Mistress fondle me sex and movies of gay males masturbating white

Mistress fondle me sex and movies of gay males masturbating white
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It was a typical Sunday here in the small town of Richmond. I was woken up at 9 by my mother and was told I needed to take a shower because we would be leaving for church shortly. It took a lot of my strength but I finally stirred from my bed, morning wood at full mass, and clamored toward the bathroom. My movements more or less looked like those of a drunken fool rather than a 16 year old teenager.

Rather than get straight into the shower I sat down and thought about the previous night. I was very nervous that I had forgotten to delete the messages on my phone since they were extremely sexual and inappropriate.

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I decided not to worry about it and slowly stepped into the shower. The warm water running down my back was refreshing and I slowly began to awaken from my zombielike state.

I got out of the shower, toweled myself off and got dressed. I went back into my room and made my bed then made my way downstairs. As I was walking down the steps I overheard my mom talking to my dad telling him that they needed to have a talk with me.

My heart stopped as I now knew that my nightmare had come true. The day went on rather uneventfully and I figured maybe they had forgotten so my mind wasn't racing as much. That was until I heard the delicate voice of my beautiful mother call my name and tell me that they needed to talk to me. Slowly, I crept into the kitchen where they both stood looking at me.

I was surprised to see that their faces both had a look of normalcy and there was no apparent rage or anger. The silence was finally broken when I told them that I knew what they wanted to talk about and that I wouldn't let it happen again.

However, this wasn't enough for them. The conversation ended up being about having sex when you're ready and not making it something that you just do for fun. I chuckled in my head at the thought of sex not being fun but I didn't let it show. They also told me that if I ever wanted to have sex, I need to remember to wear a condom so that I wouldn't have a present 9 months later.

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Nearly 25 minutes later I was headed to bed with thoughts of having sex still on my mind. It took jacking off to get it out of my head.

The next few days went on as normal and nothing seemed to have carried over from that awkward night in the kitchen however, little did I know it was about to get strange. My Dad was supposed to go on a business trip overseas starting that weekend and he would be gone for nearly 3 weeks. Thoughts of fucking my mom quickly entered my head knowing it would be just me and her at home for the next 3 weeks. The weekend approached very quickly and before I knew it we were dropping him off at the airport and saying our goodbyes.

The ride home was your normal ride as my mom showed no signs in wanting to open a sexual relationship with her son. We arrived at home and my mom told me that she was going to get in the shower so I could go ahead and play video games for a while but once she got out we were going to take the dog for a walk. I anxiously awaited the sound of running water so that I could unleash my cock and stroke it until I cum.

Once the water came on I brought up my favorite porn site and began to stroke my 9 inch cock. The feeling of my hand didn't have the same effects today because I desperately lusted for my mother's warm tongue running across the head of my cock. I decided I would go and spy on her while she was showering. I stealthily snuck down the hallway to the bathroom door and slowly opened it until I could see my Mothers luscious tits through the transparent glass doors.

I began to once again stroke my cock and eventually I felt my self nearing an orgasm.

My state of mind along with my increasing pleasure however, was telling me to sneak inside the bathroom and cum on my mom's thong underwear so that she knew how bad I wanted her warm pussy.

I didn't put anymore thought into as I slowly got onto all fours and crawled slowly into the bathroom. It took me a few seconds to find her panties but eventually I found them resting next to the toilet.


I picked them up and smelled the fragrant odor coming off of the crotch of the pants. While I was lost in this exotic state I didn't hear the water turn off. As I was slowly exiting my sexual high I felt my cock begin to twitch. I grabbed it and began to stroke it slowly. Not thinking I stood up just as I was about to cum and found my self face to face with mom.

Now, before I got any further I must describe my mom. My mom is the definition of a MILF.

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She is 5'4" with an hourglass figure. She had me when she was only 20 so she was still very young. Her tits were perfect at a 36D cup and they hung perfectly still. Her perfect cleavage was enough to cause any man to spring a boner and want to fuck her. Her blonde hair and blue eyes complemented her voluptuous ass and tits.


As I uneasily stared my mom in her beautiful eyes I felt my cock begin to twitch only this time I could feel my cum begin to shoot out, hitting my mom in the stomach in big globs and slowly running down to her cleanly shaven pussy. I was embarrassed beyond belief only my mom seemed to be rather pleased.

She asked me how long I had been spying on her. After I didn't respond she assuringly said to me that she wasn't mad. I quietly admitted that I had been for about 5 to 10 minutes. She told me to let her clean up her stomach and get dressed then she would meet me in her room and talk to me about the events that had just transpired.

I uneasily sat on her bed waiting for what felt like an eternity when she finally came walking into her room in just a bra and some panties. Shocked, all I could do was stare and I was sure I looked like a fool. She told me to stop gawking and look her in the eyes and I could tell she still wasn't upset. She started by telling me what I did was natural and in a rather cocky way told me that a lot of guys want to fuck her.

Then she dropped the bomb. She told me that she doesn't fuck other guys because she has been saving cheating on my father for one special young man. When I asked her who that was she told me to lay back and she would show me who it was.


I wasn't about to object so I laid back and let her do as she pleased. She started by rubbing my now growing cock telling me that I was bigger than my father. She seductively began to work her way up to the hem of my shirt and removed then and started massaging my muscular chest.

She once again began to work her way down to my raging hard on as she slowly unfastened my jeans. I had planned on fucking my mom so I hadn't put my boxers back on after she had caught me spying on her. My cock quickly sprung out of my jeans and she pulled them down the rest of the way and threw them into the corner of the room. I now found myself naked with my hot mom between my legs and placing my cock into her warm inviting mouth.

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I let out a sexual moan and she asked me if I was enjoying my sexy mom sucking my cock. I told her of course I was but that I would enjoy it more if my sexy mom was naked. She responded quickly telling me to unhook her bra so that I could release her wonderful tits from their confinement. I did as I was told and within second my I had two gorgeous tits in front of me that I just wanted to suck on. I told her it was my turn to satisfy since I had already cum once that day.

She didn't oppose my request as she hopped onto the bed next to me and removed her sexy thong underwear and handed them to me telling me to keep them for a memoir of this day.

I started by sucking on her luscious tits causing her to let out a moan telling me that she wanted my warm tongue on her pussy.

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I obliged and lowered my head for the kill, slowly lapping at her pussy as if it were the best tasting thing I had ever had. Her moaning began to pick up in pace and she began to use my name telling me that she loved my nice tongue against her clit. I knew that she wouldn't last much longer before reaching an orgasm because her moaning became louder.

Before I knew it my tongue was being drenched in her fluids. It was a great taste and I knew that I would enjoy my new lifestyle with mom.

I thought we would be done after that orgasm but to my surprise she told me that she wanted my big cock in her pussy or else I was grounded. I followed her orders and slipped my raging hard on into her warm, wet, tight, inviting pussy.

It felt like I was in heaven as I slowly pumped in and out of her cunt.

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I fucked her warm hole with an intensity that I would have never expected and after about ten minutes of pure pleasure I felt her pussy tighten up and her juices began to flow as she had her second orgasm. I kept my cock head in her Vagina and told her I was about to cum so I asked her if I should pull out. She hastily told me fuck no, that she wanted my warm sticky seed deep in her pussy so that the neighbor could have a taste of her wonderful son. Shocked I asked her what she said.

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She responded by telling me that after she read the texts on my phone she realized that she could make these next three weeks the best week of my life. She then went on to tell me that I had several women who wanted to fuck me including my hot neighbor and my even hotter aunt and cousins.

She also informed me that we would be attending a swinger party and I would pretend to be her husband. I asked her why she did such a great thing for me when just 4 days earlier she told me she wanted me to wait to have sex.

I never got a response because I felt myself release my warm seed into her pussy as she let out yet another moan from an orgasm. She then told me she would explain it all later but for now she wanted me to keep fucking. For the rest of the night I continued to fuck my mother senseless until I felt that I could cum no more.

More to come including with the mother and New stories involving cousins, aunt, the swinger party and neighbor.