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Lactating latina fuckslut toys asshole
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The Life Ch.

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4 Maximum Over Drive By Jax_Teller Our vacation to Europe went on for 2 weeks ending in the middle-east when a secure communiqué was passed to me. It contained a plot to assassinate the king of Rajikalahim an Allie. The King had always been a supporter of the United States even when his fellow countrymen didn't agree.

It was at the King's direction that US led N.A.T.O. forces were allowed to use his country as a mid-point for refueling and tactical direction in an unpopular "U.N. police action" type War. I relayed the message to my contact in the American government that this looked like a credible piece of intel.

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The word came back that because of my close proximity to the King and Rajikalahim, I was requested to intervene until US Special Forces could be in country to take over.

I was authorized to use deadly force in protection of the king. Amy and I had worked many jobs together at this point in our lives, but never in a clandestine military action. We went over the details of the file and decided that Amy could get herself into place where I suspected the assassination team would be.

As an exotic dancer Amy could move around the exclusive gentlemen's club without raising any suspicions.


American or western women often came here to work as exotic dancers because the money was much better, and Amy was accepted without question. We geared up and when she was in, we were in communication via ear pieces. She mingled until it was her turn to dance on stage.

Once on stage she was into her third and final song on stage when she gave me the prearranged signal that she had recognized one of the crew.

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As she danced she moved to a spot in front of the mark and she opened her legs wide open and rubbed the cloth covering her vaginal lips. In this country that would get you killed in some places but this club was an oasis of American decadence. The brazen action was our pre-arrainged signal. This club was more of an American strip club than anything else and we took the chance that she would get away with doing it.

She was obviously new in country but being new wasn't all that uncommon. She moved around and all the time kept her eyes on Major Frinar. The Major was one of the King's own men and in the chain to replace the King by a blood connection.

After Amy's three song set was over and she was off stage, she propositioned the Major for a more private dance. He of course he said yes.

In this club there were rooms right off the main area where privacy was granted to those who could afford them. The Major's men escorted the Major and Amy to a room and two of his personal body guards stood at the entrance to the room. She danced for him stripping her costume off and he touched her as she moved around, touching more than usually allowed.

Clubs like this had rules but for those with influence and more importantly money, the rules could be bent. The Major knew the limits of the rules given his status in that society, and he ran his hands over Amy's bare breasts.

She jiggled and wiggled circles on his lap, and as she leaned back on him, he let his hand roam up inside her thigh.

He knew this was forbidden but continued. Soon enough he was dittling her clit and she made only a halfhearted effort to stop him. Thankfully the music ended and she stood up. The Major had an obviously hard on and handed Amy her pay for the dance.

She made her way out of the small room and told me under her breath in the microphone that the Major had slipped his card into her hand along with the money and told her to call him later if she wished to entertain him further.


Later in our truck Amy looked up the Major's number and got a hit on his location. We tracked his cell phone to a small village on the edge of town and we headed in that direction. I notified my contact that we were getting close, and he confirmed that the location we were going to was a strong hold of the opposition to the King.

We had drove 5 miles and were still 15 away from the village when my contact called and aborted our mission. I confirmed and was told payment was being processed and would be in my account within 5 minutes, and as usual, our consultation was appreciated.

As I turned the truck around, 2 jets flying close to the ground thundered overhead toward the village and seconds later there was a rumble of explosions and flashes of light. The powers that be had dealt swiftly with the threat to the King. We made our way back to our hotel and Amy and I talked about going back to the states to go to bike week in Daytona Beach Florida. She made a call and booked us a flight to Daytona international airport. It would be an 18 hour flight that left the next day.

I called Dennis, an associate of mine and had my bike loaded into a trailer along with his and he drove them to Daytona for me.

I told him to bring the club along and to book a good place on the beach for us. I told him to use my name and I would pay for everything. It had been a year since we had been to Daytona and this year seemed more outrageous than ever before.

There were several other "adult" activities planned during the week.


One of those was a Video Pornography award show, another was the casting for a main stream movie that was to be based on the life of a stripper so, and the directors were searching the strip clubs for talent. That brought a lot of talent to the area that would not have been there otherwise.

The flight gave us a chance to decompress after our non-mission mission. Once we were at the airport I called Dennis and he said he had booked us a room at the airport hotel and that our gear and bike were at the beach waiting for us, a short taxi ride away.

I asked where the guys were and he told me that there were rooms reserved and that the rest of the club was riding in today. Dennis, Amy and I were sitting outside the Hotel at the restaurant on the sidewalk when the Club members road in led by Sonny Richards the president and his gorgeous woman Lilly, on the back.

They pulled up and parked their bikes in unison walking them backward to the curb and all I saw were the Colors.

Daytona was over-run with bikers and a lot of clubs were present. There was a truce on so no one was going to make an issue out of wearing their clubs' colors. There were only a few woman in the group and they were the fun loving kind.

It was going to be a glorious week. Sonny came over to our table and hugged Dennis first and got the nod that everything was set and ok. Then Sonny turned to me and said so when you going to join "The Sons" you fucking Jar Head?

We all laughed and I said let's get settled in. I had already told the motel that anything the S.O.L. wanted to put on my charge. I gave Dennis one of my credit cards and told him anything for the club. We all met up at a strip club that evening called the Body Shop, and it was on fire when we rode in. The dancers were having a good time, one of the females in our group even got up and danced. It was while we were at the club that Sonny was watching Amy dance on a mini stage in front of us that he leaned into me and said He had talked with the VP of the DB's and that if Larry, the President of the DB's sees Amy, that Larry will try to take her back.

I told Sonny that would be a mistake on Larry's part. Sonny asked if I was looking for the clubs' backing if it goes down. I said no way, I handle my own problems. Besides which Amy isn't the same person she was and she would most likely handle Larry herself. We watched as Amy finished dancing and returned to our table. I led her to my lap and she began to wiggle her ass in my lap to the next song.

I was feeling her up and having a good time. One of the strippers came over to Sonny and started dancing for him, I saw his woman Lilly coming over and thought there would be trouble as she usually was very possessive, but she started dancing too and started grinding behind the stripper, matching her moves. It was hilarious. The two ended the song facing each other kissing and stroking each other as Sonny rubbed Lillys' tits from behind.

It had the attention of a lot of the folks around us.

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I said Amy, why not take a ride and just about everyone around us said in unison Hell yeah. It was truly roaring thunder as we all rolled away from the strip club. The cool night air was glorious and the lights of the city streets made their own daylight.

Amy & I were in the third double row back in the center of the lane as the Diamond Backs road past us in the other direction. I thought we were going to get into a brawl right then and there in the middle of the street the way Larry Flint turned his head as he went past us. Thankfully going in opposite directions there wasn't much he could do other than look.

I felt Amy give me a small squeeze at the same time signaling that she too had seen Larry. The truce in place and adult nature of this particular weekend kept most of the usual ruckus to a minimum as no one wanted their club to leave.

We rode on for an hour or so taking in the beach and the strip where most of the tourism was, and we turned into the high-rise motel we all were staying at. I found out that during the flight Dennis had contacted Amy and that there weren't rooms available for the club, and Amy had called in a favor with the royal family contact and had a floor of the exclusive hotel reserved for us.

Adjacent rooms and a view were definite perks, and of course the added security of being the only guests on that floor of the motel, made my stress level lesson slightly.

I was fully aware that often after a mission, operatives were at risk for retaliation if their identities had been compromised, which was always a possibility. I began to relax in this very luxurious suit that we were in and quickly drifted off to sleep, enjoying the naked curves of Amy's tight athletic body beside me.

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There were familiar sounds that registered in my head such as air conditioning, the refrigerator compressor, and lights that were common like the small LED lighting marking the hallway, the smoke detector, and electronic devices.

Among all that I sensed something else, something out of place that I couldn't recognize at first and then I realized what it was and reached for my gun. The smell of cigarette smoke, it lingered and neither Amy nor I smoked, and the room didn't smell like that before I lay down.

As I put my hand on my Taurus 45 caliber gun, something knocked it away startling me. In the dimmed motel room light, I could see a dark figure standing next to the bed, just before something hit me knocking me not out, but rendered useless for a minute.

At the same time Amy jumped from the bed and kicked the intruder and began to unleash a fire storm of blows designed each to kill, that stunned the attacker, knocking him down. I regained my senses as the attacker began to get back up. Amy stood over him naked punching and kicking him as he tried to get up.

I turned on the lamp next to the bed and recovered my 45 pointing it at the intruder stopping him. Amy kicked him two more times before recognizing him as Larry Flint her X lover and the president of the Diamond Backs. A few seconds later several members of SOL rushed in and stood down as they realized we had the situation under control. Amy still naked looked over Larry laying on the floor still and screamed at him a flurry of obscenities and threats and when she was done she said fucking piss on you and your shitty colors and she did just that letting a stream of urine fly over him dousing him in the face and on his leather coat, his colors lying flat on the floor getting soaked in her pee.

The guys from SOL laughed at him and said way to go girl to Amy. Amy and I got our robes on and hotel security showed up and took Larry away. Security also had picked up two other members of the DBs on the floor, one the club's bulldog and the other the DBs Driver. They were all arrested for attempted murder and kidnapping, it made the headlines of the local news, and his club the Diamond Backs left town in disgrace.

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There was no formal decree, request or order, but they were leaving just the same. As we ate breakfast we sat with Sonny and Lilly along with Dennis and a few others. Security around us from the SOL was obvious, as the DB's were just leaving town. Sonny asked for the attention of everyone around us, and said to Amy "Honey last night you showed true biker spirit and even if your old man nodding in my direction won't join us, you have a family and membership of your own with the Sons of Liberty if you want it." It was quite the honor as there were no female members without a man, until her.

She looked to me and I said to her in front of everyone, that honor is among the few things in life that you will take to the grave with you honey.I told her that if she joined the SOL I would be proud to have her ride on with me. She turned to Sonny and said that she accepted. There were cheers and hoops from all gathered including a few folks just eating breakfast.

I stood up and said well Sonny please don't be offended but that I had an offer equally important to ask of her. I turned to Amy and got down on one knee and produced a ring box from the inside of my leather vest. The room fell silent except for the noises of a busy restaurant went on behind us, and I began.

Last night you overcame your past, this morning you committed to a future, and now I ask you to marry me and join me into eternity. Absolute silence short of a few tears and hushes, seemed to linger for hours in a few seconds, until Amy said yes, and the rest of her words were covered by the roar of those present congratulating and crying tears and sobbing in resounding joy. Hugs and hand shaking, smiles from everyone. As the noise settled down Sonny standing next to us said well then that is it a Sons of Liberty Club wedding it is and I will give the bride in her colors to this Jar head, at least this way the colors will go with him wherever he goes.

End Ch4