Cat and Courtney give Ivy a lesson in tickling

Cat and Courtney give Ivy a lesson in tickling
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Listening to my Sister Fuck II Monday lunch .I sat down and the guys all listened intently as I began. I woke up and remembered what took place last night& was hot. My hot step sister just gave me a cum job, and she smiled and liked it.

I got up and went to school. All I could think about was her. Her sexy body, her big sweets tits and fine ass. I got a plan to get some more of her. I knew she liked our dog Sammie…oh my did she. I figured if she like to let Sammie fuck her, then she can fuck me too.

I waited till Friday night. Our folks had gone out of town for the weekend. She was a drinker, and when she came home late, she would have drinks in her. I waited. About 12:30 I heard her come in. She was singing, and made her way up the stairs.

I stood in my doorway.


She was completely shit faced. Drunk and singing. She look at me and asked where her 'Sammie' was. I said he's in my room sleeping. She giggled and said…'I want my Sammie' I said come on in.

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I helped her to sit on my bed. My buddies and I had watched Sammie fuck females in my front yard before. He jumped them, fucked them real fast and he was done.

He waited for his knot to go down, pulled out and licked himself and went back to playing.

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We always laughed how he had it made. See pussy, go fuck pussy and back to playing, how easy was that. My sister laid over on my bed all hot looking, cleavage showing big time.

Sammie just slept. I put my arm around her and whispered: ("I'll be your Sammie tonight.") She giggled and said "Come to me Sammie." Oh well, I'll try this. I rolled her over with her butt in the air. I lifted her little short skirt up and pulled her thong to one side. She just smiled with her eyes closed and said&hellip.mmmmm&hellip.I took off my boxers and bent over her. She took my ready boner in her hand, and guided my dick in her pussy. I started fucking her deep and fast.

I was so excited I knew I wouldn't last long. She moaned loud and said…"Good boy, fuck me good Sammie!…oh sam…oh god yes…give it to me sam.oh oh oh god yes…I'm cuming baby&hellip.fuck me hard baby! I couldn't hold back anymore. At 14, this was only the 3rd piece of ass I'd ever had. She reached back and pulled my hips into her hard and moaned real loud…"Oh&hellip.fuck me baby!!!" and I shot in her as she bucked back against me.

She grabbed my hands and pushed them tight against her tits, and just kept fucking back on me. I was spent but she kept fucking me and wiggling her ass. Finally she squeezed her pussy muscles down tight on my dick and gave out a long moan, and shook hard…and then she just collapsed, and moaned. I waited.

She didn't move anymore. I started to pull out and she squeezed my dick tight and held it. I waited for a while. Then I realized she had passed out on my bed.

Now was my chance to feel and suck on those big tits of hers. I slowly rolled her over on her back. She was a little awake and smiled at me and whispered: (" & like my big, titties, don't you.

…well go ahead brother dear and suck on them if you want."&hellip.) Tuesday lunch *Same bunch at the lunch table plus more I think. I see my boss looking at us. He comes over and stands right behind me. I start talking about race cars and stuff.

Everyone joins in the conversation.bla bla. We all talk about cars and guy stuff. He's an ok boss, but never talked about pussy like we do, and leaves if we do. Soon he walks away and we keep talking crap. 20 minutes lost, the guys all tell me, it's clear, and they all want to know about her big tits! I started in I looked at my sister, arms out, skirt pulled up, her little blue thong is pulled over, exposing her pussy and her pussy is full of my cum. She say's it's ok to play with her tits.

(I'm having a good night.) I start un-buttoning her blouse and looking at her no bra tits&hellip.yummy! She whispers again: ("& you're my new Sammie, well good, he never played with my tits anyway"…) and giggled. I devoured her tits as she moaned and ran her fingers thru my hair. After a while…she said…"oh… new sam…your making me hot"…and she pulled me on top of her.

Wednesday Lunch My 14 yr. old dick came alive again as she reached down and started stroking my dick. She whispered: (."…do you eat pussy?"…) I gulped, I wanted her to shower first, and be sober. I said, "We have all weekend to play if you want." She smiled and rolled over and went to sleep in my bed.

I woke up Saturday late morning, she was gone. I could hear she shower running. I figured she wouldn't even remember last night. I went downstairs and got breakfast in my robe. When I went up stairs, she was out of the shower, and her door was shut. I took my shower. I wondered what her reaction would be towards me now.

I went downstairs and sat on the couch and watched T.V. My mind was on last night, over and over. I figured that was a one time deal, never happen again, but I was going to try something. We had all weekend if she wanted to do something. I was lost in thought when I felt a pair of hands around my neck. It was her. She leaned over to my ear said: "Hey little boy, did you take advantage of me last night?" I said: "Oh no& must have had a bad dream last night, or something." She giggled and said"No, she had a good dream and I was in it.&hellip.what are you doing tonight Newsam"&hellip.(Newsam?

What the fuck is that?) I wondered. Then it hit me…new-sam. I laughed and she giggled. She came around the couch wearing a white robe and a towel around her head. She leaned over in front of me, showing her great cleavage.

She smiled as she could see my eyes staring at her tits. She then sat on my lap sideways and put her arms around me. She was sitting right on my dick, and she knew it. She said: "I've forgotten, just how old are you now." "14", I said. She said: "You and I have to make a deal. If I come home late, you are now my new sam. When I come home and I want my new sam, I will come in your room, and you get to do me…deal?" Well, how could I pass that up.

A hot body that liked to fuck me. I messed with her a little. I asked: "Pussy sex or cum job sex?" She grinned, shook her head and said: "How about a hand job sex, by your self!!"&hellip.I said naaaa, I've already got that.

She started laughing and tickling me and slugging me on he shoulder. " You little shit!…your going to get choosey?&hellip.just for that, you have to eat my pussy for one hour tonight, or until I squirt in your face!" I said: "Ok, but you have to bring those tits with you tonight." She pounced on me again and laughed.

"You just love my tits, don't you." I said…"Yes!" At 14, I had never eaten a pussy yet, and didn't know what a pussy squirt was. I told her she'd have to teach me what all to do tonight. She said "Oh I will…I will, I'll train you." Thursday lunch She strattled me now, face to face. I looked at those hot looking tits, right in my face. She leaned over and said: "So& we have a deal?" I said hell yes, as her tits now were an inch from my face.

She said: "How about a preview?" I nodded yes. She opened her robe at the top. Now both tits were right in my face. She took my hands a let me feel her big tits. I was in heaven. My dick had nowhere to go. I had to quick, stop and adjust her ass on it and go back to my pleasure. She had her eyes closed, enjoying the tit feel when I had to adjust my dick. She slowly leaned over, squirmed her pussy on my now free to grow dick.


She whispered: (".what am I sitting on, Newsam?"…) I just grinned and kept feeling her big tits. She reached behind her and felt my tent, right up tight next to her butt. She was getting turned on now. She squirmed on my dick more and then got up. She took a big breath, and closed her robe.

I don't think she expected to get turned on my a 14 yr old boy. She told me she was going to a party tonight, but would be home early. I couldn't wait till tonight. My dick was ready now, of course. I got on my bike and went to find my buddies I came back in about 2 hours. I went to my room and then I heard a little talking by the vent. I went to listen closer. She still didn't know I could hear her thru the vent.

I hear&hellip.("come on boy"&hellip.) Oh my,&hellip. Sammie our dog was in her room again. Friday lunch I had to figure a way to watch my sister fuck the family dog. This I had to see. I got it! My computer faced my bed, and it had a tiny little camera on it.


Now I had to get her to let Sammie fuck her in my room. I not only wanted to see a dog fuck a girl, but I would have it in my computer. I listened to the vent some more. Maybe Sammie wasn't in the mood or something, but she kept trying to get him to fuck her, I could hear it. Finally I hear her door open and Sammie took off downstairs barking at something and went out the doggy door.

I knocked on her door. She knew it had to be me.

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I waited…She opened it with a big smile. She had on that white robe, her hair was all fixed up, and she looked hot. I said: " I have a deal for you." She said: "What are you up to now?" I said: "Your coming to my room tonight, …right?" She grinned all sexy and said "Maybe, what do you have in mind, Newsam?" I said:" I have a surprise for you tonight." She smiled and turned around and leaned back on me.

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She put my hands on her big tits and closed her eyes. She said in a very sexy voice: "I like surprises, what is it?" I said, "Tonight I want to bring Sammie in my room and watch him have sex with you." She felt my huge boner and rubbed it. She said: "You little pervert"…and giggled. "So you want to watch me have sex with Sammie?, right?"…I said, "Yes". All this time I'm feeling her tits and now, her nipples.

She moaned …"I'll see if I will allow you to watch, but it will cost you. "Have you ever licked a pussy?" I said: "no." She said: "Good!…because I will teach you tonight how to do it real good. If you lick me real good, I'll let you watch Sammie fuck me…deal?" I said: "Deal." She reached back and took my hand, and put it in her robe front, then to her pussy. She had no panties on. She took my middle finger and guided it to her clit.

"You feel that?" I said yes. "That is a girls 'clit', you must remember that." She kept moving my finger down and pushed in her pussy hole. "This is my hole, and inside and up some is my G spot. See if you can find it…now." I wiggled my finger in her.

I felt up like said and she moaned real loud. "That's it!…very good." she said. "Don't forget these things, there will be a test tonight!"…and she giggled. She turned and looked at me and smiled, then whispered: ("&hellip.have you ever given a girl a shower?&hellip.) I said 'no'. She muttered something about 'boy, am I going to have fun with you'&hellip.or something like that. Monday lunch My sister never did go out, and never got out of her robe.

Mom and dad had all kinds of liquor in the house, and she took a little out of several bottles over the afternoon and into the evening.

She started staring at me, and smiling. At seven, she came to my room and just walked right in. I was playing on the computer. She leaned over my shoulder and started kissing me on the neck. She had a buzz going on from the booze. She said come with me, and led me to the bathroom. She closed the door and started undressing me. She said: " Your going to give me a shower, my way." She took off her robe and we got in the shower naked.

She had me soap her all up, and I got to feel her titties some more. She leaned my back against the shower wall, leaned her back against me, and said "Wash my pussy", and spread her legs far apart. She took my soapy hand and rubbed it on her pussy and moaned. She said: " Don't stop until I tell you to!". She held my finger and rubbed it on her clit over and over until she started losing her breath.

She took my other hand and took 3 of my fingers and put them inside her pussy and said to work them in and out. She started panting and took my finger on her clit and started moving it faster on her clit…she moaned and started shaking and bucking back on me. She said: "Don't stop!"…and moaned real loud and shook a while. She rubbed her tits and kept moaning, as I kept rubbing her clit and pussy…"ok&hellip.OK!".she panted…and shook some more.

We rinsed off and she kissed me and winked.

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Tuesday lunch I was about 8pm when she walked in my room. She was about half drunk. She came over and started kissing on me and whispered: (".are you ready for your lesson on eating pussy?") She took her robe off and laid on my bed naked.

She pulled her legs up and pull my head down to her pussy. "Lick me first, my little Newsam." I did all the things she wanted as she squirmed and got all hot. She pull me down on her and started calling me her 'boy toy'. She said I did good and started taking pulling my boxers off. She put my dick in her and became a wild woman, She fucking me like crazy, I didn't last long and she just kept fucking me and yelled real loud…and drove my dick in her all the way…and shook.

We rested a while and then she whispered …(…"go get Sammie."…) (continued)