Hot Brunette Adria prank Gia Paige with a Panty Raid in her room

Hot Brunette Adria prank Gia Paige with a Panty Raid in her room
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Andre shoved the teen into his room and slammed the door shut behind him. "Take it all off," he ordered her as locked the door behind him; "I want to see you completely naked." He reached into his jacket pocket and swallowed a Viagra.

Scarlett didn't say a word as she slowly took off her heels. It was the standard to counter orders with a simple, "yes master," but she never bothered to do it, she never bothered to make a sound.

She slowly unhooked her garter belt and pulled it down her long legs, followed by her stockings. She took them off one by one, taking care to be as slow and seductive as possible, she knew men liked to watch as she stripped off her clothes and hoped that if she pleased Andre he would be gentle with her.

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When she was finished she stood in the center of the room, with her arms at her side as she waited for the next order. Being naked in front of men still didn't make her feel good. It still made her feel uncomfortable, worthless, and dirty, but she had done it so often over the last few months that she could chock back the tears and stand stoically as the men looked her over.

"Now get your ass over here and take my clothes off." Scarlett nodded and walked as seductively as she could manage towards the old banker. She started with his jacket, slowly helping him out of it, then walked to face him and took off his tie, pulling it out from under the collar and dropping it on the floor. She pulled his shirt out of his pants and unbuttoned it from top to bottom, one button at a time.

She guided the white Oxford button down over his shoulders, and then slowly lifted his wife beater over his head. The teen ran her hands through the dense hair that covered his fat man-tits, back, and arms.

Her face may have been stoic and emotionless in her attempts to hide her disgust, but she hoped that her actions would give Andre the impression that she found him alluring. She ran her hands seductively over his massive gut as she lowered herself to her knees and untied his black wingtip dress shoes. She unbuckled his black leather belt and guided it through the loops before managing the series of buttons and catches that strained to the point of breaking around his fifty-two-inch waist.

Slowly she unzipped his fly and lowered his pants down to his ankles. She couldn't help but think about how ridiculously repulsive he looked as he stood there in nothing but his tight white briefs and how his rolls of fat spilt over the elastic rim.

Scarlett rolled his briefs down his thunderous thighs and helped him step out of them as she tried not to gag on the dark brown streak on the seat of his underwear. She rolled his socks off one at a time and then looked up at him with her big blue eyes, waiting for his next order. She couldn't help but sneak a glimpse of his cock as she wondered what she would be told to do with it. The twelve-inch member looked deceptively small as it snaked out of his jungle of pubic hair only to be dwarfed by his two enormous and hairy thighs.

Andre Cowen was easily the fattest and hairiest man that the teen had ever seen. "I have a granddaughter your age," He said as he reached down to stroke the teen's cheek. He gave her a hard slap, cracking her head to one side, and then, as if it never happened, gently ran his fingers across her full lips.

"Suck on them," he ordered as he pushed a finger into Scarlett's mouth. "That's a good girl, pretend it's my cock, you like, sucking old man cock, don't you, you fucking whore?" He pulled his fingers out of her mouth and gave her another hard slap across the face. Scarlett's hopes that he wouldn't be one of the violent ones were fading fast as she got slapped once more by the fat man.

He grabbed a handful of Scarlett's hair and forced her head towards his cock. "Suck it," he said he forced the tip of his member against her lips. Scarlett opened her mouth and allowed the cock to enter, but beyond that she had no idea what to do.

She had never sucked a cock before and even with her tortures and torments, she had only really been entered several times.


In her three month stay as a slave to President Samuel Milford she had only been raped a few times, mostly they just tortured her and made her eat out her mother of the first lady. So she just closed her lips around his cock and bobbed her head up and down. She had seen her mother suck cock more than a few times over the last several months and tried her best to mimic what she had seen. Her head was yanked away after only a few seconds and Andre slapped the teen several times as hard as he possibly could, snapping her head to the right and left.

"Watch your fucking teeth you dumb fucking cunt!" He screamed as he pushed his cock back into Scarlett's mouth. He slid both hands into her hair and gripped her head. "I'll just fucking do it myself," the fat old man said as he forced his cock deep into Scarlett's throat until her lips met his balls.

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He forced her head back and forth and forced his fat member to wiggle in the teen's throat. Scarlet couldn't breath, she couldn't swallow.

Drool ran down her chin and collected on her tits as she gagged on his cock and the thick smell of old urine that emanated from his pubic hair. She brought her hands up to his massive stomach and tried to push herself free, tried to get a breath of air.

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The teen's gag reflex kicked in and she had been fighting back the urge to vomit, but the feeling of his thick foot long clock as it slid back and forth in her throat forced the puke up and out of her. She covered the fat man's cock and balls in an explosion of vomit.

He pushed the teen off his cock in a fit of anger and smacked her with such force that she lost her balance and hit the floor. "Haven't you ever sucked a fucking cock before you stupid fucking whore!" He screamed as he kicked the young girl in her stomach. "You idiot fucking fuck-hole!" He grabbed her hair and yanked her to her feet once more, delivering another hard slap.

He grabbed her head and forced his cock deep inside her mouth once more. The fat man violently fucked the teen's mouth. He rammed his cock down her throat over and over, with such force that his hairy balls slapped hard against her chin.

He held her head in place, choking her with his long fat member. When she started to gag again, he pulled her head off of him just in time for her to puke once more. She didn't have time to control her vomit and this time it came shooting out of her, not to land on Andre's cock, but to cover her tits. "You dirty, stupid, fucking bitch!" Andre screamed as he grabbed the teen's head and forced his cock into her mouth again.

"Swallow it! Swallow it you stupid filthy cunt!" He forced his uncircumcised member as far down her throat as he could, then lifted her arms above her head and yanked her arms above her head as he force-fucked her mouth. Scarlett gagged and chocked as the fat man violently rammed himself ball-deep in and out of her throat.

Her tits bounced with each violent thrust of his cock. Drool ran out of her mouth and collected on her tits. It hurt and each thrust into her pained and over stretched throat came with the potent whiff of urine and vomit that clung on his hairy balls. Andre let go of her hands and grabbed the teen's head, wrapping her blond hair in his fat fists.

He picked up his pace, thrusting his cock down her throat with such violent speed that Scarlett couldn't grab a breath. His hands ripped and yanked at her hair as he moved her head back and forth with each thrust of his waist. She fought for air, her hands pressed against his massive gut as she tried to push herself free.

He moaned and yanked his cock out of her mouth only seconds before it exploded, covering the young girl's face with a massive load of his hot and sticky cum. "You dirty fucking bitch," he said as Scarlett collapsed to the ground and fought for air. "You stupid cunt mouth made me cum too soon." He grabbed Scarlett by her blonde hair and forced her across the room to the bed.

"Eat my ass, you stupid bitch!" He said as he let Scarlett go and bent over the bed. "Stick your stupid whore tongue up my ass and clean out my shit!' Scarlett fought to catch her breath as she dry heaved.

"No," she finally said as she pushed herself back up to her knees. She wasn't about to stick her tongue in anyone's ass. "What!" Andre rounded on the teen with a blind rage in his eye. "No." Scarlett said as she stared defiantly up at him. "Bitch!" Andre screamed as he backhanded the teen. "Slave bitches should no better than to deny an order!" He grabbed a handful of Scarlett's hair, pulled his hand back, then hit her directly in her eye with his closed fist. He did it again, this time delivering his punch with such force that he ripped out the hair he was grasping onto.

Scarlett fell to the ground. Her right eye was already swollen and hard to see through. A trickle of blood ran from her nose and the side of her mouth. Andre gave the exhausted teen a hard kick as he walked to his jacket and pulled out a pair of handcuffs.


Scarlett scrambled away from him as he approached. She slipped in her own vomit in her bid to get back on her feet and went tumbling to the ground once more. Andre kicked her again, this time in her face and a trail of blood flew from her nose to stain the carpet.

"You stupid fucking cunt!" He pulled her to her feet by her hair and threw her onto the bed. He attached the handcuffs to her already bruised wrists as he bound her to the oak headboard. "We're going to have a good time tonight," he said as he swallowed three more of his Viagra pills.

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His cock had already grown rock hard again from beating the teen, "these should keep me hard all night." He said as he crawled onto the bed next to her. He fought the kicking and screaming Scarlett until he grabbed both of her ankles. He forced her legs back until her ankles met her ears and pinned them in place with his enormous bulk of a gut. He closed one of his plump hands around the teen's throat and guided his foot-long bulbous cock to her small shaved snatch.

Scarlett let out a scream of pain as he entered her tight little hole, then pulled out and thrust himself in again. He gripped her ankles in each hand and kept them pinned to the bed on either side of her head as he forced himself in and out of the teen's ravished and clitless cunt. The muscles in her legs were thrust to the breaking point and the weight of the fat man's belly forced her hard onto the bed.

Her head slammed against the oak headboard as the fat man violently shoved his cock in and out of her again and again. He was ignoring her screams as he fucked her. He wasn't concerned with anything other than his own pleasure as her violently raped the teen.

She grunted in pain, tears flowed endlessly down her cheeks as he thrust himself into her again and again.

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Her tight little pussy sucked onto his enormous cock and rubbed her raw as he fucked her without lubrication. Drool ran from his open mouth and collected on Scarlett's face. She was forced to stare up at him from between her own legs as he brutalized her pussy.

She could see his grinning face and the joy he was experiencing as the teen was once again forced to associate sexual intercourse with pain and violence. He moaned as he came deep inside of her. His fat and hairy old body collapsed on the beaten and bruised teen as his cock twitched inside of her, shooting off it's rancid cum. It had crossed her mind, not long after she had lost her virginity to President Milford, that no one that had raped her had bothered to use protection, and that Scarlett herself, who had been saving herself for marriage, had not taken the pill.

At the time it didn't seem to matter, everyone had cum on her face, and since then she had been used mainly by women. But now that this fat old man had cum inside her, the fear of pregnancy shot threw her like a lightening bolt. She always wanted to be a mother, but with a kind husband, someone closer to her own age, not because she was raped by a hideously fat sixty-year-old.

"I'm still hard," he said as he pushed off her.