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Author's Note: The story takes place after Bedtime Story, a Cat and Jade video for Look it up, it's cute. Keywords: Ff, Oral Victorious: Corrupting Cat Part 1 by K.O.P ([email protected]) "Why are you so mean to me?" Cat asked in a small voice.

Although the sound had been barely above a whisper it sounded deafening in the lightless room. Those words were the first Cat had uttered since Jade ruined the redhead's spontaneous bedtime story video. Of course Cat had expected Jade to be mean, but she had been hoping for funny-mean, not mean-mean.

And then Jade had pretended she had an infection from pulling a fingernail off, which was being mean-mean-mean, because Jade knew how much Cat hated it when she pretended she was hurt.

As usual Jade didn't seem to care, Cat eyes used enough to the dark that she could see the other girl from before finally answering, "I'm not a nice person Cat." "You're nice to me. sometimes." Cat pointed out. "We all have moments of weakness." Jade said dismissively. For a few moments the room fell into silence. Then Cat turned over in the darkness so she was looking at the other girl lying in her bed and then said something she had wanted to say for a while, "I don't understand.

Sometimes you're so nice to me it. it, it's beautiful. You're so beautiful when you're being nice. But you won't let me film it, and when other people are around you're-" "A ganck?" Jade finished for her. "Mean." Cat corrected, quickly adding, "But it's funny. And even when it's not that's ok, because no one's nice all the time. But. you're never really nice. Not like you are with just me or Beck, and you don't let me film it and it's, it's so beautiful when you're really being nice.

So, why don't you? Why don't you let me film it, or be really nice to me? Why. why do you always have to be so mean to me?" "I told you-" Jade began. "You're not a nice person. I get that." Cat cut her friend off, "I'm not stupid. No one's nice all the time and I like it when you're mean sometimes but I don't understand why you have to pretend why you're mean all the time when you're not. I don't, I." Cat trailed off when Jade suddenly turned onto her side, the redhead gulping softly as in the darkness she stared into the eyes of the other girl.

Then Jade lent forward and gently pressed her lips to hers. She. she kissed her. Jade West kissed her! It happened again, and again, and again, Jade gently brushing her lips against Cat's until the redhead responded. It wasn't a conscious thing because Cat's head was swimming in confusing clouds which made her feel so.



Or something. She wasn't sure. All she knew was that she was kissing Jade West, the two of them continuing for quite a while before eventually Jade pulled back and then just stared at her again for a few long seconds.

Then Jade softly said, "If I was too nice to you, people would figure it out. And I'm not ready for that." "Re, ready for what?" Cat stammered. Jade just smiled and kissed Cat again. It hadn't been a lie. Jade West was not a nice person. She prided herself on that fact. But she wasn't a teen comedy movie villain, despite what the likes of Tori Vega would probably like to think. She was just a realist.

Life was not rainbows and lollipops. People were not all decent and kind. Life was hard and brutal, and people were two-faced and selfish. She didn't need to pretend like some people that things were any different, however there was one person in Jade's life who the Goth girl honestly didn't think knew the truth about the world. Cat Valentine. Just the thought of the other girls name made Jade feel something.

Something she hated herself for feeling. It didn't make any sense. Cat was the living embodiment of everything Jade hated in life, and yet Jade couldn't hate the redhead. She had tried, but the other girl was. intoxicating.

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Infectious. Addictive. They had been friends their whole lives and were closer than anyone would have guessed, but if Jade was really Cat's friend she would have smacked the other girl into reality years ago. Of course Jade couldn't literally do that as it would have been like kicking a kitten or a very small child.

However while any type of meanness had always been out of the question there was one alternative Jade had been considering pretty much throughout puberty. Now in their final year in Hollywood Arts Jade made the decision to be the true friend Cat had always deserved. It was a risk Jade had feared taking for a long time, but this could be her last chance. Jade couldn't just let Cat wander out into the world in her current condition. She would be eaten alive.

No, Jade needed to make Cat less innocent and this time she would succeed. No more movies, no more swearing, no more wild situations, no more unnecessary complicated schemes, or anything like that.

This time it was going to be real simple. Jade was going to fuck Cat. She was going to seduce her best friend, take the other girl's innocence from her so it would be ever so slightly easier for Cat to live in the real world. Jade had tried to be a lot more subtle with her seduction, but as the last couple of weeks had proven Cat just didn't get subtlety which was why Jade was now taking a far more direct approach.

This approach proved far, far more successful. Whether Cat was so stunned she was just letting Jade have her way with her or this was something the little redhead genuinely wanted this was extremely hard to tell, especially at first as Cat just let Jade do all the work. However as time went on it became clear that at the very least Cat liked this and was going with the flow as the smaller girl kissed back with increasing hunger, not only allowing Jade's tongue into her mouth but massaging it with her own.

Jade hadn't been expecting that, although she made sure Cat's tongue knew who's boss by using her own to bully it into submission and then exploring the conquered territory which was Cat's mouth. For a while Jade became lost in kissing Cat. She enjoyed kissing a lot and Cat's lips were so soft and inviting. However eventually the feeling of Cat's soft little body beneath her got to Jade and the dark haired girl began gently grinding herself down onto her best friend.

It was involuntary at first, but when Cat let out this adorable little squeak Jade started doing it intentionally, resulting in more adorable little sounds from the redhead. Following that Jade began sliding her hands over Cat's body, ignoring all the fun parts for now, but even these little touches had the other girl squirming beneath her.

That Cat still didn't pull away and protest was surprising to Jade.

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She'd figured just getting this far would be extremely difficult. She had been wrong, but she was also pretty sure she couldn't continue to push her luck. She needed to reassure Cat before this could continue any further.

So Jade broke the kiss, waited for Cat to open her eyes and look at her, then asked, "Cat, Do you trust me?" Cat nodded slowly in response.

There was a pause and then Jade gently grabbed the bottom of Cat's extremely ugly flowery pyjama top and began pulling it upwards. To the Goth's delight Cat lifted her body up slightly, making it easier for Jade to remove the incredibly ugly item of clothing.

Then, honestly a little carried away, Jade reached for Cat's pyjama bottoms. This was a step too far. "Jade." Cat squeaked, looking more nervous then Jade had ever seen her which was really saying something, "W, wait. what." "Kitty." Jade interrupted firmly with a cutesy nickname she would never dare say in public, "I like you." Cat beamed, "I like you too Jade." Smiling softly Jade lent down until her face was hovering inches away from Cat's, "No, I like-like you.

The way I liked Beck. The way boys like you. Do you understand?" Cat just stared back at Jade, the Goth unsure whether her friend was just surprised or didn't understand what she was getting at.

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Either way Jade pushed on, "That's why I'm not nice to you sometimes. I don't want anyone to know just how much I like you." Again there was no reaction from Cat. "So. if you want me to stop I'll understand. I'll even go downstairs and sleep on your couch if you want. But, I don't think that's what you want." Jade trailed off momentarily to smirk as her eyes drifted down to Cat's hard little nipples, "Maybe you don't know what you want. Maybe you've never really given it much thought. maybe I could help you with that." Once again there was no response from Cat.

Going in for the kill Jade gently stroked Cat's face and then in her most husky voice possible said, "I want you Kitty-Cat. I want to make you mine. If you don't know what that means or what I'm talking about that's ok.

I just need you to trust me for a little while, ok? Just be a little patient with me and I promise I'll make you feel really, really good." There was a long moment of silence, Jade searching her mind for what else she could say. Then Cat softly said, "You can do whatever you want to me." It was Jade's turn to be stunned into silence. She had never heard Cat sound so serious. Never. It was kind of a turn on, as was the fact that Cat had just given Jade permission to do anything to her.

With renewed focus Jade kissed Cat, the dark haired girl momentarily surprised by how easily the little redhead kissed her back from the get go however Jade quickly got over it so she could focus on shoving her tongue down Cat's throat. After a few breathless moments of kissing Jade moved her lips down to Cat's neck, gently kissing and nipping at the flesh there before moving down to Cat's surprisingly large boobs.

Jade spent a lot of time with Cat and on some level she knew the redhead had matured into having quite a full, curvy figure. However she somehow hadn't noticed just how big Cat's tits had become, Jade marvelling in this fact as she slid her lips over them before latching onto a nipple. "Jade!" Cat half squeaked, half gasped. The following sounds out of Cat's mouth were unintelligible, the redhead's mind a confused muddle as Jade's mouth did things to her.

Things which felt naughty and wrong, but oh so good. For a long time now Cat had been having these feelings that she didn't really understand. That was nothing new, Cat found there was a lot about the world she didn't understand, or didn't want to understand, and it never really bothered her. But this did.

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Cat had tried to talk to her parents, but they brushed her off. She'd wanted to ask Jade or even Tori, but she always chickened out.

That left her with the advice her brother had given her to try and find a boy who was willing to show her how to deal with these odd feelings she was having. She'd tried that, but none of her relationships had lasted long enough for her to feel brave enough to ask, and none of them had ever really made her feel anything, not like she was feeling right now with Jade's lips around her nipple.

Suddenly Cat felt Jade's tongue slide around her nipple, the weird feeling making Cat arch her back slightly off the bed and let out a loud moan. Then Cat felt Jade smiling around her nipple before sliding her tongue around her nipple again, this time in the opposite direction.

Jade did this over and over in between sucks for a few moments then finally she removed her mouth from Cat's nipple. Cat barely had time to let out a whine of displeasure before Jade's lips had travelled down one breast and up the other, Cat letting out a gasp as Jade's mouth covered her other nipple and gave it the same treatment as the first. Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth Jade went, sliding her lips all over Cat's boobs and leaving the redhead a whimpering wrecked because of it.

Jade now totally got it. She had mocked guys for their obsession with boobs, threatened them for staring at hers, and given Tori a teasing look for her eyes lingering on her inconveniently big tits.

But now Jade got it because in that moment she found herself infatuated with Cat's tits. So much so she became completely lost worshipping these heavenly soft little mountains of flesh for what had to be an hour. Then all of a sudden something snapped inside her. Maybe all of Cat's moans got to her, or maybe she was suddenly aware of just how horny she was, Jade didn't know and didn't care.

All that mattered was one moment she was just sucking on Cat's tits, the next her right hand was quickly sliding down Cat's flat little stomach to rest in between the redhead's legs. Feeling Cat's wetness through those flowery pyjamas made Jade growl and immediately shoved her hand into her best friend's pyjama bottoms. Cat let out a high-pitched gasp and shut her eyes tight as she felt Jade touching her down there. Then, almost like she could sense she was being watched, Cat fluttered her eyes open and found herself staring up into Jade's piercing blue-green eyes.

Like most of the looks Jade gave her Cat felt like it should be terrifying, and on some level it was, but mostly it made Cat feel something else entirely. However before Cat had time to give much thought Jade's fingers started sliding up and down her special place, melting Cat's mind away with such incredible sensations.

As she became lost to those sensations Cat's eyelids fluttered closed. Then she heard, "Open your eyes Cat." Jade's voice was soft but demanding, Cat quickly doing as she was told and then.


then Cat was unable to think coherently. As much as Jade had loved the feeling of rubbing Cat's pussy lips it was nothing compared to sliding her index finger into the redhead's wet little love hole.

The little cry Cat let out, the look on the innocent girl's face, the feeling of her friend's pussy clamping down on her finger so incredibly tightly, it was all beyond description. While Jade was still trying to cope with her feelings her body went into business for itself, a primal growl escaping her lips as her finger began pumping in and out of Cat's cunt.


Of course that in turn had the downside of overwhelming Jade further as for the first time in her life the Goth found herself fucking another girl. And not just any girl, but her best friend. Innocent little Cat Valentine who probably didn't even understand what was happening to her. With that thought Jade finally managed to regain control of herself. She still fucked Cat, harder than ever, but more importantly Jade had control over her own feelings again.

After all, she was no dyke. This was a favour to Cat. Take away the girl's innocence and make her a little more ready for the real world. Better still Jade was going to break Cat's heart. That would toughen the girl up. Because Jade had lied before, she didn't like-like Cat. She didn't and she never would, because Jade wasn't gay. Not even a little bit. The fact that she was feeling hotter now than she'd ever done with Beck didn't mean she was in denial about having lesbian tendencies, she was just really enjoying dominating this innocent little thing beneath her.


That was why Jade growled, "You're mine now Cat. Mine! What are you?" Those words brought Cat back from wherever she had gone, the redhead first blushing as she tried to comprehend what Jade had just said, and then crying out joyfully as she felt a second finger pushing inside her. "Tell me!" Jade pushed, "Tell me who you belong too!" "Y, oooooooh, you." Cat squeaked, "I belong to you. Mmmmmmmm ohhhhhhhh, I'm yours Jade!" "That's right." Jade said firmly, "And from now on you're going to do everything I say!" "Y, yesssssssss!

Cat moaned. "Good." Jade grinned, "Then tell me to fuck you." "JADE!" Cat exclaimed before she blushed as red as her hair, "That's, ooooohhhhhh, that's a bad word ooooooohhhhhhhh myyyyyyy gooossssshhhhh!" Cat's head spun as Jade's thumb pressed against something in between her legs and began to rub it.

It was such a tiny thing, Cat had never really noticed it before, but now her entire world seemed to revolve around the feeling of Jade's thumb rubbing that little thing and Jade's fingers moving in and out of her special area. Those touches felt so wonderful, and they were making Cat feel something she'd never felt before. It was like she was a balloon slowly being blown into, and she was getting bigger and bigger and it felt like at any moment she was just going to explode. Only it was all inside her, and she wasn't physically getting bigger, but it was just this feeling.

A burning. Cat didn't understand it, and was kind of afraid she was literally going to explode, but it kind of felt like it would be worth it. Besides, Cat trusted Jade enough not to literally let her explode into a million pieces, even if Jade was still being mean to her. "Say it!" Jade demanded for what felt like the millionth time, "Tell me to fuck you or I'll stop." Cat normally did what Jade said but there were exceptions, this time being one of them.

However when Jade started slowing down the speed of those fingers moving inside of her Cat found she didn't want this to stop. She really, really didn't want this to stop. So, again blushing as red as her hair, Cat lowered her head and whispered so softly it was barely above a squeak, "Fuck me." After that Cat was anything but quiet, Jade's fingers moving so quickly inside of her, and moving her thumb just as fast, that Cat felt completely overwhelmed by the feeling she was going to explode.

Only this time she didn't feel like a balloon, she felt like a stick of dynamite in one of those funny cartoons, and that her fuse was burning out so very quickly, and she could feel it getting closer and closer and closer to the end, and she wasn't sure what's going to happen when it reach that end but she was scared and excited at the same time and. Before she could finish her last thought the fuse ran out and Cat exploded.

She couldn't really think of a better term for it. She couldn't think at all. Cat could only scream Jade's name and writhe underneath the other girl as she had one of the best experiences of her life.

When Cat came her big brown eyes got so wide Jade felt like she lost herself in them. Her mouth also made this little 'O' shape. But Jade's main focus was Cat's already amazingly tight little cunt clamping down on her fingers so hard it felt like they would break. They didn't, and it hurt in a good way, so Jade kind of liked it, especially when she removed her fingers several moments later from a motionless Cat and found they were completely soaked in girl cum.

The sight, and the feeling, of her fingers being covered with girl cum was fascinating to Jade. Bringing those fingers closer to her face she studied them long and hard before she brought them almost all the way to her lips. Then she realised what she was doing and scolded herself. She was no lesbian. She needed to remember that. She had her suspicions about Cat though, suspicions she was determined to test. With that in mind Jade turned her attention to a now very flushed Cat who was looking up at her in wonderment.

As a wicked grin threatened to cross her face Jade reach down and pressed her cum coated fingers to Cat's lips. To Jade's delight Cat parted her lips without any further prompting, allowing Jade to slowly push her fingers into the smaller girl's mouth. Cat thought this might be a little weird, and maybe a little icky, and she wasn't sure why Jade would want her to do this, but even if she wasn't feeling dazed Cat would do almost anything for Jade. Thankfully the taste of.

down there, wasn't icky. It was yummy, Cat happily sucking Jade's fingers clean, moving her lips up and down those fingers to make sure she got every drop. Jade wasn't sure the other girl understood just how erotic this display was, or how Cat sucking on her fingers made the Goth feel, but that wasn't the important part which Jade chose to focus on, "You like that Kitten? You like the way pussy tastes?" Cat blushed but nodded her head as she continued sucking on Jade's fingers.

"I thought you would." Jade smirked, pulling her fingers from Cat's mouth before adding, "And I bet you'd like some more, wouldn't you Kitty-Cat?" Cat nodded again, this time more eagerly and with less of a blush on her face.

"Then take those pyjamas off." Jade ordered firmly. Cat gave her a quizzical look, but Jade only had to give a cold, icy stare for the smaller girl to do as she was told, Jade's eyes lingering over Cat's legs and the little treasure that was in between them.

Then Jade focused again to command, "Now, smell the front of those pyjama bottoms. Smell then! Good, now lick the crotch. Taste yourself you naughty little girl." Jade was surprised at Cat's willingness to obey her, and how arousing she found Cat burying her face in the crotch of her own pyjama bottoms which were soaking in the redhead's cum and pussy juice.

The latter was also kind of worrying but Jade was too turned on to give it much thought, choosing instead to capitalise on Cat being distracted. Jade did this by quickly tearing her pyjamas and socks off her body meaning both girls were completely naked except for Cat's socks. Holding out her own pyjama bottoms Jade very firmly called out, "Cat." Looking up from where her nose was still buried in her own pyjamas Cat spotted what Jade was holding out for her and bit her lip nervously.

Then about a second later she let go of her pyjama bottoms, grabbed Jade's and brought them up to her nose. They smelt amazing and tasted even better, Cat moaning as she slid her tongue out over the crotch of her best friend's pyjamas and tasted. Jade. Cat knew this was probably weird and wrong but she really, really liked it. It made her feel like she'd felt when Jade was kissing her, and doing those other things to her. But after a while Cat licked all the yummy juice away, and while the sweet smell lingered it was a poor substitute for the delicious flavour which Cat was already craving to taste again.

Just after that thought went through Cat's mind she heard a light cough. When she looked up to investigate Cat saw the most beautiful thing in the world, several seconds ticking by as the redhead stared at her naked best friend. Having Cat look at her like that initially knocked Jade off her game but she quickly recovered, curling her index finger in a come-hither motion, then as Cat was slowly making her way towards her Jade lowered that finger, slid it over her own pussy lips, then brought it up just in time so she could press her finger against Cat's mouth.

Cat immediately parted her lips and sucked on Jade's finger eagerly, the whole time giving the Goth a burning hungry look. Once she was pretty sure her finger was clean Jade asked huskily, "Do you want more?" Cat nodded her head softly, continuing to give Jade that infuriating look.

That was all Jade could take, the Goth girl grabbing a handful of red hair and forcefully shoving Cat's face into her cunt. Immediately Cat began lapping away at Jade's twat like her namesake with a saucer of milk, Jade letting out a series incoherent noises as she tried to regain control of herself. It wasn't supposed to be like this.

Cat wasn't supposed to be so eager. She should be nervous, hesitant, Jade having to push her verbally for hours before pushing her physically. More importantly Cat's tongue wasn't meant to feel so good sliding against her pussy lips.

It was meant to be just good enough to get her off with a little prompting and Jade fantasising about some hot guy. Instead Jade's whole world began to revolve around Cat's tongue, the dark haired girl aware of the movement of that wonderful thing and almost nothing else.

Things only got worse as Cat's tongue began exploring Jade's pussy. First the little redhead found Jade's clit, Cat experimentally flicking it with her tongue then beginning to give it long licks and even taking it into her mouth. After that Cat's tongue seemed to slip into Jade's love hole by accident, the loud cry Jade let out encouragement enough to make Cat push her tongue all the way into Jade and then begin to fuck the other girl with her tongue.

It was ridiculous. Beck had never made Jade feel this good. Never. So, either her ex-boyfriend was a lousy lover or. no! Jade wasn't gay. She was sure of that. Cat was just a ridiculously good rug muncher. Yeah, that was it. Jade had always thought Cat was gay for her and the way the redhead was burying her face into Jade's pussy was all the confirmation the Goth needed.

That it was Jade who was pushing Cat's face into her cunt was irrelevant, if the little dyke didn't want to be in between Jade's thighs she would be protesting, not eagerly eating pussy like a little lesbian slut. Mostly trying to make herself better Jade ran these thoughts as she mindlessly growled, "Mmmmmm fuck Kitty, ohhhhhhhh fuck, lick me. Lick my cunt. Lick it you little cunt lapper! Oooooooh Cat, lick me, mmmmmm oh, lick me you nasty little pussy licker. Fuck me you dirty little dyke!

Mmmmmmm fuck me with your tongue you naughty little lesbian slut! Ooooooohhhhhhh fuck me!" Cat was so lost licking Jade's special place it took a while for her to notice Jade was even speaking to her. When she did Cat was incredibly embarrassed by the dirty words, but they kind of made her feel good and she couldn't really argue. She was everything Jade said she was. Or at least she was definitely everything she understood. As Cat's mind wandered her tongue work became slower. This greatly displeased Jade, "NO, fuck me!

Fuck me you little dyke! Stop daydreaming and oooooooooohhhhhhhhh Kitty! Yes, that's it, yeeeeessssssss!

Lick me! Fuck me! Oh Kitten, ahhhhhhh Cat! Cat, Cat, Cat, oooooohhhhhhh CAT!" Refocusing on what was important Cat concentrated on thrusting her tongue in and out of Jade, pausing only to swallow the heavenly liquid which was flowing out of the other girl like a river. That juice was the most delicious thing Cat had ever tasted, and that was really saying something as Cat had a sweet tooth. She liked to stuff her bra, bag, locker and anywhere else she could think of with the yummiest candy and stuff her face with it constantly, but none of the yummy candy even compared to the sweet taste of Jade.

Cat didn't think anything could taste as good as this. Then Jade's words became completely incoherent, her fingernails dug into the back of Cat's head and she shoved Cat down into her centre so hard the little redhead could barely breathe. Jade kept her there, her face pressed against the other girl's most private of areas for a few long moments. It was during that time some sort of liquid squirted into Cat's mouth and somehow it was even yummier than what had been flowing out of Jade before.

Immediately loving the taste Cat swallowed as much as she could, but while a good amount of it went directly down her throat Jade was grinding herself against the redhead's pretty face and as a result Cat became covered in Jade's cum. Jade was very aware of this and it added to her pleasure more than it should. Of course she was more focused on the fact that she'd just cum harder in Cat's mouth than she'd ever done before, and regardless of what it might mean she wanted to keep fucking Cat throughout the night.

Which was why it had to stop. Telling Cat to stop wasn't as easy as it should have been. First Jade put it off so she could get over that powerful orgasm, then she wanted to relax and enjoy the after-shocks, then she wanted to make sure Cat's eager little tongue cleaned her cunt of every drop of cum. After that Jade opened her mouth to tell Cat to stop but the words seem to refuse to come out of her mouth.

So she used the hand which was still firmly gripping the back of Cat's head to 'encourage' the redhead to move upwards, Cat quickly getting the message and crawling up her body until they were face to face. For a terrifying moment Jade became lost in Cat's big brown eyes. Then Cat lent forward for a kiss, closing those hypnotic little eyes in the process. Feeling like she was just waking from a trance Jade turned her head so Cat only got to kiss her cheek, then she said bluntly, "Go wash your face." Cat gave this a look of disappointment which tugged at Jade's cold heart but the dark haired girl remained strong, keeping her face emotionless as Cat gathered up her pyjamas, put them back and skulked out of her room.

Jade lay where she was for a few seconds and then convinced her tired body to get up, quickly pull her pyjamas back on, return to the bed and trying get to sleep before Cat returned. She was unsuccessful with the final act, but she kept her eyes closed and tried to fake sleep as she heard Cat return to the room, quietly close the door behind her and slip into the bed.

To Jade's disgust Cat snuggled into her body, taking one of Jade's arms and gently covering herself with it as the redhead rested her head on her chest. Jade opened her mouth to protest this but before she could get a word out she heard Cat whispered, "I like-like you too Jade." A few seconds past, then Jade noticed Cat's breathing slow.

Not being cruel enough to wake Cat up Jade relaxed and allowed her exhaustion to set in. Unfortunately the last thing the Goth did before she fell asleep was looked down which meant her last thought was how cute Cat looked when she was sleeping. Thank You for reading guys and gals, please leave some comments and ideas for another story.