Teen Gf Gets Fucked Hard

Teen Gf Gets Fucked Hard
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Fbailey story number 696 Mom's Bridge Club Mom and Dad were madly in love for as long as I could remember. Dad always seemed sexually satisfied by Mom and never seemed to stray. Mom was usually sexy around the house but much more sexy when she went out on Thursday's. At home Mom wore a lot of sexy dresses with plunging necklines, slits up the sides, or strapless.

Dad was allowed to squeeze her breasts, pat her ass, or even reach up under her dress. When I became a teenager Dad started doing it more often in front of me. At first Mom objected to me being able to see it but she warmed up to the idea eventually. I just had to jerk off more often until I found a girlfriend. She thought that I was a sex maniac and dumped me but fortunately with all of her complaining two other girls offered to be my girlfriends.

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When they decided that they could share me things really got good. Once in a while both of them would climb in bed with me together. As to what Mom would wear on Thursday to go to her Bridge Club meetings was even sexier.

All of her blouses were see through and all of her skirts came up to her crotch. Occasionally she would wear a very sexy bra under her blouse but she never wore panties and her pussy was always freshly shaved. How do I know you ask? Well because I too was feeling Mom up. A few months after Dad started doing it in front of me I started doing it behind his back. At first Mom objected to me feeling her up but she warmed up to the idea eventually.

Actually she resisted quite a bit but I would push her up against a wall, hold her against a counter in the kitchen, or press her down onto her bed and then help myself.

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By the time I was fourteen I was bigger and stronger than she was. So eventually she just stopped fighting me and let me do it. Mom had nice tits especially without a bra. I liked them natural, big, and soft. I really liked slipping my fingers up into her pussy. She was always wet. I could always get her to have an orgasm in just a minute or two.

But on Thursday for a year or more she got to go out with her girlfriends. She had joined a Bridge Club. She wasn't all that good with cards but neither was I. One day I asked her a few questions that she could not answer. That got me curious.

So I followed her. Mom would go to the same house every week. It wasn't that far away and I could easily stay close enough to follow her on my bicycle. She would park along the street and then walk to the front door and just let herself in.

The first week I slipped up to the house and looked in the windows. Nothing! I saw a couple of other women arrive, walk in, and go upstairs as they unbuttoned their blouses.

Their skirts we up to their crotches too. The next Thursday I managed to find a ladder and I got up on the garage and peeked in a second floor window. After an hour I saw only one naked woman walk past the door to that room and nothing else. It wasn't my mother. The third week I carefully stood that ladder up against a window on the other side of the house.

Now that was the right window. I saw eight naked women in that room. The air conditioner was on full so it covered up any noise that I may have made but it also stopped me from hearing anything that they were saying. The women took turns grabbing a partner and getting on the bed to have sex with one another. The other women cheered them on and watched intently. I could not take my eyes off Mom.

She looked better than most of the other women. Except for a much younger redhead with a lot of freckles.


I knew her. She was my English teacher, she was the minister's wife, and she was Mom's best friend Gail. I watched at that second story window for about two hours until they started to get dressed and kiss one another goodbye. I watched Mom kiss seven pussies goodbye. I waited for the room to empty before I climbed down and put the ladder back where I found it.

Mom was home before I was but Dad had her in their bedroom. So I went to bed and figured that I would have a talk with her in the morning after Dad went to work.

I had jerked off twice while standing on that ladder. I still jerked off one more time before falling asleep. In the morning after Dad's car was out of sight I went into the kitchen.

I pushed Mom down over the sink and shoved my cock into her. She cried out because I had never done that to her before. She tried to get me to stop by pleading with me, reasoning with me, and then by threatening me. I told her all about her Bridge Club meeting in that house, on the second floor, with Gail and six other women.

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I even told her that I had seen her kiss their pussy's goodbye. At first Mom objected to me fucking her but she warmed up to the idea eventually. She told me not to let Dad know about it and then she told me that she wanted to keep going to her Bridge Club.

I told her that I wanted to fuck Gail. That put a damper on her style. Just to show Mom who was the boss I fucked her six times that day without Dad knowing, even though he was in the house for three of them.

Mom started to get worried that Dad would catch us. The more worried that she got the more I pressed the fact that I wanted to fuck Gail. Finally out of desperation, Mom called Gail while I was in the room. I listened as Mom told Gail how much she loved her, how good her pussy had tasted, and how much that she liked their Thursday's together. Then she told her that I was going to tell Dad about their Bridge Club unless Gail agreed to let me fuck her.

She said that she had to think about it and then she hung up. The next day in school Gail, I mean Mrs. Brown asked me to stay after the bell signaled the end of class. Gail asked, "Why are you blackmailing your mother?" I replied, "To get what I want." Gail said, "And you want to fuck me.

Why?" I replied, "Because you are my teacher, my minister's wife, and my mother's lover. Besides you have a great body. I saw you last Thursday playing bridge." Gail asked, "Can you prove it?" I said, "The room was on the second floor in the front left corner. There was an air conditioner in one of the windows, I was at the other window. The room was painted pink, the bed just had a pink sheet on it, and there were eight of you in the room…naked.

You and Mom plus three blondes, two with black hair, and one with white hair. You were the youngest one, the only redhead, and you have a lot of freckles on your breasts and shoulders. Mom pulled you onto the bed in a sixty-nine, you were on the bottom, and Mom stuck a finger in your ass when you had your orgasm." Gail asked, "Did any of the women have tattoos?" I replied, "The woman with the white hair had a blue butterfly on her tiny left breast.

One of the blondes had several tattoos all over, on her arms, on her breasts, and three on her back including a tramp stamp." Gail said, "Okay, I believe you were there and saw us. So now what?" I smiled and said, "Now I get to fuck you." Gail said, "If I do let you it is only because your mother wants me to let you.

No other reason." I smiled and said, "Tonight after school.


Dad gets home about five-thirty." Then I reached out and placed my hand on her right shoulder. I ran my hand over her right breast, down her tummy, and between her legs.

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She clamped her knees together but my hand was already between them. I slid my hand up between her warm thighs until I touched her panties. She jumped away from me when other students came in for her next class. Her panties were wet, she had been thinking about me since Mom's phone call. I took my time getting home. I wanted Mrs. Brown and Mom to have a few minutes together before I got there. I opened the door and walked in. Mom was naked and sitting on the edge of the couch holding her legs up in the air.

Gail was still dressed but on her knees with her face in Mom's crotch. Mom told me that I could fuck Gail from behind when she was eating her out. I asked Mom if she had washed my cum of her pussy from this morning's fuck. She had not.

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I lifted Gail's skirt up onto her back, pushed her panties to the floor, and squatted down just enough to get my cock into her pussy. I stroked it in a few times and then I pulled it out, aimed it an inch higher, and shoved it into Gail's asshole.

She jumped, she cried out, and then she asked me what to hell I thought I was doing. I simple pushed her back down to Mom's pussy and told her that I was fucking her. She tried to tell me that I wasn't supposed to butt fuck her, that I was only supposed to fuck her pussy.

I told her that I was giving the orders and that she should have never decided how or where I was going to fuck her. And she thought that if she put her tongue in my mother that she could pretend that I wasn't fucking her, that wasn't going to work. So as she cried real tears onto my mother's pussy I continued to fuck her backdoor until I had finished cumming in it.

I pulled my cock out of her ass, turned her around, and stuck it right into her mouth. Reluctantly Mrs.


Brown my English teacher sucked it clean. When she finished she told me that she had never been fucked in her ass before.

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I told her to get used to it, that I was going to butt fuck her for the next week. I then told her that I had initially planned on watching her strip naked and then fuck her on my bed.

She told me that that would be okay. Once again I reminded her that I was in charge and that she had just added another week of having my cock in her ass.

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I asked her if she wanted to try for three weeks. She told me that she would be very cooperative from then on. I already knew that. Every day after school for the next two weeks Mrs. Brown was waiting in my living room for me to come home. I would tell her to strip naked and she would. I'd tell her to start licking Mom's pussy and she would.

Then I'd stick my cock in her pussy for a few strokes, pull it out, and then slam it into her ass. After which she would suck it clean. After her two weeks of punishment I started fucking her pussy in my bed, as I had originally wanted to do.

Then every Friday Gail would beg me to stick it in her ass. She had developed a fondness for anal sex but she was afraid to tell her minister husband about it. Apparently he was fond of the missionary position. I got a 'C' in English but that was okay, at least I passed. I gave Mrs. Brown an 'A+' for effort in bed. That woman would try anything that I asked and she would want me to do things to her that she had heard about. She should have been the sex education teacher. Anyway I fucked her for the next five years until I went off to college.

I really hated to go. Gale gave birth to two beautiful baby girls. Even though they were never tested for paternity we were all pretty sure that they were mine. The End Mom's Bridge Club 696