Massive Penis For MILF Danielle

Massive Penis For MILF Danielle
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Up until the day Lanie came home, me and Fay had sex practically every day, and my life couldn't have been better. We would sit outside, listen to music, maybe get something to eat, and then, when we were sure everyone was asleep, we would sneak into each other's houses and fuck.

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It was a hell of a summer, and I was enjoying every minute of it. That is, until Lanie came home form her grandparents. I told Fay that we couldn't have sex anymore now that Lanie was back, and she agreed, but we still remained friends, and luckily for me, Lanie and Fay seemed to really hit it off when I introduced them.

But my conscience was still filled with guilt, and everyday, I felt as though I was the scum of the earth, and so I treated Lanie as nicely as possible, and didn't try to do anything with her until she was ready to jump back into our old routine. That night my Dad and step-mom were going up to Santa Fe for their anniversary, Adele was at a friends house, and my younger brother was away at camp.

So, once I had the house to myself, I called Lanie to come over. "Miles, something seems to be different with you?" Lanie asked. "It's nothing, Lanie", I lied.


"Well I think that there is something.actually, Miles.I have to tell you something.", Lanie said, in a rather depressed way. "What?" "In Colorado, I-well-I really missed having you around to-you know- finger me, and I met this one boy, and we kinda.he kinda.we didn't have sex, but." My heart rose, Lanie had cheated on me! Though I would never ever tell her about Fay, her new friend, I did feel much better about the whole situation for all the wrong reasons.

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"Don't worry about it", I said, putting my arm around her, "We all make mistakes" "I know", she continued, "And that's why I forgive you for messing around with Fay" "What!" I yelped, turning quickly to look at Lanie. "Chill, she told me about her and you fooling around. She said that you guys just made-out", Lanie said calmly. I paused for a moment, too scared to respond.

I tried my hardest not to seem guilty, and after a few more seconds of silence, I kissed Lanie on the cheek. "It's okay, all we did was make-out", I lied through my teeth.

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Lanie seemed to buy my answer, and leaned in to kiss me back, and before I knew it, we started making out. Lanie put her hands on my shoulders while I put my hands on her tits and gently squeezed them over her shirt.

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After about half a minute of making-out, Lanie pulled her shirt over her head, and unsnapped her bra. I did the same, and quickly pulled off my t-shirt. Lanie grinned at me and rubbed my bare chest. I returned her grin and laid back on the couch, letting her get on top of me.

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We began to make-out again, but slowly, Lanie began to move down my body, kissing my neck, then chest, and working her way down my abs. When she got to my waist, she gave me a lustful smile that I had never seen her give me before, then, slowly put her fingers into my waist band and pulled my shorts and boxers down.


My dick, needless to say, was already fully erect, and Lanie looked pleased to see it pop up in her face. Using one hand, she cupped my balls, then, with her lips, began to kiss my shaft, starting from the base, and working her way up to the head, were she used her tongue to lick my head from the cleft on its underside, and up to my pee-hole.

"Ahhhh.", I moaned, "Lanie, how did you know how to give head?" She shrugged, and grinned happily at me before returning her attention to my cock. Like before, she started at the base, this time licking my balls and taking each one individually in her mouth, twirling her tongue around on them whenever they entered her wet and warm mouth.


".ohh.ohhh.", I moaned, my face was now red and my jaw was opened, as I gazed at Lanie. She moved back up my dick, moving her tongue back and forth on my dick as she reached my head, this time licking around the rim before lapping up the precum oozing from my dick.

She then began to actually suck my dick, using her soft lips to move up and down my shaft, meanwhile tickling my balls with her free hand.

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"Lanie, I'm gonna cum", I said, "I can feel it coming" Lanie giggled before taking my dick in her hand and jerking me off. I began to breath heavily as I felt my orgasm coming on, and I felt sweat forming on my forehead. "Ahhhh.Ahhhh.ohh.oh.", I moaned loudly, shuttering as I blew my load, letting it explode into Lanie's face, ".oh.uhhh.oh.I'm sorry.Lanie." I said between breaths.

"It's fine", she said, standing up and walking to the near by kitchen to grab a towel, "I love the smell of your cum" That comment made me hard again, but I figured I would see if she wanted to go at it again before I pushed any thing else on her, so I pulled my shorts and boxers back on, and walked over to the kitchen.

Lanie was taking a dishtowel out of the cupboard, and I walked up behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist. I kissed her on the back of the neck while she cleaned the cum off of her face. "Let me do you", I said, "You made me cum, I'm obligated to make you cum" "I would let you, Miles, but I'm on my period, and I think it would be pretty nasty for you to go down there this week" I sighed, but sat down while still hugging Lanie, "Alright, but next week, I'm gonna blow your mind with my skills" "Oh I'm sure", Lanie said sarcastically.

We both laughed and walked back to the living room were we both got dressed and cuddled while we watched tv. "What did Fay really tell you?" Lanie sighed, but she didn't stop smiling, "Miles I don't care. You're only human, and though cheating is bad, I forgive you, but only this once. You know, you might come off as a tool, but deep down, I know you're a nice guy" I smiled and kissed Lanie on the head.

She politely smiled, and leaned her head up to kiss me on the cheek.

"Lanie, when do you think we'll it?" I asked, squeezing her tightly. Lanie laughed and rested her head on my shoulder, "Miles, I really like you, but who knows" A few weeks ago, that answer would have made me dump Lanie right there and then, but for one reason or another, I wasn't frustrated or angry, or even annoyed, I was content.