cost so much, this stuff could help me pay my car off!" I looked at the total she was asking for, just under $600. I thought of the many reasons to say no, to just allow the barest minimum, even then that was still almost 100 in it's own right. But she pulled out the stops, and I mean all of the stops in order to push me over the edge.

I knew this game well, she had learned this trick from a friend of hers who was a spoiled child. I knew I had no reason to say yes and she knew it too, she was going to have to sell it to me like a businesswoman.

"Ok how about. I do increased chores, and washing the car until its paid for?" She pouted, pulling her lip down, and ever so gently pulling her long silky black hair back behind her ear. "Haha, nice try baby girl, but I'm not falling for that trick!

You'll have to do better." I laughed, hiding my already-crumbling facade. I couldnt resist the ear trick, she is too smart for her own good! "Ok how about. I take the trash out, wash the clothes and. I wont date any boys for another 6 months?" "Hmmm, you drive a hard bargain." I mused, rubbing my chin thoughtfully.

"A year." "6.5 months" "Year and a half." "4 months, I'll go lower." Damn. I rolled the packet up slightly and bonked her gently with it. "Fine, you are absolutely ruthless.

Making an old man bargain like that with an 18 year old." She giggled, and grabbed the packet, and bounced up, her sweat pants and tank top doing little to stop the obvious. jiggling. She wasnt fat, by any means. I kept her and myself on a strict Ketogenic diet.

She was very slim, but she had some very sweet and gentle curves and I cursed my mortality for paying heed to this development. She quickly ran to her room to fill out the necessary paperwork. I sighed, I knew I was going to need some rest before I headed out early morning tomorrow to pull 600 dollars from my account. I did my morning routine, getting ready for work, my daughter bouncing everywhere getting ready for school.

I told her I would swing by with the money so she could go ahead and get the order in. She smiled sweetly and thanked me, kissed me on the cheek as I put my suit on. I observed myself in the mirror, I had copper brown hair, I kept it tapered and trimmed short, courtesy of my daughter. I had a clean face, with a pretty overall attractive look, but not like a "sexy" way. I had blue eyes and a rounded jawline I went out of the house, locked and turned off the lights.

My daughter had already started the car and was waiting on me. Smiled as I got in the car. "You look good today, dad." She said, eyeing me up and down. I laughed, "why thank you, daughter." I eyed her up and down playfully, to which she giggled and began posing as if she were a model. She wore a blouse and leggings, both blue. She was modest enough that her outfit wasnt revealing, but tight enough to reveal she had curves.

I pulled the car out of the driveway, for a split second I thought I saw a shadow in my bedroom window. Dismissing it, I left our humble abode. "Have a good day, sweetie" I said, as she got out of the car, "thanks dad, you too." And then she was off. I went to work, pretty boring stuff really. I talk to people. Then I say what they said, to other people. I speak Japanese and English. I taught some to my daughter when she was little, but she didnt care for it.

I got home at 5:56 PM that night, I unlocked the house and stepped in. I immediately felt like it wasnt right. I couldnt explain it. I turned the lights on, and inspected every inch of the house, to no avail.

My daughter got home at 8, her friend Teresa brought her home. "Hey dad" she said as she threw her backpack on the couch.

"Teresa wants to hang out for a bit, is that ok?" "Sure. I dont have anything prepared for her though." I said, "dont worry, I'm not hungry, yet." She said, emphasis on yet. I furrowed my brow, was that how kids flirt nowadays?

I shook my head. I went to the living room and sipped some water, as I turned on Netflix and sat down in my recliner. Teresa and my daughter sat on the love seat and began talking about boys and other teenaged stuff that I instantly tuned them out. I ended up falling asleep, somewhere halfway through whatever it was that the girls has put on. When I awoke, I was still sitting in the chair but i was alone in the dark.

'I suppose they went to bed already' I said as I lifted myself up off the aged soft leather chair. When I turned around. my head nearly exploded. Teresa was standing behind my chair, watching me intently. She smiled ever so slightly, and it wasnt happy, or filled me with joy.

It was menacing. She was a predator.

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And I was prey. "You dont know how LONG I waited for this. Imagine my surprise when I find out there is a house protected by an angel. To me your just a silly human, but curiosity has impaired me, I wanted to know what it is that made you so interesting for an actual angel to become flesh." Teresa began walking around the chair toward me, as she continued "imagine my surprise when I find out that theres absolutely NOTHING special about you.

Your just a human, a weak and frail creature." "Your not Teresa, are you?" I asked nervously. I dreaded I already knew that answer.

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She smiled, as if that answer was sufficient enough. "So what? I'm bored, just doing the average thing over and over is no fun. So let's make a deal." Teresa looked around the room.

"I'll give you 7 days. If you can resist raping anyone for 7 days, I will abdactate this young womans body, and I'll be on my wicked way." Teresa snickered, I dont like snickers. "But if you cant. Then I get your soul. It's pretty fair if you ask me. I can make this woman do anything I want. Her soul is already tainted so if you say no, your daughter loses a dear friend, and her soul will belong to me.

If you do succeed then you thwart a demon and I go home empty handed. Its lose lose or win win, take your pick!" I thought about it, Teresa looked at me unblinking, uncaring of whatever I decided.

I sighed, I knew I was too kind for my own good. "Alright deal" I said, "but you will also place a charm to ward off other demons from our residence as well." "Oh? And why would you trust me?" She said seductively. "Because you have to fulfill your contract. You cant expect me to honor a deal if you havent honored the contract requirements." "Oh I like you, human. Very intelligent.

Very well. Then it is done. A ward will be placed that will protect you and your daughter. Let's kiss to seal the deal." I did, and as she pulled away, she smiled, "speaking of which, let's go see her." Horrified suddenly I jolted back to reality, and ran screaming for my daughter, to her room.

I slammed the door open, and felt horror and sickness, and my dick swell She was fine. At least physically. She was on her bed, a soft buzzing could be heard, and she was moaning every few seconds.

She was tightly bound, and on her knees with her face towards me. She saw me and began squirming, naked. Which just made her shake and start moaning louder. Teresa came behind me and ripped my slacks down, revealing an impressive boner. Teresa laughed as my daughters eyes glued on to it. "Oh you poor thing. How does it feel to have been decieved? You chose to partake of human flesh and now you have become susceptible to the temptations of flesh.

Your Truly a naughty angel, craving flesh. Craving for the flesh that created your flesh." I sank to my knees. "Then, that means." I racked my brain for the memories of when my baby girl was little, only 8. Of when she would hug me tightly and tell me how happy she was to have chosen me as her daddy. But unfortunately, my sentiments did little to abide my growing lust. My dick grew hotter and more painful. To which Teresa chuckled. "Yes you ignorant wretch.

Your flesh and blood daughter is an actual Angel from God. She chose to partake of the flesh, yours. She wished to be close to you in ways only humans can be close to humans. In doing so, she opened her soul to temptations of flesh. Oh, and by the by, I decided to make things interesting. So you and your daughter both will experience increasingly heightened lust over the next 7 days.

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You may fuck her mouth, and not break contract." Teresa looked slyly over to my daughter and removed her ball gag, I hadn't noticed it until it landed softly in the carpet.

"Please daddy, dont do this, please daddy dont make the contract with demons. They will cheat you and you will lose your soul, I cant bare the thought of losing you daddy! Teresa rolled her eyes and snapped her fingers and I blacked out. I dont remember anything after that.

However, when my mind came back to me. I slowly didnt realize what had happened for a few minutes. When I became aware, I immediately felt horrifyingly good around my dick. I looked down and my dick was in my daughters mouth! She had cum all over her bare chest, she was shaking so badly she couldnt gag on my dick as she came over and over.

Her eyes had rolled into the back of her head and she was sweating profusely. I had somehow lost control.? I quickly pulled back, and cum poured from her mouth. I untied my sweet baby girl and ran and got her some water. After about an hour she finally stirred. She was shaking as she lifted her head off the cum-stained pillows and smiled weakly at me.

I pulled some hair off of her face and she turned away from me, shyly.


"We should take a minute and talk when you can. " I said softly. "I know." She replied, hoarsely. "So your an actual angel, huh?" I asked playfully.


She looked at me and said "yes, I am Kukriel" her blue eyes full of determination and fire. "We will beat this demon, I promise." I said as I stood up and scooped up my little angel.

"But first let's get you cleaned up."