Mature Interracial action with a hot MILF

Mature Interracial action with a hot MILF
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The snow hadn't started yet, but the Weather Princess on the Weather Channel had promised it. Given the temperature and the feel of the night, Connie suspected the promise was going to be well-fulfilled by morning. She was hoping other promises would be equally fulfilled. Connie sat at one of the coveted window tables in the Cornelia Street Cafe. From time to time, Famous People walked by. One had even entered and was sipping a decaffeinated espresso at another table while other patrons pretended not to look at her.

Connie had no inhibitions about staring till she was sure. After that, she was more interested in watching the street, for Kimberly. As she thought about what she planned, she rubbed her tightly jean-clad thighs together. Just the memory of Kim's lush body, all naked and writhing -- The tapping on the window startled her out of her reverie. Kim grinned and waved at her. She was wearing what looked to be a fake-fur coat and her legs were stockinged.her fabulous legs.

Connie had paid her tab earlier, so she'd be ready. She scurried outside and they hugged. "Sorry to be late!" "Eight minutes? No problem." They hugged again. Even through Kim's fake fur and Connie's heavy woolen coat, Connie could feel the press of Kim's large breasts, and she thought again of those amazing, huge nipples and -- She caught herself and pulled back from the memory before she stared oozing right here in the middle of Greenwich Village.

"Well, I like to come on time." "And often." "I can't believe we just said those things." "You'll be pun-ished for it," Connie assured her. "There's a woman inside staring at us." Connie turned. "Don't mind her. She's staring at you." "That looks like -- " "It is. Let's go get some nasties!" She slipped her arm through Kim's and they walked up Cornelia, bumping hips even more often than was necessary because of the disparity of their strides.

They were delayed a bit at the corner. Traffic on West Fourth Street was frantic, desperate drivers taking stupid chances on the slippery pavement in order to flee all the more quickly the growing snowfall in the city. When the traffic had finally stopped -- thirty seconds after the light turned red -- the pair hurried across to the pink-painted bricks of the building housing the Pink Pussycat.

Connie sensed the hesitation in Kim. "Feel like everyone is watching you?" "Sort of." "They are -- because they want you. But none of them know you, so -- un-fuck 'em!" Kim giggled and let herself be led down the short flight of steps into the sex-toy emporium. Connie closed the door behind them as Kim surveyed the store from the inside. She'd passed it often enough, but had never worked up the nerve to enter.

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She looked to her right. Next to the entrance was a big, locked display case filled with dildoes, in more variety and flavors than she'd ever imagined possible. Her jaw dropped and gaped at little bitty three-inch dildoes shaped like dog dicks or fingers; double-ended dildoes and dildoes shaped like a U, with a head on each leg of the U; dildoes shaped like nothing in nature; dildoes shaped like fists or upthrust hands -- somefrighteningly close to life-sized, and cock-shaped dildoes.

The last group came in sizes ranging from normal to interesting to tempting to intriguing to gigantic to Run Away - It's Heading Toward Us!

She turned to make a remark to Connie -- and found herself alone! Kim frantically scanned the few customers at the counters and spotted her diminutive teacher-cum-lover. She hurried.

Connie was examining the vibrators under the glass of the counter when Kim clutched her arm. "Don't leave me alone like that!" Kim hissed. "Sorry -- look at that one!" "Huh?" Connie tapped the glass with one perfectly manicured finger. Kim stared. It looked like a standard kit -- a hand-held vibrator with various attachments.

But when she looked closer, she realized two of the attachments were not the usual. One looked like a miniature feather duster, with about two inches of fragile-looking fronds protruding.

The other unusual attachment was an inch-thick, two inch-long bit of stiff, pink rubber that curved sharply up at the business end and was capped by knob that look about an inch-and-a-half thick. "Can I show you anything?" The young woman was a punker, dressed completely in black and with the de rigeur spiked hair. She also had an un-punk face that was lovely, large gray eyes and the loveliest complexion either of the women had ever seen.

Connie noted a ripe young body within the black sweater and pants. "This one," she said, tapping the glass. As the clerk took it out, Connie added, "I'd like to hear it.

I hate the sound these things make." The clerk stood and put the display box on the glass. "I know," she agreed, opening the box and handing the machine to Connie. "Beastly racket. Really ruins the mood. Let me plug it in for you." She bent at the waist, then straightened and grinned.

"Give it a buzz." Kim giggled as Connie switched it on. The sound was barely audible. Connie smiled. "It's become very popular," the clerk explained. "It's well-made and produces very little noise.itself, if you know what I mean." She'd added the last to Kim, who promptly blushed, then relaxed and giggled again. "Even with the attachments in place -- " The clerk popped the standard rounded hard-plastic cap on the vibrating metal rod.


"Touch it to the glass." The sound was less than either customer expected. Connie put it against her palm and pressed. No rattling within the machine, either. "It's $89.95," the clerk said, "but the price will probably come down in a few months -- " "I'll take this," Connie announced.

A third customer wandered over. "Is it noisy?" asked a cultured, utterly feminine voice. The clerk and her original two customers looked at her.

The woman exuded sensuality. Tall for a Japanese woman, with thick black hair that cascaded to the shoulders of her well-tailored coat, she had a beautiful face, soft, full lips and a somehow innocent curiosity in her large, dark eyes that couldn't cancel the effect of her ripe body. When she realized all three were looking at here, she hastily apologized: "I am so sorry to intrude." To the clerk: "When you have a moment, please?" "No intrusion," Connie said quickly. "Here, see for yourself!" She put the machine in the woman's gloved hand.

The Japanese woman switched the machine on and her eyes widened at the low volume of noise. Holding the vibrating knob against her hand, she looked at the box and the other implements.

"May I?" "Please," Connie said, stepping back. The woman turned off the machine and replaced the knob with the feather duster. When she flipped the switch this time, she held the little fronds against her cheek and her eyes half-closed. "I'll take it!" she said quickly, flipping off the machine. "I'll be with you in a moment," the clerk said. "Will there be anything else?" she asked Connie and Kim.

"Go ahead and ring her up," Connie said. "We're not done yet." "I think someone is planning a party," the clerk whispered and smiled as she motioned to the elegant Japanese woman. As Connie led Kim back toward the front of the store -- and the dildoes -- Kim whispered, "More?


Are you kidding? Half of that kit will wipe out my playtime budget -- " "That's for me," Connie said. "So are two of the next four things I plan to buy." The clerk was at their side a moment later.

"Guess she's planning a party, too." She nodded toward the Japanese woman, who was examining a collection of oils and lubricants.

"Found anything you like?" Connie pointed. "That one -- " A U-shaped dildo crowned with a pair of only slightly-larger-than-lifesize knobs. "-- that one -- " A funny little thing that Kim only slowly recognized as a butt-plug. " -- and that one." "This one?" The clerk was reaching into the case and indicating a twelve-inch double-ended dildo. "No -- *that* one." Kim again gaped. Connie was buying what looked like a twenty-inch long double-header.and the clerk could barely close her fingers about its girth.

"And a pair of Joni's Butterflys," Connie said. As the clerk went behind the counter to finish gathering and start totaling the purchases, Kim whispered urgently, "Did you see the size of that thing? I hope you don't think I -- " Connie turned Kim face to hers and kissed her, full and heavy, on the mouth -- silencing her.

"Trust me." "But -- which two am I paying for?" "The butt plug and a Joni's Butterfly. We'll put it all on my Amex; double-warranty that way." Connie snickered as she imagined herself calling American Express: "Yes, the FuckForever vibrating kit I bought was guaranteed for a year of trouble-free use and just eight months later, the damned thing burned out." At the register, the clerk finished adding up the damage: "That'll be.$245.92. Cash or charge?" Connie passed her that Little Green Card.

As she wrote up the charge slip, the clerk said, "Oh, since you bought more than two hundred worth, you have a choice of twelve free batteries or a tube of our special fruit-scented orgy lube." The Japanese woman had wandered close. "Excuse me. Take thebatteries. The lubricant smells awful and tastes worse." They looked at the clerk. "Tastes like shit," she agreed. "Dogs run screaming when they smell it." Connie signed her invoice while asking, "Do you come here often?" "Until a year ago, never.

But since my gentleman friend left me. almost every month." Connie passed back the slip and gave the Japanese woman a long look. "Did he go blind or stupid?" The woman smiled charmingly. "He could not remain sanguine in the face of my sapphic infidelities." Connie blinked and then it registered. "Ahhh, well, I'm very sorry. I'm Connie and I am pleased to have met you." "Emily." She shook Connie's hand, then turned to Kim. "This is Kim." "A delight." She held Kim's hand a moment longer than necessary.

"Perhaps we will meet again, here." "That'd be nice," Kim stammered.

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Connie accepted their bagged purchase from the clerk and they left. Outside, in the now-blowing snow, Connie said, "I think she'd like to join us." "I -- I think I might have liked that, too -- but not tonight. Not now." She took a deep breath. exhaling billows of steam in the chill night. "Well, I'm parked in the garage up Sixth." She led Connie, for change.

As they waited to cross Sixth Avenue, Kim finally said, "Would you be mad if I said I wish we could've gotten her name?" "Furious." Connie held a piece of white tag board in front of Kim's face. It was a business card. Emily's name, address and office and home phone numbers were on it. "She slipped it in my pocket while she was giving you goosebumps." "She's an lawyer?" "So we have to call her.

Didn't your mother always want to see you get involved with a doctor or lawyer? Light's changed." Connie strode out onto Sixth Avenue, leaving a stunned Kimberly rooted in drifting snow behind her.

Kim barely caught up before the light changed. She scooped snow from the nearest car -- which was parked at a fire hydrant -- and delivered said snow to the back of Connie's neck. They shrieked and giggled and raced to the garage.* * * "Let's see, this goes here -- I think." Kim watched as Connie tried to decipher the straps for the Joni's Butterfly. It was an absurdly flesh-colored triangle of latex, with raised nubbins on the little vertical ridge meant to fit into the labia.

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It was held in place by elastic red-and-black straps that some fool had probably thought were sexy. One strap went around each thigh at garter height, the other went around the waist.

"I think that's it." Connie lifted the small, black plastic control set. "Feels funny." She popped open the case and inserted a pair of double-A batteries. She snapped the case shut and thumbed the slide switch slightly, until a low buzz was audible -- and visible. "Oooooooh, jeeeeez." Connie sat, abruptly, on the bed, her eyes out of focus and her nipples hard.

Except for the Butterfly, she was as naked as Kim, a state they had reached, with much giggling and caressing and surprising speed, very shortly after closing the door behind them. Now she was starting to moan as an orgasm gathered in Connie's flat belly.

She saw Kim's huge, broad nipples hardening, till it looked as if the entire ends of her large, firm breasts were covered with some sort of enormous swellings. Connie's hips were moving almost against her will as Kim reached over and took the little black control box from Connie's lax fingers. "What -- " Connie started to ask, and then Kim thumbed the control up higher. The buzzing sound grew louder.

So did Connie. "AUUUGGGHHH!" She dropped both hands over the latex and crammed it against her cunt as she fell back, writhing, on the bed, her legs bent over the edge and her belly rippling as the orgasm tore through her.

Kim leaned over and lightly tongued Connie's ferociously swollen left nipple, then the right one. and finally lowered the rheostat control to its lightest setting -- without turning it off.

"You gotta try this," Connie gasped when her orgasms had subsided sufficiently to allow speech. Kim nodded and dropped the control box to the bed beside her still spasming lover. She stood, young, voluptuous and burning with lust, and began fixing her Butterfly in place. Connie simultaneously loaded a pair of double-A batteries into the control box for Kim's device. Connie's hands were trembling.

As soon as Kim had snapped the last garter into place, Connie thumbed the slide control and watched Kim's face go slack with pleasure. She reached up to her and guided Kim down onto her while Kim groped for and found the control for Connie's Butterfly.

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They pushed the controls up at the same time as they kissed. Instantly, each locked the other in a rib-bruising embrace as the little latex nubbins began vibrating on their engorged clits and sopping pussies, sending both into paroxysms of pleasure.

As they writhed together, Kim gradually used her greater size and strength to spread Connie's arms and legs on the bed beneath her. Her tits hung right over Connie's face, a happy situation of which Connie quickly took full advantage. She mouthed Kim's gorgeous nipples, trying and failing to get a liplock on them, then lightly clamping her teeth on the turgid, over-sized teats.

She worried one, then the other, then rapidly turned her head from side to side, the faster to work her young lover high and farther into orgasm. Kim simultaneously ground her pelvis down at Connie till their Butterflys were pressed against each other.

Kim used her shins to hold Connie's ankles against the bed and fucked at her hungrily, grinding Connie's -- and her own -- Butterflys into their cunts and clits. "C'mon, you slut!" Kim hissed.

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"Cum for me! Cum!" The words suddenly pushed Connie over the edge. She arched up at the larger woman, her cunt contracting hungrily and the dual vibrators hummed and buzzed her into a mammoth orgasm.

Feeling Connie's explosion triggered Kim's. She arched her head back and wailed, loud and long, grinding down with her buzzing cunt against Connie's shaking crotch. Kim shuddered violently and fell off Connie, rolling onto the bed.

She was still twitching and shivering when Connie found and lowered the controls on both their vibrator. Connie recovered first. She stood on unsteady knees and wobbled to the bag containing their other purchases. She bounced off the door jamb on her way out of the bedroom. Kim gradually came down from her sex-stoned high.

She had wanted Connie so desperately that she would have had a series of huge orgasms in any event; the devices had merely triggered the explosions. Yet, for all her cumming, she still craved Connie -- and more!

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Slowly, Kim became aware of the sound of running water. Shower? No, it was the kitchen. She tried to call out a question to Connie, but found her throat wasn't working quite right at the moment. Then the water stopped and a few seconds later, Connie returned -- carrying the butt plug, the U-shaped dildo with the knobs and the enormous, 20-inch long double-dong.

"I'd forgotten how much it turns me on to the pushed around a little in bed -- and how juicy I get when my lover talks dirty!" She dropped the toys on the bed beside Kim. "Now, get your K-Y out, honey, because I'm really feeling slutty, now!"