British FFM Dreier im Pop Studio

British FFM Dreier im Pop Studio
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I live for the women that dress sexy to get their wisdom teeth removed, after I put them under I get many chances to enjoy their bodies. The first oral surgeon I worked for didn't have many sexy patients, but I still got a good fix every now and then. The first time I crossed the line I put a college freshman under, she was a tan skinned, short and skinny blonde. She was wearing a black short skirt, black heels, and a white button up shirt that I could see her blue bra through.


When I first saw her I was at the receptionists desk and from where I was standing I could almost see up her skirt while she sat in the waiting area. I let myself get teased by her, I was excited about putting her under. Several minutes later the receptionist called her back and the doctor gave her the run down. I then made my appearance and put her monitors and Iv on, then gave her the juice. Dr.


Jones told me he would be ten or fifteen minutes so I had a small window to get my fix. Once she was out I slid a hand up her skirt and rubbed on her pussy through her panties. I pulled her skirt up with the other hand to see what she was wearing. She had on a pair of red and black striped cotton panties. I spent a few minutes rubbing her breasts with one hand and pussy through her panties with the other at the same time.

I slid a couple fingers into her panties and felt her completely hair free waxed pussy.

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I rubbed her clit some, then slid my two fingers inside her. As my fingers slid in and out I watched the effect it made on her heart rate. I only spent a few minutes playing with this doll. I licked her wetness off my fingers, fixed her attire, washed my hands and took a seat until my boner went away. When my dick was soft enough to walk around I made my way to the bathroom and jacked off.

Working there had its perks, playing with sexy women while they were under was great but the small gaps of time in which I get to enjoy them wasn't enough. After working at that office for about a year or so I left to work for an oral surgeon that was close to the university.

When I came for my interview I noticed some attractive women in the waiting room.

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I figured at least I would get more opportunities to fondle women. After working the new job for a month or so I had fondled and fingered multiple girls before and after surgery. One day I thought I had more time than I did, Dr. York entered the room while I had my hand down a girls pants. I pulled my hand out real fast but he knew what he saw. Surprisingly he didn't freak out on me, he just smiled, closed the door and said "oh, really now?".

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"I know this looks bad" I said to him as he turned and walked out of the room. I heard him tell his assistant to take a break and then came back into the room. "So you like to take advantage of innocent women?" He said as he approached the woman. "Every once in a while I get an urge" I said while watching the doctor fondle the girls boobs. "Me too" he said as he started to unbutton and unzip her jeans. He slid his hand into the woman's white cotton panties and rubbed her pussy.

He worked his fingers into her for a few minutes. "You're lucky I don't have more time" he said to the unconscious woman as he pulled his hand out of her panties.

He washed his hands and left the room to get his assistant to proceed with the operation. As I was leaving that day the doctor asked me to meet him at his house around 9:00, he said we needed to talk about things. When I met the doctor at his house we had quite a discussion about fucking clients.

I told him about many of my experiences with patients and the few times I managed to fuck some. I also told him about my picture and video collection that I have been making since I was about eighteen, when I started fucking drugged and drunk girls.

He explained to me that we needed each other, we had to be a team for it all to work out. We plotted out how to make things work. I explained to him the threat of his assistant and receptionist, I told him there needs to be a system to keep them distracted. We pondered and kicked around ideas.

I would distract the assistant while he would be with a patient and vise versa. And whoever would be distracting the assistant keep an eye on the receptionist and answer any of her questions. Starting out things were rocky until we came up with the system we have now.

Two days after that night a sorority girl came in wearing a short white dress with pink flowers on the side, she had red hair and green eyes.

She was a breath of fresh air. Once I got her knocked out I took a peak up her dress and gave her pussy a little rub through her white silk panties before the doctor came to fuck her. Once the doctor came into the room I left to distract the assistant. I never spent much time with her, I took her to the break room and chatted with her for about fifteen minutes. She told me about her recent break up and what not.

I told her about my dog and how I work too much to have a good relationship with a woman. I caught myself getting interested in her. I had an escort named Brandi that would go on dates with me and sleep over. For the past few years I never really put any effort into a relationship, it was great what Brandi and I had. After about fifteen minutes of chatting I got up and said "we better go and check on doc".

When I opened the door he was messing around in her mouth, everything looked normal. I even wondered if he really fucked her or not. Throughout the next few days I spent more and more time in conversation with Jessica, the assistant.

On a day that Jessica was scheduled to be in at 8:00, a client showed up at 7:30. Dr. York let her in and told her we can start early. She was very fit and tall, probably 6'. Tan skin, dirty blonde hair, and sexy. It was my turn to fuck a patient, I wasted no time knocking her out. She wasn't wearing much, a pink tank top, loose khaki shorts and flip flops. I slid my left hand up her shirt and bra and felt her small tits as i slid my right hand up her shorts and felt around. I could tell she had a thong on, I leaned down and pulled her shorts to the side so I could get a good look.

She was wearing a pink satin thong, it didn't take much for me to get hard. I pulled my pants down enough to pull my cock out then sat in front of her, facing her. I set her legs on top of mine, which hiked them up. I stroked myself a little bit then slid her panties and shorts to the side. I spit on the head of my dick then eased it in her.


It had been a month or so since I fucked an unconscious girl, i wanted to nut in her so bad. I pulled the girls tank top up exposing her mid section as I fucked her slowly. She felt kind of loose, she probably fucked alot.

She was very dry but after a few minutes she started to get wet. I grabbed her by the waist and pushed my dick in all the way. There was no response from her body, just a thrill and a wet pussy.

I took some pictures of my dick sliding in and out with a digital camera I had set aside. I took pictures of almost every girl that I messed with. I saw the door start to open and my heart stopped, the doctor peaked his head in the room and said "you got ten minutes or so, I sent Jessica to get donuts and Lindsey is busy with paperwork".

After he left I continued to fuck the lifeless body harder and harder.

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I grabbed a paper towel that I had set out and got ready. As I worked myself to the point of blowing my load I started fingering her clit as I rammed her hard. If she was awake she would be screaming, one time I fucked a girl this hard after she passed out and she woke up in a screaming orgasm. I hoped this girl wouldn't do the same. When I couldn't take it anymore I pulled out and quickly held the paper towel in front of my dick as I stroked myself off.

I came so hard that my cum almost dripped off of the paper towel onto the girls clothes.

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After I wiped the wetness off of her pussy and my dick I pulled her panties back over her used pussy. After I managed to get limp I wandered into the break room and found a box of donuts. "Good timing" I heard from the doctor, not knowing he was behind me. Jessica entered the room right after the doctor, he turned to her and said "ready?". "Yep" she replied and they walked off.

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