Humping my pillow its my favorite needed one more

Humping my pillow its my favorite needed one more
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Janis struggled against the ropes that tied her arms high above her head. but it was a mock struggle. More meant to arouse and tease than any ideas of escaping. Her Master walked around, searching in the closet for the perfect outfit for her to wear.

"The Dun Bare Bar, is slavery supported.


Sexual slavery of cource, but most of the girls who serve there are unwilling. So. You won't talk to them, and you won't feel pity for them." He picked up a short black mini and a see through white shirt for her to wear and went about untieing her. "But Master, how do they keep the girls there unwillingly?" She asked as she began to get dressed. Underwear wasn't allowed and the skirt showed a bit of her pussy, and a bit more of her ass. "The girls are sold there. Or lent to them by their Master's.

The owner of the bar bribes the police men to leave them alone. In return none of the girls are harmed harmed. Hurt, sure, but never harmed." He looked her over critcally and then atached a long metal chain to her collar and led her from the room. Several of His friends waited downstairs and gave Janis a few good natured slaps on the ass as they left. The bar was very dark and looked to be mostly boarded up. Janis sighed, preparing for a boring evening where the men would get drunk and she would watch.

Her job would most likely be to drive them all home.

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Entering the bar was a bit hard. The front door was boarded up and locked tight, so they went around back. Janis keeping a watch out for police, sure that five men and a woman walking around an abadoned building would create a problem, but she saw no one. Around back her eyes widdened to see cars lining every possible street spot available. The back door was open and lights and laughter poured out. Janis shivered when she heard the scream. Her Master tugged on her chain leading her into the building then had her drop to her knees and crawl behind him.

She blushed for a few moments but did as he said, to her surprise she wasn't the only girl crawling behind men. All around, at least as far as her eyes could see, woman were forced to kneel or such at mens feet. The only woman she saw who were not kneeling were woman who clearly were tops. Wearing leather and holding whips, most of them had female slaves.

Though she knew there were male slaves, she saw none. Across the room was a stage were a man had a woman tied up and was whipping her with a cat o nine tails to the other men's delight.

But in reality most of the men didn't even look at the show on the stage. Janis was amazed at the amount of people and slaves in the bar. Tonight would be interesting after all. Janis's Master had her kneel over a special stool in the room.

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It had her on her stomach but supported like she was on her hands and knees. Her ass in the air and her head down low. She remembered what he said about Master's leanding the bars the girls and shivered. She prayed he didn't have that in mind. Her Master sat on a bar stool next to her and ofter reached down to pet and stroke her as he drank and talked with his buddies.

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Janis used this time to look around the bar, glancing at the serving girls. None of them seemed unwilling, but it was obvious they had a lot of training.

They wore nothing at all except a thick leather collar around their neck. They crawled to the tables and took the men's orders then brought them to the bar. They had saddles on their backs, but instead of riding saddles, there were platters on their backs. The attendants then placed the table's orders on the girls back and she crawled back to the table.

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The men would then take the drinks from the platter and sometimes drop tips on it. The attendants took the tips from the platter and sent the girls off again. Janis wondered if any of these girls had come here unwillingly and if so, what made them behave so well now. Suddenly a large man came over and shook hands with her Master. At first she didn't hear what he was saying because she was too busy looking at him as descreatly as she could. He was tall, even taller than her Master with black hair and dark eyes.

She couldn't tell if they were brown or black because she was scared to look up to much. If she was caught looking at a Man in the face she would regret it for a long time.

Suddenly his words slammed themselves into her head and she was listening, very very closely. "Are you sure you don't want to let her spend a few days here, I am sure she'd do well. She's such a pretty little slave." The man's voice was soft and light, but she heard the steel beneath his voice.

Without being able to control it she began to tremble slightly in fear. There was no way she wanted to stay here, she hoped her Master wouldn't do that to her.

She almost fainted in relief when she heard him say no, he wanted to keep her for himself. Suddenly he was helping her to stand up and pushed her down so she was bent over the bar. Her face turned red but her pussy got wet as the other man gripped her wrists and held her tight. Her Master pulled his cock out of his pants and teased her pussy with it, getting it wet with her juises.

She peeked around and noticed that a good portion of the bar was wattching. Her Master noticed her looking and grabbed her hair. Pulling her head back roughly he whispered in her ear. "All these men want to fuck you, and some of the woman too.

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They all want to be me, so the least I can do is give you a good session for them." With his words her heart beat faster and harder, but her pussy got even wetter, and he knew it. His small laugh invaded her ears when her pussy dripped even more onto his cock.


She needed his cock in her pussy and she begged him in whispers to take her pussy. To fuck her hard, to make her scream. He took his time however and and slowly slid the head of his cock into her pussy then pulled it away. Suddenly he pushed his cock into her deeply, but it was her ass he invaded, not her pussy. Her small cry was quickly containted behind tightly shut lips, but the pain and pleasure that mixed in her was not as easliy contained. She pushed back against his cock slightly and sighed as she felt his balls slap against her clit.

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His hands were in her hair and the other at her hip, he used both of his grips to pull her hard onto his cock. The other people in the bar were making noises of approval and the other girls were ignoring her. They had seen it all before and they had their duties. She kept screaming in her head and moaning in her throat, her lips closed tight.

The man who held her arms tight against the bars stroked her hair and face and watched the expression fly across her face. Her eyes were bright with pleasure and slight pain and she thrust back against her Master. The bartended came over and with a small hose poured water over her head and down her breasts.

The white shirt clung to her tits making her nipples stand up against it. The dark color of her nipples made it so she could see everything about her nipples. Suddenly she cried out as her Master slapped her ass hard, again and again. The pain of it grew as her ass was wet and the sting lasted.

It was his hand that he used, but then she felt the other sting. One of the other men's belt was slapping against her thighs and down her calfs. The pain was overpowering the pleasure just slightly. He pulled his cock from her ass and turned her around, pushing her to her knees and stuck his cock in her mouth.

She sucked it deep into her mouth and licked at him, sucking hard, enjoying the way he fucked her mouth. His hands held her head as he thrust his cock in and out of her mouth over and over again.

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John, one of the men who came with them, and one of her Sir's came up behind her. He slid his cock into her already stretched ass. Slamming into her hard as she sucked her Master. Suddenly she felt herself cumming because her Master came in her mouth.

Shooting his hot cum into her mouth and down her throat. He was fucking her face so hard and fast that none of it had time to get away, but simply flowed down her throat. John fucked her ass harder to see her Master cum, it turned him on to see her being used in front of people. It turned him on to use her in front of people. He pulled out and came on her ass then sat on a stool and rested.

Her Master sat on a stool and ordered a drink leaving her on her hands and knees near his feet.

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She sat there and looked around carefully. Though several men still watched her most had gone back to thier own girls and drinks. One the stage the girl was screaming as the paddle came down on her ass over and over again. She was barely red and Janis wondered if she was new, or mearly pretending. Either way she hoped her Master came back to this place often, she liked it here, so long as it was with her Master.