Massive Black Cock Jackoff with Glove HD

Massive Black Cock Jackoff with Glove HD
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I walked into the room and there she was. How strange, I thought, to be standing there, bent over the table like that. "Hey, I'm stuck, can you help me?" She said Upon closer inspection I saw that she was restrained at the neck by a long silk scarf she was wearing. It was caught between the table and the wall, forcing her to hunch over to continue breathing.

Thanking my lucky stars, I silently locked the door and observed the opportunity presented to me. She was about 5'4 and had blond hair that reached her lower back and had to stand on tiptoes to keep from suffocating. Her ass was round, in need of a good spank and her black yoga pants stretched tightly across it. A red thong was just visible beneath the tight cloth. For a top, she was wearing a lacy blouse. There was no bra strap spanning the length of her upper back.

"How did you get yourself into this position?" I asked trying to glean as much information as I could. Obviously embarrassed, she replied,"I was, well. I don't know. My scarf just got caught and I can't get it out." "Let me see what I can do," I said. I leaned over her, thrusting my self up against her, I reached under her chest with my left arm to attempt to reach her scarf but brushed against her breasts along the way. They seemed to be around a C cup, supple, a good handful.

I rested my right hand on the small of her back. Her shirt had pushed up a bit and her skin was silky smooth to the touch. I gave the scarf a half hearted tug to make sure it was secure and looked down into her eyes. The deep sapphires shimmered, wide with apprehension. I stood back upright, pressing my pelvis against her to support myself. "Your scarf is stuck really tightly, I don't know if I can get it out." I started rubbing against her slowly, my erection was begging to be released.

I placed my right hand on her inner thigh and reached my left up her shirt reaching for her breasts. "Get off! Help!" She screamed. She started flailing her arms and legs in an attempt to throw me off.

I stood up and smacked her ass as hard as I could and she let out a whimper and stopped flailing. "You need to remember to use your inside voice," I scolded her mockingly. "There is no one here to help you, don't try it again." I reached for the hem of her yoga pants and pulled down slowly from both sides.

I stopped at about the knee. Her ass had a red hand print from where I smacked her. So I spanked her 5 more times so there were three for each cheek. Each time, her skin rippled and she flinched letting out a moan of agony. I leaned back into her again making my member go crazy. I leaned even closer and whispered into the back of her neck, sending shivers down her spine. I stood back upright and slowly unzipped my jeans, took them off and placed them on the table next to her.

I put my hand on her back and could feel her heart pounding. "Well, I took off some of my clothes, it's only fair you do the same." I took out a box cutter that I always carry on me, from my pants and cut off her scarf.

She made an attempt to run for the door, but the yoga pants around her knees would not let her move. In her haste, she tripped and fell at my feet. "Stand up!" I commanded She did so apprehensively. "Now take it off," I said and tugged at her blouse. "Please." Was all she managed to sputter out.

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I wound up and smacked her across the face and she yelped. Obediently she began fumbling with the first button, tears silently streaming from her eyes. A few minutes of fumbled unbuttoning pass until she let it slide from her arms defeated. I slid my arms up and down her sides and pulled her close and rubbed my erect penis against her skin through my boxers. Then, I took her by the arm and forced her down onto her knees. I swatted her nose with my erection and said, "Take them off with your teeth." She did so but not without trouble.

My penis was making it hard to pull the boxers down. When she finally did, my penis sprang up and I rubbed my balls all over her face.

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I grabbed her by the roots of her hair with one hand and dragged the head of my penis against her lips with the other. A sigh of defeat escaped her lips as they parted. I took the opportunity and thrust in. She must not have expected me to do so how I did because her eyes opened wide in shock.

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I pushed in as deep as her throat would allow and she gagged. "You have ten seconds to get this as lubed up as you can before it goes up your ass" She looked up wide eyed as if questioning what I said. "10" She continued to look dumbfounded "9" Panic now setting in, she began to bob up and down frantically.

"8" Stopping for air, she took her mouth off my cock. "You're right, that should be good enough" I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up into a standing position. She yelped slightly. By her hair, I dragged her over to the table and bent her over it at the waist.


Her ass was protruding in such a way that it angled up, having to remain on tiptoes again. All that was standing in my way now was a thin layer of panties.

I pulled them down to her mid thigh where they remained. Starting at the top of her ass, I rubbed the head of my penis down to her now exposed pussy. I could feel her tremble beneath me. I brought my penis back up to her second opening and rested it just on top.

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Her muscles were clenched tightly, impeding direct access, even with my penis so nicely lubed up, so I reached around and stuck my first two fingers in her mouth. Once sufficiently wet I pulled my had back and rubbed my fingers around the opening, savoring each stroke. Then, with one movement stuck my penis in, I was flooded with ecstasy, and continued to pump. A tear rolled down her face for the first penetration. As I went faster, I got deeper and deeper with each thrust.

She screamed as if she was being ripped apart, yelping with each thrust. Faster and faster I went, until I was slapping my balls against her pussy. Soon, I was at the point of climax, so I pulled out and rubbed against the outside of her pussy. Her soft skin sent me over the edge. I came and covered her from belly button to the small of her back. I pulled her around to face me at crotch level. I took one breast per hand and encased my penis within to clean myself off.

In the process, I got hard again, so, I braced the back of her head against the wall. I put my penis into her mouth and pushed in as far as I could. She started to gag so I pulled back, though still filling her mouth. Faster and faster I fucked her face.

With each stroke she gaged deeply. Since I had already cum, I lasted much longer this time. After nearly fifteen minutes of this, I was covered in sweat and drool was covering her chin and chest; tears were rolling down her cheeks. Again at the point of climax, I pushed back as far as her jaw would allow.

I must have been half way down her throat. I pinched her nose and watched the panic start to boil in her eyes. Her throat began to contract wildly as she tried to pull back. It was then that I shot thick ropes of hot cum down her throat.

I finally let her pull off and she fell to my feet on all fours, panting. I redressed, and left her to recover.


At least, thats what I wanted to do. Instead, I took out my box cutter, and began to cut at her scarf. "How'd this happen?" I asked as I made the last cut. "It just kind of worked itself around the leg, I guess. Then when I went to push in the table, it came with it." She stood up fully, about to my chest, and smiled. "Thank you!

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You're my hero!" She stood on her tip toes and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek. As she made for the door she turned back around. "Can I ask you for a huge favor? Normally I walk home but its so dark now. Could you give me a lift back to my place? Its not far," she asked quickly with one breath. "Of course!

Its no trouble." We walked out of the building and to my car. It was a beat up old civic that I got on the cheap.

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Once we got onto the main road I broke the silence. "I don't think I got your name yet." "Oh, its Rachael. I live in that next house on the right" She pointed to a blue house.

It was small, no porch, maybe four rooms. I pulled up to the curb. "Thanks so much! I haven't gotten a chance to thank you properly, why don't you come in for a drink." We both walked up the front steps. The paint on the handrail was cracked and my fingers bumped against it as we ascended. Rachael was beginning to fumble with her keys as I walked up the last step.

Thank me properly? What did that mean? My thoughts began to race. As I got to the top, I bumped into her and she dropped her keys. "Oh, sorry," I said "No problem," she said and bent down to get them. We were already standing pretty close, so when she bent, her ass rubbed against my crotch.

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Her yoga pants stretched tightly across and I could make out the red hue of her panties. I got a little stiff, and she must have noticed, because she took longer than normal to pick up the keys.

I was breathless. "Okay, lets get it in," she said "What, right out here?" "Hmm?" "Wait, what did you say?" "I said lets get in.

You know, off the street." She had the key in the lock, turned it, and opened the door. "Make yourself at home!" she pointed to a couch.

I sat down as she left into the other room. Not a minute later, I heard the clanking of glass, as she came back in, two bottles of beer in hand. She sat down next to me as she put them down on the coffee table in front of us. We were both sinking into the couch slightly, making our thighs overlap. She reached over in between my legs and started rubbing my penis through the cloth.

Almost instantly, I was hard as a rock. She leaned over and began to kiss me with passion. Our tongues collided, and when we broke apart I bit on her lower lip, tugging on it gently. I heard my pants unzip and felt my penis being pulled out of the front hole of my boxers with her soft hand. She rubbed up and down putting me in a state of pure bliss. Then, she slid down my body until she was on her knees.

Her breasts rubbed up against my thighs as she looked up. Back down she went. Her lips pursed on the head of my penis kissing it gently. I oozed precum and she licked her lips. She sucked in, taking me along for the ride.

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I was throbbing against the inside of her mouth. She pumped up and down with her hand, while bobbing her head along, also. Only a few strokes in, I was nearly at the bursting point. "im going to cum," I said. I expected her to pull me out to finish. Instead, she surprised me. "where do you want to cum?" she said. I looked confused, so she added,"on me." I took a second to process, then blurted out,"right on your perky little titties." She tore her shirt off over her head and her breast snapped me on the leg.

Perky, yes; little, no. They must have been a solid C, at the least. She wrapped them around my penis began jerking me off. Not five strokes in, I reached my peak. I held back for three more strokes, until, on the down stroke, I couldn't hold back any longer. I exploded in between her supple breasts, coating them in my cum. She pushed back down and I shot another load.

This time, her neck and chin were hit. Finishing my fantasy I, snapped back to reality in time to see Rachael bending over to pick up her keys. She leaned into me, pussy first, and I blew my load right then and there.

I shuffled back, now hypersensitive to the stickiness that was dripping slowly down my inner thigh. I looked at my watch.

"Oh no, I have to work early tomorrow. I need to get going," I said. With a look of disappointment, she pulled out an eyeliner pencil.

"Then at least take my number, and call me so we can meet up when you don't have to work," She took my hand and scribbled down her digits. I quickly glanced towards my hand, then to her. She met my gaze and I looked away. "Okay, I will. Nice meeting you." I started back to my car and she was unlocking the door to her home. I got into my car, turned it over, and sped off. I took the next turn and pulled to the side, halfway down the block.

I took out my penis, now rock hard, and began to masturbait furiously. Images of Rachael flashed through my mind. Seeing her helplessly caught by her scarf, the thought of her tender asshole tight around me, filling her throat with my cum, and exploding all over her titties. Unable to contain myself a moment more, I grabbed a nearby wrapper and shot off my load.

I put back my seat and took a moment to recover. Still breathing heavily, I looked down at my hand. Her number was now a thick, smudged line on the inside of my hand and on the shaft of my now limp penis.