Bigtits model gets her tight pussy creamed

Bigtits model gets her tight pussy creamed
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My last story was about my record of ten quickies in one day. Well, that was just the beginning to my relationship with my new Swedish fuckbuddy, and I'd like to share with you the continuation of that relationship, as well as any other sex I had with other people during that time that was memorable.

1. Morning, Sunshine The day of my quickie record was a Friday, but I only realized that I had made that record the next day. I woke up in my bed, spooning with my Swede, both of us naked. She was sound asleep still, exhausted from the previous night. I had been a bit exhausted, too; jizzing ten times in one day will have that effect. It was then that I tried to remember everything that had happened the previous day, and I realized that I had made a new record for myself.

I was proud, but that didn't matter at the moment. What mattered now was the girl in my bed. My left arm was wrapped over her, resting underneath her right breast. I rubbed her breast, exploring with my palm and fingertips. I licked the crevice behind her ear, and sucked on her earlobe gently. She stirred a little, but didn't wake. I moved my tongue to her earhole, and my fingers to her nipple. I gently pinched her nipple and explored her ear. She finally woke, and hazily turned her head to face me.

She kissed me, then turned her whole body around under the covers. She rubbed my dick and balls with her hands, and whispered, "You've wanted my pussy for so long. well, now it's yours." She laid on her back, continuing to play with my dick to get it up.

I got on top of her and kissed her, then, entered her with a hard dick. It was the first time I'd ever felt her pussy with more than my tongue and fingers. She inhaled, rubbing her clit slowly. I pushed in deeper, and she wrapped her legs around mine. I kissed her, making sure our tongues licked each other inside our mouths. Her hands left her clit, and she hugged me, pulling me closer. My dick slid in as far as it could, her wet walls letting me in with ease.

I didn't thrust at first, because when I tried to back up at all, she tried to keep me in. So instead, I explored with my dick in her, sliding it all around inside her, learning everything about this girl that I could.

She kept her eyes closed, concentrating on the sense of touch, and what my dick and tongue were doing inside her. She made quiet 'ooh' sounds, beginning to squirm, guiding my dick around inside her. I gently squeezed one of her perfect breasts. Her tongue left my mouth as she stretched, arching her back and pushing her torso against me further. I took the opportunity to suck on her other breast, licking the nipple, and this only caused her body to arch more, whimpering and oohing.

Her pussy got wet as her slow, gentle, but juicy orgasm began. This was the most sensual and gentle sex I'd ever had, and she was loving it.

She was dripping and making the bed damp, but I didn't mind. She was getting off, and that was important to me. Getting a chick off is so important to me, that just knowing a chick is getting off usually is enough to get me off. And this time, it most certainly was. With my dick buried deep inside her, I burst out a few shots, with her pussy steadily, but lightly, cumming. When I was done, she let her grip on me go slightly, and I slid my dick out slowly.

I took my face away from her breast, and she kissed me. Her flow of cum came to a trickling stop. She slid out of bed, grabbed my towel, and left to the shower to wash off. I stayed in bed for a minute or two, just thinking about the whole experience. There are many kinds of sex, and I'm a fan of quite a few. This slow, gentle kind of sex is best for connecting with someone, for feeling them on a personal level. Fucking fast to get off fast is just as good, but it's not for people you know as people; it's for people you know as sex objects.

I've had sex with a lot of women and even some men, and very few have ever been anything more than meat. This was one that was more. I thought about the previous night, and how intense her orgasm was when I fucked her ass. I thought then that if we wanted to get off hard and fast, it would be anal, but if we wanted to get to know each other better, it would be vaginal.

I checked the clock, and saw that it was 3 PM. We'd slept much of the day, but I could see why. We both needed to recuperate after the energy we'd both spent the previous day.

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I sat up and worked the kinks out of my body, noticing that my roommate and his girlfriend were both asleep in his bed. My Swede and I had had sex while they were asleep in the same room.

I was glad we weren't noisy. After she showered, my Swede left to go back to her dorm to change into clean clothes. I took the opportunity to do my laundry and change the sheets on my bed. I tried to change the sheets silently, but my roommie's girlfriend woke up. She didn't actually get up, but she waved to me from where she lay.

I waved back, then went to the launderette. If you remember, I fucked her the day before, so as I went to the launderette, my thoughts drifted to how similar she had been to how I had just fucked my Swede. 2. Extra Entertainment My dorm's launderette is found in the basement of the building, where there are no windows, and the only people that aren't students that go down there are the cleaning staff - people that speak exceptionally little English.

Because the only people that can go near the launderette are the cleaning folks and other students, you can often find naked students doing there laundry. naked because they have no more clean clothes. And that was exactly what I saw when I entered the launderette: a really hot blonde, naked except for shoes and socks, sitting on a dryer and reading a book as the dryer vibrated under her.

She was holding the book in just one hand, rubbing a nipple with the other. She was biting her bottom lip on the side, and she was deep in her book. Now, I think I told you this in my last tale of quickies, but it bears repeating: when I screw once in a day, I just get hornier and hornier, and I need to keep it cumming. So, seeing this girl's beautiful athletic body just sent a new round of blood to my dick.

She didn't notice me come in, and was so absorbed that she only noticed me -- and nearly jumped -- when I started my first load in the washer.

She looked me over, liking what she saw. I said to her "Hiya. Hey, didn't I meet you yesterday? I think you were with two other friends at the gym?" "Yes, I was!" she said, happy that I remembered her. "You had sex with my friend, and she said you were great." "I'm always thankful for praise," I said. "Anything I can do for you?" I put my hand on her knee. She had great curves, and I was getting such a stiffy watching her tits vibrate softly from the dryer. She looked at the time left on the dryer, and said "I've only got like five minutes left on it.

I don't want to get all sweaty just to put on clean clothes. How about you do me a favor, though; how about you let me enjoy this book a little bit more?" She held up her book to show me what it was: a thin volume of erotic stories.

She put her feet up on the dryer so that her knees were high up, then slouched so her ass and pussy close to the edge of the dryer. "If you eat me out while I read this until my clothes are done, you get an IOU for a quickie blowjob." "That sounds like a gameplan," I said. I had had sex with some people whose fetish was to ignore the sex while it happened, so this wasn't a particularly new thing to me.

I figured I might as well, because chowing box is about as natural to me as taking a piss.

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I don't mind it at all, unless the chick is particularly filthy, then I just grin and bear it. But this girl had a cunt that was worth licking, so I decided to put in my best effort for her. I stood in front of the dryer she was on, and wrapped my arms around her legs, pulling my face toward her box.


She had no hair, and her clit was small and cute. I began by licking her inner thighs, moving my tongue around her pussy before diving in. She went back to her reading, playing with her nipple. I shoved my tongue deep inside her, catching the sweet taste of her insides, which had a clean scent mixed with vanilla.

I guessed that perhaps her soap or shaving cream was vanilla scented, and I liked it a lot. I explored her with my tongue as deep as it would go, then licked it from the bottom up like how a dog licks your face. I played with her clit with my tongue, making it wet and juicy with my saliva. I could barely hear her over the dryer, but she was definitely voicing "oohs" of pleasure, slipping and slouching a little more as I continued.

She was getting very wet, but wasn't coming at all. I dove in again, licking her pussy walls and not giving up until I had to gasp for air. I felt one of her hands on my scalp, playing with my hair. She dropped her book and it fell to the floor. I glanced up and saw that her eyes were closed and head was rolling around. She put both hands on my head, and pushed my face further into her. Her legs closed over my head, her thighs at my ears, making me deaf to the world.

Her body became rigid and tense, and she seemed to be shaking a lot more than what the dryer was doing for her. I lapped up as much of her juices as I could, and I tasted her orgasm as her juice began to pour out of her.

I drank it all down, and when she was finished, she opened her legs again for me to go for air. The dryer suddenly buzzed, and I said "Perfect timing." She was shaky and gasping, but got out a light laugh and a smile.

"I didn't think you could make me cum so fast," she said. "I'm the king of quickies," I said, jokingly, but I think it might just be true because of my ten-quickie record. "You sure are," she said. She hopped off the dryer and took her clothes out. I helped her fold her clothes on the table, which kept a smile on her face.

I wasn't just good at head; I was also a helpful guy. I was still very horny and every glance at her kept my dick up and ready for action. "My friend was right about you," she said as we folded her laundry. "Maybe," I said, "but I had sex with her; I didn't eat her out." "Then I would really love to fuck you some time. I like even rougher as my friend does, though. You know, I like to get some real exercise from it.

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You definitely get that blowjob raincheck, and hopefully we'll have the chance to put it other places, too." "I'd love to," I said. When we were done folding her clothes, she put on see-thru panties and a yellow net shirt, and all it did was get my dick harder, if it could get harder at all. She stuck her hand down my pants and gave my dick a squeeze, and said "We'll definitely find a place to put that." Then she left with her basket of laundry and her book, and I watched her tight ass go.

3. Manning the Torpedo I was getting some major blue balls now, and really needed a quick release. My own hand could have done the job, but I was thinking that would be a little anticlimactic. I decided to wait instead, and hold it in, no matter how antsy I was being, and refuse to use my hand.

Maybe someone would come by, and they'd let me release myself into them. Luck was in the cards today. My Chemistry Lab partner, you may remember, was my only male encounter of the previous day's quickie record. I had pounded his ass quickly and got both of us off, but I didn't have much time to stick around and talk, and I hadn't seen him since.

Within two minutes of the girl leaving, he came in the laundry room with a big basket and smiled at me broadly when he saw me. He set down his clothes near a washer and started separating his whites and colors. "Hey, baby," he said to me, "and how are you today?" He could see my solid dick in jeans. "Pretty good," I said. "That's too bad, because you were great yesterday." I laughed; it was a pretty good joke. Well I thought so anyway, at the time. "Seriously, you want me to help you with that?" he said, looking at my dick again.

"That would be really great, actually," I said. "I've got to let it loose soon." "Anything you want. What asshole let you go without getting you off?" "Eh, that blonde chick that just left, if you saw her. But it was kind of my fault." "Don't worry, hon," he said, "you were so nice to me yesterday, I'll take care of that problem in a jiffy.

Make you cum in two minutes flat. Or less. AND I swallow." "That would be absolutely awesome," I said to him. He started up his washer cycle and came over to where I was standing. He took his shirt off and crouched. He unzipped me and pulled my jeans and boxers to my ankles, and my dick nearly whacked him in the face like a spring. He jumped into it like his life depended on it, burying my dick to the balls in his mouth and down his throat.

He bobbed his head with ferocity, wrapping his tongue around my penis each time it went in his mouth. He made gargling and slurping noises and he gathered spit up really quick. I was poking his throat half the time, and the other half it was sliding down smoothly.

He made a few small belches, but never relented or slowed down. He grabbed one of my ass checks for balance, and used his other hand to tap the back of my ballsack with two fingers rapidly. His fingers then slowly worked their way along my taint until he was tapping my asshole. The slurping and sucking continued as he stuck a finger slowly into my ass, piercing my hole. I've certainly had my share of anal fun in the past, and always liked it.

I closed my eyes, and just tried to feel it. The blowjob was extremely fast and dirty, only like I'd ever expect a crackwhore to do it, the way when they know their money rides on it. His finger probed my ass, feeling better and better by the moment. He stopped bobbing his head, and just gobbled my cock down, licking my balls with his tongue out for all he could reach it.

My dick was deep in his esophagus, and now his finger was deep in my asshole. For some reason, being simultaneously in someone and having someone be in me made the head so much better, and his finger may have been a big factor that brought me to cum.

I jizzed straight down his throat, but even when I thought I was empty he kept my cock down, although he did take his finger out of my ass. He face was beet red, but he stayed exactly as he was.

When his face began to go purple, he finally ripped his mouth away, letting huge gobs of spit splash onto the floor. He inhaled loudly, then smiled and laughed, licking my dick to be sure it was absolutely as clean as could be, and even drooping and flaccid, before he stopped.

"Wow, dude," I said, "you nearly choked to death there." He kept his smile wide and said "Naw, I'm okay. Did you like it?" "It was great. I didn't realize you were so rough like that." "You learn something new everyday, dontcha?" he said, and gave my ass a little slap. He stood up and hopped up onto the dryer. As I pulled my pants up, he pulled his own pants down, and started stroking his cock, pretty solid already, with his left hand.

He sucked his middle finger on his right hand, and I had the feeling that was the finger that had been in my ass. He coughed a couple times, and I figured the oxygen was still trying to find its way back through him. "Are you all set?" I asked. "Hmm? Yeah, I'm good. Don't worry about me at all, hon. I'm actually gonna meet someone here.

He doesn't really like the foreplay stuff, so you kinda helped me out a bit. Here he comes now." A really big, even obese, biker-looking guy came in, with so much hair he'd put Chewbacca to shame. I'd seen him around campus before, but thought he'd be more of a gay-basher than a gay guy himself. I guess you do learn something new everyday.

The biker guy said "Hello, little girlie. You ready to do a grown-up thing?" With his finger in his mouth, my Chem partner looked like he was playing the part of a child. He looked up with innocent eyes and nodded, then flashed a wink at me and waved with his fingers. I left the launderette before I saw anything else. I can have sex with a guy if I am really in the mood, but watching it is something else altogether, especially with one of them not scoring very high on the attraction-o-meter.

4. Shaving, Skiing, and a Surefire Distractions I went back up to my room to grab something to eat. It was now almost 4 PM, and I realized I was freaking HUNGRY. Sometimes, Horny can wait when Hungry is around. I made myself a turkey sandwich and headed up to my room. I remembered that my roommate and his girlfriend had been asleep earlier, so I stopped and almost turned back around.

But I could hear a video game, so I figured they had to be up. I opened the door and was surprised as all hell at the situation in the room.

My roommate was sitting on the couch naked, playing a fighting game. His girlfriend had a bucket of water near her, and was on her knees, shaving his privates with a non-electric razor. He had shaving cream all over his dick and balls, and had a hard-on.

Before I could speak or leave, my roomie noticed me and said "Hey, come on in. Want to play some Dead or Alive?" Now, for some reason, I had just always assumed that my roommate was a more private person than most of the people on campus.

He liked to change clothes while wearing a towel or facing away so that I could never see his dick, just for instance. Now that he was being so open, it was a splash of cold water in my face. Of course, with anyone else, I would instantly be at ease in this scenario, so I got used to it quick, and threw away everything I thought I knew about my roommate.

I said "Sure. Give me a minute, though," and I sat down on the other side of the couch and ate my sandwich, watching the action on the screen. I thought it was kind of weird that my roomie's girlfriend would shave his privates, but not her own. Again I remembered fucking her the day before, and how she hadn't seemed all that hygienic. My roommate interrupted my thoughts, and said "You want a shave when she's done with me?

She does a great job. She'll make it look like you never had pubes in the first place." Now, I'm not gonna say I have too many hangups, because I'm a very open person, as you may have noticed. But someone else going near my balls with a sharp object? That was tough to swallow. I'd shaved my own balls a couple times, but after the first and only time I nicked myself, I put away the razor for good and only trimmed with scissors from then on. My roommate sensed my hesitation, and answering my thoughts, he said "C'mon, she's great.

Never once cut me. Ever." "Okay, I suppose so," I said, and ate the last of my sandwich. Then I said "Oh, so that's where the pubes in the couch have been coming from." "Naw, dude, I'm on a towel, see?" "It was a joke, man," I said. I think he was too busy playing the game to let it register in his brain. He paused the game and quit out of his session, and said "Pick up the controller." I grabbed the other one and we played for a while, commentating on the game as we played.

Every once in a while he would jerk around because he was getting so into the game, and every time I stole a glance at his privates, but his girlfriend was shaving him without a problem at all, going at it with the concentration of an artist. At one point she tapped him on the knee and he slouched more and spread his legs so she could even shave his taint and ass crack.

I thought it was pretty damn impressive that she was doing all this for him. And that she was going to do it for me, too. "All done," she said after a while, and she cleaned off his dick with a wet hand towel. It's true what they say, a shaved dick does look bigger. His balls were very red, but I knew that was expected from experience. She even applied aftershave, which I'm sure stung, but he seemed to be quite used to it. "Okay," she said, "you're turn." "Sure," I said, "but first let me go back and put my laundry in the dryer." "That's fine," she said, "I have to set up anyway." After we finished the current fight, I left to quickly change the laundry.

In the laundry room, the big hairy biker guy was pounding away still at my Chemistry Lab partner's ass. My partner was being choked with huge hands, and his face was turning blue. He had a wide open mouth, like he was trying to breathe, and his veins around his head were standing out.

I wasn't sure how to stop him from getting killed, but I noticed that he was cumming onto the table they were on, apparently for at least the second time. Just when he looked like he was going to pass out, the big guy let go of his throat, and he started gasping.

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The butch guy didn't slow down or anything, and just kept on slamming his ass with hard jabs. Not to be rude, I pretended not to notice and switched my laundry into a dryer. I did catch one last glance at the anal reaming before I left, and did notice that even though my lab partner's ass was now a big gaping mess, he was shaved all around, and it looked a hell of a lot more appealing than the big hairy guy that was fucking him.

Any doubts I had had about getting shaved were gone then, and I thought how much better looking my partners would think my privates were. I went back to my room, and my roommate's girlfriend had gotten fresh water in the bucket and set out a towel where I had been sitting before. My roommate had not yet put clothes on or put his towel away, and was content to stay naked on the couch. My roomie's girlfriend was happy to see me, and said, "Okay! Get your clothes off." I stripped and sat down on the couch, and she put vast amounts of shaving cream on me.

As she shaved me, my roommate and I continued to play Tekken, and tried not to concentrate on getting shaved. It got difficult to do, however, because she kept making sure I had a hard-on by stroking me. I found it more difficult to play the game with this going on, and my roommate started to kick my ass. Between rounds I glanced down to see how it was progressing, and I gotta say she was doing a great job. She was as gentle as possible, as gentle as I had fucked her the day before.

To top it all off, though, her face was exceptionally close to my dick, and I kept imagining what a blowjob from her might be like, which kept my dick up like she wanted, but also kept me from winning fights. At times, I felt her lift my balls and stretch the skin out on them to shave better, and the feeling was not an altogether unpleasant one. At one point, she tapped me on the knee, and I took that as the cue to slouch, and she lathered up my ass crack and shaved it as well.

At times, I started to wonder if my roommate knew his girlfriend had fucked me, and if he was okay with it. Since he hadn't said anything to me about it yet, I figured either he didn't know or was okay. Hell, if he hadn't been okay with it, he probably would have tried to kill me. Maybe he wasn't as traditional as I had thought, and this shaving incident certainly helped that analysis.

Eventually she finished with me, and wiped my privates clean with a wet hand towel. I decided to go for a joke, and said "So, anyone want to go skiing?" My roommate said to his girlfriend, "How bout that, babe? It'll add a new challenge to the game." I was surprised, because I didn't think my roommate would take it seriously. "Not that you need another distraction," my roommate said to me. The score was largely in his favor now. His girlfriend sat between us and grabbed his cock and then mine, and started stroking both of us gently.

She seemed to do everything gently. Almost too gently, I thought. It kept my dick up, but it really didn't get me off at all.

In fact, my roommate started to get distracted himself, and I began to make a comeback. We continued to play for a long time like this, but eventually I heard him make a noise, and his girlfriend put her head into his lap.

She put the head of his dick in her mouth, and he had an orgasm. I noticed he was totally lost in the orgasm and wasn't even pushing buttons anymore, so I kicked his ass in the game quickly and easily. I heard his girlfriend take a big gulp, and continue to lick him clean.

When the round finished, he finished cumming, and said "Hey, no fair!" I said "Just another challenge," and he laughed. He said, "Oh, yeah? Give him a challenge, babe." His roommate stood up and pulled down her pants, just barely so I could see her ass.

She went to her purse and grabbed some lube. I was amazed that my roommate was going to let me fuck his girlfriend, if that's what was really going to happen. She came back and put lots of lube on my dick, then settled down over me, using her hand to guide me dick into her back nine. My lubed up dick broke the surface rather easily for an asshole, then she sat on my lap altogether, so my dick was in her ass as far as it would go.

She just watched the game for a while, letting my dick be still inside her ass, not moving at all. Someone walking in might assume she was just sitting on my lap with her pants on fine, and there might be no penetration at all. I looked over her shoulder and continued to play the game, getting used to the feeling of my dick deep in her ass. I could tell that she wasn't so clean, and could feel her slimy shit inside her, but I actually thought it was a pretty interesting, if not altogether good, feeling.

After a few rounds of me still winning, she began to swivel her hips around, keeping my dick inside her, just getting it to explore her colon in depth. This was, once again I thought, exactly the way I had fucked her pussy the day before, as well as my Swede's pussy just earlier this day.

Her ass felt absolutely great, although it could not possibly rival my Swede's; that I knew for a fact. She continued to push around slowly, neither in pleasure nor pain, more like it was a habitual thing to do, and she just watched the game, not even talking to cheer for either one of us. It began to smell like unclean ass in the room, but I didn't mind enough for it to repulse me. Her maneuverings became a little faster, the way her body moved around, and she even started to slide up and down, so that my dick would get halfway out before she sat back down.

Though oh-so-gentle, it still felt really, really good, and before long I couldn't hold it in any longer. Right in the middle of a fight, I creamed and shot a load up her ass. I put all my effort and concentration on playing the game, even through the orgasm, and managed to beat him in that round all the same. She felt that I had cum, that my dick had pulsed inside her, and she slid my dick out, and held her hand at her asshole as she left the room to go to the bathroom.

I looked down and saw that my dick was indeed covered in shit, and now the stink was worse than before. My roommate said to me "You're a dick. You cream, and I still can't even win." I decided I had to ask the question, since it was really killing me to hear the answer from his own mouth. I asked "Are you really okay with sharing your girlfriend?" He said "Oh, yeah, I'm fine with it, don't worry.

She and I promised each other than we could fuck other people, as long as we were positive we didn't catch anything. What we have isn't as sexual as it is emotional. I mean, she's told me that out of everyone she's fucked, I'm the only one she's ever even had an orgasm with, anyway." That was a lie, and I knew it, because the day before, she had cum with me as softly as we fucked. But he went on, and said "In any case, she doesn't think of anal or hand jobs or blowjobs as real sex anyway.

She doesn't get off with anything except dick-in-the-box. Hell, she said she's never even enjoyed getting eaten out." "Then why did I even fuck her ass just now?" "Oh, she doesn't hate it, either. Just don't go hard and fast, and she's okay with it.

The way she thinks is anything except regular old sex is just something that happens. Pleasuring guys is a fact of life to her. I mean, whenever she's sitting on my lap, almost always, I've got my dick in her ass." "Wow. I never noticed that." Just then, his girlfriend walked back in the room and got on her knees again. She cleaned off my shit-soaked dick with a soapy hand towel, and I was happy she was cleaning it for me.

I was actually pretty impressed with the girl overall, her own hygiene issues excluded. I still wondered why she wasn't the cleanest herself, but I wasn't about to ask that question. We continued to play Tekken for a while longer, until I had to go and get my laundry. I dressed and went down to the launderette. My Chem Lab partner and his own sex partner were gone now, and the table they had been on had no cumstains on it. I figured they must have cleaned up nicely after themselves, and I bet it was my Lab partner that had done the cleaning.

Anyway, I brought my clothes back upstairs, and my roommate's girlfriend insisted that she fold my laundry for me while I played Tekken some more with my roommate. I wasn't about to object at all. 5. The Screaming Swede It got dark while we played, and eventually my roommate's girlfriend suggested we head down to Coffee 'n' Cream, the campus coffeeshop, to get some food. We all agreed, my roommate got dressed, and we headed on down. When we got there, I found my Swede was there, ordering her food.

I hugged her from behind, and she instantly knew who I was. She finished her order, then whispered to me "I want to have anal again with you, and this time, I don't want to hold back at all." I knew what she meant: the first time I had put my dick in her ass, and even the time I put my fingers in, she had to hold back her screams as much as possible. I think she wanted to go with it this time, and scream her brains out.

As my response, I licked her ear, and she pushed her ass against me. Eventually we all ordered and sat down together, and I introduced everyone. We had a good time, and shot the shit for a while. When we were done, my Swede decided that we had to go somewhere else, rather than return to the room.

We went our separate ways, and my Swede took me to her car. I didn't know where we were going, but I didn't care. She drove down to a large empty blacktop near the airport and parked.

"I've been waiting for this all day," she said. She turned off the car and crawled on top of me. She sat in my lapped and we kissed, hard, burying our tongues in each others' throats. My dick got hard in my jeans, and she felt it trying to escape from my pants. She unzipped my jeans and pulled them down, and saw that I was freshly shaven. She just smiled wide and put a hand on it, feeling the smooth skin. She was clearly impressed, and probably thought I had done it for her.

She let me pull down her pants, and see her beautiful pussy for only a moment. Then she turned around in the seat so she faced away from me. With my dick between her legs she slid her hips up and down do that her pussy lips slid across the top of my dick.

She turned her neck and we continued to kiss. I reached a hand over to her twat and played with her clit, and her pussy lips opened up for me as she slid along my cock.

But that's not where she wanted it. She lifted her ass into the air, and then settled her asshole right onto my dick. Her ass was tight, and didn't want to give way.

I grabbed her hips and tried to force her down onto me, and she squealed in pain. She took her hands and pushed against the ceiling of the car to help me. Finally, my dick pierced her hole, and she shouted in pleasure and pain. I had nothing but the very tip of my dick inside her, but I could feel that her ass was already throbbing, and I felt her pussy dripping onto my balls.

I shoved her deeper onto my cock, and further still, until I had my dick completely disappeared inside her. Her colon pulsed in waves, and she came, her pussy emptying itself on my balls, my legs, and the seat. She wasn't dripping or squirting so much as she was oozing. Then the screaming started. She screamed at the windshield almost so high pitched as to be painful to my ears. Her hands pushed against the dashboard to bury my dick as far as it would go into her ass, and not let it move.

There would be no way I could slide my dick out and back in, so instead I tried moving her hips around to explore her ass. When her head turned to the right I could see that she was crying to go with her screaming, but not in a painful way. It was the pure elation kind of scream one associates with roller-coaster riders, only so much louder, and, if possible, even more ecstatic than that.

I mean, roller-coaster kids can control their screams. My Swede simply could not stop screaming if she tried. The pulsing of her colon over my cock, I have to tell you again, is like no feeling my dick has ever felt before, and it is by far the best. Like a thousand tiny tongues at once, licking from top to bottom in waves. I went back to playing with her clit, but I can't imagine it added much to her ecstasy.

Now not only were her insides throbbing, but her whole body was shaking. She couldn't even stop her hands, and she had no strength left in her to maintain a hold on the dashboard. Her long pierces screams were dying down because she was running out of breath, and simply could not inhale.

Her face maintained the shape of a scream, but she went silent. Her face was red as hell, and her tears streamed down her cheeks like the pussy cum streaming down her legs. The sound that replaced her screams was a quick tapping sound, which I realized were her legs and arms shaking so much they were banging against parts of the car. Finally her pulsing innards got the best of me, and I came. I shot thick loads up her ass, and I can only say that it was perhaps the best orgasm of my life, with her colon still wrapped tightly around me, shivering around my cock.

Her orgasm, which had lasted minutes now, ever since I stuck my dick in her ass in the first place, only intensified when I creamed, when my dick pulsed as I shot my own load deep in her. When my orgasm ended, my dick had no intention of dying down.

The special way her ass throbbed over my dick kept it up and alert, as if I had never cum at all. It's like I could have cum a million times and always felt like going again. But instead, when I finished cumming, I noticed that she wasn't just red in the face, she was turning blue!

As much as I wanted to keep my dick inside her, she couldn't breathe and could have died. So I quickly lifted her up and slid my dick out from her ass. She let in huge gasping breaths, as if she had just been underwater for too long. She couldn't move at all because she simply had no strength left. I held her on my lap, and the juices oozing from her cunt slowed.

After at least five minutes of my Swede calming down enough so she could breathe normally and stop shaking, during which time my cum dribbled out of her ass onto me, she found her voice and could talk again. "I can't tell you what that was like," she said. "It was good enough that you forgot to breathe," I said.

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"No, I couldn't breathe at all. I almost fainted. I can't tell you what that was like." "I'll never know. But at least I liked it from my end. Best feeling on my dick, ever." She said she was worn out and exhausted from the assfuck, so I drove us back to the campus, while she almost fell asleep in the passenger seat. I brought her back to her dorm and put her in her bed. She fell asleep almost instantly.

I decided to go back to my dorm and head to bed too. 6. Like a Porno I woke up the next day with my balls on fire. They itched like a bastard, with some stubble arriving, and that really stopped me throughout the morning from getting any fun thoughts. I showered and cleaned myself up, but I didn't own any kind of anti-itching stuff. With that in the way, I figured I would take Sunday off to really recuperate from jizzing fourteen times in two days, and also to get some work done for classes.

Other people, however, had other plans for me. Around three PM my roommate's girlfriend came by, and she said she was "on a mission" to "scratch her itch." I knew what that meant, so I asked if they wanted me to leave. "No way," my roomie said, "you don't have to leave if you don't want to. We're cool about that. You can crank it all over her if you want, we don't care." I decided not to take his suggestion, and instead concentrate on my work.

They went to it in that slow, almost timid way his girlfriend liked. It really seemed as though, through everything I'd done with her, slow and timid was the only possible way she even knew how to have sex. I tried to ignore them, but I heard her moan every once in a while, which was her only signal that she was having an orgasm.

Heck, when I had sex with her, she came, but never even showed any external sign that she had. I knew he must have really been pleasuring her good. Even though I wasn't watching, and I was only barely hearing much that sounded like sex, I was starting to get a woody. This was partly, I am sure, because I was writing a story for my Erotic Fiction class, and the little moans that made the background noise only added to the effect.

The story I was writing, however, was all about hard and sloppy porno-like sex, not the slow and gentle stuff going on behind me. I knew I wouldn't be able to get off to watching them if I wanted to, because from my writing, I was definitely in the mood for porno sex.

But I had no one to fuck like that, and I don't like to masturbate if I don't have to, so I decided to leave to clear my head. I went down to Coffee 'n' Cream to maybe get a snack and relax for a bit.

But when I got there I was delighted to find the girl I had eaten out in the launderette the day before. She had her blonde hair in a ponytail, and her Daisy Dukes were so tight she had a cameltoe. Her top was a white t-shirt she had cut to expose her tight, curving belly. My boner had almost completely died walking to the coffee shop, and now it was showing new signs of life.

We said hello, and I put my tongue in her ear, and she giggled and pulled away instinctively. She took the tongue as a signal that I was in the mood, and she was damn right. She said "I've been waiting all day.

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Do you wanna go somewhere and just fuck my brains out?" "I want to pound you so hard your pussy bruises," I said. "Nothing I would love more," she said. "God let's just go out into the parking lot and work up a sweat." I had no problem with public sex of course, and she knew it - if not from eating her out in a launderette, then certainly from fucking her friend in a gym. We hightailed it to the parking lot, where a couple of skaterats were filming themselves bail on kickflips.

Obviously we didn't care about them, but they cared about her. I lifted her ass onto a car hood, and we started playing tonsil hockey.

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She put her hands down my jeans and squeezed my ass, pulling me closer. The guys with the camera stopped to watch, and kept the camera rolling, but kept their distance. They weren't sure yet if it was okay to get any closer. I took her shirt off to reveal her gorgeous tits, and she took my shirt off right after.

I squeezed her tits the same way she was squeezing my ass, but I also took my mouth away from hers and sucked one of her tits. She took one of her hands out from holding my ass and shoved it in the front of my pants to squeeze my dick. If my penis didn't get out soon, it was going to declare war on me. The skaters took a tentative step closer, but I was sure they were getting their own hardons. With one hand I rubbed her twat through her jean shorts.

She was getting so wet I could feel the moisture through her shorts. I took my other hand off of her breast and unbuttoned her shorts. I unzipped her shorts next, and shoved a hand down inside them and inside her panties.

I rubbed her pussy with full contact now, and teased by slipping a finger in only to the first knuckle. Her pussy oozed juice over my fingers. Meanwhile, she now unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans, and started to pull them down.

I took my hand out of her crotch and stuck it in her face. She sucked my finger, licking off her own juices. She then completely pulled down my pants and boxers, revealing my fully loaded cock. She stroked my dick for a moment, then spit on it. She then turned her whole body around on the car hood so she was lying on her back, with her head dangling off the hood, and her legs stretching over the windshield.

She opened her upside-down mouth wide for me. I shoved my dick in her face, and her tongue slid over the top side of it. She didn't close her mouth at all to suck it, but instead just hung limp for me to fuck it like it was her pussy. I fondled her tits and started pounding her face with my cock. My dick slammed the back of her throat, but I just kept pounding, forcing my way down into her throat.

The skaters had moved to a get a better angle on the action, and filmed the face-pounding. Her face made gurgling noises. Her throat started opening up for me, a little at a time. I decided now would be the best time to push my dick in down to the balls, so I said to her "Open up wide and take a deep, deep breath." She did as she was told, and I took the plunge. I pushed my cock down into her throat, but she didn't gag. I held it in for a couple seconds, then took it out again.

She took another deep breath, and I buried myself in her again. Even holding her breath, she tried to play with my dick with her tongue, shifting her tongue into different shapes, rolling along the sides of my dick. The skaters came even closer, so close now that probably abandoned the zoom feature on the camera. They were standing all of three feet away at the most, and catching everything.

I kept up face fucking her for a few more moments, but I noticed that she was rubbing her own clit, and desperately wanted to be penetrated below. I finally took my dick out of her mouth for the last time and helped her to sit up, back to normal. She slid her ass till it was almost off the hood, then leaned back. I slapped her clit with my dick, just to make this porno more genuine, then pushed my dick inside her.

She, with all the muscle control I would expect from a yoga master, tensed her twat around my dick as I entered, and loosened as I left. I backed my dick out, and slammed her hard, going balls deep. Her body slid back over the car hood, and her tits bounced. I grabbed her legs to keep her steady, and slammed away. She kept up her rhythmic muscle-tensing, making her pussy feel oddly like my Swede's asshole - although, I'll admit, this girl's pussy just wasn't quite as good. I decided to give her a little challenge, to see exactly how fast she could control her tensing.

I pounded faster and faster, but she never missed a beat. She tensed every time I went in, and let go every time I went out, no matter how fast I was going. With one hand, she continued to rub her clit, and with the other she played with her nipple.

I bent over her, and sucked the tit she wasn't playing with, while trying to keep my speed and force as I slammed her. I know I did slow down, however, because soon she put a hand up and pushed me away to get me to stop. I did, and she licked my ear and whispered "Get on the car." I sat up on the hood, which was hot on my ass, but I didn't care. She then straddled over me, cowgirl style. She sunk my dick into her, then put her hands on my chest while I leaned back and put my own hands on the hood.

Almost without any time to get acquainted with the position, she started hopping up and down on my dick, hard and fast, keeping her feet balanced on the front bumper of the car. As she pounded away, just as hard and fast as ever, while managing to keep perfect balance, also keep up her cunt muscle flexing, exactly in rhythm to her pumps. The skaters moved around behind her so they could film her bouncing ass. I was in my glory, but I was not going to let this one be a quickie.

I wanted to enjoy this for as long as she would let it go. Her tits were right in my face, and I wasn't going to let that opportunity slide. I buried my facing in her perfect bouncing jugs, licking everywhere to get them shiny in the sunlight. Her nipples were rock hard for me, but they weren't huge, just very pink, half-dollar-sized things on beautiful C cup tits. As I licked and sucked her tits, one skater pointed out to the cameraman what I was doing, so he came back around for a moment to see, then went right back to the main event.

He wanted to see that beautiful bouncing ass, and I did, too. I stopped playing with her tits, and told her to turn around. Keeping her balance on the bumper, she stood up and turned around, then sunk my dick into her snatch again and went right back to pounding me like she never stopped.

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She balanced with her hands behind her on the car hood, just like I was doing. Her ass looked like it was swallowing my dick right up. And still, with every slam onto my dick, she clamped down her pussy and gripped it like a firm handshake. The skaters weren't shy at all now, and were not even a foot away. The cameraman was up close and personal, mere inches from my balls. I bet that if I fell off the hood of the car, the camera would go right up the blonde's ass.

Or maybe mine. So I kept my balance. The blonde pounded faster and harder than she already was, which I thought just wasn't possible.

Keeping her balance, she took one hand off the car hood and played with her clit. I was only getting a view of her backside, so I couldn't see too much. But I felt a change happen around my dick.

She was starting to lose control over her muscles, and couldn't keep up with her pounding anymore. In a few moments she abandoned her muscle contractions altogether, and she started yelling uncontrollably, nearly screaming. I saw a stream come out of her pussy, squirting all over the skaters. They backed away but kept filming, even with woman juice all over the lens.

Both skaters made awed sounds and slapped each other fives. The squirting continued for a good fifteen seconds or more, all the while the girl trying to pound away. When she was finally drained, quick as a flash she got off of me and started sucking my dick furiously. Now, in true porno fashion, it was time to make me cum. I was ready to cum anyway (I had been ready for about five minutes now, but sheer will power kept me from cumming), so I just let myself go.

She knew it was about to happen, so she took my dick out of her mouth, but kept her mouth open. The first shot of jizz hit her forehead and went all in her hair. She even flinched at first, but then quickly moved in the way of the rest of the jizz, so she could get it all square in the mouth.

When I was just about out of cum, she grabbed my dick with one hand and stroked me off to get the last of it out, letting her bottom lip touch my dick.

When she was satisfied that I had no more cum in me, she turned to face the camera, showing all the cum in her mouth, then swallowed it all down, and then finally opened her mouth again to show it was empty. The skater with the camera let his hand down and said "Cut. Print." We all had a laugh and clapped and cheered.

As the blonde and I got dressed again, we talked to the skaters. I said, "So, what do you plan to do with the video?" "This is for my personal collection," the cameraman said. "No way," I said, "you'd better make a copy for me and my girl." "I want to see it on the internet," the blonde said. "You WANT it on the internet?" the cameraman said. "I was gonna put it online behind your back, but that's awesome that you want it.

You want to make this a series? I got a friend that makes webpages and we could probably make a paysite with you in it." "That would be great. I could fuck someone new every week. No offense," she said to me, "you were great, but variety is the spice of life. And also," she said to the skaters again, "I've got a couple friends that would also love to do this." "They're all hot blondes, just like her," I added. "I can see DVDs, man," the other skater said.

"Let's meet later at Coffee 'n' Cream to talk it over," the cameraman said. "Sure," the blonde said. "Don't need me, I assume," I said. "I'm going home to take a shower." I hugged the blonde and stuck my tongue in her ear.


She smiled and kissed me. "Me, too," she said, "that got me sweaty and icky." "See you guys," I said, and left them behind. I never bothered to mention that there was still a little cum on her forehead and a bit soaked into her hair, but I didn't really care. 7. A Very Happy Ending I went back to my dorm room, which was now empty of people.

I showered and then did some homework. The fast-paced porno sex was great (and a perfect touch it was that we were recorded), but now that I was relaxing, I could to go for some gentle sex. I started wishing that my roommate's girlfriend came by so she could fuck me slowly and softly, but since she had just gotten her fill from her boyfriend, that wasn't likely to happen.

I mean, just a nice, easy blowjob while I worked would do wonders. It was getting late, and I needed some food. Since none of my friends were around, I considered eating in, but my stomach and my taste buds wanted something else. Now, there is this great place in the city called the Happy Meal, which is a very good and very cheap Chinese restaurant. But in the back is a massage parlor where really cute Asian girls will give you a massage with oils, lotions, the whole works. You get undressed and everything, and for a little extra they'll give you a handjob.

Now that was exactly the perfect place to unwind, I decided. I called up a few friends of mine, and two liked the idea. The three of us met near the parking lot, then we took my car to Happy Meal. We'd all been there before, so we knew the drill. We told the waiter that we would be getting a Happy Meal (which was food and a massage), so he added the price of a massage for each of us to the check. The check and fortune cookies came after the meal, so we paid then, and then headed to the back rooms to get a massage.

My fortune cookie simply said "Luck is attracted to you," which, considering the past few days, was very accurate. All of the rooms were private, so three different women led us each into separate rooms.

My girl (Asian, obviously) was very cute in the sort of way that made her look very young, underage almost, although she was beautifully developed. She told me to strip and lay on my stomach on the table as she washed her hands and placed various oils and lotions on a tray for use.

I did as I was told and waited for her to begin. She began at the shoulders and neck, working the kinks out of my body. Her hands drifted on down my back, massaging my muscles all the way down. When she finished massaging my tailbone she stopped her descent, and skipped all the way down to my toes, where she picked up again, rubbing my feet, ankles, and legs.

When the towel blocked her progress, she lifted it up and put her hands underneath, massaging my thighs and ass. I dick got hard as she massaged, and I know she was intentionally brushing her fingers against my balls as she worked with my thighs.

She spent more time than usual there, but I could not see her to tell exactly what she was doing it for.

When she was done with that, she had me reverse so I was on my back, and of course I had a boner sticking up under the towel.

Obviously she was used to the sight, because she often gave handjobs to finish off her customers. She started up at my neck again, and massaged my chest, then diverted to my arms and hands for a little while. She lifted my hand and rubbed softly.

I watched as she brought my hand level to her face. She stuck my finger in her mouth, and sucked gently. None of the girls I'd had a massage with here had ever done that before. It was very erotic to me, and it kept my cock straight up. She sucked every finger on my hand, then began to kiss my wrist, moving all the way down my arm.

She kissed every inch of my chest, then moved to the other arm and did the same. The entire procedure was messed up completely when she decided to just remove my towel altogether and throw it aside.

With one hand, she massaged my balls, and with the other made circles around my nipple with her finger. She said to me in broken English, "You handsome man. I like you lot. Can I rub you with me?

For free." I didn't know what she was going to "rub on me for free", but I wasn't about to object, so I nodded and said "Yes" very clearly to prevent any miscommunication. She kissed my chest again and worked her way down, to my navel, then farther. When someone kisses your waist, it can be very ticklish, so I had to use all my will power to not twitch and convulse when her lips got there.

She kissed right along down to my dick, kissing the base, the length, the head, the underside, and then the balls, but she never used her tongue. She then let me go altogether and began to strip, right next to me so I didn't have to get up to watch, only turn my head. She wasn't doing it very sexily, but she was trying. She took everything off but her hairpin, with her panties coming off last, revealing a forest of black pubic hair that stopped just at her underwear line.

She got up onto the table, putting one leg over me to straddle me. She then began to grind me, rubbing her pussy lips over my member without actually penetrating. As she did so, she closed her eyes and arched her back, so her breasts were thrust out at me. She took her hairpin out, and shook her head to let it flow. Her smooth, straight black hair came down to her nipples. My dick head rubbed against her clit, which seemed to be all it took for her to get off. She made little squeaks as she played with her nipples and tossed her head around.

She licked her lips numerous times, until her hips began to shake and her clit shook against my cock very rapidly, vibrating almost. A little of her pussy juice came out and got my balls wet. When she was satisfied, she got off me slowly, then saw that she had gotten her own liquids on my sack.

She leaned over and licked my balls and sucked them, cleaning them off. I could feel her soft tongue for the first time gently lapping up her own cum. When she was done with my balls, she licked my shaft, then put my head in her mouth. She didn't bob or anything, but simply kept steady, using her tongue to massage what was in her mouth.

With one hand, she took a towel off the tray and dried my testes, then massaged them with her bare hand until I was ready to cum. She could tell when it would happen, of course, because she was trained to. So just before I came, she took her mouth away and caught my cum with the towel. She stroked my dick to make sure it was all out, then used the clean side of the towel to wipe away any last juices dripping from her vagina. Now that we were both clean and satisfied, she said we were done, and we got dressed at once.

She said "Thank you for my rocks off," which I thought was a funny way to phrase it, but I tried not to laugh and just thanked her back. When I left the place, my friends were already waiting for me out by the car, and asked why I took so long. All I told them was that she was very thorough, and made sure I got a great massage. The girl didn't do what she did for all her customers, I was sure, and I didn't want them to harass her next time they came.

We drove back to the college and hung out for a while longer before I went back to my dorm to go to bed. And that was all the sex on had for the weekend. I'll continue with my adventures in part 3. Until then, I hope you had some fun reading, and I hope you'll come back for more!