Meaty pussy lips pissing in slow motion

Meaty pussy lips pissing in slow motion
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I want to tell you about my sister. She has always been a bit of a tease and has flirted with me quite a bit just latley.


Her name is Jo and she is three years younger than me. She is 16 years old and blonde with shoulder length hair and she has a lovely curvy figure and big tits. She looked fantastic.

One day i was in my bedroom and Shyla called me into her room to help her with a poster she was putting up. I put it up for her and we both sat down on her bed to look at it. It looked good and we began chatting. I had always got on well with Shyla but i never thought of her in a sexual way before until recently when she started flirting with me. We spoke for a while and i thought she looked sexy, she was wearing a white crop top without a bra and she had black jogging bottoms on which made her arse look big and round.

As we sat next to each other she leaned across me to get her diary out of her draw. Her tits rubbed against my arm and i got a hard on. I think she noticed that i was aroused as i got straight up and left the room. I went downstairs and she followed me i looked behind me and as she ran down i could see her tits bouncing around.

The next evening our parents had gone out for the evening leaving Shyla and i alone. We were watching a video downstairs and Shyla was lying on her belly on the sofa.

I sat on the arm chair watching her. She had noticed i was watching and she began moving her bum. She had a blue short dress on and i could see her white knickers as she wriggled her juicy arse. I watched her clenching her arse cheeks together as she thrusted up and down. It looked like she was shagging an imaginary person and i wished i was underneath her. My cock was hard and i tried to hide it because i was only wearing a pir of shorts.

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She looked at me and i thought she was giving me a sign to go over to her by the way she moved her butt. I went over to the sofa and without thinking about what was happening i layed down on top of her. She was still bucking her hips and my hard cock pressed against her arse cheeks. We stayed like that for a few minutes and as i lifted myself up she turned to face me. Without saying a word she parted her legs and i noticed her white knickers were wet.

I layed back ontop of her and she bucked her hips. I could feel my cock rubbing her wet cunt through her knickers. I felt like i was going to cum in my shorts as we simulated sex on the sofa. She put her arms around my arse and grabbed me and began to grind her hips against my cock.

I was going to cum and i started to pump her. My cock was rubbing her wet knickers through my shorts then i couldnt hold back any longer and i shot my load inside my shorts. I layed there for a moment as she continued to buck her hips against me then i got off her and went to change my shorts.

I changed into some jogging bottoms and went back downstairs and sat on the armchair.


Shyla was sitting on the sofa with her dress just above her thigh and i could see her damp patch on her knickers. She looked at me and still not saying a word she went upstairs. I dont think she had realised what happened she never meant for it to happen she was just turned on like me and we shouldnt have let the flirting go any further.

I waited for a while then i went upstairs to see if she was alright. I opened her bedroom door and she was lying on the bed.

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I noticed her legs slightly apart and she still had her knickers on. She told me to sit down and i sat on the end of her bed. She then started to move her hands down to her knickers and she began to rub her cunt. I knew she wanted more so i put my hands on her cunt and began to rub her cunt with my finger. She put her hands behind her back and she let me contiune rubbing her minge through her knickers.

I moved my head towards her cunt and put my tounge there. I sucked her cunt through her knickers at first then i parted them and began to lick her soaking cunt. She sighed as i fingered her and tounged her.

She tasted so good and i thought about fucking her so i moved my head up lifted her dress up and began kissing her belly. I worked my mouth up towards her big tits and she helped and lifted her dress up over them. I sucked her hard nipples and kissed them.

Her tits were big and they were very bouncy and i rubbed them as i kissed them all over. I began to kiss her on the neck and then she reached down and put her hand down my jogging bottoms. She took my hard cock in her hand and began to wank it slowly at first then she began to get faster. I pumped her hand as she held me tight and the pre cum dripped over her hand.

She then asked if i could take off my jogging bottoms and i did.

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I took of my shirt and she began to kiss my chest. I laid on my back and she worked her kisses down towards my belly and then she began to nibble my thigh.

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I put my hands on her head and guided her to my cock and she put her warm lips around it. She gave me a really good blow job just like an expert. She sucked my balls then flicked her tongue over the tip of my wet cock. I fucked her sweet mouth then she pulled my cock out and told me she wanted it up her.

I told her to get on top of me. She lowered her self onto me and i could feel my hard cock slipping slowly up her wet hairy pussy. I thruster my hips and she bounced up and down on my cock. She was panting and out of breath as she jumped up and down on me.

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She began to make really loud noises and i thought she was going to wake up the neighbors. I grabbed her hips to control her movements. Her tits bounced up and down and i started to kiss them. We continued to fuck in that position for a while and i asked her to go on all fours. She did and she looked good as she stuck her big arse up in the air. I grabbed my cock and rubbed her arse hole with it then i moved it down and entered her dirty minge. I fucked her hard slamming my tight balls against her.

She was panting hard making noisy sighs every time a pumped her pussy. I am not sure if she reached an orgasm or not but she screamed loud and i pulled out my cock and gave it a couple of pumps with my hand a shot my spunk all over her back. I rubbed some of my cum over her arse hole and used my finger to rub it into her tight butt hole.

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She said she liked her arse hole fingered and i continued to finger it for a while. I loved the way she looked with her arse sticking up and i kissed and playfully bit her bum cheeks. She began laughing and we layed on the bed together and began to chat like we had done nothing wrong. We were both completly naked as we layed there and i turned to look at he.

She looked back at me and i noticed her lovely tubby face and blonde hair and she looked such a sexy women. I moved my lips towards her and we began to kiss passionatly. My tounge darted in and out of her mouth as we kissed like we were lovers. Then we heard someone at the door, it was our parents so i rushed back into my room. The next morning Shyla had said nothing to me about that evening and we just carried on like normal brother and sister.

a Week past and my parents were going shopping and Shyla normaly went with them. She told them she didnt want to go and they went without her. Shyla then looked at me and blew me a kiss. I blew one back and she went upsatirs. I followed and went into her room and she sat on the bed. I sat beside her and she lifted up her little yellow shirt to reveal her large white tits.

Straight away i began to rub and kiss them then she layed on the bed and told me to take her again. I jumped at the chance and began to kiss her breasts. We fucked until our parents came back and now whenever we get the chance we have sex.

To ease our guilty feelings when we finish having sex we dont say anything to each other or talk about what happened we just have fun then carry on as if nothing has ever happened. We went on holiday with our parents and we got alot of chances to be alone together and it was really good but thats another story.