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Ebony teen suck hard cock
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Chapter 2 Fishing with my Father This Chapter is Cathy telling the story of what happen after she finished talking with Haley on the phone Saturday night and in to Sunday. Cathy The person telling the story Timmy- Cathy's little brother Unnamed Cathy's Mother Unnamed Cathy's father That night I wore my panties to dinner and my father was staring at me. He snapped out of it when my mother started to talking to him. I went to my bedroom after dinner. Later, I heard my mother come up and she stopped at my room.

My mother told me that me wearing my panties around the house was starting to have an effect on my father.

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She told me they hadn't had sex for a long time, but since I started to wear my panties, when he comes to bed, he wants to have sex. My mother said "While I as a mother should not be telling you to wear less clothing at home, but if you want to that is ok with me. It is really helping me out." I got up and went over to her. We hugged each other and I kissed her and said I am happy to help her. If you like I could come over to your room naked and help you.

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She smiled and said that might be fun for him, but that's not something we should be doing. For now, you are doing just fine and she kissed me, then left. I felt bad for my mother. I could not have sex with my father and then have him go to her and not be able to perform. He came to my room later and I got him excited again and then told him mom is waiting for you.

We are going to have to wait for another time. How about tomorrow afternoon, since mom will be away.

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He said till Sunday afternoon then. Sunday Morning This morning when I got up, I put on a thong and when I went to get breakfast. My mother smiled at me. After breakfast my mother and father went up to their bedroom, I have an idea why. Timmy was with me in the kitchen and I got naked for him and he fucked me there. Having sex with Timmy was more exciting for us knowing our parents were in the house. Later that morning, I put on my bikini which was my small thong panties and a top.

Then walked around the house in that for a while. My parents went to their room again. About an hour later my mother came down and gave me a kiss and said thank you.


Then she left for her parents house. My father came to my bedroom. He told me although he would like to be with me, we are going to have to wait until another time. My mother just took the wind out of my sails if you know what I mean and Timmy is here. I told him that whenever he is ready, I will be here. I stayed in my bikini for the rest of the day. Hoping to tease him in to fucking me.

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We had dinner and I was beginning to think my father was having second thoughts about having sex with me. Later, just before bed time, my mother stopped by my room. She said I looked beautiful in that bikini and hugged me again. I asked her if she saw anything she liked and she said I have the same breasts as she had when she was younger.

I removed my top and she said she missed having breast like that. I asked to see hers and she removed her top and bra. I told her I like them, they are bigger and I reached out and caressed them. My mother told me it has been many years since I had touched or sucked on them.

I leaned in and sucked on her nipples and she moaned. She pulled herself away. I asked her if her vagina has changed since she was my age. Then do you think my vagina is like yours when you were my age. I pulled off my bottoms and laid on the bed with my legs spread. My mother was leaning over me looking at my pussy and my father came in.

I think he misunderstood what we were doing and he encouraged my mother to go ahead and touch me. My mother caressed my pussy and my father came alongside of us. He also started to touch me.

My father said I was getting wet and told my mother to taste me. My mother licked me and then began to eat me. My father went behind my mother and pulled down her shorts and panties. He rubbed her pussy. He then told me to get up and had my mother lay down on the bed. Then he told me to get on her and guided me in to a sixty-nine with my mother.

I felt the bed move as my father got behind me. I felt his cock on my pussy. I look around and my mother was guiding his cock in to me as she ate me.

I pushed three fingers in to my mother's pussy. I finger fucked her to the tempo of my father fucking me. I began to nipple on her labia. I felt my father come in me and I bit down on my mother's lip. I watched my mother have her first orgasm of the night. After my father pulled out of me, I watched my mother suck my father's cock clean.

My mother then suck on my pussy. My father came to me and I sucked his cock and he became hard again. I then pulled him to my mother's pussy and he started to fuck her. He fucked her hard for about twenty minutes before he came in her. All the time she was eating my pussy and I licking her pussy. As my father pulled out I sucked his cock and he then sat on the bed. We then saw my brother standing at the door watching us.

When we noticed him, he walked away. I told my father it is ok, I will talk with him. We all got up and hugged and kissed one another and my parents went to their room. I went to Timmy's room and asked if he was ok. He said yes, that it was hot seeing you and mom being fucked my dad. I asked him if he would want to fuck mom. He said he had not really thought about it before, but why not. I asked him to be at breakfast tomorrow and then we will all have some fun, just do as I ask.

We kissed and he said ok. I told him to just wear shorts and a t-shirt, something easy to take off. I went back to my room. In the morning I was so excited. I heard my parents and then my brother go to the kitchen. I went to the kitchen naked. No one was talking so I thought I needed to clear up this mess.

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I started by telling my parents it is ok for us to have sex, and Timmy is ok with it. I then had Timmy stand up and I pulled down his shorts and sucked his cock till he was hard.


I then went over to my father and did the same. I then went to my mother and pulled off her top, her shorts and panties down, then licked her pussy. I told them that Timmy and I have been having sex for a couple of weeks. We have had sex with Haley and another friend during the day.

I also told them about me and Haley flashing at the lake and walking to each others house naked.

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I told them I like sex and people seeing me naked. My mother thought I was kidding.

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My father believe me, so I told them come with me. I pulled my mother over to the couch and had her sit down and I began to eat her. Timmy came over and helped me. I then fingered my mother's ass to loosen her up. Timmy worked on my mother I had my father sit on the couch. I sucked his cock till he was hard. Then I had my mother mount his cock so she was facing my father and he began to fuck her.


I stopped them fucking. I sucked my brother till he was hard. Then I had my brother go behind my mother as I inserted his cock in to her ass. Once he was in I got on the sofa and straddled between my mother and father and they started to eat my ass and pussy and my mother was humping get fucked by my father and brother.

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The four of us all having sex with each other. We all lasted for quite a while and then my mother moaned and groaned and she had a huge orgasm, which set off my brother and father. Afterword we all sat and talked. As a family, I think it is the most we've talked in years.