Candy amp_ Cherry vs Danny amp_ Charles

Candy amp_ Cherry vs Danny amp_ Charles
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What is sex? Basically, I mean, people do try a lot of variations by using different positions, using different holes for pleasure and toys. But to put it simply, sex is the to-and-fro motion of the dick in a vagina causing excitement, pleasure and finally cum. It's heavenly at first, but when you do the same thing again and again with the same person.

It starts to get boring. I was never a fan of toys to be used as a substitute for pleasure. I want to do something that is challenging, so that I get the pleasure and satisfaction I got when I had sex for the first time. Oh! The first time, I'll never forget the feeling of having sex the first time.

It happened 5 months ago during summer vacations. My younger brother who is still in school had his holidays. My parents had planned a trip for a week in the village, a remote place with not much access to technology. Though I never liked that place, my parents were fond of it as they were born there.

Thankfully I will not be able to visit this time because of my college. I am doing engineering; my holidays simply don't coincide with my brother's. I was very excited to stay home, alone for a week. I'll call my friends over; well have late night parties, music, etc.

While my parents were packing and getting ready to leave, I was lost in my thoughts, planning the parties. I was really elevated with those thoughts, until the door-bell ruined it all. At the door was Raj with a bag pack. "Aa gaye beta(You came?). You are doing a big favour on us." Said my mother, as she approached the door from behind. "Mom, what is all this about? Why is he here?" I said.

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I feared as I knew what my mom is going to say and was praying for her not to say the same. But it didn't work. "Raj has come to stay here till the time we are back." She said. "But mom, I am 21, a grown up now. I don't need baby-sitting." I stressed this point raising my voice.

Just to clear things, Raj is my cousin who lives nearby. He is 11 yrs older than me and has been baby-sitting me since I was 5.

"Oh come on, Reeti. No matter how old you get, you will still be my little girl." My father interrupted. "But…I am…I don't…" "No buts. Raj will be staying here and that's final." my mom said in firm voice. My parents where gone and I was home with Raj.

He was outside watching TV while I lay in bed moping over my plans getting crumbled. Raj was an attractive guy. I had a bit of a crush on him while growing up.

But over the years he got obsessed on silly childish things like superhero comics, animated movies and some other stuff. His 'nerdy' glasses and these hobbies gave him a bit of repulsive personality. No wonder he was still single even after crossing 30. I had this fixed opinion about him, but it all changed in just a week.

Later that night Raj called me for dinner. He had prepared Butter chicken and Roti among other delicacies. I could tell with just the great smell what was cooked without looking. Well, Raj is a chef by profession and is really good at it, at least that's what I've heard. I will taste his food for the first time. With the first bite, I realized how good he was at cooking.

"Tasty food bro." was the only words from my mouth and then I focused on eating all up especially the butter chicken. This dish usually has a mild taste but Raj had done some variation to it since he knew I liked spicy food. After we were done I went to the washroom. Remembering the taste of the awesome food I ate, I was a bit attracted to Raj.

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It also seemed a bit weird that he didn't say a word while having dinner. Looking in the mirror made me realize the reason for his weird behaviour. Eating that spicy food made me sweaty, also while drinking water I spilled a little on my T-shirt to further add on to that, it was night time so I didn't wear any bra.

The thin white fabric of the T-shirt, which was almost transparent after getting wet, was clinging to my boobs. "Shit! How didn't I realize this earlier, I was too much focused on eating." I said this out loud while hitting the palm hard on the mirror. "No wonder Raj didn't talk or eat sufficiently. His attention was elsewhere. Well, the food was delicious, he deserve the peek."I said convincing myself to get over the uncomfortable feeling.

This wasn't it, the next few encounters got weirder. I have small but my own room where I can have my privacy. Since I have a habit of pleasuring myself to sleep, I wear loose clothes shirt-pant. Next morning, Raj came in my room to wake me up. He had in his hands, a tray with tea and breakfast, while he walked in. "Wake up! Sleepy head. Don't you have to go to college?" He asked. "College is at 11 p.m. I'll be going late today." I told him in a soft sleepy voice.

"Alright then, I'll keep this here. You can have it when you get up." He said this with a smile and placed the tray on my study table. He had a giggly face while he said all this and gave me a look before leaving. Another shocker, my shirt buttons were undone giving a sneak of my breasts. My right nipple was clearly visible and he saw it.

His expressions were the proof of it. "God! Girl, you need to be careful when other people are around, especially Raj." I said it to myself.

It was too early, but I woke up anyway. Raj was watching his usual cookery shows while I went for a bath. I was bathing under the shower when I heard a sound of something falling.

Ignoring it I continued with my bath. Later while getting out I saw that the bathroom door was slightly open, but I remember clearly that I closed it after coming inside. "Raj saw me completely naked." Things were going really fast. "Maybe I am over thinking it. I don't think he would do that." I said to myself. There was still time to spare before going to college. So I went and sat with Raj to watch TV. Same old cookery show was going on and his eyes were set on it. He didn't even notice me while I sat down or maybe he just pretended to not notice.

After a couple of minutes of silence, Raj said, "Reeti, I have known you for a very long time now. I have seen you grow up since the time you were a little girl. Now you are a woman. You must be aware of certain urges that develop while growing older.

Based on what I have observed till now, you have not learned to relieve those urges properly. Just to make it clear if you don't understand what I am talking about, I am talking about sex. This act is considered to be wrong or immoral in the society. But one needs to have sex at the right age for a healthy mind development. My question to you is, do you want to have sex? If you decline its fine, I won't speak of it ever again. It's up to you now. Think about it and tell me in the evening." This was unexpected.

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When he started talking, he muted the TV and looked at me. His glasses were off and had a serious look on his face. I never saw his eyes like that, they were hypnotic. Without a word I stood up and left for college early. "I was holding up for a very long time from having sex. Maybe I was just searching for the right person. Raj, is my cousin. He is the only guy I have spent most of my childhood with. Considering his age, he was not like a friend to me.

He is not a brother either, at least I don't think that way. There has always been a different connection between us.

The connection where because of his experience he was my teacher and I was the student who learned new things from him. Maybe, sex is just another lesson I need to learn from him. That's why he is the ideal partner to lose my virginity." These thoughts constantly hovered in my mind while I sat in the lecture pretending to listen.

I didn't say anything about this to my friends. Actually I didn't talk at all. Having sex for the first time was a big step, a big decision to be taken. I was scared of the consequence still excited and couldn't wait for it to happen. I left college a lecture early. At home, I opened the door with my key. There was no one in the hall. I looked for Raj in the kitchen, then my room.

I turned to be stunned as Raj was standing behind me naked just a towel around his waist. Probably he just came out of bath.

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I had a good look at him with the expression of being shock. Not that there was something to be scared about, it was just that unexpected things were happening since the day before. He didn't have ripped muscular body but sufficiently fit, just the way I like it. I think having '6-pack abs and everything' is just over-rated and unnecessary.

One reason for me thinking that way was that I myself am a bit out of shape. That is very clear as I have always been a 'foodaholic'. Looking at my expressions he tried to get me settle with a smiled. "I didn't expect you to come so soon." He said. "Yes.

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I skipped a lecture to come home early." I replied. He continued to smile at me. He kept quite but I understood the signs. I knew what he was expecting from me, I just wasn't sure I want to say it. But then I took a deep breath, repeated the motto in mind, 'it's now or never' and then said.

"I'm in." His smile widened. "So, do you want me to undress?" I asked. "No, I'll do that for you. Just freshen up and go get comfortable on your bed." He replied. I gave an awkward smile and went to the washroom. Ten minutes later I was resting in my bed thinking about what's going to happen. I was wearing the pink shorts and a matching shirt, which I purchased secretly for me to wear when no one was around. I had seen a few adult movies but doing it practically is different.

"Will he make me do that kinky stuff done it porn?" was the thought that bothered me the most. I had a mental debate in my mind whether to agree to it or decline. If no, then how am I supposed to stop him? My thoughts were interrupted when Raj walked in. He was wearing a blue robe, something he brought specially for this occasion I guess.

He took it off and underneath he was wearing just the shorts. His eyes were fixed on mine while he got on the bed, getting closer and closer every second. Meanwhile I was just sitting with legs stretched on the bed.


I thought he would guide me through the process by giving step by step instructions. But he didn't, not one word he spoke since he entered the room and till all was over.

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His actions were more than sufficient to guide me through the process. On the bed he crawled close to me like a wild hunter, keeping his eyes fixed on me and I was frozen, still like the prey that has no way out.

He was steady and confident but I wasn't. I was unable to look directly at him; I rolled my eyes left-right up-down, tried to focus anywhere but his face. Then he got really close so that I couldn't look elsewhere and my vision got blurry. There was no other option but to shut my eyes. I didn't understand what was happening but I could feel his breath on my face. My heart was beating faster and time felt like it slowed down.

I was literally in darkness until I had the sensation of touch on my lips. My first kiss. I know that a kiss is not a big thing. But even today in India not all get to experience their first kiss at a very young age. The first one was just a slight touch after which he took a break and followed with much more intense and longer kiss pulling me close.

A kiss, the way I would describe it is like eating a mango. Sweet and juicy and gives you satisfaction no matter how many times you eat it. He then gently unbuttoned my shirt and took off my bra, so smooth that I didn't feel anything. But then again I was lost in the magical kiss. Then with his left hand grabbed on to my right boob.

Touching softly, getting the feel of it, using his thumb he played with my nipple, getting them hard. He kept on kissing my neck while getting lower until he put his mouth on my left nipple, sucking on it. Raj had bit rough man-hands but the way he handled my boobs, I understood that he appreciated my breasts which were of size bigger than average girls my age. I was just sitting there enjoying the moment. I didn't know this feeling was so awesome and we have not even started the sex part yet.

He then turned to the side and slipped his hand in my shorts fingering my pussy. He was pleasuring my whole body. My pussy was getting more wet every moment with excitement. Then he suddenly stopped. I looked at him to see that he stood up and dropped his shorts. Seeing a real dick for the first time was a sight to remember.

I have seen in videos but seeing it in reality is a different feeling.


His penis was of average size not as big as I have seen in the porn movies, but that didn't matter. He had shaved the nether region as if he was already prepared for sex knowing I would agree to it. He then pulled me to sleeping position to the edge of the bed. Lifting my legs he widened them. He inserted his dick in my pussy slowly, knowing it was my first time. It was a different feeling to get something inside the body from the opening down there.

I felt the warmth of his dick inside me. He looked at me to see if I was comfortable with taking his thing inside. Then he started stroking it, moving to-and-fro. The slow built-up and finally getting started with the act of sex was exciting. He started speeding up. A sudden surge in pleasure made me start moaning. After a couple of minutes he slowed down and stopped.

Maybe he wanted to do in different position, 'doggy style' is what men like, I heard. But he stopped me while I was turning, hinting me that it's better to face each other while having sex the first time.

"But then why did you stop?" I whispered. He then applied something; I didn't know what it was, back then. Raj sensed that I was feeling a bit of itch, slight pain so he stopped to apply lubricant. It's my first time and I was so much aroused at that moment that I knew I wasn't going to last long. He then put his dick back in and started thrusting, faster and deeper this time.

I always thought moaning or screaming was unnecessary during sex. But at that moment I couldn't stop myself. I grabbed on to the bed sheet while he fucked me really hard. My moaning kept on getting louder and louder until the point of climax I screamed at the top of my voice. Thankfully no one was there in the next room and the music being played on the TV outside, covered the rest.

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Raj was not done yet; still he took his dick out and stroked it with hand till he cum on my belly. For that moment I was really satisfied. Sex made me forget any other issues that were bothering me those days. I was satisfied speechless and was resting naked on the bed. Finally Raj came close, kissed me and said, "Thank you." That time I was an amateur and what I learned later that Raj wasn't much of an expert either.

We have got a lot better since then with every experience. Still, the first time I had sex was the best I ever had in life.

That incident taught me one more thing. Virginity is like a lock on the door of a room. The room is full of treasure and all will be lost once you open it.

This is a misconception people have. Actually, the room is full of knowledge. Unless you open it, you won't be able to learn some really important things in life.