One guy for tons of sluts striptease hardcore

One guy for tons of sluts striptease hardcore
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I was at home chilling when this girl {Tina} I'm kicking it with came over with her friend {Shell}. We rolled two blunts and was watching tv when tina started looking in my livingroom table drawer and found my sex dice she looked at me and said when you get them I told her last week. And she looked at her friend and smiled and said let's play she looked and acted shy for a while and said ok.

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I ask was they for real they said yes I was like bet but first drink alot of water all that ya'll can drink. we smoke both blunts when they said the water was started to get to them so we started playing with the dice they had different things on them like ways to fuck and things to do to each other so tina rolled first and she had to kiss someone so she kissed shell.They was kissing very wild sucking each other tongues biting on lips and fighting with they're tongues they stopped and shell rolled it had give oral so she took off tina shorts and panties if you wanna call them that they was so skimpy she might as well had none on but anyway shell had her naked and was licking her pussy and sucking her clit while she was doing that I went in my room and took a 20mg cialis So i could last for hours.

I was 27 and didn't need to take it but i wanted this to last without it would have gone for maybe 45 mins but anyway i went back in the livingroom and shell was getting up from tina pussy when she said go montrell your roll I rolled and it said give oral again so I told shell to strip she got up and slid out her pants and thong i wanted to taste her first sense I never ate her before I tongued fucked her with my tongue and licked on her clit pulling it softly with my lips moving down to her asshole easing my tongue inside as she moaned I rubbed her clit spitting on my fingers and rubbing her clit and sucking her asshole she started to move wild and shake and yelled out don't stop I'm cumming and she pulled my head into her ass as I rubbed her clit she pulled me up and said let my taste my ass and pussy off your face a tongue sucking her juices off my tongue then tina said fuck these dice we don't need them and she stood over shell bend down with her ass in her face and pulled her ass cheeks apart and shell traced her asshole with her tongue spitting on it and licking it off I then stuck my dick in tina mouth and she sucked it hard wetting it with her spit pulling my balls sucking it like there's no tommorow I pulled out and went to the closet and got two large blanket laided them on the floor shell laided back down and tina sat on her face this time with her pussy facing her I then slid into shell pussy she felt so warm and good inside I wanted to nut in her right then and there but I didn't I just grabbed her breast and pulled her nipples moving down to suck them tina started to moan and she looked back at me and tongued kissed me and said you made me drink all that water now I gotta pee I told her ok I pulled out of shell and told tina to bend over touch the floor with your hands and don't bend your legs she did it and I started to suck her pussy and i got under her and I told her to piss when she was ready and as I licked her clit I felt her peeing and I opened my mouth letting it flow in swallowing it down she kept pissing and I kept drinking I laid down as she was still peeing and shell sat on my dick and bounced on it.Tina was done and I told her to sit on my face so I can clean her pussy off she got off me and kissed me tasting her piss in my mouth she said it was good she want more shell said in time baby I'll give you some shell then got off my dick and started to suck her cum and juice off my dick she spit on it and turned around and had her back at me she ask if I wanted to feel her asshole I said oh fuck yes and she eased down on my dick filling her ass slow tina was now kissing shell spitting in her mouth shell making Mmmmm!!!!!!!!

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sounds and swallowed it shell ask tina if she was ready to drink her piss.She got off my dick and asked tina how she wanted her. Tina said lay on your back pull your legs behind your head and neck shell did it and tina started to suck her clit and playing with her asshole shell yelled out here comes pee so tina put her mouth over her pussy and shell let it go pissing in her mouth tina drank all that she could as it rushed out her pee hole squriting all on her face I grabbed tina by her jaws and licked shell piss off her face tina and I started to kiss and I spit in tina mouth saying how you like shell piss she responded back by spitting in my mouth saying good how about my spit and her piss.

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I then got behind tina put my dick in her pussy I fuck her hard deep fast and I could feel my nut building up I said to tina I'm going to nut baby where you want it? she say anywhere just fill me up i started to squrit in her pussy once twice three times I pull out and shell sucked my dick cleaning off my nut and tina juices I then put it in tina asshole while kissing shell I fuck tina slow at first going half in and pulling out putting it back in going in deeper I grab her shoulders and pound her ass pulling her hair smaking her ass shell laid in front of tina and told her to suck her pussy and lick her ass and tina did just that putting her tongue in her asshole first fucking her tight hole telling her how her ass taste and smell tina move up to shell pussy and shell moaned and moaned tina lick her thumb and rubbed her clit and fucking her pussy hole at the same time she then tell tina she going to cum Sream Mmmmm!!!!!!!


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I'm cumming shell then cum and piss at the same time tina drink the piss that went in her mouth I tell tina to move out the way and grabbed shell laid her on her side put one leg in the air i put my dick in her pussy and start with slow short strokes and moving up to long slow strokes then with fast deep hard strokes and I shot my seed in her already wet pussy filling it with my nut she push me off tina move in and sucked shell pussy trying to suck out my seed getting some in her mouth playing with it on her tongue letting it drop in shell mouth.

I lay on the floor resting shell and tina start to kiss and was jaking off my dick I was still hard the cialis was doing a hell of a job keeping me hard.

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I went to get some thing to drink as we rested up I pulled tina on my lap and kissed her rubbing her nipples and squeezeing her breast I took one hand and put it in shell pussy fingering her with three fingers tina then put my dick in her pussy and bounce up and down hard shell put her ass in tina face and she started to lick her ass cheeks and biting them tina fuck me til she cam on my dick and she jumped off me really fast and said I'm going to pee shell and me was head to head and tina let out this hard gush of piss in our face and mouth we drank her piss down and we did a threeway kiss while tina was jaking off my cock i could feel my nut coming up I got up and was standing over tina and shell and i nutted in shell mouth and she turned and tongue kissed tina and while they was kiss I started to piss on them they opened they mouth and i washed out they mouth and we got up jumped in the shower we got clean and got out and watch tv and rolled another blunt.

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