Argentina Putita tetona no quiere que la filmen

Argentina Putita tetona no quiere que la filmen
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The new girls arrived at Immaculate Conception Christian School. These girls would be known by names of Asher and Angel Laufeyson. They were known as the rebellious sisters in this "hell hole" everyone called school. Asher would stand at a height of 5'7; her long black hair always straight parted to the left side, her bust would be at a perfect size of 38D.

When her eyes met yours all you could see was the deviant sparkle in her light brown eyes. Angel on the other hand would only stand at 5'4, her long red hair always remained straight with her sweeping bang always covering her right eye. Her bust only remained at 38B and when she glanced your way her slight smirk and shimmer in her eyes never gave anything away yet that she was a complete mystery.


As the girls enter the building, Asher would be wearing a short black mini skirt, a low cut V-neck black tank top, with black stripper heels. Angel would be wearing a low cut black batman shirt reveling just enough cleavage to be a tease; in addition she wore tight form fitting black skinny jeans with black combat boots to top off the outfit.

The girls walked the halls with their iPods blaring music from their headphones. Even with several teachers and nuns demanded the girls to turn it down, it only made them turn it up louder. Entering their last class of the day, the girls automatically walked to the back of the room with the dim flicking light above them.

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As they reached their seats all the students the class would be staring at them. The teacher had not yet entered the class as the whispers began to rise about the girls.

Asher glared at every stare she got only to watch them retreat back to their mutters. The rising anger in Angel only made her more pissed by the second.

She slammed her hands down on the desk screaming, "WOULD YOU ALL JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP?!" Asher only just stared at her sister shaking her head at her low temper. Angel sat in her chair muttering under her breath as the teacher entered the room. The teacher would be Father Harris.

Father Harris sat his briefcase down on the desk turning to address the class. "Students, I am Father Harris and I shall be your teacher this year while you are in this class." Asher and Angel began snickering in the back as Asher whispered loud enough for people to hear, "More like Father Hairless&hellip." The girls began erupting in laughter as the eyes of their peers were fixed on them.

Father Harris cleared his throat walking back to the girls, "I have heard about you two and now I have you in my class." He smirked a sly grin pointing to the door. "I would like to see you after class today Miss Asher and Miss Angel&hellip." The girls muttered "fucking great." as they waited for the final dismal they stood from their seats walking to the front of the room by Father Harris's desk. As they were walking a few students made comments which made Asher stop dead in her tracks turning and growling in their faces immediately shutting them up.

Father Harris raised his voice, "Miss Laufeyson." He came and grabbed her by the waist dragging her to the front of the room. Once everyone had left the room Asher screamed jerking away, "Get your fucking old ass hands off of me!" This only earned her a smack across the face from Father Harris.

Angel screamed out shoving Father Harris into the wall, "Don't you dare lay a hand on her.!" She ran back to her sister to help her up noticing the red mark forming across her face.

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Angel growled under breath hearing movement behind her, she turned only to be met with a smack in the face as well. Father Harris moved over to the door locking the door as a sly grin crossed his face as he glared at the girls.

He stormed over to the girls grabbing them each by the back of the head. Father Harris forced both of the girls down over the table holding them down whispering into their ears, "Now.

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You two are going to be good little girls…" At this exact moment the band known as Black Veil Brides would be wondering the halls looking for some help. CC would sigh yelling "CAN ANYONE HELP US FIX OUR BUS OUTSIDE?!?!" Andy would smack the back of his head, "Would you shut the fuck up, we are in a damn school. Do you want to be attacked?!" The boys muttered as they walked down the halls.

As they turned down one hall they heard the cries from Asher and Angel. The girls cries echoed down the hall as the refused to plea with the man. The boys took off down the hall looking for the source of the cries. As they reached the door CC pressed his face against the glass trying to pear into the room. As he looked in all he could see would be the two young girls being tormented and exposed.

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Asher and Angel laid over the edge of Father Harris's desk completely exposed. Father Harris would be running his hands over the young girl's asses. They cringed at his touch only to receive a hard echoing smack across their ass for each movement they took.

Father Harris stopped dead in tracks as he was slowly entering a finger slowly into each of the girl's pussy. The girl's bodies betrayed them as they were already dripping wet from his touch. The bangs on the door became louder and more prominent. When the girls looked to the door to see five handsome guys dressed in black trying to break down the door.

They tried to plea for help only to be smacked across the face and slammed to the ground. Andy screamed, "Don't you dare fucking touch them again!", as he kicked in the door rushing to girls with Ashley, Jinxx, Jake, and CC.


Ashley grabbed up Asher as she clung her arms around him and Andy grabbed Angel her doing the same. CC stood in the door way pointing at the two girls yelling, "BEWBS!!" This only earned him the death glare from Ashley and Andy as the two boys protected Asher and Angel. As the guys looked around, Father Harris was nowhere to be found.

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Asher and Angel growled while being held by the boys, "Where the fuck is he…" They would only yell and growl demanding to know. The boys held the girls down with their force trying to sooth them.

The boys carried the girls out to their waiting, still broken down, bus and covered them in their blankets. Ashley covered Asher in his zebra blanket and Andy covered Angel with his batman blanket. Each guy pulled the girls into their laps and let them fall asleep.

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~~The next chapter will be posted asap. Please leave your comments below on your input. Please try to be nice if you can =w= Asher and I are still working on these. I hope you like it somewhat at least ~~ ~Andy Biersack = ~ Ashley Purdy = ~CC= ~ Jinxx = ~ Jake =