Analizing For The Amazing Slave

Analizing For The Amazing Slave
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7. Afternoon Jackie was miserable. The sun beat on down her and she was thirsty. She would also get nasty sunburn on her back, ass, and pussy unless she got out of the sun soon.

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Her already sore pussy would have sun burnt lips on top of everything else. Jackie regretted having walked home that night she was abducted. Had she stayed with her friend she wouldn't be a bitch now and being baked in the hot sun. Jackie's thoughts wondered but Sue pinching her nipples brought her back to reality. "Hey bitch. Getting horny yet? I see you are enjoying the sun out here.

If you are thirsty, I could let you drink a little from my pussy. I still have a few drops in my bladder. Mistress said not to give you any water, but she didn't say anything about pee." Sue chuckled. "I am not thirsty." "If you say so. They should be along pretty soon unless they get tied up on the way and forget you are out here." "God No." "Here they come.

I better get the hounds, I know you are dying for a fuck." Sue hurried off to get the hounds again. Alex, Master, and Gina returned to their places.

"Ok bitch. Let's see if you can do better in this session. If not you know what happens. I wouldn't stay out in the sun to long; your pussy might burn up." Sue arrived with the hounds and started getting Nero hard.

Jackie knew she had six more dogs to fuck; the only question was if she wanted that to be it for today or stay out here. She was determined to do everything she could to please Alex this time if it was possible. She looked over at Sue and saw Nero was hard and that Sue was moving on to Cain. "Up Nero. Your bitch is ready and horny for your cock." Jackie shouted. Nero was quick to respond and soon had his hard cock deep in her pussy. "That's it Nero fuck your bitch deep and hard.

OOOOhhhh. yes, you feel so good in my fuck hole. Harder Nero." Nero clearly took no notice he just pounded his bitch as usual but Alex and Master smiled.

Jackie was in pain her pussy on fire and tears rolled down her cheeks but she was determined to sound like she enjoyed it. "Ohhhhahhh. Pound your cock in me. I want your knot Nero shove it up me. I'm so horny for you and wet. I just love your cock." She tried to wiggle her ass and move with Nero's trust. Being tied to the stakes did restrict her movements somewhat though.

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"Oh yes fill your bitch up. Shot that lovely cum all the way. Fill me up with your juices." She said as Nero spurted in her hole. Jackie took no chances as soon as she felt Nero's cock plop out she called Cain. "Up Cain. This bitch is still horny. She needs more cock now. Get your big cock in this bitch now." "Fuck the bitch hard. Push your cock up in my womb. I need more hard cock." "Oooohhhh ummm yes that's it beat your knot again my fuck hole." "UMMMMMM. Yes, Cain make your bitch cum.

Give me your cock." Jackie was trying to think of every possible phrase or word that would make it sound like she really loved it.

"Up Hannibal. The bitch needs a big cock in her hole. She is horny for you and very wet. Fuck your bitch please and fuck her hard." Hannibal took Cain's place and then was replaced by the next dog. Finally, it was Devil's turn. "Up Devil in my ass." Jackie squatted the best she could so that her ass hole was in line with Devil's cock instead of her pussy.

Devil humped, and his cock hit her ass hole, but he wouldn't get in without help. Jackie's ass was swollen, and his pressure wasn't good enough. Jackie panicked. She thought she had done a good job and now she would fail because she couldn't use her hands to help out. She had an idea. "Sue please help Devil get his cock in this bitch ass.

I really want his cock in my ass. Please." Sue grinned she bent beside Devil grabbed his cock and with full force shoved him in. "AHHHHRRRGGG." Jackie cried out, but she soon regained her role and added. "Yes, Devil hurt my ass. It feels so good pound it in deeper make your bitch bleed.

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Fuck that ass hole hard now Devil. I need to feel your hard cock up there." Sue was a little disappointed that was a good performance. Jackie might just pass this time.

Alex and Master looked on with smiles. Jackie was about to break totally. All her inhibitions gone, she was degrading and humiliating herself. Mentally she would now learn to accept her new role.

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She still needed to be fucked every day and made to improve, one time wasn't enough, but she was well on her way now, soon she would not want to fuck anything but dogs. Master motioned for Sue to unhook her from the stakes. "Aaaahhh, you feel so good in my ass Devil. Give me all of it hard and deep. Don't stop I love your cock in my ass." Jackie now able to move better pushed her ass in the air giving Devil a better angle.

He pushed all of his cock in except the knot that would never go in. Jackie moaned, groaned and tears was in her eyes. She was hurting bad but she wasn't going to give up.

"Oh yes that feels good you are so deep in my ass. Shot your big load up there. Fill my ass with your semen. Cum in my ass. Ahhhhh.Yes that's soooo gooood fill me up." Devil dismounted, and Jackie used her last strength to push out the semen then turned around and lapped up the cum in her bowl. "Over here bitch." Master commanded. Jackie crawled over to Master.

"Sit pretty." Jackie sat back on her heels and put her arm up like front paws. Master held out a piece of beef jerky and she took it in her mouth and chewed it. He stroked her head and patted her ass, which was the first kind thing that had happened to her since she came to the island. "That was much better bitch. You still need to improve but at least you are learning.

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Gina will put some cream on your back and ass to ease some of the pain and help you heal. While she is doing that you'll suck my cock." "Yes Master. Thank you Master." Gina took a tube of first aid cream from the table and knelt beside Jackie. She started gently rubbing the cream on her scratched back and sides, while Jackie was sucking on Master's cock.

Gina's panties were soaked. Watching Jackie getting fucked by the dog was very exciting to her. "I better go and see if the cow needs to pee again. Are we giving the bitch another round this evening or are we resting her until tomorrow?" Alex asked. "Are you still horny bitch would you like an evening fuck by the hounds?" "I'm happy now Master." "In that case we will wait until the morning." "Ok are we staring the whore today or let her stand around for a few days?" Alex asked.

"Leave her a day or two and let's get the bitch trained better first then we can start on her." "Ok I'll just check on the cow then. Come along Sue." Alex and Sue went inside. Master held Jackie's head and pushed her up and down on his cock.

Gina looked at Master to see if she should put cream on the bitches fuck holes. He nodded. Gina very gently applied the cream. Tears rolled down Jackie's face, but she kept sucking. The cream felt nice and soothing on her welted ass and swollen ass hole. When Gina put cream on her pussy she jerked a little every part of her pussy was sensitive to any touch.


Master indicated that Gina should rub the bitch's clit and play with her nipples. Gina complied. Jackie was soon moaning and could feel her climax building.

Master shot his load in her mouth and she swallowed without thinking, it tasted salty. Jackie didn't ask permission to cum, but Master let that slide. Jackie felt weak the orgasm was a nice relief even if her body ached badly and her holes were sore and swollen.

Master looked at Gina and pointed to the chair. "Sit panties down and legs spread. Now bitch return the favor." Master said in a mild voice. Jackie had never eaten pussy before she hesitated for a moment but then started licking. Gina was very wet, and she needed release badly. Master watched with a pleased smile, Jackie had lost all inhibitions and her resistance was broken.

She would comply without hesitation until she was put in a new situation. She would suck and fuck, eat pussy and fuck the dogs without any nonsense now.

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In fact, she may offer very little resistance or begging regardless of what she was told. Fear of new treatments would still have her pleading and screaming that would take a while before that disappeared if it ever did. Gina moaned loudly.

"May I please cum Master?" "Yes." He replied. Gina exploded in Jackie's face and Jackie licked her clean.

Gina's orgasm was very powerful. She felt spent but pulled up her panties and stood up. Master took Jackie's leash in one hand and Gina's in the other. "Heel." Jackie heeled and crawled next to Master as he led her back to her pen. "Gina get some fresh water for the bitch. Alex will be along in a couple of hours with your dinner bitch. You did much better this afternoon, you should be proud of yourself." He said as he stroked her hair and head.

Master's words made Jackie feel cared for even a bit of happiness having pleased him and the stroking felt good. Perhaps the worst was over.


"Now get some rest bitch." He unhooked her leash but didn't attach the chain from the doghouse she would be able to crawl around the pen if she wanted to.

Master led Gina out of the pen and locked the door to the pen. Then with Gina trailing behind he went inside and headed to his quarters. He would watch the other three on the monitors while he instructed Gina. Once in his quarters, he went straight to his desk and sat down. Gina was unsure what to do so she followed and knelt beside his chair. It felt good to give her feet a break. Master scanned the monitors.

Sarah was busy making dinner. Sammy was tending to the horses. She lived in the stable just like Sarah lived in the kitchen. They each had a little room where they locked themselves in at night. They had to be in their room and in bed by ten every night and get up at six every morning. Alex never touched either one without Master's say so.

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Master only used Sarah and Sammy occasionally although with Gina in attendance they might get more time with Master and Gina. Alex was busy fucking Sue in her ass with a strap-on dildo.

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Linda was just hanging around moaning a little now and again. If she fell asleep, a jolt from the collar would wake her up during the day. Tina was a mess she had of course not been able to control her bladder or bowls. She had both peed and shit in her panties several times. She had to drink often because of the salt from the morning and the laxative had done its job on her stomach.

She was utterly humiliated and degraded even if the burning in her clit was finally starting to fade.

Tina would probably agree to anything just to get out of the situation she was now in. Jackie was peeing in her pen. She had tried to stand and had discovered she got a jolt from her collar every time she did. It didn't stop until she was back on all fours again. Having peed Jackie crawled into her doghouse to lie down. Master smiled his bitch was doing well. "I suppose you wonder when your training is going to start Gina." "Yes. Master. I thought you would start today." "There has been a change of plans.

I am not going to train you as a pony after all." Gina's heart sank, and a worried look came over her face. "In fact, it would be a waste to make you a pony. I have decided to train you as a servant slave instead." Gina felt relieved. She had expected he would tell her she would go to the whorehouse.

Gina looked puzzled since she didn't know what a servant slave meant however. "I know you don't know what that means. You will be trained as my personal slave. You will live here with me and you'll do everything I tell you to do to the best of your ability. You'll wash me, suck me, fuck me and you will keep the quarters tidy. If I want to string you up by your tits I will.

If I feel like using the crop or cane on you, I'll do that. You must obey without a word or hesitation at all times no matter what I tell you to do. That includes drinking your pee or mine for instance. Your nipples will be pierced, and your pussy lips will have rings put in them. I might enlarge your tits a little, but you won't be given milk-inducing drugs.

If you haven't figured it out yet but somehow I think you have, a pony doesn't just get some feathers and a harness and pulling carts. She is ridden with a saddle on her back, she fucks and sucks the stallions, she even gets a tail implanted right above her ass, and she wears a special made shoe that looks like a hoof. They are more strenuous to wear than your six inches heels you have on now. The choice is yours however if you still like to be a pony I will train you as one." Master looked at Gina and leaned back in his chair waiting for her response.

"Oh.hmmm.well.could I ask a question?" "Yes." "Can a woman really take a horse cock?" "She can in most cases, but it isn't easy and it is painful." "Oh. I didn't think that would be possible." "I know you got very turned on by the dog fucking today and I think you have thought of wanting to try it?" ", it turned me on, Master." Gina blushed and looked down.

"Well if you like to be a pony it is your choice, but horses are much bigger than dogs." "Oh no master I would like to be your servant slave, if you think I'm good enough for that." "Yes, you are. It isn't always easy, and you'll feel pain as well as pleasure and you have to obey quickly and totally of course but you are a good fuck and you suck cock pretty good too." "Thank you Master. I'll do my best to always please you, if you train me as your servant slave." "Very good.

Your training has been going on during the day today and you did well. Have you ever thought of being a slave before you got here?" "Hmmm.well yes. Once or twice. I do like to be controlled not sure about the pain but I will obey you, Master." "You'll learn to not only endure the pain but to like it carve it even in time." "Really?

Master." "Yes. You'll see but for now, I want you to go lie on the bed on your stomach. I'll be there shortly to give you your first taste of the crop." "Yes Master." Gina rose and went to the bed to lie down. She was a little scared but still she felt Master wouldn't hurt her badly and after all she was starting to like the man and living here with him was far better than anything she could have hoped for. She was sure any of the other three would traded places with her without a moment's hesitation.

She lay there waiting.