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ShesNew Adorable Amateur Wants To Be A Pornstar
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WARNING - Read the Themes. Do not read unless you are happy to read about these things This starts slow, don't expect any 'sex' for some time _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ - - - This a rough read, do not proceed if you do not want to read about death, abuse and enslavement. This is written down for those that want to read about these things, not to be criticised for any moral reasons.

If you are happy to admit that you are indeed a sick fuck, feel free to read on - - - _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ Friday 14th May 1971 02:14 am What would you do if you'd just been kicked out of your house at age eighteen with $500, a car and a gun?

That's the situation I'm in. Yeah, it sucks. Driving on the empty freeway at 2:00 AM, thoughts racing through my head. I only pulled over to dig up my diary and start writing, I don't even know why I am. I guess it'll calm me down. My parents have finally cracked. Shit went down tonight. Dad yelling at me and mom, throwing stuff and threatening us. Finally he packed a bag and stormed off in the Ford. Mom starts on the crack, and I tell her to cut that shit out. A one hour argument ensues, ending in a brawl that she started.

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Finally I snapped, and barricaded myself in my room. As I threw together a couple of bags of clothes, I could hear bottles breaking against my door, and sobs coming from the hall. Oh sure, she's upset now, but for the seven hundredth time and still no fucking change. I debated over taking my gun for a long time. It could encourage me to resort to crime. But eventually I decided just to go for it. If anything, just for safety. The last thing I grabbed was my keys. I worked weeks for this Chevelle, no way I'm leaving it to my cracked up mother.

She'd have it totaled in a week. It's the last car we've got?

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She can walk, it'll do her some fucking good. I climbed out the window and took the leap down into the front yard. She heard me, and soon came staggering out the door, but I was in the car and pulling away by then. The last I heard from her, and the last I think I will ever hear from her, was a slurred curse and one last bottle smash. Good riddance. I took to the freeway, and headed into downtown LA. I still have no clue where I'm going after tonight.

But I stole mom's stash before leaving, and I know I'll need money. I've got to go and sell some drugs. I stole dad's stash too, or what he left of it. But I don't even know what some of this shit is. Best to leave it for now. I know a few guys who'll buy from me.

Then I'll sort out what the fuck I'm doing. _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ Friday 14th May 1971 02:57 am The drugs are sold. My $500 is up to $700. Not a bad haul, for dealing at eighteen.

Now I've got to work out where the hell I'm gonna go. _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ Friday 14th May 1971 04:05 am I've been driving for some time now. Need a quick break. After thinking things over for a while, I decided to take the interstate.

I'm cruising down empty lanes in the direction of Arizona. No idea really what I'm doing or where I'll end up. I was right about the gun though. I've driven past a few parked trailers on the side of the road. And every time, I wonder how easy it would be to slash their tires and rob them. Of course, there is the danger of the occupants being armed.

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But I've been in some tight spots before. I trust my instincts. Maybe if I see the perfect chance. ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ Friday 14th May 1971 06:59 am Fucking hell, what a night.

After continuing on the interstate for a few miles after that break, I came across the 'perfect chance'. It was the car that stopped me. I saw another trailer in the distance, and slowed down to look carefully as I passed it.

Upon drawing level, the car came into view. It was a Chevelle. A different model, but a Chevvy nonetheless. At this point, I knew I could do something here.

I know the Chevelle fucking well. I know I can jack that car. Heck, I've had to do it a few times for my own. I drove a couple of hundred metres past it, and cut off the engine when my tires hit the dirt. After getting a few things together, I climbed out and locked up. The walk back to the trailer was nerve racking. Anxiety filled me. What if I woke the inhabitants up when I drove past? And they heard me stop? What then? Would they be armed and ready, watching me even now as I walked towards their little campsite?

It was quaint. The fire had burnt low, embers smoldering at the bottom of the pit. Faded camp furniture sat in a circle around it. The awning was set up, and an empty cooler was leant against the wheel. I tried to use this to judge what I was dealing with here. But it didn't give away much. This could be a group of lads out for a night of drinking, or a family on their way to Texas.

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No way of knowing at all. I had to find out though. Carefully, I crept up to the window of the car and peered inside. Nothing, it was empty. Breathing a sigh of relief, I continued to the trailer. The windows were mostly covered, but through small gaps I could just about make out the interior.

Inside I could see three people outlined in the beds. In the double was a man and woman, obviously husband and wife. And in the single at the other end of the trailer was a girl, probably their daughter. Other thoughts began entering my mind at this point. But I pushed them away. I had to keep to the plan.

Finally I checked for any signs of weapons. There was nothing visible. Slowly, I backed away from the window of the trailer and headed to the driver's door of the car. After kneeling down and retrieving the necessary tools from my rucksack, I got to work. It took a couple of minutes, but eventually I got the door open quietly. I'd been ready to sprint back to my car at any point, and it was a relief to relax and take a seat in the family's Chevelle.

The interior was much less well kept. Evidently they didn't care to maintain theirs, the idiots. Maybe I'll sort it out. It was quicker to get the thing going. After a few long moments, I had it ready. There was no turning back after that point, though. Once the engine started, they woke up for sure. I braced myself. Then fired up the engine. It was a beautiful sound, but there was no time to admire it.

In seconds, I'd shifted and was pulling away into the dirt. My plan was simple. It was a moonlit night, and I could see a small mesa roughly four hundred yards from the road on the right. Due to the way the interstate is curved at that point, there's no way to see behind that rock from the road. Perfect place to roll a trailer. It was lucky the ground was mostly flat. I didn't want any issues too early. Still, it was a bumpy ride. The car bounced all over the place, and I had difficulty steering us towards the mesa.

But soon the car rounded it, and I took action. After spotting a low ledge, and giving the wheel a few sharp tugs, I spun the car round and sent the trailer crashing down into the rock strewn ground.

There was a shearing noise as the metal tether that held the two vehicles together shattered, then a resounding crash when the collision with the ground occurred. The car continued its turn, and I steered out of the skid to come to a standstill facing the overturned trailer. I cut the engine instantly, and withdrew my gun. Climbing out of the car, I kept my eyes trained on the falling dust around the crash. No one emerged from its murky depths. Taking a few steps forward, I leant low and peered in through the smashed front window.

I could see the parents already. I'd gotten lucky. The crash had sent the father flying across the trailer. He was lying on the wall, his crushed figure still breathing but I knew it was only a matter of time. The mother had suffered similarly, though she appeared to have remained wrapped in some bedsheets and wasn't broken like her husband. She was draped on the kitchen cabinets, unconscious. The position of the daughter's bed meant that she'd had the least impact.

I caught sight of her, curled up in the corner of her cubicle, dazed and confused. The crash had certainly knocked her. She turned her head and her eyes came to rest on me. I fixed my gaze on her, and kept the gun pointed in her direction.

"Don't move, girl" I called quietly to her. I decided to add, a few seconds later, "And no shouting. Or you'll all get a bullet." Terror sparked on her face. But she remained silent. I made my way through the shattered glass, and into the trailer, approaching her. Her eyes were wide with horror, as they came to rest on the strewn figures of her parents. I had been prepared to kill people inside the trailer if they survived the crash.

But I didn't know what to do with this girl. She's hot. I'd say, maybe, a year or two younger than me. A cute face, long blonde hair, deep blue eyes. It was hard to tell underneath all the blankets, but her figure looked alright too. I didn't want to have to decide then what to do. So I took out the rope and gaffer tape I'd stored in my rucksack along with the car jacking tools, and approached the girl.

She saw what was in my hands and began to move away, the fear on her face mounting and tears appearing in her eyes. But one look at the gun that I swiftly returned to her face kept her quiet and still. Quickly I bound and gagged her.

Then I proceeded to carry her out to the Chevelle and lay her across the back seat. She kicked and struggled, but I was good with knots. She wasn't going anywhere. Returning to the trailer, I saw the dad stirring. I decided it would be kinder to end his misery quickly.

I took the last of the rope and swiftly fastened it round his neck. When that dirty work was done I turned to the wife. She was similar to her daughter, in many regards. Still quite young, maybe in her late thirties, and her skin was untouched by age. She had large, juicy breasts that I proceeded to feel with my empty hand. Her long slender legs emerged from the bedsheets, and I wondered what kind of ass they led to. Carefully I unwrapped her from the white cotton, and her beautiful body emerged, dressed only in thin black underwear.

It was at this point that I knew I had to keep them. Her and her daughter. What a pair. What a catch. I was very aware that I hadn't set out tonight to kidnap two girls.


Or any, for that matter. But things change. And sometimes you've just got to go with it. I swiftly bound the mother too, then carried her to the car. Dumping her on top of her crying daughter was fun. I was tempted to arrange them so the mothers tits would be in her daughter's face. But there were more important things to do. I returned to the trailer one last time, and rummaged around for a few minutes. It turned out I was very lucky the father wasn't still awake after the crash.

I found a magnum and a shotgun in one of the cabinets, along with a considerable stock of bullets. I found one of the family's bags, and began putting together some things. Food, clothes, the guns, and all sorts of other things that I could use went into the bag quickly. Lastly, in the nightstand, I found the dad's wallet and the mom's purse.

I took only the cash, but between them they had $400. Evidently they had been planning a long trip. I also found the car keys, which would make the journey back easier. After emerging from the wreck with my own rucksack and the new large bag full of scavenged items, I climbed into the car and tossed the bags on top of the girls. The mom was still out cold, and the daughter still had tears pouring down her face. It appeared she had lost the energy to cry outright, resorting to quiet sobbing.

I ferried them and the bags to my own car, then retrieved some of the furniture from the family's original camp. Now it just looks like a lazy group has left it without cleaning up. After hooking up the family's Chevelle to my own, I drove a couple of miles further down the interstate until I reached where I am now, in a sheltered hollow a little to the right of the road, far out of sight. I think I'll take a break here for a while.

I've still got to decide what to do with these girls. They've been driving me crazy with longing ever since I put them in the car. _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ Friday 14th May 1971 08:23 am I love having girls in the back of my car.

After laying back and having a drink and a few cigs to calm down, I turned and saw the daughter looking at me with the same terror etched on her face. I laughed, and blew a cloud of smoke in her face. She coughed violently into her gag and turned away, fresh tears glistening in her eyes. I faced the wheel again, and began turning the radio dial. Eventually it tuned in, and I could hear through the static a local news report coming in. There was nothing of note. Although I was certain the overturned trailer and the body of the father wouldn't be found, at least for some time, it was nice to know.

I continued tuning the radio, until it hit a channel playing some music. Leaning back in the seat, I smoked the cigarette and watched as the sun started rising. My mind wandered to the girls. I looked back again, and saw her still looking at me. "What you looking at?" I asked her. She couldn't reply with her gag, but the direct address still stung her.

I climbed out of the car and got into the back with the two girls. The mom's legs were on my lap, and the daughter's face rested on the seat near my waist. I rearranged them, so the daughter was now on top and her face rested on my right leg. Carefully, I pulled the gaffer tape off her mouth. "Be careful what you say, girl" I told her. "You don't want to fuck up now." She remained quiet, though I sensed her breaths quicken. "What are your names?" I asked. She didn't answer.

I reached forward and took the gun from the passenger seat. After peeling off her mother's gag, I forced the gun into her unconscious mouth. I repeated, "what are your names, girl?" She swallowed. "I. I'm. Amy" she stammered. "And she's m. my. my mother, Dianne." "Amy what?" I asked. "Ross." I sat back. So, Amy and Dianne Ross. What a pair they are. The father must have had a constant hard on at home. I also had a hard on at that moment.

I began unbuckling my belt. Amy saw what I was doing, and recoiled. "Ever had a boyfriend before, Amy?" I asked her. Slowly, she nodded. "Well" I continued, "you ever given a blowjob to a boyfriend before?" "No" she said quickly.

"Probably thought you were too good for that, huh?" I suggested. She didn't respond. I laughed again. "Yeah, you girls are all the same. Think you're purer than the rest of us. Always looking down, disapproving. Well, news flash, that ain't gonna be how it is any more. You'll do what the fuck I say." I could see fresh moisture glistening in her eyes.

At the same time, I wondered if she was becoming moist down below.


That would make her a sick sad little fuck if she was. Although the sick fuck is probably me for thinking it. I continued with my belt, then pulled down my jeans and briefs.

Amy watched in horror as my cock emerged, tall and thick and topped with specks of precum. I again pointed the gun at her head. "Open wide" I ordered jokingly. "Here comes the airplane, Amy." Her face at that moment was priceless. But I'd had enough of her stalling, so I grabbed her by her hair and dragged her head over to my cock. She gasped and writhed in the seat, but had nowhere to go. When she opened her mouth again I took the opportunity and forced her head down, my cock entering her sweet little mouth.

She gagged and tried to pull away, but I held her fast. Quickly I started pounding back and forth, fucking her throat for all it was worth. Tears began streaming from her eyes, and muffled moaning noises escaped between her lips and my rapidly pumping shaft.

I leant back and let out a long groan, days of stress being released on this glorious little minx of a girl. I cared little for her well being, even for her air. It was only after I felt her struggles weakening that I realised she hadn't had a breath for nearly a minute. I released her, and her head shot up from my throbbing dick, strands of drool and precum trailing from her lips. She took in several deep breaths of air, her streaming eyes focused on me.

I gave her only a moment of brief respite, before taking her by the scruff of the neck and forcing her down once again. She didn't even have time to take a breath, not that I intended on letting her have any. I've had unconsenting girls before. Normally in dark backstreets in the dead of night with a girl too drunk or drugged up to fight back.

But this level of control? Girls tied up in the back of my car with no one around for miles? This allows me to try a few things I've always wanted to do.

First of these was to have a girl pass out on my cock. A long time fetish of mine. I held Amy's head down, and began pumping my cock in and out of her resisting throat.

She was struggling, her lower half writhing around on top of her mother. But no movement she made could dislodge my iron grip on the back of her head. I turned her slightly, keeping her tightly pressed to my crotch, so that I could see her eyes. She stared up at me, and I could see terror and anger in them. The human jaw can't bite properly with something lodged in the throat.

I'd felt her try a couple of times. After half a minute of holding her head down on my cock, her struggles reached their peak. She was thrashing around, as much as a bound girl can, and probably hurting her mother below her. I didn't care, however. I was simply loving the feeling of her throat gagging and retching around the base of my shaft. Quickly, her movements faltered. I could feel her become weaker, and the gagging in her throat become much less frequent.

Her eyes, still trained on my own, began to droop. What had been struggles in her limbs became twitches, and soon all that was left was her open eyes. Slowly, they rolled up into her head as she drifted to sleep. I withdrew my raging cock and began jacking off furiously over her unconscious face. She coughed back to life just as I crested and sent a wave of cum all over her pretty features. Strands landed in her eyes and mouth, and she began twisting around, disoriented and confused.

When I was completely spent I rose up out of the door, Amy's head falling down onto the back seat. I spat once on her cum drenched face, then turned and walked around the car.

The rising sun glistened on my sweat drenched body, and I enjoyed the warmth it provided. After pulling open the trunk, I found a towel and cleaned myself up. I then returned to my crying teen, and threw the towel at her face. Drained from the physical exertion of pumping Amy's head up and down, and from the astronomical orgasm I had just achieved, I went back to sit in the front seat after grabbing some food and water. I knew I'd have to get some more at some point soon. Now I had three people to feed.

Think I'll have a little sleep now. I can hear Dianne stirring, but like I said I trust my knots. They'll be perfectly safe. _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ Friday 14th May 1971 6:39 pm It's been a good day.


I slept through the morning and afternoon, only waking when Dianne began screaming that her daughter needed water. I rubbed my eyes, dazed by the sudden arousal, and turned to look at my captives. Dianne was staring at me with tears in her eyes. I looked over and saw Amy in a bad way, sweat coating her body and her breath coming in short sharp gasps. Dianne was right. Slowly I climbed out of the car, and walked over to the families own one, hooked up behind mine.

I reached in to retrieve the bag of salvaged items, and pulled out a large bottle of water. My hand brushed against one of their bottles of gin, and I felt a stirring in my pants at the thought of what I could do with it. I took hold of it also, before heading back around the car and kneeling down next to Amy. I carefully gave her some water, before rounding the hood and giving what was left to Dianne.

She drank it up quickly, gasping for air between gulps. I rose and left them there, returning to the other car's trunk to grab a couple of their folding chairs. After setting them up behind it, out of the sun, I headed over and hoisted Dianne out of the car, half carrying her to one of the chairs. After sitting her down, I grabbed the gin and settled next to her. I drew my knife out of my jeans and held it up to her.

"I don't want to kill you, Dianne.

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But unless you drink when I tell you, I may cut you." It was all I needed to say, she nodded. I raised the bottle to her lips after unscrewing the cap, and began pouring it into her waiting mouth. Over a couple of minutes I gave her a few shots, giving her small breaks in between. She took it well, I'll give her that.

But after feeding her another several I was ready for more.

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I stood and went to fetch Amy. Dianne watched as I dragged her daughter from the car and placed her in the second chair.

I gave her the same threat, before starting to pour the last third of the bottle down the neck of the daughter. She coughed, the hard liqour burning her juvenile throat, but I didn't let up until she'd finished the job. Tossing the bottle away, I took a step back and looked at the girls in front of me.

Two gorgeous specimens, one already a woman and one soon to be another. And she would soon be more drunk than she'd likely ever been. But this is only the beginning. I have a great many plans for this innocent little cutie. I strode over to Dianne, lowering my pants and straddling the chair. "You better give the blowjob of your life, slut. Same rules apply, you suck or you bleed." She gulped, and hesitated. But a quick slap to the face got her moving again. She lurched forward and locked her lips around my swollen cock.

I groaned in bliss as she began pumping her head back and forth, heeding my warning and giving it all that she had. Her tongue worked its way around the tip, before circling underneath as she forced the head of my cock deep into her throat. She began jacking off my cock with her gaping esophagus, only stopping to take quick gasps of air. When I grew bored of even her best efforts, I took her head in my hands and gave the mother a little extra help.

Her daughter watched her the whole time, tears pouring down her cheeks as she watched her mother being sexually assaulted next to her. But Dianne continued to take my threats to heart by working her tongue around the tip of my cock and her fingers on my balls, to encourage my engorged member to spurt its filthy cum between her lips. I leased a loud roar as I fired several wads of white into Dianne's gaping mouth.

I kept jacking off, milking the head of my cock to force yet more semen onto Dianne's outstretched tongue. When I was spent, she immediately swallowed before dropping back into her seat and bursting into tears.

I cleaned up with another towel, before returning to the seats to find the girls deteriorating fast. Dianne was holding up, but Amy being unused to such hard drink was looking ropy. Her eyes were red and unfocused, and she swayed in her seat as she sat.

A cute hiccup escaped her lips, as her eyes began to droop. Carefully I untied Dianne from her bonds. Still sobbing, she rubbed her sore wrists and ankles, before curling into a ball on the chair. I grabbed her by the hair and forced her to her feet.

"Oh no you don't, bitch, you're not done. Amy here has been all left out." Comprehension dawned on Dianne's intoxicated face, and her eyes opened wide in alarm. I laughed, before setting her down in between her daughters legs. After unfastening Amy's restraints, I spread her thighs and signaled for Dianne to make her move. Weeping, but resigned to her fate, the mother began leaning in towards her daughter's exposed pussy.

It looked ripe and delicious, but I was more interested in utterly humiliating the girls than getting any myself yet. I took the back of Dianne's head and forced her face down onto Amy's crotch. She began licking out and tongue fucking her daughter's virgin cunt. I knew it was one, for no pussy had ever looked so tight and unspoiled. "Make her cum while you're at it, Dianne, before I get bored and decide to suffocate her on my cock again.

And hold that liquor, bitch. Can't have you passing out on her, otherwise she'll definitely be getting it." Spurred on by my new threats, Dianne began working harder, using her tongue to lap up and down Amy's slit. The young girl was moaning, in too much of a stupor to really react but conscious enough to respond to the amazing feeling of her mother eating her out.

Slurping noises rose up from her crotch, and Dianne began working one finger deep into her daughter's soft folds. I watched in awe as Amy began rocking back and forth in her chair, continuing to moan with closed eyes as her mother's finger found its way in and out of her dripping wet pussy. Dianne circled Amy's young clit with her tongue, eliciting startled cries of ecstasy from her. However, unfortunately for Amy, I had overestimated her mother's ability to hold her drink. Dianne's efforts became more and more erratic, before finally she keeled over and fell in a heap on the desert floor.

I sighed in amusement, before leaning over and forcing my now erect cock into Amy's waiting mouth. In her drunken state, she could offer me no resistance as I forced my manhood into the young girl's throat. I held her in place, only pumping my cock slightly back and forth into Amy's esophagus. She was barely awake anyway, and in only a moment her starved brain cut out and she dropped into unconsciousness for the second time that day.

I withdrew, turning and spurting cum all over the figure of her knocked out mother. Dianne looked great, lying there asleep with long strands of white semen splayed all over her beautiful tanned body. After that I turned and headed back to the car to sit and write this entry.

I don't know what I'll do now, probably tidy the girls up and get them in some sort of bed for the night. I've spent enough cum to last a month. No more for me tonight. But tomorrow, oh there will be plenty of fun things to do. ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ Feel free to comment below