Mi linda Vanesa esta colombiana si es goloza

Mi linda Vanesa esta colombiana si es goloza
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Part 1: He had just been released from Prison a week ago. Now, He found himself wandering aimlessly through the freezing cold, Harsh streets of Moscow, Russia. He had nothing, No car, no relation with the Outside World (that he had been deprived from for so long.) It seems as though his Family, friends, and 'Connection' had all vanished upon his release from Behind bars. His name: Aleksei Astapkovich. He found himself being imprisoned for Theft because of relations and ties with the Russian Mafia, spending a staggering 5 years behind bars.

Since his release, He assured himself to live a secluded life, & stay away from anything that could put him back into Prison. He was a quiet man, of few Words.


Standing at 6"3 tall, He had fiercely White Skin, Ice blue eyes, Large Russian Nose and Very Dark hair, which contrasted to the pigment of his skin, and palest shade of Blue eyes. Tattoos of Dark Prison ink covered His Torso, Muscular arms, and Big hands.


He even had the infamous Stars tattooed on his Shoulders. (Trademark of the Thieve's Code in Russian Mafia) Thankfully, He had just enough money saved to rent himself a Small, runned-down apartement, in the Heart of downtown Moscow.

Aleksei spent his days wandering through the City, in search of a job to support himself. He spent the Freezing cold nights alone on a Firm matressed bed, Shivering beneath the covers, (with insufficient Heating) Longing for a sweet young girl. The days which he was imprisoned, He would have reoccuring Dreams of a Young girl, only 14 years old, with porcelain skin, White Blonde hair, and pale blue eyes.

So Innocent and Pure. She would visit him, in his Cell, lying next to him in matching White Lace/Satin Bra and panties.


The young girl would Tease him by Twirling her Curled Blonde locks of hair around her finger, and giggle as her little hands wandered across his body, Touching The Bulging Muscles of His arms, and stroking his prison tattoos. It was far too much for him to Handle.

He always ended up taking control, and Restraining the unknown girl, putting her little arms behind her back as he kissed her hard & passionatly making his way from her neck down, He forcefully ripped the Laced Bra off, and throwing it aside.He stopped himself from Kissing the young girl, and drew back. Staring at her sweet White skin, and Perfectly perky, little, 14 year old tits.

That was all it took to make his Thick Russian cock Hard, Pulsating with Desire for her perfectly skinny little pre-teen Body.

He took them in his Big hands, squeezing her, pinching her Nipples, then in his mouth sucking them with force. And Soflty Nibbling on them. She moaned softly, closing her eyes and tilting her head back.

Her Virgin Pussy becoming Wet with Desire the more he took control of her. His hands frantically wandering freely about her soft, Milky skin.

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He reached his hand into her panties, which were now all wet from his force. He knew She was a Virgin when he shoved his Big Fingers one by one into her little wet Cunt, he could feel the skin tightening around him, Feeling her Hymen.

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He rubbed her hairless little Pussy, alternately fingering her, Then rubbing her clit with her own juices, she would pant harder and Moan louder the faster he rubbed her.Her sweet cum melting on His big, masculine Hand. But, It was only a dream. A re-occuring Dream with the same sweet little Angel, visiting him each time.

His fantasies of the young pre-teen girl had gotten him through long, lonely Nights in Prison. Aleksei was an extremly Handsome man, and Prior to Prison, He had no problems finding different, Heavily Made-up Russian sluts to bring home and Fuck when he wanted. It relieved him, for a little while. But he had never fully been satisfied, and After spending 5 years alone, It helped him learn about himself.

His Desires, What he needed, What he Craved. He longed to find the Sweet Angel he had been dreaming of. He would search through every Shopping Mall, Park, and Catholic School in Russia to find his little Virgin angel.

Once he found her, He would make her his own, and Fufill all of His Voilently Passionate Sado-Masochist Fantasies on her sweet, unused, Pure body. Two weeks had passed of a Mundane, and Lonely life. Aleksei had been searching endlessly for employment, But nothing suffieient came his way.

Poverty in Russia was high, and It made things very difficult.

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Things would constantly distract him, bringing His mind back to the Sweet Nymphet of his Dreams, He was wondering down an empty street, in the Heart of the city, looking at each building he passed.

Restraunt after Restraunt, Bank after Bar, when finally he had approached a Dance Studio, A Ballet Studio. Which was cozily tucked away on a quiet streetcorner. It had see through glass windows, He peered inside. When he did, it was to his great Suprise and Pleasure to what he had found! A young lady, in a pale pink tu-tu, Which was snuggly clinging to her perfectly Slender body.

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The Sun Loomed over, and shined through the windows of the Studio, it illuminated her Glowing fiercly pale skin, Her gorgeous White blonde hair, sleekly pulled back into a low Bun, and side part, with a Satin Ribbon adorning her locks.

Aleksei had never seen such a sweet young face in all of his years of living in Russia. He had never seen a little girl so lovely. He stood motionless, Frozen with mesmiration as he watched her move.

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She moved with such Elegance, and Grace, It looked as if she was floating above the floor. He watched, in complete and utter Admiration. Suddenly, a Sea of thoughts flooded his head, Flashbacks of various sexual encounters with the young girl in his dreams, Now being pictured more vivedly than ever!

"She is so Perfect" He thought. Seducing him with how provocatively she moved. He imagined all of the many things he longed to do to her. It became too much for him. "I will Follow her Home." He Decided to himself. Part 2- coming very soon.