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Foreword: This entry is a direct continuation from my previous stories. Basically I'm just telling all of the most interesting and exciting sexual stories of my life in chronological order.

I will try and include enough back story for a new reader to be able to jump right in, however I apologize if I fail to provide enough. In short, if you want to get the full effect, you may want to read the entire thing from the beginning. Thanks and enjoy. The Roommate June 2002 In the summer of 2002, I was 22 years old. I had been dating Belinda since I was 15. She was a drop dead gorgeous Latina with wavy dark brown hair that fell just past her shoulders.

She had brown eyes and a slim figure with a nice little set of b-cup breasts. We had lost our virginity to one another about 8 months after we had gotten together. In the summer of 1999, a spontaneous game of Truth or Dare paved the way for me to land in the middle of a threesome with Belinda and her best friend in the world (another gorgeous Latina) Marcela. It was a threesome that we somehow stretched out over the entire summer.

A year and a half later, during X-mas break, the three of us somehow wound up together again, despite the fact that, by then Marcela had gotten engaged. After those events, it didn't seem to matter how great the sex between Belinda and I was. I could never seem to stop thinking about having the two of them together again. It became an obsession really. I was always looking for an angle to make that magic happen. If I've learned anything from this story I'm about to share with you all, it's this: Don't hesitate.

If there is something you want, go as far as you have to to get it. After that holiday break, Belinda went back to school in Florida. Ours was (and had been for several years) a long distance relationship. I became overwhelmingly lonely. I had been jacking off to the pictures that Marcela had taken of the three of us that night in December probably a little too often.

Suddenly one morning I realized that I had no reason to stay in Texas. Belinda was still in school in Florida and I decided that I had had enough of the long distance thing, so I packed up my place and hit the road. I was starting a new life and venturing into the unknown. I couldn't have been more excited. Belinda was also really excited about the decision too. She had been living with her college chum from Poland; Kasia. They were living in a 3 bedroom apartment and their third roommate had just moved out leaving an empty room.

It only made sense that I moved in with them. I arrived in April and met Kasia for the first time. Kasia had a very exotic accent. As I said before, I was 22 and Belinda was 23. Kasia was a little older than we were. She was 32. She had straight dirty blonde hair that hung to the center of her back, sky blue eyes and an athletic build.

She was very bright and extremely open-minded and I found having conversations with her very pleasing. Once I got settled in, the three of us spent a lot of time hanging out, drinking beer, and generally having a good time together.

The nights were wonderful as well. Belinda and I made love very frequently and I was truly happy. Kasia would occasionally crack jokes about hearing Belinda and me having sex at night due to the thin walls in the apartment. Honestly, after so much time apart, we were fucking like jack rabbits. Life was going really well.

So here's where everything started to get a little sticky. One morning, I was sitting at my desk working when the phone rang. I was working from home at the time. I rarely answered the house phone because Belinda's parents didn't know we were living together and were a bit old fashioned. Belinda had already left for work and the phone kept ringing and ringing, so finally I picked it up. When I said hello, I was greeted by a woman's voice speaking in what I could only assume was Polish.

I figured the call was for Kasia, so I left my room and went across the living room and down the hall to her bedroom which was next door to Belinda's. I knocked and immediately heard Kasia's voice through the door. "Yes?" "Phone's for you." I answered.

I was waiting for her reply when the door swung open, and I could not believe what I saw. Kasia was standing in the doorway wearing nothing but a pair of pink and white striped panties. If I had been drinking anything, I'm sure I would've spit it all over the place like they do in the movies. It was that kind of jarring surprise.

Her skin was tan everywhere except for her breasts. She had a very distinct bikini tan line. Her legs were muscular and her stomach and arms were thin and toned. Her breasts were about the same size as Belinda's, but unlike hers, Kasia had small pink nipples. She took the phone from me, smiled and said "Thanks." Before turning around and closing the door. I walked slowly back to my room dumb-founded.

My head was spinning. I felt sort of awkward about it, but the baser side of me was already imagining what it would feel like to be with her. I didn't know if I should tell Belinda about it or not. The last thing I wanted to do was break up our happy little home. Then, I wondered if it had been some kind of test. Maybe Belinda had put her up to it and was waiting to see if I would come clean and say something about it.

I thought about it for a short while before my mind gave way to new fantasies about being intimate with Kasia. I got so worked up that I had to scurry into my little private bathroom and jack off while thinking about her.

When Belinda got home, I decided to tell her about what had happened. It turned out that it wasn't any kind of test. Belinda just laughed it off telling me that Kasia had always been very free spirited and just did that sometimes. She told me that it wasn't a big deal to her if it wasn't a big deal to me. I told her it wasn't. Maybe I should've. Over the next couple of months, I saw a lot more of Kasia's body.

As I mentioned, I was working from home, so I was in the apartment almost all day. It soon became very clear that Kasia wasn't terribly fond of wearing shirts in the house. There was even a time when I was eating breakfast at the kitchen table one morning when she had come out of her bedroom completely naked just to get a bottle of water from the fridge.

I'm almost ashamed to admit that I jerked off twice that day. So that was how it went for a good long while. I would stay out in the living room all day trying to catch a glimpse of Kasia passing through and then run back to my little bathroom and rub one out. Then Belinda would get home and we'd all hang out for a while, then Belinda and I would go back to my room and have sex. Life was good. There was never any awkwardness between Kasia and me. It usually seemed like she wasn't even aware that I was there, let alone staring at her body and crafting erotic fantasies of the two of us in my mind.

Yes, life was very good indeed. It was a Friday night and the three of us had planned to hit the town. We all got dolled up and hit the strip. We didn't really go out all that often, so when we did, we made it count. Belinda was wearing a skin tight black mini dress that was basically a skin tight black tube that covered her from her breasts to just below her ass.

Kasia was wearing a denim mini-skirt and a lacey black top with spaghetti straps. They both did their night club make up thing and looked insanely hot. We went out and hit bar after bar, dancing, drinking beer, tequila, and whatever other drink we could come up with and by closing time, we were all pretty shit-faced.

We took a cab home and ended up congregating in the kitchen of the apartment. We were all crowded around the fridge and Belinda was passing out more beer. We were laughing and hooting and generally being drunk and behaving poorly. I wish I could say that I had had ulterior motives with what happened next, but the truth is, I was just really drunk.

"I wanna get naked!" I shouted. "So get naked." Belinda laughed. "I don't want to get naked alone!" I slurred. "Come on Johnny, don't be shy!" she smiled as she started pulling my shirt up over my head. "So, I'm gonna be the only naked one?" I asked as she dropped my shirt to the kitchen floor.

"You said you wanted to get naked, so are you gonna get naked or not?" she asked through more laughter. During all of the times we had had sex with Marcela, Belinda had become very comfortable about all kinds of sexual things.

Things that might have bothered a normal girl didn't bother her in the least. She didn't care about Kasia walking around the apartment topless all day long, and apparently, she didn't care if I stripped down in front of Kasia either. She had become a fiercely sexual woman and enjoyed all of the excitement as much as I did. We had never been sexual in front of anyone besides Marcela and I wondered if Belinda had something in mind. I kicked my flip flops off of my feet and unbuttoned my jeans.

Belinda and Kasia were both staring at me and I suddenly became a bit self conscious, so I turned around to let my jeans fall to the floor. They both laughed and hooted at my bare ass. I cupped my hands over my privates before turning to face them. Belinda immediately protested. "Come on! When did you become so shy?" Then Kasia chimed in. "It doesn't matter John." She could tell by the look on my face that I needed more convincing.

"I walk around here in my panties all the time. I really don't care if you get naked. If I could, I'd be naked all the time." I smiled and reluctantly moved my hands away from my crotch. Both girls stared down at my cock and smiled.

"There you go Johnny." Belinda said. I could feel my dick growing already. "Do you feel better now?" In an effort to convey comfort, I hoisted myself up onto the counter top, sat down on the edge of it and sipped my beer. I could feel my pulse in my dick as it slowly rose to attention.

"You have a pretty dick." Kasia said. Belinda and I immediately started laughing hysterically. "I don't think anyone has ever called my dick pretty before today!" I drunkenly howled. We were all in tears and the alcohol had erased any inhibitions we might have been feeling otherwise. God bless alcohol. Belinda leaned against the counter beside me and said "Awe, it is pretty Johnny." as she reached over and gave it a gentle squeeze between her fingertips.

"Your mouth is pretty." I slyly quipped. "Oh, was that a hint?" she grinned. The truth is, I wanted her to lead me to my bedroom and give me a blow job before fucking my brains out.

I was incredibly surprised when she actually leaned over and took the head of my cock into her mouth in front of Kasia, right there in the kitchen. The gears were already going in my mind. Was Belinda's exhibitionist side coming out to play?

Then she pulled away laughing. She had just been showing off for Kasia. Kasia was laughing even though she had a shocked look on her face. "Oh my God, for a minute there I thought you two were gonna start making a porno in the kitchen. Belinda's eyes lit up. "We should totally watch a porno!" she exclaimed, and she disappeared into my bedroom.

During the years that we were apart, I had amassed a pretty impressive collection of porno DVD's. On occasion, Belinda and I would watch one together as foreplay, so she knew where I kept my stash. When she came out, she knelt down in front of the TV stand in the living room and turned on the Television.

I walked into the living room with my beer in hand and sat down on the couch. By now I had gotten really comfortable being naked in front of them both. Kasia sat on the opposite couch that faced the one I was sitting on. Belinda grabbed the remote and sat down next to me. The menu came up and Belinda hit play.


The movie started and we all had some good laughs at the cheesy plot. My erection had gone away by the time we got to the first sex scene. It was a scene featuring two slender women kissing.

They began to remove each other's clothes and got into some heavy petting, licking, sucking and what have you. My cock was rising again and Belinda saw it growing harder. Kasia was watching the TV and making comments about how unrealistic the premise was.

She didn't notice me leaning over to kiss Belinda. Apparently, Belinda was getting a little turned on too.

As soon as she felt my lips on her neck, she turned and kissed me with her mouth wide and tongue thrashing. My cock was growing rapidly by then. I suddenly realized that I was sitting naked on the couch making out with my girlfriend while watching a porno in front of our roommate. I was suddenly certain that Belinda wanted to put on a little show for Kasia. Belinda loved being watched. Not wanting to disappoint, I reached up to Belinda's chest and started gently massaging her right breast through her tight black mini dress.

I noticed that Kasia had stopped talking so I glanced over and saw that we had gotten her attention. She was watching us and wasn't showing any sign that she was uncomfortable or wanted to leave. I was too drunk to care either way, but having her there watching only served to turn us on more.

I wanted to see how far it would go, so I pulled the black cloth of Belinda's dress down to expose her perky tan breasts. She moaned loud as I did it. She wasn't trying to be quiet or secretive. I knew by that point that all bets were off, so I lowered my mouth toward Belinda's chest.

She whipped her head back and moaned even louder as I drew her nipple into my mouth. Kasia was definitely focused on us now. Belinda was staring across the room at her as I sucked on her nipples. Kasia was smiling. I was sharply reminded of that night playing truth or dare with Marcela back in Texas all those years ago.

We were moving into new territory and we were all excited about it. By then the two women on the screen were fully naked and one was going down on the other. Kasia was watching us intently, so I decided to take things a step further.

I grabbed the bottom of Belinda's skin tight mini-dress and started pulling it upward. She eagerly lifted her ass off the couch to oblige me. I pulled the skirt up until it was in a bunch around her midsection. She was wearing a black thong. She started kissing me again as I put the tip of my middle finger over her pussy on the outside of her panties. She moaned into my mouth as she hoisted her leg over mine.

I started to massage the thin black cloth of her panties into her rapidly moistening slit. She spread her legs wider, giving Kasia a full view of what I was doing to her. Kasia continued to stare at us. Belinda slid her hand down my stomach toward my cock which was now standing straight up. She lazily wrapped her fingers around it and gently started stroking up and down as I slipped a finger under the side of her panties and pulled them to the side, giving Kasia a clear view of Belinda's glistening pussy lips.

I continued to rub her clit and suck her tits as she gently jacked me off. It was clear that we had an audience and Belinda was fully committed to putting on a show. She stood up in front of me facing Kasia and pulled her mini-dress up and over her head. She was staring at Kasia and smiling when she then pulled her panties down over the wide curve of her hips and let them fall to the floor around her feet.

She kicked them away and then slowly backed up and then straddled me, still facing Kasia. Her pussy was wet and I could feel it slide across the tip of my cock. She slid her wet lips back and forth lubing up my cock as she stared at Kasia. Then, she raised up and reached between her legs to grip my cock. She finally slid down onto me. Kasia watched as Belinda began to grind up and down on my dick.

The ladies on the TV were grinding their pussies together and moaning. Belinda was suddenly moaning louder than they were. The world I thought had been closed off was suddenly open again. Here we were in the moment and I was smiling so big I might've pulled a muscle. Oddly enough, I felt myself wanting to impress Kasia. It was a strange impulse, but there it was. I pulled Belinda off of me and stood her up before I took my place behind her.

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I violently bent her forward and she placed her hands on the coffee table. "Oh, fuck yeah Johnny! Fuck me from behind!" she said. I looked across the table at Kasia and stared her in the eye as I slammed my cock into Belinda's wet pussy. I was pounding her doggy style now and I could tell that Kasia was really getting into our little exhibition.

I kept staring her in the eye as I fucked Belinda. I wanted her to feel involved and it apparently worked. She leaned forward and started to pull her top off. Then in one quick motion she popped the front snap on her bra and it popped open revealing her pale perky breasts. By that time, I had grown to love Kasia's tits. I had thought about them so many times when I jacked off that it bordered on obsession. It was so amazing to be able to stare at them while I was fucking Belinda's warm wet pussy.

Then Belinda said "Do you like watching us Kass?" Kasia stood up, pulled her skirt off and sat back down on the couch in her panties. "Mmm-hmm." She spread her legs and started to rub her pussy through her panties. She was lightly moaning and I knew that I wanted to be inside of her more than anything.

I kept thinking back on all the threesomes Belinda and I had had with Marcela. I figured I could get Belinda to get Kasia involved if I could just get her a little closer. I had a plan. I pulled my dick out of Belinda and almost pushed her onto the couch next to Kasia. Before she had a chance to think, I climbed onto her and pushed my dick back inside of her sweet pussy.

I looked over at Kasia. She had pulled the crotch of her panties to the side and was now pushing two fingers in and out of herself as I fucked Belinda next to her. I kept hoping that Belinda would reach over and touch her, or kiss her or something. Not that I was in any position to complain. I wanted Kasia so badly, but it was completely up to Belinda. As long as Belinda initiated it, it would be okay, but without her say so, it was a big no-no.

Kasia was still fingering herself as she watched us fuck, but that was all the involvement she had. I was staring at her as Belinda began to shudder. An orgasm was shaking through her with ferocious intensity.

It was amplified by Kasia's presence. Kasia pumped her fingers faster as Belinda came and was bringing herself to climax. Our eyes were locked and I got the immediate sense that she wanted me. She had to know that I wanted her too, but without Belinda pushing it, there was nothing to be done. Soon Kasia was experiencing her own orgasm and my own was not far behind.

I pounded Belinda's pussy as I watched Kasia withdraw her fingers and furiously rub at her clit. She started to moan in loud bursts as I felt my load gathering pressure at the base of my cock. I finally pulled my cock out of Belinda's pussy and stood up. I started to jack my cock again as Belinda sat up and pulled her hair back. She put her face in front of my dick, closed her eyes and tilted her head back.

Kasia watched me jerk myself as Belinda said "Cum in my mouth baby! Feed me your cum!" I was panting as I felt the warm cum travel up my cock and explode out of me. The first shot hit Belinda's left cheek and she opened her mouth wider. The second blast was a bulls-eye. A hot gush of white cum sprayed past her lips and splashed on her tongue. Then another. Then a fourth. The last few drops dripped pitifully out of me onto Belinda's chest and I was spent. Kasia was staring at us, just as exhausted as we all were.

Belinda smiled as she wiped the cum off of her cheek and licked her fingertips. "Oh, wow. That was nice." she smiled. Kasia stood up and picked her clothes up off the floor. "That was so hot!" "I wasn't sure if you'd be into it." Belinda replied. "After I told you about all the stuff we did with our friend Marcela back home, I couldn't really tell if you would want to or not." "No, it was totally cool. I just don't want us to feel weird tomorrow is all." Kasia answered.

"That's easy." Belinda said. "Just don't let it be weird. You don't feel weird, do you Johnny?" "I feel fucking great." I said. Kasia laughed and Belinda stood up. "Okay, so I'm going to go to bed then." Kasia said. "But, I won't be weird tomorrow, I promise." She said over her shoulder as she headed down the hall.

"Goodnight you guys." Belinda and I went to my bedroom to lie down. I told her how much I enjoyed everything that had just happened. She wasn't surprised. "I think she wants to fuck you." Belinda said. "Really?" I asked, feigning surprise. "Come on Johnny, she said you have a pretty dick. Of course she wants to fuck you." she said. "I don't know if she's into girls, but she was definitely checking you out." "So, are you thinking about…" I knew what I wanted to say, but wasn't sure if I should.

Luckily, she finished for me. "Making a move on Kasia?" she asked, then answered. "Probably not. I mean, watching two people have sex is one thing. Having your roommate try and lez out with you is another." She finished.

"Plus, I don't know… I haven't done that kind of stuff with anybody besides Marcela." "Yeah, Marcela was a lot of fun." I said. "Not more fun than me though right?" she asked. "Of course not!" I shouted, acting offended at the very thought.

We laughed and kissed each other goodnight. It wasn't too long until Belinda was asleep and I stared at the patterns on my ceiling in the darkness. I couldn't stop thinking about Kasia. Now it was even worse than ever because Belinda told me that Kasia wanted to fuck me.

I laid there thinking about Kasia rubbing her pussy while I fucked Belinda. I wanted to fuck Kasia. I had to get Belinda to involve her somehow. I started imagining what a threesome with them would be like. My cock began to throb under the sheets as I fantasized and soon I was hard again.

Belinda was in a deep sleep and I thought about going into the bathroom and masturbating. I decided against that idea because I didn't want Belinda to wake up and catch me.

She might think she hadn't satisfied me or something weird like that, plus it would just be embarrassing. I listened to the silence in the apartment for a while.

I had really worked myself up and decided to slip into the living room and rub one out. I got out of bed as quietly as possible and approached the door. I opened it a crack and peered out. The living room was dark and I didn't hear a sound, so I opened the door a bit more and slipped out closing it behind me.

I was heading toward the couch when I had a curious thought. It was something Kasia had said earlier. She had said "If I could, I'd be naked all the time." My mind rolled over those words for a moment and it occurred to me that Kasia probably slept in the nude.

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I felt a sudden rush of adrenaline shoot through me as I thought the unthinkable. What if I went into Kasia's room and jerked off in there? No. It was too dangerous and honestly too perverse. What if she caught me!?! It could ruin everything. I knew it was wrong. I knew it was stupid, and yet I couldn't stop thinking about it. My eyes had adjusted to the darkness and I could see surprisingly well.

Before I could work out any more logic, my feet were moving. I passed through the living room, past the kitchen, and into the hallway that led to the two bedrooms at the opposite end of the apartment. I passed the hallway bathroom and suddenly I was standing in front of Kasia's door. I stood in the silence for a while until I could hear Kasia breathing softly.

I registered it as the soft breathing that only comes from sleep. I reached for the knob and slowly and silently twisted it. Much to my satisfaction, the door glided open silently. I peered in and saw Kasia lying on her side in bed, facing the wall.

I let my eyes adjust some more and saw that the sheet was draped across her body, just covering her butt, but her bare back was exposed to me. The bottom edge of the sheet was just high enough for me to be able to tell she wasn't wearing any panties.

I opened the door wider and stepped inside. I walked silently to the edge of her bed. My cock was still rock hard despite my nerves. I was anxious and excited. Scared and exhilarated. It was the strangest combination of sensations I had ever felt. I wrapped my fingers around my cock, gripped it tightly and began to push and pull the skin back and forth. Every nerve in my body was an exposed wire.


I could feel the smallest shift in the air around me. Everything was intensified. I loosened my grip a little and quickened my pace still trying to remain silent. Was I a complete creep? I didn't care. I was getting really into it by then and I wanted to see more skin. In a completely insane turn, I reached down and grabbed the corner of the sheet and pulled it up to expose her ass. I pulled it higher and folded it over to the other side of her.

Now I could see her whole body in the faint blue light coming from the window.

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I stared at her ass as I jerked my cock. I was getting louder. I was being reckless. Then she moved. It was only a slight shift, but that was all I needed to snap back into reality. As quickly and quietly as I could, I rushed out of the room and slipped into the hallway bathroom.

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I closed the door behind me as quietly as I could and stood in the pitch darkness, listening. I heard more movement. I heard the sound of bedsprings creaking, followed by cloth moving, Then footsteps. Then the doorknob started to turn. There was nothing I could do. I was busted. Nowhere to run. Time to face the music. Kasia pushed the door open and flipped the light switch on. I was standing in front of the sink completely naked and was certain I was going to scare the living shit out of her.

She'd scream and wake up Belinda and tomorrow, I'd be apartment hunting. Oddly, none of that happened. She looked in and saw me and didn't seem surprised at all. She just looked puzzled. "Were you just in my room?" she asked. "No. I was just. I just had to use the restroom, so…" It wasn't until then that I noticed what she was wearing. She had on a tiny pair of pale purple panties. That was it. I had my hands crossed in front of my cock. "So you decided to use the hallway bathroom without getting dressed first?" she pried.

"Well, I was…" I couldn't think of anything. I was trying as hard as I could not to stare at her breasts. "Were you jacking off?" she asked, reaching toward my wrists like a little kid might've done if she thought you were hiding candy behind your back. "No, I just was-" she pulled my hand away and saw my cock sticking out. It had lost some of its rigidness, but it was clear that it had been as hard as an oak very recently. "Let me see!" she shouted in a whisper.

Strangely, she didn't seem upset. She was actually smiling. "I'm pretty sure I didn't leave my door open." she said as she looked at my cock. "Were you jacking off in my room?" she asked. Before I could form some asinine lie, she cut me off by reaching under my hands and resting her fingertips on the side of my cock. Her touch sent a jolt of electricity up my spine. I instinctually pulled my hands away and she proceeded to wrap her fingers around me.

"Here." she said. She was staring into my eyes as she began to gently stroke my cock. "Is Belinda asleep?" she asked. "Yeah." I said as I finally let my eyes fully study her beautiful tits.

She turned and, with her free hand, pulled the door closed behind her and locked it. "Did you take a shower after you fucked her?" she asked. "No." "Good." She said. This was when I began to learn about how an older woman with a bit of experience could show me some wonderful things. She pulled her hand away from my dick and opened her palm to her mouth. She then licked her palm and got it wet with her saliva. She returned her hand to my cock and stroked me up and down.

Suddenly, all of Belinda's fluids from before were brought back to life and her smell filled the air. Her hand slid effortlessly over my cock and I was shaking. "Do you feel that?" she asked. "Yes." I groaned as she smiled at me. "Does it feel good?" "Oh my god." was all I could mutter. Her smile broadened. "Are you gonna tell Belinda about this?" she asked. "Should I?" I honestly didn't know the answer.

I could just imagine that conversation: "Hey baby. Kasia caught me jacking off in her room while she was sleeping, so as punishment, she finished the job." That wouldn't do. "No." she said as she gently stroked me. "This can stay between us." I couldn't believe what was happening. I had wanted Kasia for so long. I had only cheated on Belinda once. It had been with Marcela and it didn't even really feel like cheating because I had already fucked her with Belinda watching.

This felt different. It felt dirty. There was nothing wrong with my relationship, but here I was getting jerked off by her college friend and our roommate. Kasia really knew what she was doing, because I stopped caring about all the dirty feelings pretty fast.

All I could think about was how amazing her hand felt on me. I wanted to return the favor, so I reached my hand forward and began to slip it between her legs. She moved her hips back and pushed my hand away. "Not now. I get really loud." she said. "Let's just work on you for now." That last sentence implied that there would be another encounter like this.

I was immediately excited by the prospect. Then it occurred to me just how perfect the whole scenario was. Who better to have an affair with than a roommate? We were both alone in the apartment together all the time. There was no risk of having to find secret places to be together. It was perfect. By then Kasia was working my cock pretty fast.

I felt a tingling in my stomach. I knew what was coming. "Oh god. I think you're gonna make me cum." I whispered. She grabbed my wrist and guided my hand to her breast. I immediately brought up my other hand and started squeezing them.

I had wanted to feel them for so long and now I was. They felt fantastic. They were different from Belinda's, though I'm not sure I could explain how. Anyway, I was squeezing her tits and she was staring at her hands as they slid up and down on my cock. She tightened her grip into a ring at the base and started to literally milk me. The sensation was incredible. She was smiling like a little girl as she pulled the cum out of me.

It splashed in spurts on her thigh as I gripped the countertop and tried to quiet myself. Once she had drained me, she went right into business mode. She grabbed a handful of toilet paper and wiped the splashes of cum from her leg.

She then tossed it into the toilet and then leaned her body against mine. Her nipples were pressed into my ribs and I felt her fingers gently massaging my balls. "What time does Belinda go to work tomorrow?" "Around two I think." "Okay." she said as she turned around and walked out the door.

"I'll see you tomorrow." she whispered just before I heard her bedroom door click closed. "Unbelievable." was all I could think. I was so excited. I was sure that life couldn't get any better. I wiped off my cock and snuck back into bed. The next day, Belinda woke me up around noon. She was already dressed and had clearly been up for a while.

We talked for a few minutes about nothing important. We kissed. Then she said "God, we were really drunk last night, huh? I hope Kasia doesn't think we're freaks." I had an image of Kasia jacking me off in the bathroom flash through my mind. I remembered how she fingered herself while Belinda and I were putting on our little show.

"Do you remember what she was doing to herself?" I asked. "I think we'll be fine." "Yeah. You're right." she said. "That was so hot. I love when we have someone watching us." she said as she kissed me again. I got dressed and we went into the kitchen and started poking around to try and find something to eat. I was making some sandwiches when Belinda told me she was going to see if Kasia wanted one. She returned to the kitchen a minute or two later and told me to make three, so I did.

I had just set the plates on the table when Kasia came out of the hallway in a white terry cloth robe. "Good morning." she said cheerfully. "Good morning." I replied as I shot her a quiet glance.

We all sat down to eat. Belinda swallowed a bite and looked over at Kasia. "So, I just want to make sure everything's cool about last night." Kasia smiled over at her.

"Yeah. We should totally do that again sometime." I almost shot iced tea out of my nose. Belinda smiled at me. "Really?" The first threesome we had had fallen into my lap. I had no idea how I had gotten so lucky twice, but I was going to ride this train to the end of the line. "I'm in." I said. "Okay." Kasia said. "Tonight?" I almost felt guilty for having such good luck. I still didn't know if Belinda would try and involve Kasia or not, but I certainly had high hopes. I was suddenly wishing I had a time machine so I could skip forward in time.

There's nothing worse or better than anticipation. We finished our lunch and Belinda got ready for work. At about 1:45, she left. I was lying on my bed watching something really stupid on TV when Kasia opened my door. I looked over at the clock. It was 2:10. She walked in still wearing the terry cloth robe. "Hey." I said. "Hey." she said back as she untied the belt of her robe and pulled it open. She hadn't been kidding the night before.

She was completely nude underneath. The small strip of blond pubic hair between her legs immediately caught my eye. "Oh--" Was all I could get out as she dropped her robe to the floor and climbed onto the bed. She lay at the foot of the bed with her back facing the door and spread her legs. "--fuck." She then slid her right hand across her breasts, then down her stomach, across her pubis and rested her palm on her blond landing strip.

"So what do you want to do?" she asked. "Uh… Everything?" I answered. "Okay.

Gorgeous playgirl sucks a dick like a pro while smoking a cig

Why don't you take off your clothes?" She said very matter of factly. I was feeling playful, so I said "Why don't you take off my clothes?" She pushed herself off of the bed and crawled on all fours up toward me.

I sat up as she grabbed the bottom of my shirt and pulled it off of me. Then she straddled my lap and pushed her tits into my face. I opened my mouth and pushed my tongue against her nipple and I heard her let out a soft moan. She then pushed me back down onto the bed. I looked up at her as she walked (on her knees) up my body. When she got up to my chest, she swung her leg over me and turned around.

She squatted down and aggressively pushed her pussy into my face. I bumped her asshole with my nose as I sucked and nibbled at her pussy lips. She moaned and was getting wetter and wetter. Her pussy had a sweet taste to it.

I couldn't believe my luck. I felt her hands rubbing up and down across my hardening cock through my shorts as I tongued her twat.

She quickly popped the button and then went to work on the zipper. All of a sudden, I felt the cool air of the room on my growing cock as she pulled my shorts open. Then I felt the incredible sensation of her warm, wet mouth wrapping around my cock. I had always enjoyed blow jobs. At that point in my life I had only received them from two women.

What Kasia was doing took the experience to a whole new level. Maybe it was her age and experience, or maybe she was just a natural. Either way, it was (and still is) the best blowjob I've ever had. "Does that feel good?" she asked. I answered by pushing my face hard into her and forcing my tongue into her pussy.

"Ooh. Belinda told me you were good with your tongue." "What else did she tell you?" I asked between licks. "That she likes it when you lick her ass." She moaned onto my cock. I took her hint and moved my head up a little and gently flicked my tongue at her asshole. "Mmm. That feels good." "What else did she tell you?" I asked her. "She told me that the horniest she's ever been was when she was watching you fuck her best friend." She moaned onto my cock.

"Really?" I was shocked. I had no idea that Belinda liked to watch me and Marcela. That new knowledge made me even hornier. "Do you think she wants to watch you fuck me?" Kasia asked. "God, I hope so." I replied. "I'd really like to watch you fuck her." Kasia had sat up and was jerking my cock with both hands as she said. "Yeah? You want me to kiss her? You want to watch me suck on her tits? You want to watch me put my tongue in her pussy?" Hearing her talk dirty was driving me crazy.

I loved dirty talk and with her accent, it was super hot! "Keep going. Keep talking." I said. "You want to put your dick in me while I lick her pussy?" "Yes!" Kasia was driving me crazy at that point. I had no idea what I had in store though. Her legs were still on either side of my head and her pussy was in my face. She was still jerking my cock as she said "Do you want to stick your tongue in my pussy while Belinda sucks your dick?" I moaned "Fuck yes." as I felt a warm pair of lips wrap around the tip of my cock.

It felt so incredible. I buried my face in her pussy as I heard her ask me "Does that feel good?" I was so lost in it all that it took me a moment to realize that the lips I was feeling on my cock had never left. I was suddenly very confused. "What the fu-?" I immediately heard Kasia begin to laugh. Then the lips I felt pulled away from my throbbing boner and I heard the sound of Belinda's laughter.

Kasia climbed off of my face and sat next to me and I finally saw Belinda. She had apparently snuck in while Kasia was sitting on my face. She was still dressed for work, but she was laughing so hard that her face was turning red. I was still completely confused. "Ha ha! Oh my god, you should see your face!" she howled. "What the hell?" I asked, completely puzzled. I looked over to Kasia and she was smiling at me.

Belinda finally caught her breath and said "I woke up really early, so I went to get some water and Kasia was already up too.

We talked about last night and put this whole thing together. Haha! I called in sick at, like nine this morning! By the way, you are totally busted!" she laughed. "So you knew that she… You planned this whole thing?" I asked. "Uh-huh." She smiled. "I saw the way you were looking at her last night. I could tell you wanted her, so this morning I asked her if she wanted you too. It was actually her idea to sit on your face while I snuck in!" I was shocked.

"So, you're totally okay with this?" I asked. "You should've just made a move on Kasia last night." She said. "I'm not too crazy about the idea of you doing this behind my back though. Next time, just do it right in front of me. I get totally hot when you take control like that." She smiled. Kasia lay by my side and rubbed my stomach before lazily wrapping her fingers around my cock again.

"So, now you know." Belinda smiled and began to unbutton her shirt. Kasia began stroking me and I was immediately hard again. I watched Belinda amazed as she let her button up fall off of her shoulders. She then slipped out of her skirt. She was wearing a matching black bra and thong. She climbed onto the bed and crouched over me, hanging her head down and Kasia fed my cock to her. As Belinda sucked me, Kasia began to finger herself.

I couldn't believe how free-spirited Belinda had become about all of this. With each stroke, I could feel her tongue slide up the underside of my cock. She was looking at Kasia's busy fingers as she sucked me. She pulled away from my cock and smiled at Kasia.

"Now let's have some fun." She said. She then climbed up to my other side and pulled Kasia up by the shoulders. She then guided Kasia down my body and pulled her leg across my hips. "I want to watch you two fuck." She said. I suddenly got the feeling that this was not a new experience for Kasia. She reached between her legs and found my cock with her fingers and gently guided me into her wet pussy.

I slid into her effortlessly and I heard Belinda moan her approval. "That's so hot Johnny. I love watching your cock slide into a wet pussy." She was on her knees on my right side and sat smiling as she watched Kasia ride me. "Yeah baby." Kasia's pussy felt incredible. She was moving her body in a serpentine fashion and each movement felt tailor made to suit my pleasure. I watched the lust grow in Belinda's eyes as she viewed the scene unfolding in front of her.


Slowly and carefully, she raised her hand to Kasia's breast. She lightly drug her fingertips softly across Kasia's erect nipple. I would find out later that Belinda and Kasia had never fooled around before that day, though I wouldn't have been surprised if they had.

It seemed to me that it was something they both had wanted for some time. Anyway, Kasia showed no signs of reluctance at Belinda's touch. She just moaned softly as she bounced up and down on my cock. Belinda looked down at me and smiled as she made little circles around Kasia's nipple with her fingertip. I reached up and squeezed Belinda's breast.

That was what finally sent Belinda over the edge. She wasn't sure how Kasia would react, but she leaned forward and pulled Kasia's nipple into her mouth. Things were heating up now and I was thanking my lucky stars for giving me yet another amazing experience. I thought about what Belinda had said earlier about taking charge. It was a piece of advice that would change the rest of my life.

By that point, Belinda was giving Kasia's breasts a good tongue bath and I watched as Kasia raised her hands and grab hold of Belinda's head.

She pulled her up to her lips and they shared a heated tongue kiss. Kasia's hands slid down Belinda's neck and onto her shoulders. She slipped her fingers under Belinda's bra straps and pulled them off of her shoulders and down her sides.

The bra rolled down Belinda's stomach freeing her small perky breasts. Then she placed her hands over Belinda's breasts and softly squeezed them. They were still kissing and Belinda slid her thumbs into the waistband of her thong and pulled it over the curve of her big beautiful Latina ass.

I placed my hand behind her and searched with my fingertips until I found her wet mound. I gently rubbed her pussy as she leaned forward and put her head on my stomach. She watched my cock slide in and out of Kasia and moaned as I slipped my finger inside of her.

Kasia looked down at Belinda and smiled at her before rising up off my staff and then positioning herself behind it. She pushed it forward with her pelvis and Belinda took it into her mouth and sucked Kasia's juices off of it. She left it glistening with spit before guiding it back into Kasia's waiting pussy. "That's so fucking hot." She said. She then sat up and pulled her panties all the way off.

Then she reached behind her back and unhooked her bra. Now we were all three naked. Belinda then straddled my stomach, facing Kasia. She then leaned back and laid down on my stomach and spread her legs around Kasia. Kasia took the hint and pulled me out of her again and pushed my cock forward and into Belinda's pussy. Belinda moaned with pleasure as I filled her up with cock.

She took a few thrusts and then gave my cock back to Kasia. I wrapped my arms around Belinda and placed my hands on her breasts.

I pinched her nipples between my fingers and thumbs and pulled them upward. Then I watched in awe as Kasia reached down and gently began rubbing Belinda's pussy. As she fingered Belinda, she started bouncing up and down on my cock faster and pushing her pelvis harder and harder into mine. She was bringing herself to climax. Belinda's body was writhing on top of me as Kasia fingered her and I tugged on her nipples.

Then I found out what Kasia meant the previous night in the bathroom when she warned me that she gets loud. Kasia began to moan louder and louder as she ground into me. Before long, she was shrieking and bellowing so loud it almost hurt my ears.

I felt her body freeze up as the muscles insider of her clenched around my cock. She began shaking and quivering as she reached climax. As her muscles tensed around my cock, I began to feel my own orgasm sneaking up on me. I let go of Belinda's nipples and grabbed Kasia by the hips. She moaned even louder as I furiously pounded her swollen pussy, desperately pursuing my own moment of bliss. I could feel Belinda's entire body bouncing up and down as I furiously pounded at Kasia's pussy.

I was almost there. When I couldn't take it anymore, I pulled her off of me and reached down between Belinda's legs and jerked my cock fast and hard until I felt the hot pulse of cum jet from the tip of my cock up and onto Belinda's belly.

Belinda was moaning and fingering herself as I shot another load up onto her wrist. "Oh fuck yeah Johnny! Fuck yeah!" I emptied my nuts onto her fingers and pussy as she brought on her own orgasm. She quivered as Kasia leaned forward and drew a breast into her mouth.

"Oh, GOD! Suck my fuckin titties! Suck my fuckin titties!" she moaned as she convulsed. We all lay there panting and sweating on my bed in the middle of the afternoon. It had been an amazing turn of events. We laughed and sighed. There was no urgency to move or speak. We were recovering. After a while, we all went into the living room and watched a movie.

When it ended we all had sex together again. Belinda told us that she didn't mind if we fucked when she wasn't there. She only required that we always be honest about it and that we always save enough energy for her. There were even a couple of times that I would come home and find the two of them going at it. Fortunately, I was always invited to join in.

The three of us lived together for about three more months after that first time and made it a regular thing. Then Belinda and Kasia graduated and Kasia moved to New York. A few months later Belinda and I split up. It was a peaceful break up and we are still close to this day. We just finally came to the realization that we had fallen in love at a very young age and had simply grown into two people heading in different directions.

What I learned from Belinda would change me forever. To take charge. Take control. I suppose that when you have sexual experiences that are that intense at such a young age, you tend to seek it out for the rest of your life. I imagine a lot of readers of this site will call 'bullshit' on me. I don't mind. I'm not writing this for them.

It's true that the first handful of experiences involving more than one woman for me were just blind stupid luck. The rest, however would be carefully orchestrated. This is not to say that there weren't a great number of times that I tried and failed, but that's not what you're here to read, is it? Sure I've failed, but I have also succeeded. The next several stories I plan to share will show you exactly what I mean.

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